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I'm good atsinging and playing piano, I'm good with languages, I'm good in Kickboximg, I have great aim, I want to believe I'm a good doctor too
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From Bobby Point of view
It was winter, christmas coming fast, John left them with him so they could spend christmas at a real house, and study for a while, Dean is smart enough, Bobby thought, the boy could pass his exams with one hand tied to his back, just never really tried.
Sam? Sam needed to sit and read and study and concentrate in whatever he was reading.
But school wasn't hard to deal with, the hard part came latter, When 16 years old Dean took his *for few months* 3 years younger little brother out at nights, and when he took his little brother on his first date. Bobby has no dreams of Dean being virtuous, but he'd never let Sammy get hurt an't understand why he didn't say anything about the girl, she's older, easily Dean's age, maybe even more...

Following them into the party is just what any normal parent would've done right? well it might not be what any normal parent would'vedpoe,but this kids are not normal kids, this are my idjits.

The place is nice and even if there's alcohol there's no harder drugs, I've been even aproached by a bouncer asking what were my business among the kids. Then saw Sammy with the girl who's paying more atention to Dean, afteraminute she left and Dean followed suit, two more minutes and he went back inside, took Sammy bythe hand and they're dancing like lunatics... what's wrong with this kids?
Rightthen the girl passed next to Bobby towards the door again and gasped surprised.

Form Dean's Point of view

Sam has been acting weird for a while, and since Dad left them with Bobby for the season they'll have time to see what happens, first he naggs Sammy until he tells what's wrong.

He likes a girl, one of Dean friends, Lilah, the bad thing is that she's like 17, and Sammy is hardly 13, so once Sam finally asks her out it takes Dean like ten minutes to convince her that it'll be a good idea to go out with his baby brother, "Comeon it'llbe fun, we all will be there together" he said with his most dashing smile and the girl is bought,Being Dean and wanting to be close to Sammy he didn'teven invitedagirl, he'll be around with some guys,especialklythatguy Elliot, the one thatinvited them for a start,he and someofhis friends are the band.

The second Sammy entered the place with his date all smiling and happy Dean had to get close, had to be close to his little brother, he might accuse him of being a Pain in the butt, but it was his Sammy, closely he could see that the boat is sinking.

Lilah wasn't even paying atention to Sam and Dean sat next to them giving him a look of *WTF man, say something interesting*, as all Answer Sammy shook his head on.

"So, how things are going so far?" Dean asked looking from one to the other.
"now it'll be better I'm sure" Dean gave her an odd look and then turned to Sam "your baby brother here sure has something else to do" the music started and Sam got up asking her if she wanted to dance, she rolled her eyes and said yes. the song was a new one that Elliot himself wrote.
Lilah held Dean's arm "you know? you said WE will have fun..." Sam turned to Dean all hurt .

"I never said WE, as in you and me, I said you and him, and me and the guys..." The girl rolled her eyes and said "in case you care, WE as in you and me could still have fun...I'll be outside" again and she left, Dean lookedinto Samfacefor a second, someone behind Sammy started laughing and Dean shrugged and passed next to him going out, following her out of the coffee house.

"you are my brother's date there's no chance in life for me to leave him..."she was plastered over him kissing his lips, Dean pushed her away.

"Are you serious? every guy in this school will give his left nut to be here right now and you expected me to go out with that kid?" asked furious.

"I wasn't expecting anything from you, except you to be a nice person... and frackly? I don't know what the guys see in you" Dean turned around and went back into the coffee shop, right at the door was the guy that was laughing at Sam, Dean got close to him "You thought my brother is something to laugh about?" said and punched the guy in the face, it was Lilah's fault and Dean will make her pay, got inside to find a sullen Sammy still too shocked to do anything, and looking miserable standing right where he left him, Christian and his friends started playing The Beattles' "When I saw her standing there" Christian asked everyone to forget what just happened since Sammy was Humilliated enough. Dean moved, went to Sam, held his arm and pulled him into the dance floor "Come on, Sammy, nothing else matters" after the few seconds that takesSamto relax and start dancing Dean looksat his baby brother, relaxed and as if nothing painful just happened... yeah nothing else matters.

From Sam point of view

I liked her from the second we got into this school, and she's not taller than Sam, she even talks to him at the library, even if only when she needs sometihng, she's the kind of girl that will follow Dean anywhere but never turns to see him twice.

But she actually talks to him after a couple days,and they even walk home... her home after school now and then, and Sam feels his face hot and pulsing after she kiss him in the cheek.

Dean being the jerk he always thought he was nagged him until with flushed face and stammering Sam confesses his feelings, for the first time Dean does not make fu, instead he started talking excitedly about his friend Elliot and his (boy?)friend's band, saying it was a good idea to ask her out.
Sam asked the girl out and she for a second looked into his face like he just grew a second head or something

So when Dean cornered him in the restroom at lunch and asked him what Lilah said Sam shrugged, how stupid he felt... Dean just frowned and left the bathroom, by the en dof the day Lilah said she'll go with him, if the offer was still on, one thing still bothered him then, the fact that Lilah asked about Dean, lots of things, since Dean was Sam's fav topic, maybe it meant she just wanted to keep talking.

That night she was so pretty Sam knew was blushing all the way in the car *that Dean knew Dad will kill him if he knew they've taken* and she held his hand while they entered the coffee house, during the Ride dean kept trying to call Sam's atention, at first Sam thought it was because he was kinda making fun of him, but then noticed a car, a red one, kinda old following the Impala, after a while they forgot the car.

"You Think Dean's coming any time soon?" asked LIlah just after like 15 minutes, thenshe left for a while with her friends while their order arrived, Dean moved closer sat next to them and
"What's up Sam" held his shoulder " try to say something interesting, you gotta make her believe you care for what she likes..." Dean mumbled fast before talking louder
"So, how things are going so far?" asked looking from one to the other. Sam begged Dean for help with his eyes but was Lilah's words what sounded loiuder than anything.

"now it'll be better I'm sure" Dean turned to Sam when the music started, Sam recognizzed the inocent look so rarely seen on Dean's face "your baby brother here sure has something else to do" Sam stood finding his voice finally
"Do you want to dance" asked but the girl sighed Sam was expecting something like "NO!! no i don't want to dance with you kid..." but she said yes. before turning to Dean asking if THEY were going to have fun.

Sam looked at his brother, Dean snorted "you and Sam, I hope.. me and the boys... we're having fun..." she rolled her eyes, the whole place was looking and some girls were already whispering about Sam he could read the lips of a pair on the corner at his left.

"in case you care, WE as in you and me could still have fun...I'll be outside" Lilah left and Dean looked at Sam for a second, Sam felt cold on his stomach and hea ton his face and then Dean moved as fast as he could and left, yeah right... why would Dean let a chance like that pass. Sam wanted to leave, but one of dean friends got close held his arm and asked if he wanted to sit... How pathetic he should look, standing alone on the dance floor.

Suddenly he heard a "... is back" and knew before he saw it was Dean, standing on the door a guy , the one who laughed the hardest on the floo rin front of him bleeding, his older brother smiled, crossed the whole room and pulled him to dance,
"Come on Sammy nothing else matters" whispered on his ear and they danced.

Right there, after years of finding Dean annoying and a philistine, after years of Dean bullying him, playing jokes on him and being an ass, the second Dean held his hand and started dancing, because Dean can't dance to save his life, if it were for his dancing he'd still be a virgin... when he made Sam smile and forget everything, then Sam noticed how much he loved his older brother, and right there knew that he'd never again will dance with any other without thinking on dean. Oh the Irony the song was I saw her standing there. Now on Sam will love the beattles

The end

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