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 fill as ANON to this PROMPT (Someone tries to turn Sam into an Omega. But Sam is too much of an Alpha to be affected and turns the sides. Hence he's teaching certain someone a lesson. 
can be Dean, Crowley, Oc, ... don't care as long as Sam isn't turned and remains in the dominant role)

I feel like I have to explain myself I was pissed; had like ten minutes free and was tired otf the "Sam is better than Dean" prompts.

Not sure if this is what you want but this is what the muses gave me:

Still Alpha

Dean Winchester was crying, he was special he endured everything, once the Darkness won over the earth all demons were free, and the Winchester Brothers, the special brothers were taken, the ones who could have destroyed everything were finally prisoners. 

The new order of things clasified humans in betas and omegas, while demons were the only alphas, except for Dean and Sam. Now having them tied up and trapped, the last hope for human kind was lost.

Demons gathered around them to turn them into simple omegas, they'd be nothing more than bitches, used to procreate more demons.

But something happened. Dean and Sam couldn't be turned. they tried, lines and lines of demons surrounded them, first cheering animatedly.

then cursing angry, because the special brothers didn't changed. Dean was beat and raped repeatedly, over and over, until he was bleeding and too tired to even try to fight back.

Sam suffered the same luck but there was a difference. Dean the one withthe brightest soul, the one that was as bright as the grace of an angel could survive, Sam didn't.

Sam the boy with the demon blood endured everything like his brother, with one difference. His soul broke, he was stillalpha, nobody will ever take that from him, but his soul broke and hi body gave up, and finally Sam WInchester went back to heaven.

Dean was crying while finished the entire legion, the Rightyeous men powered by the remains of the mark of Cain, a Knight of hell working for the good guys avenged his baby brother.

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