May. 2nd, 2017

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Fill to this PROMPT A on location shoot means J2M have to stay over in a hotel. It's a small town and the hotel is run by a creepy manager and it's not exactly high class accommodation. The only thing the place has going for it is that the beds are huge.

Just as well because Misha and Jared don't like their rooms - Misha's is too cold, and Jared's convinced there's something under the bed because it certainly sounds like it. So the two of them decide they're going to share with Jensen. Jensen has no choice but to put up with his two overgrown puppies, though when they start giggling at the predicament he's tempted to go stay in Jared's room and if there does happen to be anything under the bed he'll kick its ass.

Eventually, Misha and Jared convince him to stay.)

I just had to change a bit to make it fit my idea
Tittle; It's scary out there
Author: Kali
Kinks; fluff, brotherly love, platonic bed sharing, crack-ish
Characters: J2M
pairings: none

It's scary out there )
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Sia's Titanium

I just can't help it I MUST dance.

I just... back in 2013 I had a car accident and in the moent i bit so hard i broke a couple of my teeth including one that broke going inside of the bone (yeah i'm badass like that) Dolf's father had died and everything was a mess.
I was in pain and many things happened at once; still I had this song to endure the time alone.

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