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 Fill to this PROMPT  (Long prompt is long, I apologize. 
In a way, Jared's story is a lot like Cinderella's. Both his parents are dead, but his dad remarried, resulting in a stepmother that hates him and two evil step-siblings (ditto). They view omegas as second-class citizens, so Jared is treated like a slave. There's a prince, his name is Jensen – the High Alpha's only alpha child – who happens to need a spouse to eventually rule beside him. And of course, there's a ball for all the eligible betas and omegas in the land... except Jared, who is forbidden from attending by his "family". Jared manages to get there anyway – with the help of his Fairy Godparent – and it's pretty much love at first sight when he and Jensen finally meet. They have one magical night together in which Jensen knots and mates Jared, promising to officially claim him in public, as is required, the next day. 
Unlike Cinderella though, Jared's story has no missing shoe, no kingdom-wide search, and no happy ending for him (yet). The magic that allowed Jared to come to the ball only lasts until the first light of dawn, and he must leave Jensen's bed to get home before that. Jared's not an idiot; he knows how Cinderella's story almost ends, so he's told Jensen his name and where to find him. They want to do this mating right, without Jared's stepfamily being able to take advantage or stop it. 
But Jensen never shows. 

So Jared waits. He waits for Jensen for weeks and weeks until he realizes he's pregnant. Unmated omegas have certain protections under the law, which is is only reason Jared's stepfamily never tossed him out 
onto the streets to fend for himself. But Jared cannot hide his pregnancy forever, and that's exactly what happens to him when they find out. 

With a little bit of help, both supernatural and mundane, Jared manages to survive long enough to find a place to live. As a last-ditch effort, Jared sends a petition to the High Alpha's court, informing them of his change of residence (under the guise of "if you have need of my services, etc.") and his condition, hoping it will remind Jensen of him or something. 

Unbeknownst to Jared, the letter never reaches Jensen. It is intercepted by one of the court's wizards, Curtis Armstrong. The same wizard who erased Jensen's memory of Jared and their mating after he saw him sneaking from Jensen's rooms that night. Curtis has his own evil plans, so he takes matters into his own hands. He shows up at Jared's door pretending he was sent on Jensen's orders, and threatens to kill the baby unless Jared ceases all attempts at contact with the prince or the court. Jared agrees, still in love with his mate and their child, because he assumes Jensen is ashamed of him and that this is what he wants. Unlike alphas, an omega physically cannot take another mate unless their mate is dead, so while Jared is stuck, Jensen is not. 

Until one day, maybe a few months later, when Jensen visits Jared's village for whatever reason; he espies a very pregnant Jared in the marketplace and starts to remember. (And true love saves the day). 

tl;dr - J2 h/c Cinderella except with pregnant!Jared and amnesiac!Jensen but without the foot fetish. Please do not repost with altered roles.

Tittle: Cinderella has nothing to do with this
Author: Me
Pairing(s): J2
Full List of Kinks: fluff, angst, Mpreg ABO, Hurt Jared, Hurt Jensen.
Rating: teens and up.

Once upon a time a man met a young lady; they fell instantly in love and in less than two years they swore each other eternal love.


The man was not rich but he had more than enough and his family had name and wealth enough for him to provide for his wife, until the family grew. The Lady was an Omega; and the baby will be Omega too; and the man was so excited he cried.

They had the name for the baby; it will be Jared which means Flower (Rose) something that will bring a fruit some day; the promise of offspring.


Once upon a time There was a land where everything was green and perfect; the birds sang under the bright sun and the laughter of people filled the days and nights in every house.

Everyone was happy with their lives and with their ruler; Lord Ackles was a noble and fair ruler and he also had lost his wife. He had two sons, Alpha and heir Jensen; the epitome of male beauty and perfection and Ryan; his omega boy, every bit as beautiful as his brother.

One might have thought a lord in charge of such a rich province will use his omega son to try and get wealthier or more powerful, maybe even offer him to the Queen as second his band after the first died. But no; Lord Ackles wanted Ryan to marry for Love.


The story actually starts here; you know? Because as much as it sounds as a fairytale this is not one. Actually both Lord’s sons and Jared had read all those stories.

Jared’s dad was buying one when his wife called and told him something was wrong.

Sadly; destiny had a different idea how things will go; the moon was high too soon on the last month of pregnancy and in a early labor Jared’s mom passed away leaving his father in the darkest corners of despair.

The burial was quiet because at the same time another disgrace happened; Lady Ackles passed away aswell giving birth as well, to a omerga boy as well. While the entire province mourned their lady; Jared’s mom was buried too.

The man turned his pain into love for his child; when nobody would have blamed him for abandoning the omega; he ignored all those who said that an omega should be mated and forgotten; that there was no use in educating one; the man brought books and teachers for his son; encouraged him to learn and gave him everything he would have wanted.

Until his boy was eleven and was still painfully shy and lonely at home with the only company of his books.

So he remarried with a newly widowed woman; she had a better social position, and the idea of Jared getting to know people closer to the royalty made him tie the knot.

Don’t get it wrong; both sides of the newly formed couple knew that this was not love; the woman had loved his Lord husband even if he drank to his death spending the entire fortune and leaving her and his two beta sons Michael and Chad in misery.

Three years later Jared was still alone; his new brothers were interested in boys even if they were too young; and the only thing they knew about was clothes and money; they used to spend every penny Jared’s dad gave them in shallow  useless things; while Jared kept asking for more and more books.

Ruby his stepmother looked him down and more than once had told her husband that to ensure his kid’s future he should start preparing him; grooming him to be the perfect omega. “Or we won’t be able to marry him well.”

Jared’s dad used to frown at that. “He’ll decide who he wants to marry; all I wish for him is to find love.”

“Love is not for Omegas; all they’re good for is having kids.” one the stepmother said once his father had gone; Jared cried that night begging to his mom in heaven to come and help him.

The help came in the shape of an envelope at their door; Lord Ackles was throwing a party for his son’s presentation: he just “become Alpha” (meaning he popped his knot) and was supposed to meet every  eligible fertil in town.

Beta girls and boys and Omegas were all excited in school and on the streets all you could hear about was the lord’s heir this and the Lord’s heir that; even jared felt nervous about it.

The day of the ball his father had bought him a suit; it was light blue with a jacket in a deeper darkest shade. It was a bit big; just a bit; and they were supposed to have it fitted for him but Jared had a panic attack. “What if they chose me...” he said to his dad who tried to comfort him. “What if my life ends today? I didn’t finish homework dad.. I don’t want to go.”

Jared’s dad rolled his eyes. “I wanted to take you to the palace; I used to go to balls with your mother when they invited notorious people from town.” And Jared went; spent the night clutching his dad’s hand and ignored every alpha that invited him to dance: he only raised his face when the prince was presented and it made him smile; the kid was maybe paler than him; except when the chamberlain announced the reason of the celebration and he turned beet red.

Someone pulled Jared’s hand making him look away desperate.

He shouted even if the music droned the sound and his dad had him in arms in a moment

Jensen had to suffer the fact that his dad exposed him like a prize dog; not only that; the chamberlain ven announced that he woke up with a morning wood and a knot at the base. It was actually painful and the last he expected was to have a ball to celebrate he could start having sex now.

Imagine a couple hundreds pairs of eyes fix on your groin…


Time passed and war came; war destroyed the countries and in the end Lord Ackles was the last Lord standing against the invaders; leading his army was his Son Jensen, the only defense their people had while the king regrouped his troops.

Farmers and businessmen suffered from war; those young enough were recruited for the army; but not Omegas or fertile betas.

Jared’s father gave a part of his wealth to protect the Country and the another part to help protect the province; he did his best to keep the children from war; and his new wife from any hardship.

Still he used to stop every day in a bookstore and buy something for Jared on his way home. At first he used to bring sweets or flowers for his second wife and children but with time those were scarce and the bookshop would be closed if it weren’t for his daily purchase.

Yet the stepmother resented Jared for always being favored by his father.

One night Jared’s dad didn’t went back home; they knew there had been explosions downtown, air bombing was cruel and killed thousands of civilians but it was war, right?

Jared was watching the flash news; about the bookstore being blown and the six bodies found there when the owner’s family was only of five.The other person there had been his dad.


Jensen let out a sigh as he heard of even more casualties in an air bombing. It’ll be the last because among the papers he received that afternoon came the list of at least 18 names; buildings destroyed and people lost; and the letter from the king; he was finally coming on their aid.


After Jared’s dad funeral the boy went home later than his stepmother and his brothers because…. He could not leave the cemetery.

He got home to see his stuff being moved to a smaller bedroom, one with far less space for books. “What the fuck are you doing!!” he shouted.

Chad got close and pushed him away. ”Move to a side omega.” Michael laughed and went away with part of his clothes.

“That’s mine!!” he shouted but Michael didn’t even stopped.

He turned desperate eyes to his stepmother. “Can you explain me what are they doing with my stuff?! This is my house and I will not...” the slap sounded so loud in the quiet house that there had been echo; jared felt the stinging pain and moved a hand to hold his cheek.

“Your father neglected you in such a way...” she said disgusted. “Letting you think you’re an equal to me and my boys; not only you are from a lower station; since your father gave away your dowry; he also ruined you by letting you get all mouthy and reading books that are not meant to fragile omega minds. ” she left him behind. “From now on, you’ll learn the things any good omega should know; cooking and cleaning and any other domestic chore needed; you’re lucky Lord Ackles thinks you creatures are important and made laws to protect you, or you’ll be disciplined and used too. ” she said.

Jared stood there quiet and miserable. “Oh!! And don’t get any weird idea; I’m your guardian omega; if you leave the house without my consent I’ll send you to a O house.”

Jared moved to one of the smaller rooms near the staff quarters and cried his first night away from the wide window that faced the castle.

“Mr. Jared?” It was Jim, his father’s butler. “I’m sorry, sir, but you’ll be an adult in no time, just two more years and you’ll be able to fight her in court for what is rightfully yours.” the man offered him a glass of warm milk and some cookies; a luxury in times of war and stayed with jared until he fell asleep.

His last thought before falling asleep had been ridiculous; who would think he was a modern real life cinderella. Where the fuck was his prince?


Jared was relieved from harsher task by the odl staff who loved him; they also saved his stuff bit by bit.

It was not rare to hear questions of where was a book or a frame or a nicknack or some other small item they could take without anyone noticing; jared was also coddled and cared for by the people who saw him growing, Jim and Jodie; the housekeeper had even called the police and informed of the way their boss’ heir was treated. “Is the omega in danger?” the answer was no. “is the omega bieng hurt or abused sexually?” another no. “denied food or shelter?” another no. “trust me, he’s far better than others right now.”

All Jared had to do was endure it..

And after a year and eight months the war was over and it seemed like things will start getting better.

Chapter 2

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