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Drabble: To Worry About
Universe: Supernatural
Author: Kali
Rated: G Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Dean, Sam, John, Mary
Summary: Dean is sick and Sam has to come home from School by hilself
A/N: it was in my head already but something [ profile] purple_carpetswrote made me find a way to put it on paper... or LJ.
Sam gets down the bus and groans, the only problem with their house being right in front of the bus stop is that she's always there, ready to hug him and ask him how his day at school was, and it didn't even bother Sam all the time, even when his four years older brother is okay with hugging his mom in front of everyone, actually According to Dean he'll hug Mom even in front of his date (as if he had more than one lousy date so far)

The problem is that just today he felt specially self conscious with Sandy on the bus sitting right next to the window and saying him good bye.

"How was your day angel?" asked Mom once more, this time while dragging him with her into the living room where Dean was sitting in front of the TV wrapped in a blue blanket sipping from a bowl of soup that filled the entire room of that smell that means home

"was fine, I got another A in English..." Sam sits next to Dean "your teacher sent this for you" says taking papers from his notebook.

"aw, you're so sweet, thanks for helping your brother" Mom once more hugs him and pass by to the kitchen "do you need anything else hun?" asks and Dean croaks a no thanks Mom, She puts a hand on his forehead, and he did it too "seems like your fever is finally down" says getting closer to touch Dean's forehead with her lips and then she leaves.

"your throat still hurts?" asks Sam and Dean nods as all answer, Sam sighs calling calls his older brother attention and he pushes him, that's a What's wrong question between the Winchester kids "Chad has been picking on me since you're sick..." mumbles and Dean eyes bright with anger narrowed "t's 'kay, I can handle it"

"What you can handle?" asks Dad arriving and Sam yalping says nothing "how're you Champ?" Dad asks Dean and passes ruffling his short hair, making Dean smile.

"He's fine, almost no fever today" says Mom coming right out of the kitchen with hot cocoa for everyone "right hun?" And Dean smiles once more. the dork is always smiling and Sam has the momma's boy right on his lips but it never bothered Dean.

A car honks outside startling Dean and he blinks, and the fantasy left, the fever makes him see things, that is what would have been if he were a normal person, a normal guy with normal family, but he’s Dean Winchester and what he has instead is a crappy motel room, itchy sheets that smells weird from sweat and all the time he’s been in bed so far. If he had his mom he'll be a good son, he'd never waste time making her angry, never made her sad or disobey her, and sure Sammy would be good too.

Instead of the dream of a happy normal family he has an instant *make believe* Chicken soup and is worried sick for Sam coming home alone from school with that Big guy Chad bullying him now that Dean is sick and Dad is missing for two days already.

he sobs a hand on his throat and missing the imaginary touch on his forehead closes his eyes and he was at home again Mom sitting next to him "the fever will go away hun I promise" said holding him close to her and singing while rubbing circles on his back "don't cry, don't cry hun, I'm here, I'm watching after you I promise" and sure she was watching after him and Sam, after all that's what angels do.


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Paget Brewster is back on Criminal minds and they're getting Rid of obnoxious Seaver/Nichols Bimbo!!!

btw need a new Icon.. LOL
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Drabble: Coming Home, Again
Universe: Criminal Minds
Rating: Gen
Gender: friendship
Author: Kali no Beta
Summary: They know where's Doyle, but there's something they don't know, until garcia finds out and JJ and Hotch has to come clean with it
A/N this was written after knowing Paget Brewster is comoing back!!

Penelope Garcia hardly ever gets distracted or out of his game "EVER!!" Not even with the images and the messages or the shooting, never "but this THIS!!!" She tought fisting a piece of printed paper, and running out of her office to face the woman she once considered her friend.

"Jennifer, is this true?" and tossed the wrinkled paper on the table "Is that why you came back?" JJ surprised to be adressed by her first name looked from her to the top of the stairs behind them that lead to Hotch's office.

"lets take this somewhere else... right now I know you're upset and..." but Garcia bathed the hand from her arm and started screaming

"Of Course I'm Upset!!" Garcia had tears ruining down her face "I tought... you made us believe!!!" Morgan got close frowning

"what's wrong baby girl?" Garcia felt a hand on her back, turned and was about to say something when a voice from the top of the stairs called

"Garcia, JJ my office. Now" Hotch entered his office once more and breathed deep, he knew what was coming, knew this would happen, he understood why Garcia was acting so weird when she was supposed to be in her best shape.

Down stairs, JJ literally dragged Garcia away from Morgan, worried she'd tell him, tell the rest of the team.

"what happened?" yelled Garcia "Why you did this to us!! we're a family you don't lie to your family!!" on the table the first page of a report of a secret agent location, and the picture on the file was Prentiss'

"we had to do this, she was in danger" said JJ

"how dare you to say that, you left!!! You left and you came back with lies and this!!!" and took the paper from the table and throwed it up to JJ.

"Garcia that's enough" Hotch spat so loud that down stairs Reid and Morgan turned their heads

"what happened?" asked Reid getting closer to Morgan's desk

"no idea, Penelope was crying... you think they fired her?" the hottie was worried, what if they knew...?

"think I never heard Hotch that angry..." said Reid and sighed, there was not much "maybe Garcia got reprimanded for.. you know she's been very distracted" Morgan hummed as all answer.

Inside the office Hotch got close to Garcia with his hankierchief "I know it hurts, but was for the greater good, I needed her safe, we needed her safe, there was so much on stake..."

"but we burried her, Reid feels so guilty he's not sleeping much, and Morgan has been more violent since... than ever and... Rossi is drinking alot, even Seaver, poor kid is about to quit" said using the hankie to clean her face "you said we're a family, you can't do this to your family"

"I know, but I had to, is for the best, at least for now, when the time is right we will tell the rest..." turned to JJ she shook no with her head "how you found out about this?"

"the case... they have a location for that bastard Doyle and since we were already involved... I thought it would be a good idea to have a report, in case we want to close chapter on this... but..." and sat sobbing "I AM happy... but.. why you had to lie..."

"they found him?" Hotch took the paper from the desk but there was no more info "where's the rest of the report?"

"in my desk... I had no idea what to do" and hiccuped "few days ago I read her fake name and thought I was going mad, how could they use the same name for two agents...?"

"it's time" Said Hotch "JJ please go get the file, and make the call, we'll brief them all this afternoon, ask... ask her to be here around 4:30"

"we found where Doyle is and since we're already involved..." said Hotch after a while explaining the case

"of course we're involved!" Morgan was up "I'm gonna make that man pay for..." Reid started bitting his nails and looking away to hide the tears in his eyes

"now I need you to calm down" said JJ "there's something else you have to know, once the report is complete"

"there's been a secret operative to find him, and its been leaded by soemoen close to us" said Hotch "thia agent followed him for over five countries in the last few months and even tried to catch him but CIA and secret service couldn't do it without causing an international problem, now he's in American Soil and its our turn to get him" for the next few minutes JJ and Hotch explained what they were suposed to do and when, and the Unit Chief said they'll be working with the agent of intelligence that was on the case since the begining

"that's imposible..." Rossi said seeing what that meant, Reid gasped following his train of thoughts and moved in his chair hands in the arms of it, ready to jump

"it is posible, since by an order from the higher bosses we had to..." started Hotch

"you gotta be kidding me!!" Morgan shouted "you were there! you saw us suffer! you saw them crying and in grief!!" got up flying arms and yelling, a knock on the door called their atention, JJ moved fast to open it.

Out there trembling and biting her bottomlip was Emily Prentis, hair awburn and styled differently, tanned and with small scars on her face hardly hidden by the make-up

"Glad to have you back" said JJ smiling and hugged her, Emily chuckled and held her close for a second

"Are they mad?" JJ pulled her in where Garcia was already waiting

"How could we" said bauling and hugged her making Emily groan "I missed you so much my dearest" Morgan was close too, frowning obviously pissed, too many trust issues to just feel right for his friend being back.

"I can't believe you did this to us..." said to Hotch "and I can't believe you did this to us, after all the lies you left... you showed us how much you care for your team... for us, as if we were..." Garcia's hand landed on his back made him close his mouth, the next second he moved to hug Prentiss too,tight and for too long while sighing. Hotch was smiling when finally was his time to held her close.

"glad to have you back" was the only he managed to say, Morgan was one step behind comforting a sobbing Garcia

"you better have a good explanation to all the liying you did last time we saw you" said Morgan Garcia nodding and JJ laughed.

"I swear I do, I thought I was protecting you guys" said holding Rossi, turned to Reid, he had one arm wrapped around his middle and his right thumb on his mouth, biting on the nail he looked a lost kid, eyes huge in surprise and pain, to many abandonement issues to just be happy, thou he was happy "I'm sorry Spencer, I'm so sorry, I had to..." prentiss tried to reach him but Spencer moved away. He made a sound, it could've been a snort, hid his eyes welled up, adam's apple bobbimg up and down with silenced sobs

"glad to see you're...alive? here? safe? working on this case" he said and turning to Hotch "what about the rest of Doyle's men? is he alone?" moved away from Prentiss the second she had her arms open for him.

"Spence.." Begged JJ but Hotch cleared his throat and asked everybody to sit and he kept explaining the file but was useless, every two second he was interrupted by something, from someone asking Prentiss if she wanted coffee or something else, asking about her trips, Garcia moving to hug her just because, Morgan teasing her with vengeance for the secrets and the lack of trust, Rossi givng Reid a tissue under the table or his own heart breaking with Reid silent tears.

"Rossi, Morgan, the Weaponry will give you big guns, they're waiting for you" Hollered JJ over the chatting and fuzzing over Prentiss at the end of the meeting "Emily, you and Hotch have to finish this report, I need it by 5:00 if you please could stay" and it was like the teacher that keeps talking after the bell rings, seemed like nobody cared.

"Reid please help me out with this" called Hotch seeing the youngest running out and when he turned asked if he felt okay, the Dr. nodded and held the map and blue prints of Doyle's secret location.

"Sure" said with a high voice after cleaning his hands in his pants with the last of his tears

"thank you. I'll be right back..." Hotch saw Prentiss and with a short nod left

"I'm sorry, Spencer, I wanted you to know, you from all... I didn't want you to think it was your fault.. or that..."

"that you left me?" asked finally crying "I'm fine..." and tried to move away "I'm not a kid you don't have to..." stopped "I- I'm.. fine ehh, just fine" moved but Prentiss followed, she was teh one he always turns when something like this bothers him, when Gideon left, when JJ left, When his ghosts got too close.

"you're not, come on, Dr Spencer Reid with an IQ of 187 doesn't cry for nothing" and her hand touched his arm "please, believe me I'm sorry..." and Spencer hugged her

"I thought I've failed you..." and sobbed once more, once the surprise passed she wrapped her arms around him too.

"and I thought you would be feeling bad because of me, and that I should tell you the truth, but I couldn't you know I couldn't, not even Garcia found out until few days ago" And Reid nodded "I'm sorry"

"Its okay, God! I'm glad you're back" said Spencer crying but attempted to laugh "Now the family is compelte again, not having you around.. was worst than not having JJ..." cleaned his eyes and smiled "lots worse since there was no chance for me to see you on weekends or anything" and bitting his bottom lip held her once more "I missed you so much"

"HEY!! hey..." Emily was crying too "not fair I'm the one wearing mascara" and Reid snorted a little "are we okay now?"

"no, you still have lots of things to explain..." and she smiled

"I will" and cleaned his face with her hand "and hopefully I'll have lots of time to do so, I'm coming back to stay if we catch Doyle" Spencer gasped "well if there's room for me now... and if FBI wanrts me back and..." Reid started giving her Data of how many people worked with other agencies and came back to FBI jobs and promised they'll catch Doyle just to have her back, he got up and started working on the map, Emily moved to the table, both in friendly silence "by the way, thank you for finding me, I knew you'd do it" Reid smiled this time and the smile was finally reaching his eyes too. Another knock on the door, it was Erin Strauss

"You're here..." said half surprised "you were supposed to report with me first agent Prentiss" Emily got close to her.

"yes ma'am but the briefing for the unit started and I wanted to be here to explain things.. about the case... " and turned to the table where Spencer was picking up files and pictures, Aaron Hotchner came back.

"Ma'am, you'll get the report in 45 minutes, and Agent Prentiss will be in your office soon, but I need to..." she raised her hand.

"I know, Hotchner, I'll be waiting" and the lady left.

"everything just like when I left" she said and Reid laughed "is the team... are they?"

"Not sure... " Said Hotch only half serious "heard Morgan is getting tarr and Garcia is bringing feathers... that if you're not staying for good".

"OH I am, I swear I want to... " Emily Prentiss was home again, and this time to stay. Thanks God.

Drabble in my head for few days too, Spurred out byt the great news of Paget coming back to stay
As a show of respect for Mathew Gray Gubler who asked the fans to be nice with Nichols, I decided to wipe the part she had in this story and there is no death scene.

farewell Rachel Nichols.

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