Sep. 22nd, 2011

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It'll be so easy to say the three Lord Of the Rings Books... but U guess there are more books in this world huh?
Okay, the Lord of The Rings changed my life in so many ways and I count them just as One.
Eat, Pray, Love, yeash me hater of all those kind of books found this one and there was something that made me think on how I was leaving, I mean, I have no dolce per niente, I have no word for me, I have too much things to do for logic reasons and almonst nothing I do becaue I want to do it. So I started doing things after this.

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, if you've ever read Mrs Benett... you kow how my mother acts whenever she meets a girlfriend or boyfriend for me or my siblings or cousins,then... once the poor fool is sure he's liked she changes into Cruela deVile
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So yeah.. Geeky me spent the whole afternoon watching the premiere episode of criminal minds I missed last night while working.. so yeah... I iked it alot!!
I creid like a good nerdy one when She's with her team again and when JJ is carrying a gun, when Reid shots, when Hotch appeared all manly with that facial hair... whe Rossi and garcia had the screwdriver for Emily's pic.
I spend almost 30 of 45 minutes with tears in my eyes...a nd can't wait for another week to pass LOL

tomorrow supernatural but I'll be on call all weekend so I think I'd watch it on monday... if I'm lucky enough...
Uncle joseph got admited into my hosp because he's got pielonefritis, a prostate surgery went wrong or something I have to check on him tomorrow

I adore Reid.. I do, I like him all manly and mature.. and I just can't stop saying so LOL

BTW I made that icon like two months ago and I'm using it jus recently

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