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so.. am I acting absurdly tryin to copy my teachers? I'm not as good as I thought I was and I'm getting more and more nervous, the fact that my times is ending irritates me to no end for no good reason.. and scares me lik eyu all have no idea. th estory, th eone I left in scratch will have to wait until tomorrow already, life has been messy but at least I have tomorrow

Germany lost, how bad, in the other hand the team is young and they're amazing, they have already millionary contracts for most of them and they're gonna be big names *they are in my bok* so even loosing they won
Ozil is 21 and I feel like such a cougar for liking his pretty face LOL, when the game ended all I could think was "aww, poor kids, wish they could see how great they look edon that big field agains all those big names"

and Noyer*SP?* the goalkeeper, he will be the next Kahn

OOOH BTW, the song? that song? here:


Jun. 18th, 2010 09:46 pm
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I?M so pissed!! I'm SOOO pissed!!! England... seriously pissed me off big time!!

What are you doing guys?!?!? Germany lose, England ties with Algeria!! ALGERIA for fuck's sakes*sigh*

I'm done.. thanks God I'm on call this weekend or I'll be haviong a stroke or something.

Parents are aroind and specially tonight all the time they're here reading over my shoulder and talking non stop about non sense... mother said *I* ate too much, amI the diabetic one eating take out? NO!!

BTW Huitzilre-apeared, he's moving to Netherlands with kiki for good now, I'm almost sad we're friends from back in the early times... I'm gonna miss himdeeply for sure..
we've been frirnds since he was 17...

*sigh* lets post a pic ok?

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It's time to open up the memories of your past
And it's time to move on
It's time to open up the shadows of your heart
And it's time to move on

'Cause it's a great time to live and it's time to
Stand up and be counted on
'Cause it's a great time to live and it's time to
Stand up and be counted on

It's time to open up and shed a little light
On your soul
'Cause the box you put your heartache in got
Lost or swept out to sea
Now it's time just to move on


And it's a long long road to carry on I've got to
Stand up and be counted on, It's a long long
Road and I've got to be strong. (x2)


Yea it's a long long road to carry on I've got to
Stand up and be counted on, It's a long long
Road and I've got to be strong. (x2)

New Zealand tomorrow
lets all cheer theall whites tomorrow!!!
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little dumb kid!!
and Argentina Won WHAT A JOKE!!! that referee was a dick!!

ok ok,things went well this morning, even Saw Dr. Dubberty again.

I just found this, always thought I'll write the rest, funny enough, there's a little bit resemblance with what actually happened at the end huh?
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France can't score to save the liberty of its country!!
GOD what a game!1 and Mexico had to play against the line man too huh??

need to sleep for tomrrow


Jun. 25th, 2008 08:54 pm
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as hell, spent the whole day in the same room,a Operating Room, *hehe* and tomorrow promises to be just like that, since Dr Knight *Oh the irony* likes to operate with fellow women the OR is gonna be filled with estrogen tomorrow, and someone made a remark about it:"so many girs this year huh?"
well yeah there are three of us, but there's still four boys more than girls, aside, what's so bad about smarter, stronger, better females? I mean we had the same training, just we did better, right?
ok enough.
my eyes are closing and my head hurts, still problems with parents.
link for today?

Song for today?

some more football, I only saw the first german goal then the last, whatever happened in the middle of that... is still a mistery, I have LIbertadores de America first final game tonight.
ok, ok back to the point...
here's a pic of Rustu, Turkey's Goally who happens to be one of the team that got third on 2002.


Jun. 24th, 2008 06:51 pm
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Only 52 hours, just that WHY I've been pulled out!
I've been said I have to go hom after only 52 short hours, come on!! 've been there even 80 hours straight.. why only after 52!!! and was Dolf surgery!! either his or Dr. Q. the new guy, I still haven't had surgery with him...
In the other hand I've been called back after only 20 mins because the though lady surgeon Dr Knight wanted help for thursday and even thou I was suposed to be in ER, she asked me directly!! above older residents and other surgeons *Kali makes Chicken Victory dance*.
Dr Parrado and the last year Ortho resident are friends, cool, 'cause the resident is very cool too.
I'm trying to convince Jannet to leave his bastard husband... *and the line cucaracha rompehogares(homebraker roach) comes to my mind* for good reasons, the bastard has a daughter from his first marriage and then he had a vasectomy, so fuck off you amazing young successfully doctor who wants to be a mother...

no more crap about that

what else... tomorrow we have Eurocup semifinals YAY!!!
Go Germany!!
and Go... Russa? lol
naah I rather have Germany against Turkey, anyone else but Spain or Russia, stupid bastrds.. putting my favs out.

btw Big Van Persie fancier here
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Life is not bad, I don't miss him as much as I though, that's great...

A beauty that seemed hidden, waiting for you to discover it in the little details. It flowed steadily and humbly out of her, out of the gestures and the smile and from the way she tilted her head on the side when she talked to someone.

OH I know I stole that but don't care, is not like someone else is reading this right?
life is GREAT!!!
Germany lost!!! I can't believe they LOST!!
but in the good side...
ITALIA WON!!!! and yet- I can't believe they WON!!!

its kinda Sad butItaly made a better gamer, Grosso worked his ass off for that goal...

Tomorrow We'll know what's happen with Francé...


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