Oct. 25th, 2011

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as I tried to explain a friend that said:"(as if it were so simple) go for it if you want it"
well guess what? I DON'T
Kali: well he's been my chief since internship and we always had this long discussions about different topics and he always tried to piss me off with the most outrageous ideas, and then started the sexual remarcks, but after I said him to stop he did, apologuized and said he's my friend, and I bought that.
Allie : well maybe he does cares for you now
kali : he's the one guy I went to when I had problems, he was like a father figure at hospital and all. Once like two years ago he offered me a ride and I accepted and he held my hand, i just broke with my BF back then and he asked me "don't you want to have someone to hold like this?" I seriously thought it was a way to say i should be more open to relationships, you know as in an advise or something
Allie : uh-huh, you're so silly
Kali : LOL sorry to flood the whole screen
Kali : then once again we came out of surgery around 3am one night and he offered me a ride and wanted to hug me and then I simply avoided any time together alone with him ever since until last tuesday
kali : I still don't know why I accepted the ride, I thought he moved on then while we were going to the parking lot he asked if I was seeing someone, he's always interested in every intern or resident, so I said the truth. He asked me what kind of guy I was waiting for, and you know started saying stupid pick up lines as in joking
and out of nowhere said he always liked talking to me, and asked me if I had like half an hour so we could talk I kinda see it coming and still said yes kicking myself for doubting him
Allie : I don't see anything wrong on that, what's all the fuzz? you should get over the fear and start driving
Kali : suddenly we were at the door of a motel. I was seriously shocked!!!
Allie : Oh wow... now that's something *mouth-open icon*
Kali : he said he liked me since I was an intern, checked on my age a million times before force-kissed me
Allie : how did you got to a motel ?
Kali : he turned somewhere and he didn't stoped until we were outside the place. I, opened the door and said that if we didn't leave right then I'll go walking and he drove off, but instead of going home he parked and asked me if I got scared and telling all this crap about not being happy with his wife and then he kissed me.
he's prety much calling me everyday and I don't know what else to do
to complicate things I dropped my phone on his car.
Allie : So, that's why you weren't answering it?
Allie : They always say that, remember? you're the one, I knew it from the start and so...
kali : he said he likes me but never said anythingabout me being the one or anything, he asked thou if I wanted something and I said "not from you, but I kinda see it coming, and if it were M I wouldn't even think twice"
Allie : Right because talking about Dr M would ever help your case
Kali ; I don't know maybe... the case is that I asked someone else to go with me to pick my phone, he opened the door with this creepy lusty grin on his face that melted when he saw I wasn't alone.
Allie : wow... hey sorry I'll call you in a while okay? but my advise? don't think about this too much and if you feel like.. go for it! Cya

Go for it? seriously? great advise so-called friend...*pouts* not helping...

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