Nov. 26th, 2009 08:59 pm
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the song by Duffy, Just love it!!

I'm home, there's not much I could do, I told family I wasn't going because I had the hospital.

then at hospital my darling Dr V sent me home because I arrived not a month ago and sure as hell I'd like to spend the day with family, so here I am, alone and loving it.

saw everyone today, Dr. S my dearest surgeon, the one who operated me, then Dr. Hill and I was dancing on one feet, Saw Dolf Parrado this week aswell and I went into OR with him, thought that going back as soon as they let me was the best thing. now not so sure...

the only contact I had with them today was a chat with my sister and her promotion and her boss and her trip tonight and whatnot, lets not mention I find all the huff a little bit stupid and everything shallow.

tried the gym but no-one was there. the worse part is that I have a ling weekend ahead and without hspital.

ayway happy turkey day to all of you

Happy thanksGiving!

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