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JD woke up when someone kicked his leg, he didn’t recognized this human, he just grunted and closed his eyes again but then he heard the wheezing sound of the electric prod and the hot pain in his belly.

“No need.” Emma moved closer. “Just ask him to do things, he’s obedient most of the time.” She was counting money and never even turned to JD. Not even when he mewled to call her attention, the man with the electric prod was leading him away and into a dark room that reeked of pheromones and fear. It was dark and dirty here and he saw rows and rows of cages, every cage had a companion, mostly female, of every kind, the man coming behind him touched him with his prod and Jeff shifted scared and kept walking.

His cage was even smaller than the others, he’s pretty much squatting and the bottom of it , pure metal, so it hurts the pads of his paws, its cold here and every day he’s prodded and poked and inspected. Jeff yowls at night, like the rest of them asking to be freed.


Tahmoh Pennickett is not a bad man, he’s controlling yes, and he loses his temper easily but he’s caring and most of the time he’s the ideal father for Misha.

He loves Jensen even if they can’t be together anymore, because Jensen was his first love and first loves are always special.

Misha has so much of his daddy; that smile and those little freckles and sometimes when his kid cries Tahmoh wishes he could have Jensen back.

The phone call surprised him, he wanted to be angry, but his once mate sounded devastated, it took him only ten minutes to have his baby ready to go see his daddy. “Police did nothing as usual!” he protested.

"What neighbor you said came to talk to you?” and leaving Jensen with his baby crossed the street to talk to the lady who lived there. Jensen walked out carrying the baby and went to see the guys renting Emma Boone’s house once more.

The guy there told him he saw nothing and to stay away from his yard yet again. Tahmoh got better luck; the lady described the car and the people on it, far more than what she did for the police officers. He also asked Jensen about the places and people that had seen Jeff.

Neither Tahmoh nor Jensen believed they could do this. At the end of the day Tahmoh was picking up Misha while two of his co-workers were sweeping the neighborhood for info. “Why are you doing this?” Jensen Asked giving him the diapers bag.

“My kid likes your pet.” Was the only explanation given to him and Jensen smiled before kissing his kid once more.

“I’ll pay for everything.”

Tahmoh smiled the same charming smile that made him fall for him years ago. “No need, let’s say this is for my kid.” And smiling kept talking. “Don’t you get it? The jab? It’s your companion, Misha is asking for him.”

Jensen looked at Misha surprised, the kid had cried for hours the last couple days, without reason and he calmed a little at first but not finding Jeff made him cry harder. “Don’t worry baby, he’ll come back.” Jensen looked at his ex.

“Don’t say anything, I might not be a fan of that animal, but I’d do anything for my kid.” The next day started with Tahmoh checking farms while Jensen went to work and then to check the pound.


Jeff woke up again in the same small cage, cold and hurt, he smelled blood somewhere and heat, several were in heat. “Move!” the human’s voice was loud and dry as he rattled the cage to make him get out. He was pushed across the room into a cage a little bit bigger, there another companion was hunched; the female was shivering, and smelled like fear and heat. “Don’t hurt me.” poor thing repeated over and over while her body did what biology force them to do. Jeff had this weird urge, the same weird urge he felt only when Emma was around. He tried to resist, he really tried. He didn’t want to hurt or scare the female even more. He didn’t, they were left in the cage for the whole time her heat lasted.

The filthy sensation at the end didn’t wore off.


Jensen had a phone call from the pound, the manager wanted to talk about the adoption papers he’d requested and never picked up.

He drove like a mad man until he entered the office. “Your fucking employee said the papers weren’t ready!” shouted the omega. “Where is he!? He knew!!” The guy ran away the second he saw Jensen and his boss.

The manager of the pound was calling the police; Jensen was in fact the owner of Jeff for the last five days already, which meant that whoever got into his house stole his property. Jensen went straight home after talking to the police officer, he asked him to go the next day to the station. He got home to find Tahmoh holding Misha, the kid was crying and repeating the sound he made for Jeff over and over. “I don’t know what else to do.” He offered to Jensen.

Misha clings to Jensen’s shirt asking for his furry friend. “He’ll be back I swear baby I’ll bring him back.”

Jensen informed his ex mate about the guy on the pound and the papers. “It’ll make it easier, now I’m looking for a stolen pet.” Jensen smiled. “Mrs. Huffman called me” Tahmoh was looking at Jensen biting his bottom lip. “About the…” both guys looked at Misha who was playing with Jensen’s necklace. “You should call Jared.”

“I will.” “So, what are we going to do from tomorrow?”

“I don’t know, if- if things.” And Jensen finally said sighing. “If things change…”

“Just for you to know? I won’t give up on him, no matter what.”

Jensen smiled. “Good, me neither.”


Jeff was carried from one cage to another for the third time, he felt tired and dirty, his coat was heavy and matted and the soft pads on his paws were broken and sore from the time on his metal cage, he was hungry and it was hot, the entire place was made out of tin. He wanted to go home.

One human was making him change cages. “There you are fucking mutte.” Someone kicked him and Jeff yowled, he wanted Jensen, he needed Jensen, Jensen was nice with him, Jensen took care of him. He wanted Jensen. He fell on the floor of his cage, metal bars pushing against every bit of skin of his side, he was weak and tired.

Those who hurt him were running out screaming and making noise when the smell hit him, it was the regular fear and heat smell, and filth and metal, but then there it was, it was a different human, it was the man who took tinny human.

Jeff never felt so angry in his life, was his tinny human being forced to be here like him? He roared and started pushing the cage, thunderous roars made the entire place tremble, several more companions started roaring too, in a couple seconds the sound was deafening.

Jeff pushed the door over and over, he had to get out, he had to go save tinny human at any cost, he kept pushing just like many others. Jeff hit the bars until the metal cage broke. He was free and went searching for his tinny human.


Tahmoh needed one afternoon to find the farm where Jeff had been sent, and police arrested Emma Boone and her husband for trespassing and theft, also animal abuse.

Tahmoh firm alerted police of the address where they were rescuing a stolen companion when they mayhem started. Roars and yowls loud enough to scare anyone, and then suddenly a rush of companions, several of the females attacked those who imprisoned them.

I guess whoever made the farms law didn’t considered instinct or sentient companions with a sense of retaliation.

By the time police cleaned the place he went around looking among the rescued muttes for Jeff. There was no trace of him.


Jensen was talking to Jared on the table when Tahmoh and Huffman arrived; Misha was at daycare because they were worried he’d be too worked up if they ended up fighting.

They decided that the night before when Tahmoh informed him about the raid at the farm and apologized for not finding the companion. Judge Nelson entered minutes after and sat. “Good morning people, thank you for being here and being punctual. I reviewed your case, the pros and cons of your situation.” And she turned to Jensen. “Mr. Ackles your situation is not ideal to raise a kid, but you work only six hours a day and your income is more than enough to support yourself and the baby, even though you’re an unmated fertile who’d be risking him if a new partner gets involved.” Huffman smiled and Tahmoh moved on his chair. “Mr. Pennickett, your line of work is of a high risk and will endanger your kid, also, you could be killed any day and what would happen to your boy If his other parent has no rights over him?” After a bit she continued. “You two would have made a great couple, too bad you cannot solve your differences.” Judge Nelson cleared her throat before giving sentence. “My decision,” she started, “Is to grant Mr. Ackles the custody of the infant.” Jensen perked on his chair, while Tahmoh deflated.

“But! Your Honor!” Alaina Huffman shouted.

“Counselor, Mr. Ackles gave birth to that baby, I bet you and I understand he won’t just give up on him or put his personal needs over his wellbeing.” She took air. “And he takes in strays and takes care of them. He forces raids on farms in order to rescue his companion.” The judge faced Jensen. “I remember my own companion, he was beautiful and I cared for him until the day my parents decided I was too old to have one, I’m glad not everyone think they’re disposable toys.”

“Thank you.” Jensen smiled honest, Tahmoh huffed “Don’t think I haven’t considered the fact that you organized a raid on a companion’s breeding farm to get back your son’s favorite pet, Mr. Pennickett. Only someone who really cares for his kid would do all that for a simple companion.” Tahmoh nodded “So, I guess you’ll find a way to get this straight for your son’s sake. The infant’s schedule will be discussed and settled during this week.” And looking directly to Tahmoh Judge Nelson smiled. “I bet you can get that solved between you two, since apparently you’ve solved your differences without much fuss.” She got up and walked out. “Have a good day lady and gentlemen.”

The schedule was pretty much what was until that day, Jensen even invited Tahmoh to stay over dinner now and then, they were still looking for Jeff, but the companion was nowhere to be seen, fliers were spread all over the distance from the farm to Jensen’s house.

Misha with every passing day was more and more calmed as if finally forgetting, and even with a heavy heart Jensen started to believe he’ll never had his companion back.


Jeff ran the entire first night; because he was afraid those men were following him. But then stopped and went back, he had to be sure his tinny human wasn’t there.

The entire place was empty; not one human in sight, few companions were still around, waiting for their humans, like Jeff once waited for Emma.

He slept inside a broken car and kept walking the next day and the next, Jensen was on higher ground, where the acrid smelling trees with pines, he was very far where weather was more humid, he’d have to walk a lot. But he was determined to go home. Hunger made him break into a backyard and eat the cat’s food, someone yelled scared of him but didn’t hurt him. It was in day 32 that he finally scented the trees, he was close to home.


Jensen was opening the door for a smiling Tahmoh holding baby Misha and his diaper bag. “Hey…” he greeted his child before saying hello to his ex-husband, the baby smiled at him squealing delighted when Jensen kissed him.

“I have the rest of his stuff in the car.” Tahmoh was going back to his SUV and bringing even more toys and objects. “He’s in his green phase, so don’t try to feed him anything that color or you’ll be covered in it.”

Jensen laughed and kissed his boy. “You wouldn’t, would you?” the baby looked at him with those giant blue eyes and giggled.

Tahmoh looked at them. “That to me is a threat…” Jensen couldn’t hold his laughter. “When are you leaving?”

“In three hours, I have to finish few things up before going to the airport.” And he bent over Misha. “I’m leaving baby, be good for daddy, okay?” Tahmoh kissed baby Misha’s cheek and then without much thought kissed Jensen in the lips too. “Bye, love you.”

“Bye.” Jensen answered not thinking either. “. I love you too. Be careful” And both noticed it, the kiss and everything.

Tahmoh blushed while Jensen laughed to hide the pain. “I guess some things can’t be changed.”

“Yeah…” Tahmoh half smiled while rubbing his neck. “Nothing about the…”

“You know who?” both looked to Misha who was toying with Jensen’s buttons ignoring them. “Nothing, I kept looking around though. He’s smart; he’ll be fine until I find him.”

“I hope so. He’s fine, but the second he gets to see the neighbor’s…” and he made a face to say companion. “And he cries for hours.”

Jensen hugged his baby closer. “I miss him too. It’s very lonely when he stays with you.”

“You’ll have him all for you the next six weeks Jen. Now I have to go.” He kissed Misha once more and went to his car.


Jensen had the baby with him at all times trying to distract him from the empty crib on the den. It was never his intention when he had to leave his boy down for a couple minutes while he brought his bottle, Misha found Jeff’s rubber chop and started walking around calling for his friend. “JAB JAB JAB” the baby repeated crying inconsolable. “dada, JAB?” and he kept crying, Jensen tried everything, everything he knew could distract his boy but he kept crying.

Misha fought with all his strength to be let go and walked unstable to the door, Jensen sat watching how his baby kept looking for Jeff after all this time. “JAB!!” cried Misha once more and Jensen covered his eyes sobbing. It’s the hardest thing in the world to know your baby is hurting and you can’t help him. It took him almost two hours to calm him enough to be held, and he kept crying on and off for the rest of the day.

Jensen bathed his boy and then skyped with Tahmoh so he could wish the baby good night. He cradled the two years old on his arms walking around the house singing.

“Carry on my wayward son. There’ll be peace when you are done….” he sang the song three times before Misha was finally asleep.

Once the kid was in bed he went to the kitchen, he took beer when he heard a scratch on the door; Jensen perked up but heard nothing else.

After a couple minutes and a sip of his drink he heard another scratch this time accompanied with the mewling sound Jeff used for him.

It was almost comical how Jensen was on his feet and running before the bottle hit the floor.


Jeff was starving and was so tired he wanted to give up, he felt too heavy to keep moving, but he could almost recognize the houses, and the smell, this was close to Jensen’s house.

Finally he sat under a bush and waited, he’d wait until darkness it was less complicated to walk at night, less people telling him off their yards.

He closed his eyes and sighed tired when he heard it. It was Jensen’s song. “I can hear them say… carry on my wayward son. There’ll be peace when you are done…” it always sounded to him as if it were a song for him. He will be home one day; he will rest one day. He’d be done one day, the day he gets home, to Jensen and to tinny human. But the song stopped, and he was left in the dark, alone, cold and scared once more; ready to give up.

It was the barking of a dog, a giant dog that had him on his feet, he knew that dog, he was so close!! Jeff got to Jensen’s porch and started scratching the door, when Jensen didn’t come he called for him. In seconds he was pulled into his human’s arms, the man was crying and holding him close, he could feel his warmth, and his smell and the steady calming heartbeat, Jeff inhaled deeply and let out a gruff of content, even the chemical sweet marking smell was there, and something else, the sweet scent of tinny human. He was fed, not kibble, NO! Jensen gave him human food, beef and chicken and milk, all treats for him, as if Jensen were happy Jeff finally came back.


Jensen couldn’t believe his companion was back, he couldn’t get his hands off of his friend, to the long matted fur, and the dry snout, the soft tender paws. He caressed every bit of him; he wanted to soothe his pain “I have a surprise for you once you’re done with your food.” He said caressing his back. “Maybe a bath… how do you feel about a bath, boy?”

Jeff didn’t understand all the words used by humans, but few words Jensen used were easy, Boy, he called him that as a way to purr, to show he was happy with Jeff, and it made him proud to be called boy once more. and bath; bath used to be a bad word, meant fear and discomfort, but that was with Emma, with Jensen it meant being rubbed and cared, fussed about and groomed, it meant so much more so he had to lick Jensen’s hand at the use of the word.

Another word Jeff missed and liked a lot was Misha, because it was the word for tinny human, and Jensen said after bath Misha. And Jeff couldn't wait any longer.

Jensen smiled when his companion jumped by himself into the water and played around in the warm water until only his whiskers, eyes and ears were out of it. That view warmed his heart, how could this creature be so playful even after all he went through?

Jeff let Jensen lather him and comb his matted hair, he let him rinse him and didn’t even splashed water as a show of respect for his human. Every now and then he rubbed his nose on Jensen’s hand and licked him; Jeff reveled on the fact that this was his place. He even tolerated the hot thing, with the puffing air that makes you itchy, all because he knew what came after that. But Jensen didn’t move, he took something from one of the tables and fastened it around Jeff’s neck, a collar, with plates.

Tagged, is the word Jensen uses, it means he belongs to Jensen now, and nobody can take him away anymore Jeff was finally at home. Jeff felt like he’d burst of happiness.

Jensen led a clean and fluffy Jeff to his bedroom where the cradle was, he held Misha sound asleep and shook him lightly to wake him up, it was dumb to be this excited, it was dumb to feel this happy and this proud of his pet, Jeff was purring nonstop since the second Jensen opened the door and it was the most amazing sound for Jensen.

Misha started waking up, all cranky and started crying, just to have Jeff at his side; making that chirping soft sound he makes only for Misha. And Misha wailed while holding Jeff by the ears and rubbing his nose on him; eyes closed tight while repeating jabjabjab over and over until Jensen was crying.

Jeff climbed in bed and had Misha between his front legs while grooming his hair as Misha was patting his friend on the face, chest, back anywhere he could get. Jensen finally had his boys near him, once more he sang for Misha to fall asleep. He had one hand on Jeff’s fur, his boy curled between his arms and felt happy and complete. He couldn’t stop singing, he just couldn’t.

This time Jeff understood the words, he could rest his head now. He won’t cry no more. He was home

The end

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