Jul. 30th, 2011

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CM drabble
It was when they went to Mexico's border that she found it weird,how Reid always made her smile, how the kid was so full of information and facts, statistics and yet blushes when the most usual things as a hug for christmas happened, it always made her feel like there was something good, that there was hope, even under all that darkness, all that weight, all that dispair, there was hope, if Reid, being the one with the worst story, the one who have experienced first hand the worst of human beings was alright...
she could tolerate the demons, the fear, the nasty taste on her mouth when entered the hous just because Reid stayed with her t the hospital to read her some crazy story about a flower that became an emerald.

And she will always remember the story, because when her head was full of demons and mosnters there was an angel by her side.
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Happened before Dean went searching for Death

Dean was looking at his brother, he gave up on Lisa, on Cassie, on Dad, on pretty much everyone and everything, he gave up on so much yet there was two things he'd fight for. Sam wasn't asleep as he pretended to be, Dean knew, and it makes him remember another time when Sam minus soul couldn't sleep at all, when his baby brother who was his life betrayed him, but moved on his chair, silently, waiting for Sam to be asleep, really asleep before walking towards the bed, remembering the time he was a just a kid, maybe five and Sammy broke in his fisrt teeth and he spent the night next to him singing Mom's song and caressign him, and his hand moved to brush brown hair away, before conscously stoping, becaue adults does not stroke their also adult brother's hair away while they sleep.. that was way too close to what Vicky and the weirdos liked... he said and smiled to himself.
He forgot so much from Sam, since the day he wanted Mom all for himself after he fell on the park and she was with Sam, when he wished he had no a baby brother, it only lasted like two hours after that he was just there staring at the baby's little face.
yeah Dean knew he'd do anything for Sam right there and then

he saw his baby brother and saw a demon more thanonce, he was hours away from hell, HOURS away from leaving his baby brother alone for good.

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