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 fill to this prompt Jensen finds Jared miscarrying.

dear OP, hope you like this.

Title: Back to Heaven
Pairing: Jared/Chad, pre-slash J2
Warnings: none

Jensen let out a yawn, he’s been sitting on his chair waiting for Jared to come out of the house, it was their first week back in Vancouver and Jared was still slow and looked tired most of the time.

“He’s still in there?” the driver was talking on the phone. They had to stop and pick up someone else. So Jensen offered to go see why Jared was late.

Jensen walked to the door and called for him, but nothing, so he just passed the door and called out for his friend. “Jay!! seriously. We’re late!”

He heard the thump from inside the house and he walked in. “Jared? Are you okay?” another thump. All kind of crazy scenarios danced in his head, Jared injured, Jared hurt, someone breaking in and hurting his friend, his brother.

He still was worried about the last phone call, Jared was distant and sounded off and he said: “I have to tell you something, and you’re gonna get mad.” Was he drunk? Was he with someone?

“Jared!” the sounds came from the bathroom and Jensen was standing at the door now. “Jared!” repeated.

“Don’t come in… I’ll be out in a minute.” Jensen would’ve believed it if his voice weren’t strained or if at the end of his words he weren’t heard a sob.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Dammit Jensen!!” and Jared sniffled. 

“Jay?” but Jensen had enough. “Stay away from the door I’m coming in..!” and he pushed the door with his shoulder, it creaked and gave up, nothing can stop those muscles.

What he found was Jared sitting at the edge of the tub trying to get up but failing, he had his pants off and his boxers around mid thigh. Blood was dripping from his groin down his leg. “It doesn’t stop… I- I don’t know what’s wrong!” and sobbed once more bending a little groaning in pain while still holding some toilet paper.

Jensen moved by reflex. Got a towel and put it in between Jared’s legs so the blood won’t ran down to the floor, there was too much blood, he saw several pads on the bin and some puddles on the floor when another groan made him focus. “Jay? Talk to me. What happened?”

“I don’t know.” Jared tried to push his hair out of his eyes but only smudged some blood on his forehead. “I had to tell you something… I got a one night stand with-” Jensen knew it was Chad, it couldn’t be anyone else, Chad was the only one who made Jared do things like that. “I am pregnant…” and he bent down a bit groaning again. “Damn it hurts…” he said puffing air desperate.

Jensen let out a groan and looked away while still holding him. “I’m sorry… Jen, I don’t know what I was thinking…”

Jensen caressed his face, and tucked his hair behind his ear. Looking straight into his eyes he smiles. “Nothing to be sorry, you have nothing… you owe me no explanation.” He said and he saw how Jared face twitched in pain again. “You’re cold…” he said taking his blood stained hands. “I’ll call the driver and…”

“NO! Please…” Jared held Jensen mid movement. “I don’t want them… they’ll worry.”

“Okay.” Jensen caressed him once more. “Okay, I’ll send him to pick up the others and I’ll be right back, we’re going to the hospital, alright?” 

Jared just nodded while Jensen got up and ran to the door, he noticed the blood on his hands. When the driver mentioned it he said Jared had a minor cut on his leg. “Nothing to worry about, I’ll call Jeremy in a minute and I’ll have everything solved out.”

Once the car left Jensen ran back and helped Jared into clean sweat pants and wrapped a blanket around him, they drove to the first hospital and ran to ER. Jared started falling asleep on the way and Jensen panicked.

“Excuse me… my friend, he’s bleeding, he’s pregnant!” he said to the nurse and she gave him a tired look. 

“Is she awake?” said while moving to take some forms.

“HE! he’s been conscious most of the time but he’s sleeping now.” 

The nurse got to the microphone at her right. “Orderly needed in entrance 3b, code 65.” And she moved back to Jensen. “Fill this.” And offered him some forms. 

Jensen rolled his eyes and went back with an orderly and another nurse – thanks God not all of them are useless if you ask him- to get Jared into a wheelchair, when he moved they could see the seat soaked in blood.

Jensen was left outside of the room, after what felt like forever someone came asking for information, Jensen was counting in his head, he saw Jared until ten weeks ago, then one night he said he was going out, silence the next week and then… then he said that “I have to tell you something Jen… but you’re gonna get mad…”

“Sir?” the nurse was there, the good one, mind you, asking about Jared. “we need information sir, you’re his…” the guy let him answer. 
“I-I am his fiancé” Jensen tried to avoid the guy’s eyes Damn he was a terrible liar in the next ten seconds he kicked himself internally because why he had to ly? He was Jared’s next in kin anyways. 
The nurse looked unfazed and started asking questions, If he had any medication, if he’s been stressed out, and Jensen remembers the day before, they didn’t met but he heard Jared was practicing stunts and was lifted on lines and thrown over a car.. “He went … climbing yesterday; he might have hurt himself I wasn’t there…”
“You sure he didn’t take any med, any special tea or whatever?”
Wait a minute, Jensen thought, are they implying Jared did this to himself? “I’m sure! I got to the house and he was like that, no drugs, no teas, nothing different from any other day before.”
“Okay, he’s asking for his cousin…” and the nurse gave him this smart look as if he knew something.
“I’m his next in kin, I’ll call his cousin later…” tried Jensen and moved to the door behind the nurse.

After few hours the door opened and Jensen could see a extremely pale Jared, he was crying and biting his bottom lip while the doctor showed him something.

“Jay?” Jensen entered and went straight next to his tall friend. 

“I lost him.” Mumbled Jared while his friend caressed his hair and cooed at him.

“Good morning, I’m doctor North, I’m Jared’s Obstetrician.” And while Jensen held his friend’s hand the doctor showed them the prints from an ultrasound.

“I was about to explain him.” and the doctor faced Jared. “Jared, you had a miscarriage.” Jared sniffled. “but there was residual tissue inside of your uterus, and you wouldn’t stop bleeding until we remove them. I proceeded to perform a curettage, you’ll have to stay overnight and take it easy in the next couple weeks but you’ll be just fine.” Jared asked if the doctor knew the reasons of the miscarriage. 

“No, Jared, we were more worried about you than about the cause, it could be a million causes, remember only one in five pregnancies is carried to term.”

Once the doctor excused himself and left Jared sighed and closed his eyes.

“You okay?” Jensen was still holding his right hand and caressing his shoulder with the other, Jared tried to be brave and smiled a little nodding. “you should have told me.”

“I was embarrassed.” And sighing continued. “I wasn’t even sure of what to do with it.”

“Don’t you want to have babies?”

“I do, I already loved my baby…” and Jared broke in tears finally. “What I have done… my baby… Jen, my baby is gone…” Jensen held Jared while he cried. He wished he could help more than with a lousy hug.

“Shhh, calm down, calm down, this wasn’t your fault, this wasn’t… maybe…” and facing his friend. “Maybe the baby knew it wasn’t time yet and went back to heaven… ”

Jared groaned and kept crying, but Jensen cleaned his face. “you’ll have kids Jared, a dozen if you want them and all of them will be precious and smart and cute, just like you…” and hugged him. “And you’ll love them all, but for Christ’s sake… not with Chad…” Jared snorted and let out a weak laughter. 

“You think I could find someone better?”

“ANYONE is better, anyone… not that I want to see you around with someone else… but yeah.” 

Jared smiled while Jensen’s thumbs cleaned his face. “Much better, Jay, much better…” without thinking Jensen bent down and kissed his lips. “I’ll go get your stuff, and I’ll pick you up tomorrow, and I’ll take care of everything, okay?”

Jensen left and the nurse entered the room, the same nurse with the knowing smile. “Your fiancé is very sweet, I’m sure he loves you very much.”

Jared smiled; he wanted to say Jensen was not his fiancé, where the idea came anyways?

He wished nothing of this ever happened. But he was grateful it happened when Jensen was around.

The end.  .

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