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I've been filling prompts for the SPN kinkmeme - don't judge I was told that my writing could improve if I try different things and it kinda did- So here you have my Masterpost, I'm still working on it, so if any of you guys knows of one of them that's missing let me know so I can get the link here.

A/N: some fics are now on my AO3 account so don't worry if you're redirected there.

Autocorrect Castiel and his inability to text (1/1)

Hope Meg carrying Cas' baby 5 parts complete.

Don't you cry no more Abandoned pets, Animal!jeff, Jensen/&Tahmoh, Misha complete

Gentle mother Castiel praying before a battle 3 parts complete.

Aching  dean, sam; sacrifice,/devotion

Angels nest  FILL for an art request: Dean/Jo/Castiel, wing snuggling

Crazy Love sort of Telephatic bond

If I had just One more Day
   J2 asshole!jensen/Jared H/C, happy ending complete.

Do you Hear What I Hear Castiel left in awe gen complete

Take Me Home J2 Jared hits on the wrong guy Jensn has to save him. Complete. (Jared/Jensen, hurt/comfort, homophobia, savior kink)

Back To Heaven J2 PreShalsh H/C complete

Coming Back J2 One motorist, one recluse, one clod night complete.

Beating Heart In The Flesh Supernatural RPF AU, J2, complete

Healing Wounds
Jensen/Misha about the time J2 went too far teasing MIsha on set. complete

Chasing it  Death by Djin poison. gen

Heartbeat J2, one line prompt *You said your heart would always beat for me. Why can't I hear it now?*

Lost Wincest, one line prompt *You said your heart would always beat for me. Why can't I hear it now?*

Special order J2 coffeshop AU

Big News Jared/Gen, A/B/O, Mpreg, Fpreg

Love Of My life J2 death!fic, one cannot survive without the other, this one is a self fill, tried to let it go, but the muse came one night and it only took a day or two (and then forgot it and answered my own post feeling like such a douche)

Do it for Daddy Jeff/Jensen daddykink

Show me (Fill for the meme that I inda linked to my personal LJ for reasons.) J2, homophobia, Love is something you have to prove is real.

Hope is a dangerous thing to lose J2 being kicked out of the closet and being bullied Jared is sent to a boarding school where a kid just killed himself.

Over Sam and Dean's breakup  S10 finale spoiilers

At 2am J2 non-con turning, torture and others, graphic violence, angst, the omega wins at the end.

Friend of my brother, my brother Dean/Cas, Sam/Cas, shift of affections.

At Home underage, molesting of aminor, happy ending

Lady Dragon Danneel/Jensen spanking, discipline, all consenting.

Farewell J2,
final moments together for a long time...or forever.

Sentence J2, final moments together for a long time...or forever.

The Smell of coconut and hazelnut J2, final moments together for a long time...or forever.

Castus and the Light lost the prompt Gabriel gen fic winning a yes from the vessel

Not everyone wants to hurt you J2 angst, virgin!jensen determined!Jared, (this one made me travel for a week to avoid the memoeries)

If I don't have you J2 non-con turning, castration protectiveness, happy ending (this one will be edited and reposted soon)

Cowboy hat Strong past abuse non con Jensen, Gen

Viral Video J2, falling in love, lvoe at first sigh


Break Away


Still Alpha

Wear a Condom

I'd love to know you like my stories or that you have read them so... any comment would be largely appreciated, even if anon.
thank you all for putting up with my rambling.

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