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 Fill to this  PROMPT (Well, Halloween's over, so I am officially in the ever-annoying Christmas spirit. So much, in fact, that I just need to request this! I have read all the wonderful Christmas fills on pinboard, but what's one more?

This prompt is inspired by this sweet scene in Home Alone 2:
Basically, it's when the kid is hiding in the rafters, watching a Christmas choir rehearsing.

What I wanna see is Sam, Dean and Castiel (preferably still an angel) stopping for Christmas. Maybe there's too much snow, maybe there aren't any hunts, maybe Sam just wants a Christmas tree for once. Whatever the reason, Cas is just kinda walking around the town in the snow on Christmas Eve, looking at all the pretty lights and garland and trees, when he comes across a small church and hears music inside.

Not really wanting to interrupt, he hangs out up in the rafters, watching the choir practicing, and just feeling happy and peaceful and enjoying the beautiful music. Just give me all the happy Christmas feels, guys!

You can do pairings if you want, or none. It doesn't matter.
Bonus points:
-Sam or Dean realizes Cas hasn't been around for a few hours, and kinda guesses where they'd find an angel on Christmas Eve. One or both of them kinda tracks Cas down and joins him in listening to the music. )

So, okay, I waited to see if someone else filled this but... Okay here is what I have, it's kinda more fluff than I intended and very Christmas-sy, hope you're okay with it.


Title Do you hear what I hear


“Holy oil, Cas, simple and pure.” Sam confirmed while hiding behind a sculpture on a cemetery. They could hear Dean running in front of them and shooting to whatever he was chasing.

“I’ll be right back!” stolen grace or not Castiel had to find the oil for the Winchesters.

In a small flapping of wings he was gone, he traveled a couple miles only to the cathedral they saw in main street when they got into town. He stood for a moment.

Angels can enter any kind of consecrated place, any kind of religions edification made by mankind. But there was something in this one, covered in small multicolored lights that made Castiel stop.

It wasn’t fear, or any kind of sigil or trap, it was a sound, powerful yet calm and sweet.

*Fear not, then," said the angel,

"Let nothing you affright;

This day is born a Savior

Of a pure virgin bright*

It only lasted a second but the voices sneaked into his heart, into his head and peaks his curiosity. He took the oil hearing a little more of them and left.

He found Sam and gave him the vial. Running then to help Dean, it takes a lot of his fading grace to keep the hunter safe until Sam finishes the spell.

In seconds the monster disappeared in a giant puff of smoke and Dean sighed.

Bent over, hands in knees and laughing; even if a little breathless, Dean laughed. “Awesome. and just in time for Christmas.” He got up and slapped his brother in the shoulder. “Thought. You could have been a little faster Sammy.” Dean said smiling and cracking his back before checking on his angel friend.

Castiel waits until Dean regains his breath and Sam gather all the things he used to make the thing they were chasing disappear before moving slowly with them.

Castiel walked distracted recalling a conversation they had that morning while getting ready for the hunt.

“We should take a couple days.” Sam commented. “This is a nice town, we could get a white Christmas… we haven’t celebrated Christmas since…” but he cuts himself, the memory too painful.

Dean knows what comes after.

“Yeah… we haven’t celebrated Christmas with Cas, right buddy?” Castiel turned to the Winchesters, curiosity still pulling at him. “You staying with us for the holydays?”

Castiel smiled back when both hunters looked at him hopefully waiting for his answer. “I will, if you’ll have me.”

“Great!!” Dean clapped and started moving to the car. “And we even have time for real shopping!” Sam cackled. “that means real presents!” they climbed on the car and drove straight to the cabin they’re using, Castiel brought in a Christmas tree from Greenland, or somewhere close, Dean bought some cheap decorations while Sam started making eggnog.

“OOOH NOPE!” Dean pushed him away. “I’m not letting you do that anymore.” Dean kicked Sam away from the counter after taking a rum bottle out of his hand.

Castiel squinted at him while Sam was laughing moving to add even more lights to their tree, under it were five small boxes wrapped in colorful paper. Everything was peaceful and happy, Castiel felt complete even away from heaven, even with stolen grace, even among humans and at risk to become one. But something was still tugging at him.

Their way back was slow, since it was a small town and they didn’t want to draw suspicion the car was waiting on a grocery store parking lot half mile away. Dean was talking about how he wanted to get there to cook. “I found this recipe.. I’ve been wanting to try since 2004!”

Sam cackled amused by how weirdly excited his older brother was. But Castiel wasn’t paying attention anymore, he heard it again, the same voices, it was a little like hearing his brothers and sisters in heave.

It was a little like hearing clean souls and pure grace, it was like healing with angelic power.

It sounded a little like hearing Angel voices, the real ones, those voices sound like that to those who can hear them. And it broke his heart, it sounded a lot like home.

Without noticing, Castiel moved toward the cathedral once more, and entered the dark space, lithe steps not resounding enough to disturb the voices.

He lurked among shadows trying not to be noticed, seeing the ladies rearrange themselves and keep singing.

The sound was clear and sharp, like bells.

Angels we have on heard high

Sweetly singing ore the plains

And the mountains in reply

Echoing their joyous strains

Gloria in excelsis Deo

Gloria in excelsis Deo

Castiel smiled and without noticing he sat, nobody seemed to notice him.

He sat there hearing the voices and the words, the songs, relaxed, and smiling, eyes closed let himself being bathed with it’s meaning.

Out of nowhere Dean and Sam appeared next to him, taking him out of that blissful state.

“I kinda knew you’d be here.” Sam whispered to his ear. “They are great.”

“yes, Sam, their voices are the closest I’ll ever be from…” he couldn’t make himself say the last word.

Dean’s heavy warm hand landed on his shoulder, like weighting him down, like grounding him there.

“I miss heaven.” He let himself say. “Angels’ real voice…” Dean made a noncommittal sound, remembering his encounter with Castiel’s real voice and how his ears bleed for two days straight. “for those special enough to hear… like Moses.” he commented, as if talking about the neighbor. “Sounds something like them.”

The ladies got quiet for a second and started singing again with only a little fuss in between songs.

Come to Bethlehem and see

Christ whose birth the angels sing

Come adore on bended knee

Christ the Lord the newborn King

Gloria in excelsis Deo

Gloria in excelsis Deo

Castiel leaned forward hearing every word, images dancing in his head, memories of how many times he heard those voices when he was part of his garrison, when this time of the year The Lamb, the Son of God was close.

See him in a manger laid

Whom the choirs of angels praise

Mary, Joseph, lend your aid

While our hearts in love we raise

Gloria in excelsis Deo

Gloria, in excelsis Deo

Gloria in excelsis Deo

He remembers those who claimed they were called to that event, it was a legend a story, but, Angels do not lie, and Castiel almost felt jealous.

The voices, for humans were good, spectacularly good, they sounded like angels, even if when paying attention he could listen to the cracks and flaws, the unmistakably humanness of them. He missed Heaven, missed his brothers, but as a brave man said, Family don’t end with blood, the hand of the righteous man was still on his shoulder and at his left he could feel the calm presence of Sam. If he couldn’t go home, if he had to be stranded here, at least he had good friends with him.

“Come Cas, I’m cooking and it might take some time.” Dean slapped him softly before tussling Sam’s hair on his way to the stairs, the younger hunter let out a huff of frustration. The angel smiled once more.

The ladies were once more reorganizing their positions. Nobody noticed them.

Under white flecks falling from the sky he marched with Sam and Dean making jokes toward the Impala. The falling snow muffled the sound but he could still made the words.

Hark! how the bells

Sweet silver bells

All seem to say,

"Throw cares away."

Christmas is here

Bringing good cheer

To young and old

Meek and the bold

And for one night, Castiel did just that.

Merry merry merry Christmas Merry merry merry Christmas.


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