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I?m not the kind of kid I that loved Stories, my fav was the Selfish Giant from Wilde, but sure enough they cannot make a game out of it.


Jun. 14th, 2011 08:50 pm
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Tittle: Please don't let him know

"We need an ambulance!!" JJ screamt on her comm "agent down! I repeat agent DOWN!"
the whole team heard the shot, Morgan needed to finish this, pointed but had not a clear shot to the gang member that just shot Reid.

"Give up Roger!" screamt Rossi "now we really want to end you!" Hotch got closser to the corner and ran towards the SUV that was Shielding JJ and Reid. "HELL" Rossi said shooting "cover him, cover him!" screamt once more, while Hotch got to the car safe.

"You guys okay?" JJ had her hands pressign Reid's shoulder

"looks like a flesh wound, clean one..." she informed but her eyes travel to the hug4e ammount of blood on the floor, Reid gasping in pain looking from one to the other

"is it bad? that bad?" JJ smiled, the don't profile th eprofiler frown on her face.

"hang on Spencer, we're almost done with this" And yes, Spencer Reid would believe almost anything Hotch ever says to him. Thank you God for small favors and almost not existing lights.

JJ leaves him with his own hand pressed against the wound and both watch as Hotch turns his ztention to the guy who just killed the UnSub, the case was simple, some kind of vigilante killing every two nights a gang member appeared dead in front of the police station, the Unsub killing any kind of ganger he saw, even those who looked like gang members but weren't, now the prime suspect killed his younger brother who failed the initiation on the gang and was rapped because of it, the brother was suicidal and refused to give up.

The whole SWAT team saw as SSA Aaron Hotchner raised his head pointed his gun and in one short second shot the man in the hand and then in the leg and the man was down. JJ turned to see him, blue eyes huge "What?" Hotch serious as usual lost no time before kneeling next to Reid "let me see that" The youngest man smiled, tried to say he was alright and then passed out, the ambulance coming and everything was just a blurr.

"There!" Prentiss said smiling "he's back" Morgan, Garcia and JJ appeared next to him.

"you got all of us worried here Doctor" teased the brunette "especially when you started talking about your feelings"

"What?" Reid squeaked in fear. what he have said?

"you mentioned is someone in the BAU" said JJ teasing too. even if hiding her eyes

"So... " Garcia sat next to him "tell us who was in your drug induced dreams?"

"What?" he said again trying to sit up

"Leave him alone..." Rossi entered "how are you feeling Kid?" and Reid smiled honestly "the doctor will be here in a minute, you're going home with us now"

"thank you..." he said looking to the door until he left.

"is it that you have a crush on our oldeest member?" asked Garcia while caressing his hair trying to organize the spiky threads

"I... I ha...have not a crush on Rossi!" Reid stated getting up to hide the blush coverting his face "Now please let me get dressed with out you all watching?" and all the team laughed, catcalled while leaving.

Drugs he thought how they let the doctors use drugs on me?

"Don't worry" Hotch was at the door "I told them you were allergic to Opoids, they used something else, it'll get you dizzy but you're fine... " Reid couldn't help it smiled like a kid, and was about to say thank you when the doctor came in, Hotch helped him to get his shirt on

you should be fine, even if you'll be a little bit dizzy and groggy said with a smile It could be a side effect of the meds we used, and as soon as you land you will be transpoerted to a hospital, you have to stay in for a couple days, there's nothing wrong" said raising his hands at the panic in Hotch and Reid eyes " Just the bloodlost, we get to closet he Subclavian artery and we have to be sure you're okay, but there's nothing else Both men relaxed and the doctor left.

At the plane the team spread away as usual, not before being sure Reid had everything the youngest member would need, he had a book, some chips, a bottle of water and a blanket, Garcia cheking on him every exactly 14 minutes and JJ every 22 minutes, not that Reid minded... Rossi was just across the table asleep, but there was this stupid smile in Reid's face, maybe the meds were actually making him groggy, he dreamed with SpongeBob and his mom's books, the stories she used to tell him as a kid.

"you're talking..." the low voice made him squeal, Hotch's face lit by a small grin "It's just me..." said pathing hand to calm him down.

"I know... I'm just..." The rest of the team were alert

"are you in pain?" asked Emily getting close worried

"UUh No, No! I'm.. I'm fine thanks" liked his lips and frowned nervous

"Are you gonna tell us now?" Asked morgan and Reid blushed again

"Tell what?" Hotch eyes were on his face and Reid felt small, very very small, like that first day at the BAU all over again.

"Nothing!" yalped, his voice deserting him, sounding like he's 13 again "seems like I said something while I was out and... and..."

"He said he has a crush on one of us" said JJ lookig at Hotch eyes in the way only a mother does, and only a father understand, the "they're making fun of him" look and Hotch turned to the rest

"and we're all adults" stated serious.

"Hey, we're not making fun..." said Morgan defensive "Not trying to ..." spread his hands looking to Reid "you know right?" Reid just nodded. the team moved away, JJ wen't back to the couch she was sharing with Emily and Garcia and Morgan were back to whatever they were doing

"I shouldn't sleep" said Reid still blushing, and noticed Hotch right there.

"I wanted to say I'm sorry." his voice serious "I shouldn't have snet you and JJ without anyone else to talk to Martinez" Reid blushed

"this is not your fault" Garcia giggled and they could hear the Oh you stop it, is not me Reid groaned "I wish I never fell unconscious" said covering his eyes

"If you want me to tell them..." As Hotch got up Reid held his hand

"NNOO!!" pulled him "Please enough with what it is..." he was feeling more and more sleepy "they'll get tired.. it always happens" Hotch smiled once more

"Try to get some sleep" sat right noxt to Rossi "when we land I'm going with you to the hospital, someone else has to go to your place to get you some clothes..." And a groggy Reid said; Please don't send Morgan" and he was asleep. Morgan, Garcia and Rossi heard that bit

"we found who's the lucky one..." Garcia singsonged

"Nahh, he's like my baby brother..." Morgan rubbed his jaw worried

"He said that because you're prone to make fun of him" said a serious Hotch

"I tease him yes, but... because I care, if it weren't for that he'd never have normal conversations..." defended himself

"I'm sure it is you..." Rossi says and turns closing his eyes again.

At the Hospital Reid had some tests and by the time he's alone in his room and fully awake Hotch is back after taking a bath and having breakfast with Jack.

"hey" Reid was feeling bored

"Hello how are you feeling" Spencer smiled and said fine "I'm trying to get at least three days off for the team, so you don't have to stay back if we have another case"

"thank you" said smiling, was that because Hotch wanted him close?

"JJ went to your place" informs with a smile "she got Henry and he made a picture of you on your wall" Reid smiled. "They will be here in few minutes"

"Thank you..." sat in the bed and looked around to a way too serious, way too tense for Hotch on off clock days "you look like you want to ask something" bit his lower lip not looking into Hotch eyes anymore

"well... I just... I need to know if you having feelings for one of the Unit members is going to be an issue..." Reid Blushed

"Nope..." said making a face "I do. not. have..." sighed rubbed his eyes with his good arm "I do have feelings for someone, but I had them for almost all the time I've been at the BAU so there's not gonna change anything"

"really?" Hotch sounded surprised, maybe he finally knew who the young Doctor had feelings for.

"its you..." said and liked his lips nervously looking to his hands holding the blanket "and... I-I err know you're... but if JJ has seen..."sighed again "if any of them went to my apartment.. it will not be a secret anymore".

"I don't know what to say..." Hotch had to admit against his common sense and Reid snorted

"I'm here..." JJ said cheerful looking from Reid to Hotch, she smiled to the youngest agent "I only took your second go-bag so I don't have to go around dressers and closets, hope its okay with you"

"yes, thank you" said Reid in a small voice

"you okay guys? is everything okay?" Hotch cell sounded and he left the room after mouthing the S word *as in Strauss* "Spence?" he looked at her with tears in his eyes

"please don't make fun" Reid squirmed in bed trying to offer the less of him to be teased but she smiled warm

"I'd never... you have good taste" giggled holding his hand "and I can't believe... you kept the secret for this long..."

"What else I was supposed to do?"

"I'm sure its just puppy love, he's the Unit Chief, all tall, dark, handsome, knight in Armor kind of guy..."

"Gideon said the same... but instead of fading.. I just feel it deeper"

"Gideon Knew?" and Reid nodded yes with a smile

"from day one" and Hotch entered once more

"We're free until monday" said smiling to JJ "he's going home tomorrow night." Reid sighed "let me think about our conversation and I'll call you okay?" Reod's heart was cartwheeling and whooping, does that means he feels the same?

"okay, I'll leave..." JJ got up "Henry and Will are downstairs, they send you love Spencer, and we will visit you on friday okay?" Spencer smiled and nodded. "is the playdate still on Hotch?" and he smiled

"Jack can't wait for it, he's talking about his Cousin Henry forever" they all smiled on how the BAU babies *as Garcia call them* felt they were family.

Once she left, Hotch moved closer
"I can't promise you anything..." he said "but I'd like to continue this conversation once I had some time to think... I thought you never..." Hotch's words trailed of and Reid felt tears, was that a no? Stupid he thought letting his hopes up like that "thanks" whispered Hotch and Kissed his cheek before turning and leaving without looking back.

His cheek felt in flames, his whole body felt weird, but a good weird, it wasn't a lvoe declaration, but it meant he had some hopes.

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