Nov. 1st, 2011


Nov. 1st, 2011 03:23 pm
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I see the lights coming
from someone else's brain and
Dread the darkness that
I feel my poor one reigns

I wish I had the words I see plastered upon
those who has more than me,
the sorrow, the express, the tears,
the silence that my own feels

I feel my eyes closing, I had the most stressing night, I had tons of things to do and tonight I'll be going to see Louis and Gloria, of course Gim will come too and we will talk about Christian, poor guy's mom passed away one year ago, he was my *twin* during our days at HS, how much we have changed, we shared first year at college but then my life changed and I dirfted apart, pretty much away from my entire world into what I am now.

he was as me interested in med school but ended up in something like bussines, I guess... so lets see how things go,
Tomorrow I'm on call again.
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I think my dad, I might not be the best daughter and I know he's not always proud of me, he told me so, he's not suportive, but I still care for him great deal, I think there's not one person in this world that would not care for their dad's health right?

then comes my other dad, the one who is the supportive hand behind me all the time, the one that has no obligation with me and yet he's there every time I need something.
I adore the guy to pieces.

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