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First against a friend's request I started the first ever unauthorized Sequel for a FF i found, read and loved.

Second: Remember kali that crushes in wwwaaaayyyy too young little interns is ridiculous and not good
Third: since darling Kali gained six pound she's on a relatively strict diet, so no more cakes, no more chips and lotsa more water...

ASIDE OF THAT, there's this crazy theory in my head about Hunger Games and my geek inner self... you know who Finnick Odair is?
Jensen would be PERFECT to play him...I'm just saying...

What else? what else? OOH YEAH! Avengers? AWESOME!!!
One last thing... being molested... is terrible, not being able to hold the unwanted hand in you and bite every fucking finger off is so fristrating!!!
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Are you kidding? I'm the weird one screaming "that never happens in the book" to the screen at premier night...
if you're gona use a story do it so it will be a honor to say you knew the story, if you cannot then just write your own material and stop ruining other's
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I?M still sick, and still feeling like shit, but needed to say something about *a very shallow* news report.

Have you heard Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a daddy again? I mean, I didn't even knew he was straight, less that he was dating some random Chick less even less that he knocked her up and now he's a father of a second kid... I'm happy for him, I do but... seriously interesting how we get to know how many times a nameless faceless talentless girl goes out without her knickers and this just escaped their lenses..
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the perfect day for Transamerica's comment
Transamerica was amazing!!
the characters are well developed, Bree was not only credible but you kinda fell for her, and toby made me react the way I react to Orlando characters, wanted to protect him, the dream, the hopes he had, the stuffed monkey, the hat.. I laughed i almost cried and faced things about my predjudices, I have a lot of them and was sure this movie will be funny to watch for a good laugh about stereotypes but it wasn't is a lesson about tolerance and good will.
Toby is amazing, so real, you can see the hurt and distrust on his eyes, the need to feel safe and loved Gawd... when he got into Bree's bedroom that line "What I'm good at" that killed me, his eyes, his inocent kid shattered hope's eyes, the weary eyes at the dinner when he have to sell himself for money, trying to protect Bree, was amazing,there are seconds of greatness on his acting and the rest of the time is very good, let this kid grow up a little more and will have an amazing main character for indie movies.
Bree's parents were -for many people- overacted and not real... that's what I've heard but that's the way my parents react every time we do something they don't like.
And Bree.. I was sure no desperate housewive actress will ever be able to well--- you know... ACT! but this lady is amazing, her line almost at the end holding her chest "It hurts"
the answer was as simple and magic as it could be "that's what hearts do"
a very clever script and great picture, there are small parts, interesting characters that made this movie more than just special.
ten years from now it would be considered brilliant while now is just a good movie.
Please do not miss the chance to see it ok?
there's a message to everyone on it the moral of the story: "My body may be a work-in-progress, but there is nothing wrong with my soul"

"His hopes had been destroyed so often that by now he should know better than to believe in dreams"

about life, I had the perfect lazy sunday, all I did was laundry and then sleep and watch TV.
and had the chance to sulk about POTC AWE.
I'm not gonna coment on the matter as much as I liked it.

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I think is the only movie with Ornaldo, Viggo, Karl, David, Sean Bean or Elijah Wood I've been avoiding. I was prejudiced to see a Wooden Orlando and a Boring Kirsten being the slut she always is but it was pretty ok, she's amazing and Orlando, ok, he's not brando but his eyes, his face, his amazing smile, the look on his face when Chuck took the phone and say that he loves Claire.. I was *sigh* laughed alot, is not an oscar award movie but its pretty good.
Orlando has lot of talent just let the kid practice, and you'll see lol.
about today i feel bad, I'm sick or something.
loved the night but i just did not sleep at all lol
the idea of dreams and stuff is amazing, the idea of his head resting on my lap while we watch tv, fingers on silken hair... dreams, weird weird dreams.

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survey_here )
I've seen a movie, The brick. was amazing, and Joseph Gordon-levitt is very good.
I never tought that the little kid from Third rock from the sun could grow up so good.
life is messy but not more than usual


Sep. 3rd, 2006 08:49 pm
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did laundry, read about Bohr efect, and saw Casanova, let me tell you, boring... not as good as I thought it could be.
tomorrow lots and lots of Dennis.


Jul. 27th, 2006 08:03 pm
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yesterday I did.. something I haven't since LOTR ROTK!
I went to the movies and saw the same movie three times in a row lol

I saw POTC 2 DMC and almost cried every time (of the three... lol)when his father whip him OMG!!
this movie is so good that actually made me fell for Orlando all over again.
Jack is as usual funny and sexy, almost too gay for my taste I must say.. but hmm... and Keira, love the girl very much and her character Elizabeth is great but now she looks less... sweet, way to thought for my personal taste, too rough. to say it better, but she's great, no doubt.
Norry... well I loved the Comodore in the first one, now he looks better even when he's wasted drunk and messy but ARGHH!! why he took it from Jack!?

The final was So not clare that made me screamtwice.. the third time I kinda accepted thou...

I can't believe I have to wait a year for the next one...

Orlando is a great actor even people that don't like him accepted it

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I amar prestar aen…
The world is changed.

han mathon ne nen…
I feel it in the water.

han mathon ne chae…
I feel it in the Earth.

a han noston ned gwilith.
I smell it in the air.

Much that once was is lost. For none now live who remember it.

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why I can't stop thinking about that?
why it has to cause this pain in my heart... why I can't dream for the rest of my life?
note: remember the dream about Viggo for tomorrow
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And Lord knows, kids like Henry need a hero. Courageous, self-sacrificing people. Setting examples for all of us. Everybody loves a hero. People line up for them, cheer them, scream their names. And years later, they'll tell how they stood in the rain for hours just to get a glimpse of the one who taught them how to hold on a second longer. I believe there's a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams
Spiderman 2
who would think that ...
anyway that's so right.
*I'll add few things soon*
last night I had problems with the house so couldn't update here.

102.800.00 dollars to fix the house, seems like a small amount isn't?
Life is ok, kinda boring, kinda calmed.
I miss Dennis mor ehtan i tough i could but is not that bad. I'm gonna add few pics, Orlando pics

you must have a very guilty conscience if you can't stand the silence
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... imagine that the whole world pass near to you as in fastforward while in full colors and with lot of noise and life, and you try to catch up but nothing seems to be fast enough, shiny enough or good enough to laugh, have you ever felt like you're in black and white and cold while the rest of the world has colors and sun? have you ever felt you're alone? have you ever felt that nobody cares about you? have you ever felt that everything you eat is like rotten? like ashes and dust? then you know how it feels to be depressed, really depressed

that's one of the best descriptions ever.

after few time of reluctance to see Brokeback mountain I did it last night.
what can i say? well it wasn't bad, shocking sometimes, and really weird most of the time too, but was good, so sad, imagine that, that you cannot be with the erson you love, that you KNOW you had to build a life away from the place your heart lays on, its so sad that Heath's character hasnot the balls to stad up for his love, and well even the GAYlenhall guy was good, he's not my cup of tea but was so pathetic, so sad, so sweet in a moment, I was with somebody who flinched every time he saw their arms locked on the other, but was cute, I mean the first time I saw i just saw it.. never really WATCHED the movie, this time I tried to keep an open mind and well ... was great. really great.
someone said that this movie is for every one who 've loved and lost, well they're right, the sadness in Ennis eyes at the end when he heard that his little girl is getting married and that he'll never wil be with jack again.. was heartbraking.
and the you know 'en dof theaffair' if you ould call it that was so tragic!! so Shakespiare-like,

OH a when Ennis heard that Jack went home with a different 'friend' I know its the guy with the babling blond, poor Ennis all ruined because a stupid narrowminded father[sad]
well My point is.. that it was great!!
not as good as no night is too long but great
two thumbs up for Ang lee and His royal Aussiness..

Guys go out with blondes but they marry the brunettes

hey that's my new motto...
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in my dad's country, so I called him on the phone this morning and sent a message to my 'other' dad few minutes ago, dad was worried about me this morning, but the first time we called answered a woman, saying that I had the wrong number... I'm not judging him anymore... but I'm sure I dialed HIS number

Kingdom of Heaven I had this weird Orlando/Viggo/LOTR weekend.
tomorrow I have to present a case early in the morning and then.. I have until three in the afternnon time enough to read about ORL
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Some Cillian to bright my day...
this morning we had the very first fight, it was interesting, since we're not officially more than friends but this morning fight wasn't friends fight..
anyway some Scarlet too, that will send few clouds on my sky I deserve them because He was so nice and I became a pushy bitch...

BTW last night I dreamed with him, With Jorge, how come? I mean its almost five years for goodness sake!!!

and I still got goosebumps everytime I think about him.
I'm weird!!! lol

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