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Chapter 4a  Chapter 4b

A/N: So this is it, hope you like it.

Jensen was reading to his father whose health was deteriorating by the day; Ryan had just excused himself and went out, not a minute later Misha asked Jensen if he could be dismissed. “I’d like to attend a personal affair; sir...” the man asked with  a soft smile and Jensen nodded; his dad was almost asleep and there was always some other guards with him anyways and a nurse.
So the shouting and the ruckus outside the door was a surprise. There he was Alaina Huffman counselor of the lord pulling Ryan by an arm as a guard held Misha bent on the floor a pistol held to his head. “How dare you a low soldier touching a Lord!!”
“HUFFMAN!!” Jensen shouted to stop everyone, Ryan got himself free and ran to Jensen crying.
“Please… Jay, I swear we didn’t mean to,... let me explain...” jensen held his brother under one arm and looked ahead. For Huffman to explain herself.
“I found the man marking your brother as a whore...” Jensen turned to Ryan and then to Misha. 
“Jay… we are in love… please… don’t let them hurt him.”
Jensen thought it was a good thing his brother was in love but law was law and it dictated that the alpha marking an omega of higher station was to be sent to jail and judged as a criminal and a rapist, and rapists were put down like dogs. 
“Let him up.” Jensen said and the guard had to confirm his order because he couldn’t believe it. “Misha; you’ve served my dad since we both left the academy.” Misha nodded. “Why you didn’t ask for his hand?”
Misha was about to speak but ryan spoke first. “It is my fault Jay, I wanted to wait until things were fixed… with your...” Jensen moved a hand to stop his brother. But Alaina caught the little slip.
“I asked Misha...” Jensen said when ryan covered his mouth with a hand.
 The soldier stood proud but didn’t reach his eyes . “Sir… it is not a fling, I love Lord Ryan deeply not because of his beauty; but because he’s brave, and smart and strong willed and I’ll love him for the rest of my life, and I was such a fool that tried to please him… ” he looked really ashamed. “Even hide this from you and your father when my first instinct was to ask for your permission.”
They all looked at the end of the hall where the weak voice of the Old Lord Ackles sounded calling for his sons. 
“Go with him...” Jensen pushed Ryan in the direction of the door. “And don’t trouble him with this nonsense.”
“NONSENSE?” shouted Huffman and Jensen shushed her. “This is a serious crime.”
“And will be dealt with the seriousness that it entitles..” Jensen looked at Misha. “Take him to his room. We’re not shaming my brother in public; this will be treated as a secret, is that clear?”
 The guard nodded and then the new Lord turned to Huffman who after a long minute nodded too.
But it was useless the next morning was the header of every paper. “Lord Omega Ackles compromised: his bodyguard marked him. Sources informed that the affair has lasted years, and that he has no virtue to protect.” and there was a picture of them smiling to each other from a couple days before.
The grand council was called to decide over this
Ryan had cried the entire night and cried even more seeing the newspaper. “I’m so sorry..” he said and kept crying. “It was never my intention to embarrass our house like this or to put our title at risk .” Lord Ackles had seen the paper before any of his sons could stop him, but instead of being angry he was worried.
“Do you love him?” he asked and Ryan said he did. “Does he makes you happy?”Ryan said yes again. It was obvious that they loved each other. “If it had been in my hands I’d have let you mate, I know Misha; he’s a noble and loyal man, honest and devoted to those he has in charge, he’d be an amazing regent; but now...” the old man let out a sigh and waited until he got the words close. “Now we have to follow the law because not even us are above the law...”
“Can’t you say I’m betrothed? Can’t you pretend you knew and let us mate? Please dad!!” Ryan said. “If he dies… I won’t live in a world without him...” he sobbed resting his forehead on his father’s hand.
Jensen was pacing the entire room; he was cornered now; Ryan had to be mated to someone to save face; even against his will, if there was an alpha who would take him, practically Armstrong had to ask and the grand council will give him Ryan as a damaged asset. Misha had to be punished, and he didn’t want any of those.
It took only a couple minutes for the man to be seated in Jared's small small house. “God I hate my job...” the man said looking miserable. “But someone had to do this.”
Jared was looking at the man with surprise and worry since his first words had been. “I came to talk about your mate and your situation.” the man said. “My name is Gibbons...” he said smiling softly. “And I’m here to verify if it's really you who claims Lord Ackles the young impregnated and mated you.”
Jared crossed his arms over his belly and looked to the table. “Look, I know, I’ve heard, everyone had told me how it goes, okay? You don’t have to explain me that there’s no way to prove that Jensen...”
“LORD ACKLES!!” Claimed Gibbons. “Address him as the Lord he is, a superior to you.” he then opened his eyes as big as they went-which were quite big and looked down. “I’m sorry is ingrained in us since the moment you enter to the service of the Lord’s house.”
“I’m sorry...” Jared said looking around nervous. “I just… it is true, you know? He did… ”he pulled his shirt and showed Gibbons his mating bite and the man let out a sound.
“Kid I seriously don’t know what you were expecting, but cinderella? Cinderella has nothing to do with this; he won’t appear with fervent promises of eternal love and you won’t live happily ever after.” Jared felt his eyes fill with tears and Gibbons let out a sigh.“Look I don’t want to sound insensible but.. You’re not the first, my job is to settle things with guys like you that mean nothing to them...” Jared thought his heart breaking could be heard from the streets. “You’re not even the first one, I could help you find someone that’ll get… you know...” he made a motion. “Get it out?” he said awkwardly as if his conscience wouldn’t allow him such thought. “We could even find someone who can erase that bite.. You’ll be almost as new in no time, and we’re living modern times there are alphas that don’t mind about old time rules… or maybe a decent beta?” Jared let out a soft whimper as tears started falling from his face and Gibbons got close offering him his handkerchief. “Come now… don’t cry.”  and under his breath. “God I hate my job.” 
“I don’t know...” Jared said. “I just...”
Gibbons nodded. “I know… tell you what, I can offer you 50.000 dollars, it’ll be enough to start a life elsewhere, just think about it, I’ll be back in a week, okay?” Jared nodded. Gibbons marched to the door and in a last thought he turned. “For your safety.. Please do not try to contact them again?” Jared only nodded and kept crying.
It was normal that omegas sent requests to the Omega Lord, it was expected; but what nobody knew was that Curtis Armstrong read every letter getting to Ryan’s hands, now imagine his surprise when an omega, a pregnant omega sent a letter one day asking for some help and whining because oh poor idiot opened his legs to a guy who pretended to be a lord, he himself had lost count of how many of those he had seen, hurny, greedy omegas, idiot, naive ones that only wanted to catch a mate rich enough to not have to work again.
But he remembers Jensen that night, he had been so happy, so giddy, so fucking in love, and telling everyone that he had great news for the next day; the asshole…
Armstrong knew one thing for sure; unless the young lord don’t mate he won’t be the ruling lord;  he had to get rid of the mate and the stupid baby.
He took some more money and went to pay a visit to said omega.
“Hello Jared...”he said smiling,. “My name is Gibbons...”
Jared had no idea of what to do, should he go to his second checkup? Should he tell the doctor about the father?
Should he accept Gibbons’ help and get rid of his baby? But then… no matter that anyone said the baby was made with love; and even if he was a burden Jared was not ready to face he could deal with it, as long as his love were there,he dreamed with a kid with Jensen’s eyes, and Jensen’s smile and that could call him daddy and would tell him he loved him, or her.. A girl with his mom’s hair and maybe… maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea: it took him three days to decide he wanted to keep his baby. The same day he found the paper on a bench near the market; it was everywhere anyways, Lord Omega Ackles had been compromised and everybody was talking about how rich people was different.
“I kicked out the little slut the second he let the neighbor scent mark him; no use in keeping a soiled thing, don’t you think?” a lady said and her smug smile faded when she saw the bump.
He’d accept Gibbons’ offer, he’d take whatever he was offered and leave for good.
Alaina Huffman marched into Curtis Armstrong’s chambers with a smug smile on her face. “Guess what little slut is now in the market my spoils” she said watching as Armstrong hid his fake credential as Omega domestics affairs employee.
“I don't like to guess...”
“I caught Ryan with his bodyguard I even got few good pics.” she waved her phone. “Do you want to watch? They were really hot making out.”
Armstrong made a face of disgust and sat. “Damn it… if I offer myself… I could mate him and take the title before his brother get a mate.” he rubbed his brow. “The little asshole is right, it was him; Jensen is mated.”
“But he abandoned the mate?” asked Alaina. “That’s not like him… wonder if...” she took one of her perfectly painted fingernails to her perfectly painted lips. “There’s this thing his brother said. That he has some kind of problem, what if Ackles is not apt? What if he is sick in some way?”
“Like…? ” Armstrong wasn’t following her.
“My agent gave him a toxin, what if it instead of killing him affected something else? Like his memory? Or gave him seizures or something. What if the Oh So Perfect Alpha Ackles heir is not perfect?”
“The title goes to the next in like and he was just compromised...” Armstrong’s smile was so creepy even Huffman felt a chill going down her spine. “Someone who could raise a real heir… I could mat that little whore and rule.” He prepared to visit Jared but then the judge for Misha started and it had to be public. 
The grand council was summoned to deal with the case of The Lord Omega Ackles, they interrogated Misha and Ryan- And Lord Ackles was doing his best to stay still and straight in his chair as he heard the testimony of Alaina Huffman and then some guards that saw wat Huffman found.
When his time came he stood on once more firm legs and spoke out loud.“I believe my son when he says he loves Misha.” the lord said, “and I believe Misha when he says he loves my son.” the crowd reunited waited for every word. “And two people who are in love should be let to be happy; but law is law...” he could save his son, but what about Misha? The council prepared to read the sentence. 
They agreed that since misha was a lower lord’s son and had won merits in war and service he was a fitting match if he had asked for courting and then mating, But under the circumstances they had to do what was right, for law is law and there’s only one way to end this.” The spokesman for the council said. “Death sentence.”
Ryan let out a cry and covered his face reliving the horrid moment when Curtis had appeared out of nowhere and told him that he will punish him for not accepting him as his mate.
“But things have to change… and in times like this after so much has been lost we will not lose another omega, or another alpha or anyone of any designation in old archaic rules.” Lord Ackles let out.
The crowd erupted in mixed crows, some wanted the tradition to perdure and wanted the soldier’s death, and others wanted them to be together as if it were a novel.
“In order to regain my son’s honor the offending alpha shall fight to Ryan’s alpha to satisfaction.”Ryan sobbed louder and the room went silent; Ryan Alpha was Jensen now; and the man was a Lord, raising your hand to a lord was punished too, not to mention that he was a trained fighter and it meant Misha won’t survive.
“I protest!!!” shouted Armstrong. “Your son is not mated, your other son is spoiled, I reclaim the title of Lord of Winchester for my family!!”
“I’m the new lord!!” Shouted Jensen while the public looked from one to the other in abject silence. “And i won’t let you have my title.”
“Law is law.” settled it the grand magistrate. “And Lord armstrong is right; if you are not mated...” he said offering him his palms in a sign of surrender.
“Not only he’s not mated, he’s not healthy!!” Alaina Huffman appeared with a nurse; and the woman told them that Jensen had been sick and lost his memory. 
The grand council decided to discuss the matter and let them know the next day.
Misha was sent to jail again and Ryan was left at the hands for the family’s alpha who for now was Armstrong. “You’ll be on the streets as soon as I become the Lord of Winchester.” curtis threatened him. “With your sick father and your useless brother if you don’t mate me tonight.”
“I rather die in a guther than see my perfect boy give you as much as a hand.” Lord Ackles said. “You won’t touch him.” the old man pulled ryan by an arm away from Armstrong.
Ryan started crying again when the grand council came to the private chambers the Ackles’ shared with a doctor to check on Jensen. Just to find him weak and lacking memory.
“It’s okay.” Lord Ackles said. “I have your mother’s dowry, is not a big fortune, but you won’t be left on the streets my boys.”
“I don’t mind.” Jensen said asking a servant for his father’s medicine.
Once his father was asleep Jensen  moved to sit near his brother. “Are you okay?”Ryan made a face and started sniffling yet again. “Now that I think about it, you weren't even subtle, right? And I think you danced at the party with him, right? I should have known…” Ryan’s eyes opened. 
“What did you say?”he perked up and turned to see his brother in the face.
“I told him; keep an eye on him, and he said he’d have both; right? That smile.. Your smile… It was so obvious...”
“JENSEN!! You remember the party?”
Jensen blinked a couple times; no, he didn’t remembered the whole party, but bits like flashes, a red tie and someone saying his name and cold lemonade and a name… Sam. “it doesn't change anything...” Jensen said. “It all depends on the grand council now.”
Ryan let out a sigh. “I know this is stupid… but I wish I could help that guy… the one that sent the letter, I know Armstrong is not going to help them...”he let out a sigh looking at his sleeping father. “This could be the last night I’m an Omega Lord, I ruined your life with my selfishness...”
“Love is not selfishness, trust me, but if it could be our last night with the power of our title...” he got quiet when his father stirred in his dreams“I could go to see him.” Jensen said. “Give me his address and I’ll go check on him, you stay with dad.”
“Are you sure?”
Jensen smiled and nodded. “Is no big deal, right? Just to be sure he’s fine.” he got up.”stay with dad and lock the door.” he took a dark jacket and left the castle.
Jared had been waiting the entire night, Gibbons had said a week, but then called to tell him he was visiting that night.only four days past.
The second someone knocked on the door Jared jumped from his chair and ran to the door; he pulled the knob and got frozen on the threshold, it was not Gibbons it was Jensen.
Jensen gasped surprised; there he was the most gorgeous guy he has ever set eyes on; and poor thing looked pale and thin and pregnant. “Jensen...” he let out and the deja vu feelings came back; who this kid was that felt like using his given name. “I thought… I thought...”
Jensen blinked. “I’m sorry...” he said swallowing his nervousness. It was the first time that his instincts were so messed up in front of an omega, because it was the first time, right? “I came to check on you, heard of your struggles and I...” but the boy was familiar, and it reminded him of a too hot day, and red,and laughter and something else, something he missed without knowing. “Sorry… Do we know each other?” 
Before any of them could say a word they heard steps and Curtis armstrong swore at the door. “What the fuck are you doing here Ackles?!?!”
Jared moved ahead. “You said he didn’t care...” Jensen moved to the distressed omega sobbing openly as he accused Armstrong of lying. Without intend his hand touched the boys’ skin and the warm feeling sent another flash of his memory. <i>“I want this”</i> he felt the taste of copper in his mouth as his teeth sank into flesh breaking creamy skin, and. <i>“My name is Jared”</i>
“Jensen...” Jared said gasping when he felt the touch; the Lord was cupping his bump with glassy eyes and turning pale. “Jensen are you okay?”
And everything came back; his hands flew to the tie on his neck; the tie Jared couldn’t find and that he took to use as a joke when picking him up from his house, he even practiced the line. “Since you were lacking of glass slippers.”
“You’re my mate.” Jensen said and Jared nodded biting his bottom lip. “And I abandoned you...”
Jared let out a sob again and Jensen moved close hugging him; cradling his mate in his arms. “So you are the thing missing from my arms.”he said his voice breaking.
“NNNOOOO!!!” shouted Armstrong furious. “You won’t take my title from me again!!” Curtis took a knife from his waist and lurched ahead. He tumbled against jensen and Jared throwing both to the floor; Jared rolled to a side holding his tummy worried of what could happen to his kid while the alphas were still fighting.  Jensen was caught out of guard and fell on the floor; his hands didn’t move to protect his face and the edge of the knife opened a wound on his neck while he held the hand holding it with all he had. “I’ve tried to kill your cursed blood but you won’t die!!!” Armstrong said and punched jensen looking where Jared had gone. “Na di’ll do so tonight.” he had come to kill Jared, he could manage to kill them both, or so he thought but Jensen finally reacted when the one at risk was Jared; his arms moved and he held Curtis by the neck before disarming him in one movement and knocking him from atop of him in two punches, but he didn’t stop; he kept hitting him because everything was Armstrong’s fault, he forgetting his mate, his dad being sick, his brother being unhappy Jared suffering and Misha being at risk of death sentence.
Jared’s hand on his shoulder and his pleading voice stopped him, Jensen stood and pressed his panic button “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” his hands frantically searched on his mate for any injury; if there was anything he’d kill armstrong. “Forgive me Jared...”Jensen said kissing him gently and crying softly. “Forgive me… I failed you...” Jared cried too holding to Jensen, after only minutes a squad of guards was there to take Armstrong to jail.
Jensen covered Jared in his coat; and carried him to his car to drive him home where he belonged.
Ryan was waiting for them and gasped surprised when Jensen told him he remembered.”this is Jared; my mate...”
Ryan remembered how Jensen went back with his hair mussed and his clothes in disarray. “You were the surprise he was going to bring home?” Ryan asked with a smile.
Jensen’s father stirred and called for his sons. “Father!!”both young lords moved to him and Jared was left behind feeling awkward and out of place.
“Dad...” Jensen said. “Do you remember I told you I had someone in mind?” Lord Ackles gasped.
·you remembered!” Lord Ackles said smiling. “Jay…!”
Jared was standing by the door feeling awkward and out of place until Jensen reached for him and introduced him to his dad.
Ryan heard their story laughing and crying and he cleaned his tears thinking that this meant Misha and him could be together too.
He wanted to tell them that but he just saw them passing to Jensen ‘s room and his brother’s voice calling out loud that they’ll be fine and that he’ll tell him about this in the morning.
The grand council had been summoned by jensen before they got to a decision; Jensen had asked to speak before they could dictate a sentence. “Last night I learned that the mysterious and sudden illness of my father was caused by Curtis Armstrong and his people to gain control of the title.”the crowd erupted in surprised gasps, it made sense to them.
“Lies!!” Shouted Huffman. While Armstrong paled; his hands were tied when the guards presented him like a common criminal.
“They also poisoned me in an attempt to kill me!!”  Jensen let out, everything in order to get my title!!.” he let out furious and out of control.
“Proofs young Lord Ackles ” Jensen told them what little the doctor knew. “You know I approved the use of certain toxins in order to make retrieving information from enemies easier and more humane, I believe they used one of those agents because it made me forget that I am mated.” the entire crowd went silent. “Last night I stopped Curtis Armstrong when he was about to Kill Jared… My mate, who is with child.” Jared was sitting in the first row quiet and looking down his hand held by Ryan.
“There’s no proof of that!!” Shouted Alaina.
“There is!!” Rachel stood and looked Jensen in the face. Rachel pointed to Alaina and once more spoke. “She sent me to kill Lord Ackles, the young, but I couldn't, I used just a bit of the toxin because a camera appeared out of nowhere and I was left behind; I did thought, injected enough to put him in a coma… ” more gasps as Rachel told Jensen he was sorry. “They did it to get the title and power over the coasts industries; they even sent eviction notices to the entire south bank of Harvelle river in order to get those lands for themselves.” she had papers for closed factories and future developments. The council delivered a minute and then Jensen was proclaimed Lord of Winchester, and His Malte was the  Lord Omega now.
“My first act as Lord is to abolish the Omega Law, an omega is free to love whoever they chose; their value does not resides on their virtue.” the crowd cheered happily. “So Ryan and everyone else can mate for love, and be free to do so.” more cheering. “Omegas can hold property; it’s theirs and nobody else has the right to take it from them.”
“Greed and corruption won’t be tolerated Armstrong and huffman will pay for it.” Jensen announced and then both were taken to jail.while Misha was released. 
Lord Akles, the old; smiled as he pulled Jared and Ryan’s hand into his. “Finally my boys; you’ll be happy.”
Misha appeared from a side of the stage and his eyes searched for Ryan desperate, the wounded sound the omega Lord let out made everyone look as the couple reunited finally.
Jared let out a sigh as he held his tummy the baby started moving that mere day and it scared him; it was so weird, like a wave inside of him; new life letting him know it was there. Jensen got close; his fingers ghosting over his stomach. “I lost so much time...” he said bending his head to kiss the bump before facing his mate and kissing him. “I’m sorry… I wish I could go back in time and stop everything from happening.”
“We’re together now...” Jared said smiling. “You promised me six to ten kids remember?”
Jensen nodded. “Or at least practice enough to get as many as ten, right?” he teased as he pushed his mate to the bed kissing his mouth and his jaw and throat, a hand moving under the waistband of his new royal blue pants. 
“Jensen..”moaned Jared and that was it, Jensen had to take him.
Jensen didn’t waste any chance he got from that day on, he made love to his mate every day; made him happy and did his best to be the man his father wanted and a man his mate could be proud of. Someone his people could trust.
One morning Jared heavily pregnant knocked on a door and Jim opened with a sly smile on his rugged face. He passed the door followed by his personal guard; Rachel, the police and the Omega services secretary representatives, they arrested Ruby and her boys for stealing Jared’s rightful property. He recovered his Father’s state, Jim and Jodie had the books and everything safe
Jared and Jensen moved to the house to wait for their baby to be born.
When the time came, Jared was huffing with pain and Jensen was huffing with nervousness and worry, he henpecked around his mate making nurses and doctors smile. Jared was moving to the wheelchair and his slipper fell, so Jensen went down on one knee to help his feet back into it. 
That was the picture in the paper announcing the next Lady Ackles, she was born healthy and perfect, exactly 6 pounds, the first omega that will rule on the province.
The head line?
“A fairy tale love, for a fairy tale couple.”
The end.

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