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I mean, seriously!!
Charlie's mom, The Hobbit.
those two lines she reads.
and dean taking care of his baby brother and being scaerd for him and that little bit
"are you ready to let go?"
"Never!!" That's my Dean!

I loved Sick Sammy saving the day even if it was Saint Sam again,
this was a very very good epi!!
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It was painful and stupid and so so perfect...
My fav was Dean, he might be pissed with baby bro Sammy and still he protects him over his own safety.

Lots-of-caps )
also watched a bit of Criminal minds episode last night, enough to be brokenhearted and sobbing

and try to do all of this with the "She's the one" song by Robbie Williams
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And I liked it, it was far better than last week's.

I liked Benny, being around his great grand kid, the girl was cute and Benny can be such a sweetheart when he wants to be, liked him being protective and being honest with Dean, And the way he pats him in the back it felt like very old friends that love each other very much, The way he worries for Elizabeth was so sweet, I'm not ashamed to accept that the second he laid his head on that counter I cried, seriously cried.

I didn't liked Sam sending someone to track him and I didn't liked crazy Martin wanting to kill Elizabeth.

I liked Sam being protective on his brother, it feels like he's not worried about Benny being a vampire as much as he's worried he'll take his place. I kinda find disturbing he bails on a fellow hunter near to a Dean skilled level vampire for a married woman, but my heart broke when he saw her with stupid ass Don.

And is it just me... or Don looks absurdly like Sam? same nose, same brow, same lips, with the right light and a wig I'd believe he's Jared's stunt double. Just sayin'...

The idea of Don being so mature and talking to Sam when noone else was around makes me wonder if this is not in Sam's head, esp by the fact that when he gets that Dean wanted him gone, THEN Amelia Appears again, how convenient!! I still believe that Amelia herself or her husband resurection has something to do either with Naomi or Crowley and will be used against the boys at some point. Iknow I've complained alot about Jared's acting in the past but the way he reacted to both Dean's false message and Amelia standing right in front of him were GREAT! you can see a difference from the stiff boy *no pun intended* from the earlier seasons.

Still! not cool letting a half crazy person hitting your brother and then leaving him behind without even checking and cleaning his wound.

Bringing back old characters just to kill them off? WTF writers? but okay I kinda never liked the guy.

Dean is my fav and I can't be really objective when is about him, but still did't liked when he stood in front of Sam deffending Benny the way he used to deffend Sam. and what's wrong with things like his ability to fight? he just came back from purgatory where he was a slayer for a whole year and now a simple stupid vampire can take him down now? a simple almost crazy man can knock him out? okay I get he trust his brother to watch his back but still...

I like he'll back his friends up and gave anyone the benefit of the doubt at least for a while, the fact that even caring for Benny the way we know he cares, he still had his machete in hand when he faced him first, like sure if Benny was the killer, then he was going down.

I laughed like nuts when Benny had to ask if he slept with Elizabeth, think he was actually considering it. I liked when Dean turned his baby in a split second for her and for Benny, liked him checking her first before going inside to check on the rest, that's very Dean.
But sending false messages to get rid of his baby borther? really? I know, he needed to help Benny and had to keep Sammy and Beny safe, I get that, Sam would chase Benny and Benny hadto fight back and dean was not ready to be left in the middle, still I'm on Sammy's side on this one, Bad dean, Bad Dean...

All in All I liked this episode very much, but still feel like this season as good as it is -far better than anything done in Sera's administration- is flavorless, nothing memorable happen, like someone asked me what happened in the second epi this season and I still can't even remember the second epi at all.

The story is geat, the whole arc is getting a good shape, and sure enough we're gonna see things getting even better soon.

I can't wait to have Cas back and I seriously SERIOUSLY want dean to met Amelia(if she's real) I'm sure they're gonna just click like brother and sister from the first second and on, to Sam's chaggring because then there will be someone to tell her funny stories about chubby ten year old Sam.

the scene of the episode? Benny setting his head down to protect his kin, it broke my heart and made me understand why Dean will do anything to protect him, I guess a pure and caring soul can see another of its kind, huh?
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Amazing Supernatural epi again!!
I thuoght it was kinda slow, pretty much nothing happening but then*sadly as in Sera Era* the last ten or twelve minutes madi it all up.

Why Crowley took a piece of Kevin... does it meansomething? Who's this Naomi girl? does it has something to do with the "lock hell doors forever arch"? Why are we back to Cas is betraying Sam and Dean?
Why the righteous Man can handle guilt better than any other feeling?
If Sam is Half Demon, why the Demon bombs doesn't hurt him?

things I liked, Kevin and Mrs. Tran, they're great, except that her voice was kinda squeaky...
I loved Dean seing Cas everywhere, I liked Cas in front of the TV.

Cas showing his wings!!!
Was I the only one who Booed the TV when they didn't show Dean and Sam's reaction to having Cas back? they should've been hugs and laughter, we need some of that again... don't you think?
Cas facing Crowley!!

I liked Cas, period, just because is Cas, the way he was there to save Dean and not to be out, the fact that while dean thought he was protecting Cas and saving Cas for once, he had someone thinking only in saving him, andit's always Cas... the moment he says "I'm stronger I let go" I cried.
When Cas says he deserved to be in purgatory as penance for what he did, I cried!!
Note: kill bf who finds amusing me cooing a fictional character on TV, and having conversations with Dean and Cas...
The face of a man who feels guilty.

Dean became a more eficient killer, a better hunter by his time in purgatory, so i guess that's gonna be very important at some point, I guess that being only a human hunter was kinda not enough anymore, he needed to step up his game, for both his and Sam's sakes huh?
Loved the epi and can't wait for the next.

BTW baby sister? the girl just presented her grade paper... she's gonna graduate college sooner that expected, what am I supposed to give mher?
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I'm so pissed at Supernatural right now... so it's okay for Sam to make this all Dean's fault again? Just like that?
Dean is right, Sam was all lies and deciet and now he acts like he's entitled to be pissed? because maybe Dean feels all that about him, but when did he actually throwed everything at his face? NEVER!! so stop making us think he can't let it go... there was not ONE thing in what Dean said that wasn't right, there was not ONE thing that was a matter of interpretation or Dean not knowing the truth, not ONE, Sam has always tried to run away.

For one second before Amelia told her story *which kinda was cool* I felt that Sam never looked for Dean because with Dean dead he has no need to be good, to do the right thing, because there's nobody to be disapointed of him. I'm still feeling that we might have seen the most selfish move on Sam Winchester history of douchiness.

Two things I loed About Sam, that he seems to realy like the girl, his face when Garth asked Dean how he left purgatory.

Two things I loved about Garth, character that's next to the second Ruby on my likes-not list, the fact that he step up when someone -or several ones- needed him, even being more lucky than expert. And the fact that he miss Bobby as much as the boys, and that told them so, because it's true Bobby might have had a soft spot for Dean and Sam but he was the whole comunity of hunters' source and it is just fair for them to mourn him too.

For one second there I thought that the reason why Garth wasn't affected by the coin is because; to feel betrayed you need to trust someone and maybe he has nobody... and It felt just so sad...

Two things I liked About Dean, that he's still struggling with Bobby's death, even after a whole year in purgatory, that he's so attached to Bobby's memory, to his second father's death and yet he understood that he was being selfish and gave the hat back to Garth, he might have pieces of Bobby aswell, so others deserve something too.

And that -as someone stated two weeks ago- his family is growing, He was okay with Castiel, but aparently he's still holding a grudge against him right? the same way he feels betrayed by Sam, the only one who was straight and forward to him was benny, and he acted just the way Dean Winchester likes, no questions, no long talks about feelings, he told him what he was and why he wanted to team up with him. he'd be back with Castiel in no time and hell be preotective with him the second they get to explain why Castiel was left behind. .I'm even sure that once Dean gets to know Amelia, he'd be protective on her too, even if Sam doesn't care about it. or if Sam is ashamed of his brother or if he doesn't want to explain her why the brother he had "lost" is live and kicking again.

all in all I liked this episode, it was very good, and so far this season is very strong and extremely drawing! something I haven't felt since S5.
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You know, being the second of six kids I understand Dean's point of view, I've raised my siblings since my parents were always "busy with life" and I feel alot like Dean, everytime I see any of them doing something stupid I'm the one calling them out on it, I might even tried to force them into choices I thought were better for them, but when life called me over seas only one of my sisters *the cancer survivor* asked me what she was supposed to do, she couldn't come with me,
The rest? the rest ignored me for a long long while.

At home when we're all together is like a normal family, kinda, we can rip each other troaths, we skin each other alive, and then? then we go all together for pizza. and we Stunn my mother by it.

I get Dean, and I react for him all the time, I care for him more than I should for a fictional character, but wasn't until this episode, and the last scene that I understood Sam, I know, not wanting to be part of something because you're forced is the reason why I went after the career I chosed, the rest of my family had nbever before tried anything related to healthcare,  why I joined the marines  had two tours, because my grandfather's legacy was wasting, and why I'm always alone, because of my choices i only have few close friends. it doesn't mean that when I had to give up part of my life for my family I bailed.

I wasn't happy, I think I've cried a month thinking about the missing things,you can even read the moping in my old posts, and thinking about the oportunities and the people I had to give up in order to help family still hurts, the guy I gave up after years, to hear he got another girl pregnant not long after we split still is a problem for me.

I get  Sam, NOW! it must be hard to look into your once upon life and see nothing, I guess that you'd love to have a second chance and if you get a seocnd chance you'll hold it for dear life, I kinda like Amelia,  being sammy's second chance, not pushy, and not perfect, I like her because she's pretty much like Lisa * just not dorito collored* but I'm not fond to the dog, not much, stupid Dog peeing on MY/the car, because let's face it, that's what Dean smelled, it has still to grow on me...

What had me thinking while reading a review *which I do quite often just never comment on them* is that maybe, just MAYBE the last scene was made specifically by Jensen, to show us what Sam wants, even to make us hate him a little bit, maybe he's so protective on his character that gave Sam Dean's dream for us not to like him... just an idea tho.
One thing I noticed from Jensen recently is that he even keep tabs on what parts he never got, the ones rumored and then rumored lost... Maybe since Dean gave up on the perfect picnic scenario dream, Sam having it is a way for jensen to tell us he's not Happy on how things are going for Dean the little bit of bitterness and protectiveness that makes me like him even more.

I can't wait for next week!

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