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mis tortuosos dias en el mundo (My torturous days in this world)

Something about LOTR boys made me forget how to behave like a normal human being

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imagina que vas a obscuras por una habitacion desconocida, imagina que cada paso que das te lleva a chocar con algo que te lastima, gritas por ayuda y solo te responden risas,lloras por miedo y frustracion y solo escuchas burlas, imagina que caes y te levantas solo para volver a caer... eso... eso es la depresion.
imagine that you're walking on a unknown room,imagine that every step you get lead you to stump against something that hurts, you claim for help and only answer laughs, you cry in fear and frustration and all you listen back is mocking voices, imagine that you fall and get up just to fall again...that...that's depression
soy Karina, Kali, or Kal for my friends

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