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Fill to this PROMPT ((Long prompt is long, I apologize.
In a way, Jared's story is a lot like Cinderella's. Both his parents are dead, but his dad remarried, resulting in a stepmother that hates him and two evil step-siblings (ditto). They view omegas as second-class citizens, so Jared is treated like a slave. There's a prince, his name is Jensen – the High Alpha's only alpha child – who happens to need a spouse to eventually rule beside him. And of course, there's a ball for all the eligible betas and omegas in the land... except Jared, who is forbidden from attending by his "family". Jared manages to get there anyway – with the help of his Fairy Godparent – and it's pretty much love at first sight when he and Jensen finally meet. They have one magical night together in which Jensen knots and mates Jared, promising to officially claim him in public, as is required, the next day.
Unlike Cinderella though, Jared's story has no missing shoe, no kingdom-wide search, and no happy ending for him (yet). The magic that allowed Jared to come to the ball only lasts until the first light of dawn, and he must leave Jensen's bed to get home before that. Jared's not an idiot; he knows how Cinderella's story almost ends, so he's told Jensen his name and where to find him. They want to do this mating right, without Jared's stepfamily being able to take advantage or stop it.
But Jensen never shows.
So Jared waits. He waits for Jensen for weeks and weeks until he realizes he's pregnant. Unmated omegas have certain protections under the law, which is is only reason Jared's stepfamily never tossed him out
onto the streets to fend for himself. But Jared cannot hide his pregnancy forever, and that's exactly what happens to him when they find out.
With a little bit of help, both supernatural and mundane, Jared manages to survive long enough to find a place to live. As a last-ditch effort, Jared sends a petition to the High Alpha's court, informing them of his change of residence (under the guise of "if you have need of my services, etc.") and his condition, hoping it will remind Jensen of him or something.
Unbeknownst to Jared, the letter never reaches Jensen. It is intercepted by one of the court's wizards, Curtis Armstrong. The same wizard who erased Jensen's memory of Jared and their mating after he saw him sneaking from Jensen's rooms that night. Curtis has his own evil plans, so he takes matters into his own hands. He shows up at Jared's door pretending he was sent on Jensen's orders, and threatens to kill the baby unless Jared ceases all attempts at contact with the prince or the court. Jared agrees, still in love with his mate and their child, because he assumes Jensen is ashamed of him and that this is what he wants. Unlike alphas, an omega physically cannot take another mate unless their mate is dead, so while Jared is stuck, Jensen is not.
Until one day, maybe a few months later, when Jensen visits Jared's village for whatever reason; he espies a very pregnant Jared in the marketplace and starts to remember. (And true love saves the day).
tl;dr - J2 h/c Cinderella except with pregnant!Jared and amnesiac!Jensen but without the foot fetish. Please do not repost with altered roles.)..

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

A/N: so sorry I didn't updated before but the chapter appears to be too big and I refuse to call it a whole new chapter because everythign that will happen here and in 3B will be one big ass chapter. okay?
So be warned long ass chapter is long.


Jensen felt stupid for how excited he was; just an omega boy, just an omega boy like the thousands he had seen in his life, why was this one special? Why he dreamed on seeing him again and kissing him and how cute a baby with those dimples would be; or a couple kids or more than just a couple; or how adorable that kid Sam would be sleeping naked in his arms.

He wished he had asked for more details; was he noble? A commoner? He saw him one last time when his dad spoke to everyone standing in a sea of green the only red dot. And wanted to go to him and not only being able to secretly smile just for him.

But he blinked and Sam was gone.

The entire victory tour to the capital city had him more worried about his brother and father than anything else: he even ignored the headache he had from day one; taking just some acetaminophen and taking long naps when possible.

The king himself received them and honored them for being the bravest province:

Burt once they were finally free to go home: they drove their father to a hospital; since Jensen’s arrival his health improved and seemed like he was healthy again; he was never alone; maybe that’s why he was getting better, either Jensen or Ryan was with him.

The night after visiting the king; when Lord Ackles told him it was about time for Jensen to take his place and the king saying that the new Lord Ackles should mate to be a real lord his father got ill and lost consciousness.

Everything was forgotten, finding a mate; having a celebration ball; everything. Jensen and Ryan never lived a night as horrible than that one not knowing if their father will be fine.


Jared was so used to Danni and Alona that when they announced they'll be going home once the heir of  lord Ackles  would dismiss them he felt like crying. The tour will only last two more weeks.

It took actually six more weeks until they were back with a weakened Lord Ackles. And the first thing Lord Ackles said to the people was that he was retiring; that his son will marry; and there will be a ball for every family in the country was invited; and every possible mate for the future Lord Ackles was invited.

Now imagine how two vapid guys would have reacted to such news?

Chad and Michael  had forced their mother to invest every penny they had in the most dramatic and outrageous suits in green and white.

Jared looked in his closet he hadn’t got anything worth of a dance at the palace. And he sat there thinking that maybe it was for the best; because… why would Jensen Future lord of Ackles care for an orphaned omega who has nothing?

But then a phone call he answered by luck; it was from the palace; OMega services asking about a complaint set a long time ago. “It’s just a following call; is the omega still living in this address?”

“Its me.. Jared Padalecki.”

The man repeated his last name a couple times as if he were searching for the right file; “your father passed away almost ten years ago; and you are an adult now; is your property managed by a relative? A mate? ”

Jared heard his stepmother calling his name. “My stepmother...”

“Is that what was stated in the will?”

Jared could hear her steps now. “I don’t know...”

The man at the other end of the line asked him to find out if that’s what the will stated and Jared hung up in haste. “Who was it?” Ruby asked giving him a bunch of shirts for him to iron again.

“Nobody...” he said and held a shirt up: “I have to wash this one again it has makeup on it.”

Ruby looked at him serious and then to the phone. Whatever; I’m not interested in your menial tasks.” she blinked looking at him. “NOW boy… we’re going out this afternoon and my sons are not going to leave the house like a couple vagrants because you’re lazy!!” Jared moved fast while his stepmother was clapping on him.

The second Jared passed the door towards the service area she took the phone and dialed *69. “Winchester province’s Omega services secretary; how may I help you?” her eyes narrowed and her lips already thin and graceless went even thinner. She threw the receiver and marched into her husband's office, where nobody had entered in the last year at least. She looked at the safe behind a portrait of Jared’s mother with the same dimples and the same sweet smile. “You are not going to beat me fucking Omega, you’re not gonna win.”


Jensen was not pleased with his father’s announcement mostly because he had not discussed it with him.

“You said it.” the old man tried. “You said you don’t want to be alone anymore.”

“And what if I already had someone in mind?” Jensen shouted pissed off.

Ryan got close; mediating between the two alphas and calming them with one touch the omega got close to his father  “You said it Jay; and you can’t have someone else; you’ve spent every second with us”His father let out a sigh. “And dad is not getting younger… I’m omega and either you mate or Armstrong will have an excuse to ask again; and that bitch Huffman will take control of the palace and... ”

“WOW!! Woowowowow..” Jensen held his baby brother’s arms to stop the gesticulation. “Ask again?”

“To mate me… so he’ll have right over the title and the province and we won’t be left on the streets...” his blue eyes were casted down and Jensen could see his lashes and the pouty lips.

“When did this happened?”

“After the first time your camp was attacked?” Ryan said. “”And we didn’t have news for a couple days?”

Jensen by instinct held his brother in his arms. “Okay… Okay! I’ll find someone on this stupid ball… just give me time.” and in his brother’s ear and with his eyes fix on his father he mumbled. “At least you will marry for love.”

“Sometimes love comes with time, if you make an effort.” said his dad distressed. “Wish we had more time; wish my health...” jensen pulled the feeble man on his hug too. “Don’t worry I’ll be fine.” he said ferin the fact that he could be fine; he was alpha; alphas have it easy, they knot and mate someone and then move into the next, the omega or beta claimed will forever yearn for the one alpha. He was not ready for such a responsibility over someone.

“At least I’ll have an excuse to dance without half the province and the entire council talking about me”Ryan mocked and jensen laughed.

Jensen was thankful for one thing; whatever happens he still had his family.


Ruby and her sons did everything they could to get the more ridiculous outfits; Danni and Aona were watching them from a corner in surprised horror when Jared came out of the bathroom after cleaning it; still wearing pink gloves and holding a bucket, his hair trapped in a pink leopard printed bandana turned and saw them parading their clothes in front of the giant mirror in the grand hall. Jared yelped and the girls snorted their laughter; Chad and Michael were both comparing the size of their butts and didn’t notice a thing but their mother moved fast to the door with a stormy expression; Jared pushed the girls back.

“Go , go , go!!!” he said and the door opened before he could turn the corner.

“OMEGA!!” she shouted and Jared stood straight. “You think you’re being funny? Sneaking on us to laugh?” she got closer and slapped him. The sound was so loud Danni appeared on the corner; eyes red, all alpha.

“Everything alright?” she asked and Alona appeared too growling; the Beta lady huffed.

“This is non of your business!” and looking at jared again. “You deserve to be punished for mocking your betters...”she said; her eyes almost closed and her mouth in an almost smile of smugness “I’d say no ball but you were not going anyways...” she said making Jared look at her wounded. “Oh!! You were?!” she cackled calling her sons’ attention. They laughed too when they heard of Jared thinking he’d go.”obviously you’re not going; you don’t even have anything decent to wear; you’ll only embarrass this house and your father’s memory;  you can offer your help to clean after the ball thought.” she said and marched into the grand hall leaving Jared alone finally able to cry in peace

Alona stayed with Jared while Danni went out. “I even thought I could wear the black suit my dad left...” he said still sniffling his head pillowed on Alona’s leg and her fingers carded his hair. “But what’s the point now...”

The days passed and Jared noticed doors locked when never before were; his father’s office had things out of place and missing. Jim told him he was doing his best to protect the important documents. “She’s almost done with the savings and all the lines of credit; but nothing that you can't solve once we claim your fortune back.”

Until one night when it was still dark Jodie shook his shoulder with a bright smile on her face. “We found it!!” Jared rubbed his eyes still too tired after having to dust every carpet in the house.

“Wha..?” he said rolling his shoulder when his back protested.

“Your father’s will!!!” she said holding his arm. “Come on!! Now!! We have to get it to a safe place, help us!!”

Jared was 17 when his after died almost 3 years ago and his head had been had been to distressed to care about legal stuff when his father died and now he finally saw hope at the end ofthe tunnel. Before shi stepmother woke up he had called the Omega services office and the told him that he should go there and present the will and a witness and they’ll take care of everything,

Jodie marched next to Jared all the way to the bus station as soon as the sun was up two days before the ball; part of the city was closed due to preparations, even those not admitted in the castle will have music and entertainment.

They entered the offices and asked around to get to the right desk.

The man on it took the papers and Jodie’s testimony and then stamped a paper and sent them to a different floor to look for someone else who took the paper and filled a form for them; it was so early there were no cues yet; even if few guys were already lining up behind them.

“That’s it” the employer said. “You’ll have the titles restored to you in ten days, and the guardian will be served with an eviction order and a lawsuit for use and dispose of someone else’s property.” he gave them a small card. “You can call and ask about your papers in ten days so you won’t have to come up here before it’s done.” and before they left. “Kid all you have to do is be there; stay at home and you’ll have your stuff back, don’t leave that house, okay?”

Jared nodded as he marched out and giggled and laughed all the way home; he stopped mid sentence to cover his eyes and let out a sigh of relief; they were going to leave his house!! Finally!

“Finally...” he said and a sob escaped his mouth.


Ruby was not happy when breakfast was served by Jim and the alpha girls. “Where’s the omega who is supposed to serve?” she shouted desperate.

Jim rolled his eyes asking the heavens for patience while danni spoke. “My aunt had to sign some papers for us to leave… and she needed someone of the family to prove we’re staying here...”

Alona looked up; her earnest eyes fix on Ruby. “we didn’t want to bother you.”

And that was it.

For little.while it looked like the end of it.


Jared dusted the suit from his father and did his best to make the shirt; yellow with time in the closet, white again and tries them on; with his father’s properties passing to him he no longer felt unfit for Jensen, even of the idea of the handsome heir wanting him sounded a bit ridiculous.

He left his suit on the bed and ran to finish his chores before bed; he had to rest and also he had to Jim to cut his hair.

The entire house was quien and it was strange; he helped with dinner and found his stepmother alone in the dining room with a triumphant face.

The door opened and Chad and Michael entered the room laughing each one dragging something across the floor in each hand.

“look at this the omega wanted to wear an alpha’s suit!!” Michael.said tossing the raga he had, dirty and filled with holes was jared’s suit jacket. Jared gasped and moved to get the item from his stepbrother.

Chad threw a gray looking thing to him; his shirt. “That wasn’t even white to start with.”

Jared took his hands. “Tat was my dad’s suit!! The man that fed you even after dead!!”

“It was his obligation!! It was our right!!” Shouted Rudy. “you weren’t planning on wearing them to the ball tomorrow, right?”she said smiling. “you are not going.”

“Says who?” Jared faced her much to the brothers’ surprise

“Oh you low omega, look at you all mouthy to your betters...” she rose her hand but it never got to Jared's face.

“I do not follow your orders, and will never again. You can do whatever you want, for now...” he said smiling. “But I won’t be following your orders anymore.”

The suit was yanked from Chad and Michael’s hands and Jared marched out of the room. “You’re not going anywhere now that filthy out of fashion rag is ruined...”

Jared’s step faltered at the cruel laughter but he had decided something; he was going even if he had to go naked.

Of course that doesn’t mean he didn’t cry, Alona and Danneel found him when he tried to clean the shirt once more sniffling quietly.

“What happened?” they asked and Jared broke down in desperate sobs. Danneel held him close and shushed him while caressing his back; Alona moved behind his cousin to hold his hands and caress his head. “Don’t worry kid… come on….”

“It was my dad’s suit. From the time I went to the presentation ball with him.” he said and once more he sniffled cleaning his eyes and pulling himself straight. “I have nothing to wear to the ball...”

Jared cried the entire night but at least he didn’t have to deal with his stepmother and her kids the next day all three of them were going to a spa to get ready for the ball. Jared finished his chores and went to his room quietly.

As he marched out the rest of the staff looked at each other; “it’s time.” Jim said getting up and led the way to Jared’s room

The knock was so soft Jared thought he was dreaming

“Why are you not ready to go?” Danneel asked sitting on his bed and looking at the rest with a smile

“I didn’t want to go anyways...” he said in a broken voice. “ guess not having anything to wear is just a signal…”

Alona’s face illuminated. “Oh!! We have something for you...”

Alona smiled and moved to a side and danni brought in a dark grey suit, and a brand new white shirt.  “Your dad’s suit was great but was not Omega’s fashion...”Alone said taking out the pants and showing them to Jared.

He had his mouth open and had no words. “Wow… tis is...”

Danneel sat next to him opening the small box where black leather shoes were. “A present...” she offered, the suit is custom made..” Alona nodded emphatically.

“But who... ” he looked to jodie but she smiled and shook her head no.

“Oh come on!!” Alona rolled her eyes. “That’s discrimination… were females before alphas and we can deal with some sewing.”

Danneel giggled. “Get up and try it on!!” she said excited and Jared did it.

It took him seconds to be dressed in his new clothes.

“Look at you!!” Jodie held him and kissed his cheeks. “You look so much like your mother!!”

Jared; who since his mother died felt always alone looked around thanking God for this family.

“I don’t look like me...” he said holding the top button of his shirt.

“WAIT!!” Jim ran out of the room and everyone waited intrigued a couple minutes while the guirls took lint and fitted the suit better on Jared.

“HERE!!” the man appeared with a red tie, it was quite a contrast. “It was your father’s favorite; he only were it in special occasions.” he said and tied the tie around jared’s neck.

Jodie called a cab and offered jared a glass of juice. “You have fun; but  come home early, okay? We have to be in our best behavior for the next ten days sweetheart, after we kick them out you can have as much fin as you want. Deal?” Jared nodded and smiled as he turned to the mirror once more; with this suit on he almost looked like the wealthy hei he really was.

“The only thing I regret...” Danneel said passing one last time her hands to straighten the line of Jared’s shoulders. “Is that we couldn’t find a decent green!!”

“He doesn't’ even like green that much…” jared mumbled and smiled as the cab knocked the horn outside the house.

“Go have fun!!” the girls hugged him last. “And good bye.” Alona said. “We’re leaving tomorrow early.”

Danneel hugged him too. “Call us back in ten days when you become a rich man, we might need a friend to freeload to..” she said kissing his cheek.

It was sad, but not even in fairy tales the Fairy god mother stays until the end of the story.


Chapter 3B

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