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Dec. 31st, 2017 07:04 pm
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Unwelcome FanFic RPF(Viggo/Orlando) started back in 2004 yet to be finished

- Douche SPN Mary Sue-ish /case!fic

- Respect SPN fic Wee!fic (Family)

- untitled_bigbangtheory/criminalminds_fic BBT/CM Imagine Reid and Sheldon in an interview for the BAU, it comes from a quote from BBT where Sheldon says he was to work for the government but couldn't keep secrets, and he's from CALTECH too so I always wondered if they were there at the same time...

- Just_sharing_with_the_family first attempt of smut Supernatural John/Sam/Dean/OFC

- Hold My hand RPF Supernatural, Jared/Misha, others.

- Blaming the victim SPN

- Absentminded SPN RPF

and I know I have like a dozen more: but the ones that worry me more are these:
All original stories all poorly written or left as notes.
- Szarabasjka unpublished Story (My own original story) working in second and thrid part, this is gonna be as epic as Game of thrones LOL

- Szarabasjka - Daughter of the Eagle

- Szarabasjka - Fire blossoms

- Szarabasjka - Szarabasjkali

- Colors a group of friends and a chain of tragical events, a love that will never be. Original Story characters bassed on famous people because I'm terrible with names (loosely based in RL events)

- Sara A protected child mets a famous actor, what would happen if they have a kid?
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