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 Fill to this PROMPT ( Unlike Cinderella though, Jared's story has no missing shoe, no kingdom-wide search, and no happy ending for him (yet). The magic that allowed Jared to come to the ball only lasts until the first light of dawn, and he must leave Jensen's bed to get home before that. Jared's not an idiot; he knows how Cinderella's story almost ends, so he's told Jensen his name and where to find him. They want to do this mating right, without Jared's stepfamily being able to take advantage or stop it.
But Jensen never shows.
So Jared waits. He waits for Jensen for weeks and weeks until he realizes he's pregnant. Unmated omegas have certain protections under the law, which is is only reason Jared's stepfamily never tossed him out
onto the streets to fend for himself. But Jared cannot hide his pregnancy forever, and that's exactly what happens to him when they find out.
With a little bit of help, both supernatural and mundane, Jared manages to survive long enough to find a place to live. As a last-ditch effort, Jared sends a petition to the High Alpha's court, informing them of his change of residence (under the guise of "if you have need of my services, etc.") and his condition, hoping it will remind Jensen of him or something.
Unbeknownst to Jared, the letter never reaches Jensen. It is intercepted by one of the court's wizards, Curtis Armstrong. The same wizard who erased Jensen's memory of Jared and their mating after he saw him sneaking from Jensen's rooms that night. Curtis has his own evil plans, so he takes matters into his own hands. He shows up at Jared's door pretending he was sent on Jensen's orders, and threatens to kill the baby unless Jared ceases all attempts at contact with the prince or the court. Jared agrees, still in love with his mate and their child, because he assumes Jensen is ashamed of him and that this is what he wants. Unlike alphas, an omega physically cannot take another mate unless their mate is dead, so while Jared is stuck, Jensen is not.
Until one day, maybe a few months later, when Jensen visits Jared's village for whatever reason; he espies a very pregnant Jared in the marketplace and starts to remember. (And true love saves the day).
tl;dr - J2 h/c Cinderella except with pregnant!Jared and amnesiac!Jensen but without the foot fetish. Please do not repost with altered roles.).. ).
Chapter 4a  


Jared tried selling his sandwiches around but with the factory closed nobody had money and many moved away.


It was also obvious that he needed to go have his first checkup with a doctor. Thanks God those were free for omegas; so he marched into the small clinic with his basket hanging from his arm. “sorry, no solicitors.” warned a beta nurse.


Jared gapped for a second, he was tired.dizzy and the faint smell or mention of food had him nauseous since the day before. “I’m here for a checkup?” he finally said ignoring the whispers.from the people behind him.

“Sure, do you have insurance? Is your mate around.” the woman was watching straight to his tummy.


Jared felt himself going cold at the question. “No ma’am, my mate didn’t recognize the bond.”


“dear lord… another…” the nurse said.looking at him with pity.


If he had any other way, if he had any other way to be checked.and be sure his baby was fine… but he didn’t he had to weather this. “Yes… another…” he said with a knot on his throat but standing tall and proud in his too tight, too thin for the weather clothes and waited for the nurse to stop blushing and give him a form.


“Sit near the heater darling your hands are freezing.” she said and offered him a tight smile. She moved with him. “Did he came back from war?”


Jared felt like crying. “Something like that.. Yeah...”


“Just tell me you didn’t fell in one of those I’m a lord I’ll make you happy, wait for me tomorrow ruse those assholes used... ” Jared shook his head from side to side; he did, didn’t he? He still wanted to believe this was real; but his fate faded with every passing second.


It took only a couple minutes before he was called inside an exam room that was far warmer and he finally felt his toes again. “Good afternoon Jared..” the doctor said and checked him; the baby was going fine; even if jared was underweight and should be taking prenatal vitamins and other supplements since the very beginning. “We’ll give you some here, but the rest should be bought by you with the stipend you’re given, okay?” Jared had no chance to use them for medication of he wanted to have services and eat but he still nodded. “Perfect; wait outside, i’ll call you in a little while when your first labs are reported.”

Jared went back to the waiting room and saw more and more omegas entering and leaving; so many.. So many boys and girls had been kicked out of their houses for being omega and not pure anymore.

Jared held his basket against his chest protecting his still very small bump and felt tears in his eyes.


A guy holding a sleeping baby sat near him because of the heat. “Hi..” he said and Jared answered with a nod. “You’re… like...” he motioned to his baby. “Are you expecting?” Jared nodded and the tears were even closer. “No alpha on the picture?” jared moved his head from side to side and the tears fell down. “Oh, Honey… don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”


“How am I supposed to do this?” he finally let out the words that had been in his head since the moment his heat didn’t come.


“I know.. I know… it’s so hard...” the guy said, his eyes filling with tears; his hand flew to caress his kid’s head as if asking for forgiveness. “When… you know...” he made a motion with his shoulder. “When he left… I was desperate; I planned on...” the poor thing licked his lips. “There’s this doctor...” he moved closer and looked around. “He helps you, to.. Get rid of...” he looked down to Jared’s stomach. “They help you , you know? To be as normal as possible once it’s gone, some says its easier...” he said but then bit his lips. “I tried, I thought it’ll be easier, but it was too late for me, maybe if it's not too late...”


Jared got the phone number the omega gave him and thanked him. “I tried… but I do not regret having him; he’s just so cute… and he made me stronger and braver and...” with a smile. “It might not have been my plan in life but I have someone to love and fight for now.” he said with  a smile. “The Child service secretary wants to take him away, under some excuse… I would never let them.”

“Does it hurts?”Jared finally asked. “When they come out?”


The omega made a face. “OOOH!! Like a bitch! It's the worst pain you’ll ever feel but is almost worth it.” he said with a smile when his baby started to fuss.


“Jared?” the nurse called and the boy got up.


“If you...” the omega said and jared turned. “I went to see Lord Ryan; he’s omega like us, and he helps us; his father and brother… they help us if you ask for their help… if you keep..” he motioned with his arms holding the baby.


Jared nodded and entered the office where the doctor was rubbing his eyes tired. “Okay, first you’re fine, and your kid seems to be fine too… but your results show you’re anemic and in need of even more supplements.” JAred let out a sigh, more money he didn’t have. “Do you have an income? Do you even have a job?”Jared felt like crying again when he said No and the doctor looked done with the entire thing.

“I have some samples, i’ll give you that,but you better find a way to finance the rest kid; a baby is expensive...”


Jared left feeling miserable; knowing that the house he was living at the moment was going to be part of the new development the redhead mentioned and without a place to live or anything… he walked through parks and street markets offering his sandwiches and got enough money to buy few simple things he needed, including a scarf.


He went home and noticed the heat was off; the power had been cut and he had to burn a chair in order to stay warm. Never he had cried so much in his life.

The next day he went out with every penny he had to pay his bills but it was not enough; and it snowed even more.


Jared ended up sleeping in a shelter that night because he had not enough money to pay for his bills and it was too cold;he had to sell his father’s  pipe to pay for everything, it had been a present from his mother, Jared had heard the story a million times; how his dad  came home and found the silver and ceramic pipe waiting for him with the news of the pregnancy; now it was gone.


He hardly had money left to buy some of the pills he was given; the next month he had to sell his mother’s jewels, one by one, in three months eh had almost nothing left and he was tired of looking for a job; nobody wanted pregnant omegas, nobody wanted a mated omega with a bastard on the way and jared knew by now not to even start with the story of who the father was, because it only made people look at him as if he were stupid; He was at the end of his rope one morning holding in his hand his parents wedding rings, the last thing of any value he had. He instead got a sheet of paper and wrote to Lord Ryan asking for help.

Lord Ryan


My Name is Jared Padalecki, I’m an omega and I was mated by an alpha the ight of the ball celebrating the end of war; I do not dare to tell you who he was but he never came back for me; now I’ve been strippen of every penny my father would’ve left me and I’m pregnant.


Sir I do not ask much from you, just a position; just a way to earn enough to make a life for myself and my kid, even f we are rejected by society.


You are like me, you know how fragile is our situation in the whole social scale and I have nobody else to go for help.

Please sir Help me out, for my child.


He added his name and address thinking that maybe with his name there Jensen would know he was pregnant; maybe he will come for him now, maybe he forgot his real name, maybe there was hope...



Jensen had ended everything in his desk; he had to go to see the doctor, it’s been almost six months and those memories weren’t coming back; something was right there, in the deja vu feeling every day and it was important, but what was it? Jensen needed to know.


“Don’t worry, everything will come back.” the doctor said. “You’ll be fine, and it's normal that your memories are triggered back by places and objects and people you forgot.”

Jensen let out a sigh and rubbed his eyes. “I just want to remember, to be normal...”

The doctor sat next to him with a sigh too. “I kept my promise to your father. Nobody will know his son is not as healthy as an Alpha heir should be; okay? So calm down, and try to fake it, one day everything will come back.”


Jensen nodded and went back to the palace; he marched to the private quarters his father, his brother and him occupied to find his father asleep holding a book and Ryan reading letters from omegas.


“What? More?” Ryan looked up tired and nodded.

“Alphas are douchebags… ” he held a small paper. “This one was mated on the ball, you know? Poor thing has nothing to eat and he’s not asking for money; he wants a job…!” he let out a sob. “We’re not doing enough, in other circumstances it could be me.”

Jensen took the letter and read it. “What are you doing about him then?”but before Ryan could answer he was already making plans. “There’s a factory near his address; it’s closed now but in a few weeks it’ll be open, we would hire him there and tomorrow i’ll start studying an amendment to the property law; it is not fair that you lose everything because you’re mated.”


“I’m answering him, I also want the name of the bastard.” he said huffing; “we have to find a way to make them pay too.”


Dear Jared.

I'm so sorry for the way things are in your life right now.

I have a formal offer for you but it'll be effective in a couple weeks when the factory on your area reopens.

Until then my friend you have to be brave.

In order to help you I require some information; how far along are you? Where are added re you going for checkups and the name of the area deal related that abandoned you. Me and my family are trying to make things better for people like you and me and to make those who mock us pay.

Waiting for your response and hoping this could help sooth your worries.


Lord Ryan Ackles


Ryan added a little wad of bills from his own wallet on the envelope and Jensen added another. “we’re making packets for all those omegas in need, but they're never enough.


Jensen let out a sigh and caressed his brother's neck and pulled him up after the envelope was on the pile of mail.


The omega was supposed to contact them but the response never came back.



Jared received a letter from the second lord Ryan and opened the thick letter that came with the cardboard box containing non perishables and some clothes; he gasped surprised when inside the envelope he found a wad of bills big enough to keep him going for at least three months.


He cried reading the letter. And the next day he wrote back not only thanking him but explaining him about Jensen


“I know it sounds crazy, I’ve been said that many try this, but this is the truth; it was your brother Lord Jensen who mated me; we met before and the night of the ball we got reunited when you came out of the palace to spend a moment with us outside; you were dancing with your bodyguard and he took me into an office.” he described Ryan’s office to the last detail. “He said your father had been ill for no reason, that he wanted you to mate for love and told me he’d come for me the next day, it’s been almost six months and I heard nothing more of him.” Jared had no idea how to end his letter. “Is not my intention to force him into something he does not want, but I want to know what he intended by ruining my life.”

He thought it sounded bitter; but it was the less jensen deserved; if he even cared…

Instead of an answer or his mate coming for him he opened the door the next day to see a chubby short guy with bulgy eyes. “Hello Jared?

 chapter 4c

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