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 I have a friend/more than friends loved one in venezuela, he went to Caracas for a bit and couldn't get out of the country because of reasons; last time we had contact was on July 7th, and now nothing!!
seriously!! NOTHING!! I'm worried sick and I need him out of there.
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after reading this entry from my dear [ profile] legolas_is_mine and noticing I couldn't reply I started looking for easy solutions, for a start you could take just three or four table spoons of natural yogurt instead of the probiotics, or if you don't want the yougurt (or you don't have it right now) boil some cinnamon on like a pint of watter and add three tablespoons of starch mixed in cold water, let it boil only a couple minutes, you can add sugar, vanilla scent whatever, and then drink it warm or let it cool off.

it'll help, I hope.
Hope you're feeling better already.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] emcd1993!!!
I haven't see you here in a long long while but I wish you a happy b-day!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] emcd1993!!!
I haven't see you here in a long long while but I wish you a happy b-day!
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*snort* yeah the day has come...
I'm happy for him I know that much of myself, but my selfish side is kinda angry and disapointed.
then God thought I had too much free time to worry about Stupidity and sent me someone with NOn Hodgkin Lynfoma to worry about, that's much more important than some stupid ass wedding...

lets all pray for Andy today, he needs to feel better ASAP!!!

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Hector's dad passed away, he's my rock, my back bone and he's alone now, I'm feeling lost without my Hector, Poor thing he was so... lost*sigh*

Spent the whole day trying to help him but not sure if I helped or only stood in the way of things that needed to be done. right now he's finally asleep, his mom too and I'm here using this thing to try to update things.

my stomach hurts and I cried so much for no good reason I didn't even know the guy that much, I just love his son like noone's business.

I'm sad...

Life is a bitch!! is it bad I'm feeling happy this haven't happened to me?
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at all... I'm dead tired and came home somewhat early.
had the weirdest conversation with mother, she's such a prude, maybe even naive, I hve to remember she married at 17, well we were discussing why she thinks a cousin is a slut just because she had some bf's so I said out of my wit "is not like in your days, it wasn't like that back in the days when I was in school, it wasn't like that when I was twoelve"
her answer: "well, you're nt a slut like her why are you defending her"
me: "well maybe I am, you have no idea..."
her:"and I don't want to know,for what I'm concerned you're still a virgin"
me;*angry for no good reason*"mother I'm not a virgin, and I haven't been one since I was 15"
the point, mother almost fainted.
I shouldn't say her that kind of things...
ok enough
funny link:Rules-to-survive-apocalypse
no song, Leo is on the phone, he has three kids already I can't believe we're this old..
stupid Facebook for making me find them all over again.
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yeah right like there's nothing more important in this world today....
For those that would believe there's no... well you'd be right but is the first day of my sister at the hospital, her dois is to high to be ambulatory so she has to stay at hospital.. yeah good for Orlandfo having birthdays like this...*sigh*
She's ok, she's having fun and mumis staying with her tonight, we'll alternate days or something so she'll not be alone.

we're fine, we're going to be ok, hopefully...

pray for my sister please

She loves garfield


Jan. 12th, 2008 11:01 pm
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Ok, here's this thing, they told him and as we said and we bet, he was angry as hell and screaming, he still don't want to face the fact that there are more than 33.3 % chances that this would end up in a very bad way..
I'm as usual talking about my father, he's still in denial, hestill don't want to understand that my sister would never get well.
we're still optimistic and thinking that everything is gonna be ok,esp Mel. God she's so brave...
The song for the day one of her fav Male singers Tiziano and her very very Fav female singers ever*and mine too btw*Laura Pausinni who has the voice of an angel IMHO...

Love the song and they're really good together, too bad that he's a full feet shorter than her lol
I saw A today.. when I was on the grosery store, carrying tons of stuuf and all frumpy... anyway

Pic for the day... LOTR bunch again


Jan. 11th, 2008 07:43 pm
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I finally took of the xmas tree... I know.. thanks God before St. Valentine, aside of that... there's thins thing I'm gonna need of rnext week, I might have to stay with my sister for few days, if so I'll let you know.
please pray for her*sigh* things are really different this days.
is raining and all I can think is being in bed with Orlando... wow lapsus *eek*hahaha
thinking about being in bed with somebody, hector is the first choice but of course after our last "close encounter" he's in his chiken shit face... which means he's out of the picture for a litle longer.
I'm dying DYING!! to get this in MP3, I'm just too lazy/cheap to find it on a store, anyone? please?

just love every second of it.
guy for the day this amzing Kid, Sebastina Martinez, he's 19 and he's just gorgeous!!

hmmm too bad he's barely legal huh?
about serious stuff?, nothing really important aside of my sister. million of errands still waiting for me and my sloth to stop having fun...
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Today I spent almost five hours plannign a show for a friends film class, its amazing!! we have tons of legends around about ghosths and stuff and well, since nobody seems like care, it would be the classical re-enacted show but seems like we're gonna have amazing takes fo us dressed as weird things lol
and goig out in cementaries and stuff...
things are pretty much done already.

Song for the day?

Well... they actually DOES scare she shit out of me lol, they're all weird and now they like to be mediocre...
Viggo about Golden Globes:"I'm the guy who never gets to go to the prom and now they've canceled the prom," he said. "It could have been fun."

Poor guy when he was finally ready to be in a nice elegant Tux to make my panties burst...
but there's a way my panties will burst yet!!
Orlando is in Brazil!!! yeah ell like I could be there or something
but then I had this pic from a friend and LOOOVED it very much

LOOOVE my orli sleeping all sweet...
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today... I did nothing, clean up th ehpuse, after a WHOLE year of rubish geting collected, I had a very thick layer of dust over any pieve of furniture, then had time too rearrange my DVD collection *mental note I need the two towere EE version yet again* then read Childrens of Hurin and almost ended My Harry potter 7.
I'm dead tired and did nothing during the whole day.
I'm back on my normal all raw vegetables diet which I0m sure is gona be amazong for me after all this holidays excess lol

I talked to A dirng over an hour on the phone, we still have tons of things to say.
Mel has already a date for her first chemo session, is gonna be on monday 7th, I need to goto the hospital and thell them so.

song for the day?
Some hearts from Carrie Underwood, more because of Orlando than the song itself but loved it non the less.
please pay no atenttion to the images.

text )
pic for the day some Viggo

so good night I need my bed.
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Well I do . Every time I look back there's like a million things that already happened when I was't even expecting them...
life is messy and all I want is the world stop spinning...
Since Danny has nobody to spend the holydays with he's staying on-call for someone else's sake, we're gonna be there for him just few time, to make his day a little better.
We made peace, him, me and few others the original three and Cely, they're nice, pretty much nice people.
its like Grey's group lol
Bolivia is Upside down, but no time for politics right now...
ok maybe just a little nonsense to keep my mental health lol

You are a Tomboy Girl!

Instead of flirting, you tend to pal around with the guys you crush on.
And why not? You can hold your own in sports, video games, and gross out contests.
Just make sure and surprise them with a touch of girlishness every once and a while.
Then you'll be treated like the hottie you are - not like one of the guys.

pic for the day??
My loved insane group, those that I miss the most

song for the day?

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I was thinking about that first time, not the very first time -that was... you know.. as all first times crappy- but the first time with him, back in 2003 it was september the 14th and it was around 4pm, I was out of the office and he was there too, we were at his place doing mushroom's soup and laughing because he couldn't make toasties, and I was laughing so hard seeing him run around with the smoking pan that he finally toseed into the sink, I was almost crying he came to me saying that i was mean for laughing and held my arms saying that he'll do something bad to stop me, tried to cover my mouth it caused even more laugh, I remember his laugh just giggles and then we both we're laughing, I remember that the most, then for two minutes the time stoped his lips brushed mines and I was cold no more laughs.
I was sure my crush on him was hopeless, I mean he was so fucking gorgeous and I was just... you know, me... I was there standing looking at him, he bitrng his lips staring at me with those amazingly blue eyes, he said he sorry and moved away, we kinda stoped talking for a while until I couldn't help it and asked him why me? why he wanted to play with me like that
"because is not a game, I like you, you're beautiful, don't you know that?"
and there I was crying saying that I'm not beautiful at all after all the mean things I've done in my life, he got close saying that i need a shrink if I actually believe so and huged me and kissed me first on the forehead then in the cheek then in the lips again and I was prepared this time, we made out, we gropped and kissed for a while.
the rest just came with the minutes.
interesting thing if you ask me, I had this weird feeling today thinking about back then.
Tomorrow I'll be back to the hospital to start my last month this year, can you believe it? I SO hope I can get residency there, maybe I need to change hospital I couldn't care less as long as I can get something ASAP.
dreaming about him after all this time, why I have to see him every now and then with her, and her as usual, being the bitch she is. I remember I was so jealous lol so long time ago...

Guy for today Mr. WELL-KNOWN His Royal Aussiness Heath Ledger please do not open it if you're under 18 not_work_safe )
and please don't say I didn't warned you all...

For a start why are you reading this?

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UUHHH.... I'm a believer!!!
OK, Hector is adorable, we're finally getting THERE...
Tante Emme's daughter died while I was in south America and tomorrow we're celebrating a mass to remember a month since she died... a month!! i can't believe it, that long since I'm back!!
I was suposed to get rid of the responsability right?
WRONG!! I have five new interns to rule... lol
now this is the song for today, the only song me and hector danced not as freinds but like something else...

I think we're gonna get hurt...
talking about the hospital again, I collapsed yesterday morning Dr Vfinally told me that I disapointed him being ME... and I ended up crying like a baby... WHY?
I mean I know I'm not that good but he really hurt me you know?
in the end Dr. A gave me a decent grade 80% I mean, is not an A-straight student grade but is decent enough...
more_music )
the guy for todays is D...

my loved Dennis, a friend that actually needs me, his mum is sick, has lung cancer, not treatable lung cancer and he's in dispair...
My loved Superman needs me.

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I spent the whole day on a seminary about trauma patients...
quite good, too bad I was all alone, all I had was Nelly and she's not the brightest bulb on the box...
anyway interesting things were expossed.
I'm tired and have togo to the hoispital tomorrow early.
gotta go, i'm disapointed they choosed someone else for that trip WHY?
because I'm me... *sniff* they didn't eventold me why...

the song for today...

again.. I know, but is an amazing LOTR fan vid and its Eowyn*shrugs*
besides it just happens to reflect my mood.

the guy for today a very sad Orly...

and then... when life seems like shit -yet again!!!- My loved Hector is here talking me out of the EMO I became isn't that sweet? isn't reason enough to love him?
Another Song because I kinda feel blue still

Lingua mendax et dolosa, lingua procax venenosa, linguia digna de truncare et en igne concremare
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Bone's her, we're talking after over three months, my poor friend.
I'm gonna be ok, I'm sure, Danny Asked me to help him with laya.. ok, that was interesting...
today's song.. I have no idea, I'm too tired to think.
something i've had before

the boy for today..
Craig Parker

to sleep, to dream, to spend few hours in arms of my love...
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at 8:35 JC Tolla Died, he had a mediastinal sarcoma, and died in peace with the less pain possible and just after I said Hello, people said he was waiting for me,but all I want to do is stop thinking about him, stop the pain, the sadness I hate this hole inside of me, I feel the cold of an empty space inthe middle of my chest,, I cannot stop sighing or feeling the need to cry, why? he was only my patient, and.. well Dr M willnever forgive me for crying in front of his family.
GOd.. I'm feeling so bad *bump head against the desk*

What I did? why I choosed the worst bastard in my history of romantic relationships and decided to go back with him?
he's controlling me all the time he's calling me or texting me at the hospital Dr. M made fun of me because of it. and WHY DID I CARE ABOUT HIM RIGHT NOW!!! i'm mourning... I'm mourning a great friend...

I need some rest I need to fell asleep. I need a hug, and someone saying I'll be alright


Jun. 19th, 2007 07:34 pm
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I'm gonna watch Ringers Lord of the fans in few moments...
I cannot wait anymore *squeee*
about other stuff my headache is better, stupid migrain..
life is ok, there is so many things I want to say today... as usual but no words comes out of my fingers, at least not clearly enough..
I've seen Little miss sunshine, and laughed so hard that almost passed out. too bad I'm all alone...

this is anamazing place for Sin Ian Pics

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