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 Fill to this PROMPT  ((Long prompt is long, I apologize. 
In a way, Jared's story is a lot like Cinderella's. Both his parents are dead, but his dad remarried, resulting in a stepmother that hates him and two evil step-siblings (ditto). They view omegas as second-class citizens, so Jared is treated like a slave. There's a prince, his name is Jensen – the High Alpha's only alpha child – who happens to need a spouse to eventually rule beside him. And of course, there's a ball for all the eligible betas and omegas in the land... except Jared, who is forbidden from attending by his "family". Jared manages to get there anyway – with the help of his Fairy Godparent – and it's pretty much love at first sight when he and Jensen finally meet. They have one magical night together in which Jensen knots and mates Jared, promising to officially claim him in public, as is required, the next day. 
Unlike Cinderella though, Jared's story has no missing shoe, no kingdom-wide search, and no happy ending for him (yet). The magic that allowed Jared to come to the ball only lasts until the first light of dawn, and he must leave Jensen's bed to get home before that. Jared's not an idiot; he knows how Cinderella's story almost ends, so he's told Jensen his name and where to find him. They want to do this mating right, without Jared's stepfamily being able to take advantage or stop it. 
But Jensen never shows. 
So Jared waits. He waits for Jensen for weeks and weeks until he realizes he's pregnant. Unmated omegas have certain protections under the law, which is is only reason Jared's stepfamily never tossed him out 
onto the streets to fend for himself. But Jared cannot hide his pregnancy forever, and that's exactly what happens to him when they find out. 
With a little bit of help, both supernatural and mundane, Jared manages to survive long enough to find a place to live. As a last-ditch effort, Jared sends a petition to the High Alpha's court, informing them of his change of residence (under the guise of "if you have need of my services, etc.") and his condition, hoping it will remind Jensen of him or something. 
Unbeknownst to Jared, the letter never reaches Jensen. It is intercepted by one of the court's wizards, Curtis Armstrong. The same wizard who erased Jensen's memory of Jared and their mating after he saw him sneaking from Jensen's rooms that night. Curtis has his own evil plans, so he takes matters into his own hands. He shows up at Jared's door pretending he was sent on Jensen's orders, and threatens to kill the baby unless Jared ceases all attempts at contact with the prince or the court. Jared agrees, still in love with his mate and their child, because he assumes Jensen is ashamed of him and that this is what he wants. Unlike alphas, an omega physically cannot take another mate unless their mate is dead, so while Jared is stuck, Jensen is not. 
Until one day, maybe a few months later, when Jensen visits Jared's village for whatever reason; he espies a very pregnant Jared in the marketplace and starts to remember. (And true love saves the day). 
tl;dr - J2 h/c Cinderella except with pregnant!Jared and amnesiac!Jensen but without the foot fetish. Please do not repost with altered roles.)..
chapter 1
Tittle: Cinderella has nothing to do with this
Author: Me 
Pairing(s): J2 
Full List of Kinks: fluff, angst, Mpreg ABO, Hurt Jared, Hurt Jensen. 
Rating: teens and up.

Jared was still in the small room near the kitchen; during the war part of the staff had been let go and more and more chores were given to Jared; he used to work all day long, and with time he started avoiding his stepmother and brothers; one day he noticed he hadn’t had dinner with them in months. That he used to set the table like once maids had done for him and Jared felt alone.

But war was over and things were about to change.


Jensen finally was coming home; finally will see his father again. The pretty boy with the soft hands and perfect spotless clothes was gone; the rugged soldier was far from the stupid kid that left. He never before had yearned for anything; now all he wanted was to have someone; he will be seeing families and mates waiting for his troops but nobody will be there for him; his father sick and his brother in charge of everything; nobody could travel, nobody else cared for him.

He knew it was time for him to find someone and his father will be eager to have him mated fast so he could take the place as lord Ackles; deep inside he felt desperate because now he would not be able to find a mate he actually get to love.

The bomb going off right near the trains was a surprise; one unexploded device half hidden that the cleaning crew hat activated without wanting it.

It flew destroying everything around. Jensen only felt his ears popping and everything getting covered in dirt before waking up in the middle of screams and the smell of hot metal and blood.

He got up and noticed one of his officials trapped under a piece of metal; he ran desperate calling for help; the day was a long one, covered in blood and suffering; the usual remains of war.


Lord Ackles got sick during the war; he needed to go to a different ity to get the best medical treatment possible; but how could he leave the capital of his province when war was upon them?

Ryan ended up in charge of everything with the help of his father’s prime advisor Lady Huffmann; she was now the ruler; and she was unfair and greedy; poor Ryan did his best but the woman ran over him over and over because of his status.

Lord Ackles wanted nothing more than to get well soon to help his poor boy; and Ryan wanted nothing more than to have his brother back so he could help him with all this.

The news of the blast had the poor omega kid worried sick.

When he heard that his brother had only a couple bruises and a mild concussion he cried relieved.

But this is after all a fairy tale and in these there is never something simple.


Jensen arrived to the palace quietly one morning before dawn; everyone expected him to come home with a parade and a band and people cheering and calling his name as the hero he was; he couldn’t tolerate the loud noises; he just announced his presence to his brother and one of the guards; his dad’s personal Guard Misha.

It took Jensen sixteen minutes to take a quick -army like- shower, where efficiency and speed were the order; and hugging Ryan marched to his father’s chamber; lord Ackles cried holding his sons in his arms.

“Alaina’s personal physician is taking care of me.” Lord Ackles said. “With you here I can rest now...”

Ryan was snoring softly cradled in his big brother arms preventing Jensen from getting up. “Tomorrow early, I’ll call the Capital city dad, I’m sure there has to be a better doctor.”

“Thank you.” his father said and fell asleep.

The entire city was still waiting for Jensen while he was already home surrounded by the only two persons that loved him.

“I...” he started seeing his father almost asleep. “I think I should mate.. Look for someone and...”

Ryan snorted and opened his eyes before laughing loud. “Seriously? You didn’t even wanted to meet prospect mates.”

“Shut up...” jensen held his brother and covered his mouth. “Things change… I don’t want to be alone forever.”

Ryan hugged him and curled by his side. “You’re not alone bro…”

Jensen slept soundly for first time in almost five years.


The city received the news with a news flash; Jensen was back, the heir of  Lord Ackles was back; and he will giving a speech in the palace. All families were invited to celebrate the end of war. And the celebration tour will start with Capital city where Lord Ackles will go for medical treatment too.

Today it was all for them; just their city and their province and everyone wanted to celebrate.

“MMMOOOOOMMMM!!!!” Jared heard Michael shouting like a maniac. “MMMOOOOMMMM!!!” he smiled as he turned the page of the book his dad bought him once; one of those taken back by his friends. “PARTYYY!!!” that was Chad’s voice and Jared rolled his eyes; not even the rigors of war could put some sense in them.

Jim and Jodie had to prepare the family’s clothes hastily, they were going to the palace to celebrate, and even Jared was so excited that he went with Jim and Jodie too to see the speech and celebrate.

It was of common knowledge that future lord Ackles was alpha and not mated, that he liked to play golf, play guitar and that his favorite color was green. Jared saw his brothers and his stepmother cladded in that color as they left the house. He wished  he could wear it too; but his only green shirt had a hole on the sleeve after an accident re starting the heater..

Instead he wore red; it was ridiculous due his height going dressed in a simple v neck red T shirt while everyone had their best clothes on.

The light was a bit too bright and the music was loud; there were several stand for food and drinks but jared had no money; he was pushed apart from his friend after the speech - that he couldn’t see because he was far from the stage and there was a man with his kid on his shoulders preventing him from seeing the giant screen. But he heard every word cheering at the right times. The speech given by a strong voiced man filled with with hope and strength

Jared felt faint and moved to the wall thinking that maybe from tht top of the stairs he could get to see Jim or Jodie but he saw nothing; he leaned on banner set with colors of Lord Ackles’ house and he felt the world spinning; he fell flat on his back in the shadow inside the palace. “DAMN IT!” he said worried when a man held his arm, pulled him up and covered his mouth pulling him into the darkness.

Jared had heard of this; he had heard the horror stories of omegas pulled away from their families and abused; ruined for a mate; those ended up on the streets to restore the family’s honor. The man was so strong that no matter how much Jared fought he was held harder and controlled. Finally the man let him go and jared turned desperate. ”Please no!! PLEASE!! I have nobody if you touch me…” the hand covered his mouth again.

“Calm down I’m not going to do anything to you.” Jared let out a shaky breath. “Calm down, come on! This is the Palace you’re safe here.” Jared stopped writhing trying to get free. “If I let you go you promise you’ll calm down?” Jared nodded and the man smiled, his face, all serious and sullen changed into a friendly smile.

“What are you doing here?”  the man asked.””who are you?

“I’m… I’m… eerrr...”should he give his name?

The man laughed. “That hard to remember?” Jared smiled too.

“You startled me… I’m still shaking.” he showed him his hand and his trembling fingers.

The man moved ahead. “So sorry...” he moved closer to the banned that was flimsy enough to let some light pass and they could see people coming and going. “Come, I’ll take you to your family.” he said covering his head and his face with a cap.

Jared finally was calmed enough to smile and noticed how cool and comfortable he was in this secluded space. “Do you mind if I stay a bit more?” he said honest. “It's too hot out there and I thought i’ll pass out, that’s why I..” and motioned with his hand to the banner.  “I-I I’m Sam.” his heart was hammering against his ribcage, why did he lied?

Green eyes were fix on his and the man looked honestly concerned. “Sit down, I’ll bring you something cold”Jared obeyed not really understanding why.

After a second a cold compress was pressed on his neck and he was given a tall glass of lemonade. “My mom used to say that when you spend too long under the sun the best thing to do is try with sme cold liquid and something salty.” Jared was offered a plate of snacks.

“Thank you… but I don’t have any money...” Jensen sat in front of him looking straight to his face. “I’m even regretting coming here to start with.” he said sounding sad.his eyes looking at the entrance of the small space.

“Well I don’t. It’s nice to have someone to talk toI thought I could deal with this but it's too loud and too many people wanting to talk to me...” Jensen huffed rubbing his eyes. “I needed a minute alone.”

“Sorry.. ” Jared said smiling.

“Why did you came today? Why are you regretting it already?”

“To celebrate...” his hand flew in the general direction of the crowd outside. “Not every day a war ends.”

“Did you saw the speech?”

“Of course!”

Jensen chuckled. “You’re lying, nobody paid attention to the poor guy up there...”

“I did...” Jensen crossed his arms. “To every word...” added Jared with a smug expression

“Really? Could you recognize the heir’s face?”

Jared should be honest but he huffed. “Yes I could...” he moved to the banner and looked out Jensen standing by his side. “He’s… he is…” he knew that someone should be up there by the podium. “Right there...”

Jensen laughed. “You have no idea...”

“No, no I don’t…” Jared confessed and both laughed.

Jensen offered his hand. “Let me introduce myself; my name is Jensen Ackles, Heir of Lord Ackles.”

Jared gasped surprised; scrambling away from the Lord all gaping mouth and wild eyes not knowing if he should kneel or bow or what. “Sir!! I’m so sorry.. I-I...”

Jensen smiled and moved ahead holding one of his hands. ”Nice to meet you Sam, I’m very glad to have someone not really paying attention to me.”

“I did paid attention to your speech.” Jared said and Jensen blushed a bit.”you gave the people hope and strength and that’s exactly what we need right now.”

Jensen smiled. “Thank you… ” his eyes flew around and up and down Jared’s body.

“Sorry I had nothing green to wear to day.”

Jensen smile grew bigger. “I’m glad; it’s like a party of frogs out there.” he moved to look outside and Jared joined him. Every shade of green, every tone, every possible mix and every texture in the world was out there; from simple dresses to complex models to everything in between. Jensen started pointing one or another to Jared. “That one is exactly kermit green.” Jared chuckled. Pointing to a lady.

“She looks like a green version of the Witch of Waste.”

“Oh My God… I hope he don't get near any sheep or they’ll try to eat him whole” Jensen laughed with his entire body; bending first forwards and then backwards his neck extended and his mouth open, really  enjoying every second.

“THERE!!” Jensen pointed to a beta boy big enough to scare both of them. “I believe that’s the Hulk...”

Jared laughed out loud; until he noticed the heir looking at him.

Jensen looked at Jared. “Wanna hear a secret?” he bent a bit and spoke in a hushed tone but totally joking, “I don’t even like green that much.” he mumbled on Jared’s ear and the boy laughed.

Someone announced his father will speak to the people and jensen had to go, he held jared’s hand and shook it slowly. “Nice to meet you Sam, it’s been a real pleasure.”without thinking much of it he moved forward and kissed jared’s cheek before turning to follow the blue eyed guard that was calling for him.

Jared went out again searching for Jim and Jodie or his stepmother or anyone, the piece of wet fabric in hands. Yet when Lord Ackles moved ahead and spoke to the crowd he cheered and waved the cloth and noticed jensen’s eyes on him and a amused smile on his lips.

He smiled stupidly for days.


As soldiers came back Jodie received his two nieces; they’ll be there until things were solved with their papers and then will go back to the east to their homes: both alpha soldiers were staying with them at Jared’s house; with the war finished and people looking for jobs and having two veterans made the family -and the family- look better.

Neither of the girls cared for Chad or Michael much to their mother’s relief; they were first too busy with rebuilding the house by the pool; then painting the garage and then changing the back yard porch.

Their nights were spent on the city, always in some party or celebrating with other soldiers, after that they went to Jared’s room and read with him until exhaustion took them.

It was good fro Jared; finally he had friends; real friends, and he wished these two were his step sisters instead of the idiots that were now obsessed with Jensen ; planning stupid scenarios to meet him, dressing in green every day and going to the palace every other day to see if the Lord’s family were back.

“I really need this JAde green shirt I saw at the mall today!!” moaned Michael. “Mooommm nobody else will go in Jade green, is the exact tone of his eyes!!”

“Well nobody is going to notice you...” Chad said appearing in s suit so green jared felt surprised.

“He doesn’t even like green that much...” he said with a smile.

His stepmother looked at him. “And how do you know’ was he hiding in the kitchen?” all three of them laughed. “You’re a low omega; my boys are from noble blood. You have no chance in life to know what he likes more or less.” she waved her hand dismissing him.

Jared left; of course Jensen could never talk to him again; he just did ti because he had no choice, right?

He read cinderella once more before bed; the Grimm version and dreamed with a world where being the omega orphan was enough to met the heir of a rich province.

Chapter 3A

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