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Drabble: Mom's an angel
Universe: Supernatural
Rating: Gen
Gender: Wee!chester
Author: Kali no Beta (yet)
Summary: Dean made a mistake, and Sam got hurt, they needed Help and Cas tried to help them in the best way possible.
A/N I always think about stories I'd like to write in those moments full of stress when I need a Haven from all the bad things at work. I sa wan accident long ago that made me think on this one, and the courage to write it down came days ago.

Dad wants them to learn how to use guns, that's why he left them in the woods, they had everything they needed, but the stupid cammo vest, the stupid brown furry hat he brought for his baby brother, it was a joke it wasn't meant to hurt Sammy, when he shot he was sure it was a deer.

Among the green grey and brown trees, Sam lies on the mud, Dean shot wihtout thinking he saw his hair, and the stupid hat, Dean let the gun go long before he lands in the dark soil next to a wounded Sam, everything wet after a rain in the afternoon, they should have found dinner by that time, that's why they split, if Dean aim were better they already will be cooking a rabit. If he were better Sammy wouldn't be hurt, if he were better, Dad would've never left them alone like that. if he were better...

'Calm down Sammy, I'm sorry... ' he cries along with his baby brother who's bleeding 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry' he repeats while holding the last of the gauze they had in the first aid kit 'I didn't see you, I'm so sorry... I'm sorry' but Sammy is only crying like not hearing a word he's saying. Once more he starts thiking If he were better he'd know how to help Sam, if he were better Sam wouldn't even be hurt for a start.

He needs to find Dad, but Dad's camp is over three hours away in the woods if both boys can run, just in case they really need him. with Sam bleeding they can't travel that far, leaving Sam behind is not an option either because the kid is holding his arm as the scared child he is, and because Dean rather die than leave his baby brother of only 10 alone in the woods while healthy and fighting even less if he's hurt '...I hurt him' he thinks caressing the pale cold little face. trying to help him calm down. "Relax Sammy" he says pressing his other hand over the wound "I'm so sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Dean repeats for his brother and for himself, to both comfort his baby brother and to calm himself and to clear his head, he might want to drop to the floor and curl and cry his shame but he can't, there's more pressing matters, Sammy needs him.

"It hurts... why you shot?" cries Sam in a whisper of both pain and fear.

"I thought you were a deer or something" Dean cries trying to clean his face with his hand, instead he staines it with blood.

"yeah right as if you couldn't made out a deer from your own brother" he tries to laugh but Sammy's eyes goes huge turning to Dean's face "Am I bleeding?" And Dean start crying all over again.
"I swear Sammy" says Dean while carrying him "you're gonna be fine, we'll get help and you'll be fine in no time, and then... then... " then teh sobs take over and he has to rest for a second.

"Where's dad?" asks whinning and in pain
"we're going to patch you up first baby brother, then I'll get him okay?"
"I want dad he's... mad... he was..." and Sam fell asleep, got incoscious or maybe dead and Dean started slapping him first lightly and then harder and screamign at him, and the tears came back Dean couldn't control them, fell face first over Sammy's body screaming I'm sorry and trying to hear him breath or something...

Out of nowhere he finally felt his baby brother breathing and cried a little more sitting on his heels and looking up, the sun was going down and he had an hour of light tops, Dean knows he can't have his wounded and bleeding brother out in the woods at night, he sighs and looks around again and finds what seems to be a coke can, and yes, it is a coke can, and its near to what seems to be a little path.

"Deeeaann... it hurts" whines Sammy trying to reach his shoulder that had the bandages soaked already.
"I know, I know buddy, I know I'm gonna make it better I promise" he says taking off his shirt to wrap it around Sam's shoulder too.
"you'll get cold..." mumbles Sammy before hissing his discomfort when Dean pulls on his arm once more
"I deserve it Sammy, don't worry about me" Dean never watch his brother's eyes
"it was an accident... is not your fault" says Sammy and then with those unfairly huge brown puppy eyes asks "am I going to die?" Dean tears start falling again.

"Nope, not in my watch kid..." he tries to sound like Dad but its impossible with the tears and choked sobs, he inhales deeply to calm himself looking straight up and notice the smell of pinewood on fire there must be a cabin and med supplies.

"Wait here Sammy I'm going to get another First aid kit" Sam called his name twice before playing possum as he was told, Dean finds a nice cabin strong and solid and smoke is coming out of the roof, hunters, from the regular kind, for sure, surely he could get something, and it takes Dean Winchester three and a half minutes to get in and take part of what he calls the heaven of all first aid kits.

Once outside he runs towards the wood and to Sammy, to find him once more unconscious and a path of blood on the floor, marking where they were coming, he didn't noticed before.
"What happened?" a tall blonde Lady suddenly was at his side and Dean startled has no idea what to do.

"We were hunting, we went too far from my dad and I thought he was a deer, I'm sorry..." and Dean cries like he hasn't cried since mom died.

"Is okay Honey, Is okay, I'm gonna help you two, alright?" and the lady just lift Sammy as if it were a feather and asks Dean to follow her to the cabin.

It takes Dean minutes to register what the woman is saying, the cabin is one room place, neatly arranged to be useful, at one side a kitchen at the other a nicely cozy looking bed, few chairs a two tables, and then he turns to the lady, first he sees how the lady undress Sammy from the cold wet and dirt and blood stained clothes, then assess the damage and smiles and is already using a needle on Sammy's shoulder when asks him for something.

"HEY!" says louder and Dean blinks "what is your name honey?"
"I... I'm Ted... Nuggent". Mary’s eyes are boring into him like he never felt before, like she could know he was liying.

"Uh-huh… and I'm Janice Joplin, what's your name..." And Dean panics before hearing Sammy.

"He's Dean... and I'm Sam... Winchester" the Lady looks from one kid to the other and smiles.

"I'm Mary... is this really an accident? Did someone else have done this to you?" and both boys answer at once "No Ma'am".

"I shot him..." Dean feels his tears once more and gets close to Sam; his baby brother wanted him close "It was an accident..." Sam used that exact moment to moan in pain and Mary turned to him not asking more about the hunting, or the accident
"Sorry baby I'm sorry" Dean snorted while getting even closer

"I've been saying that for hours" Dean says cleaning the last of his tears and caressing his brother's head "you see? I was right you'll be fine".

"I know..." Sam was already running a fever; Dean feels it under his fingers
'And you know you have to wait until I get dad' says Dean without opening his mouth and Sam bits his lips sad and worried.

"What's goin' on there, boys?" asks Mary and smiles, when Dean jolts a step away from his baby brother, she started cleaning the wound and Sam feels nothing at all "you lucky pups... I'm sorta a paramedic back at home, did you know that?" she says smiling "so I'm gonna do my best... to patch you up Sammy."

"Thank you..." Sam says he is really thankful because he feels nothing at all, not even the IV she starts.

"He has lost lots of blood Dean, is there a way for you to find your dad?" Dean shakes his head no, and only then Mary notices he's only wearing a light tee and that he's as wet and dirty as Sammy -who is now peacefully asleep- was. "I think I have something you can wear, if you don't mind... is girl’s clothes..." reaches him and holding his arms to pull him closer "wow, you're almost my height..." Dean is speechless, there's something in the way the lady smells that sends shivers down his spine, not in the way girls at school does, there's something else, the same smell, flowers and cookies or something, like fresh pie and waking up early in the morning.
Once more Dean notice she's moving her lips
"Seriously you should go... I can take care of him..." Leaving Sam alone with her?
"Go take a shower, you're wet, cold and dirty, take a shower, and then we will find your dad okay?" and Dean finally nods, Sam is safe and he really needs to warm up in order to be able to look for his dad.
By the time dean leaves the shower the house smells like fries and burgers and the table is set
"I have something for Sam, but he's asleep, so come eat darling" and she sits at one side of the table and once Dean sits too she bends her head and start praying dean doesn't know what to do, and spend that small time looking at her, she's pretty, and he finally knows where the smell comes from, its the way mom used to smell all the time. "Are you done looking at me?" Mary says without even turning at him.
"sorry" Mumbles Dean and start eating, only halfway his burger he notice that she's drinking from a dark glass and what seems to be either wine or blood, and looks at his food scared, turns to Sam and swallow hard.
"So... is your dad close? Does he knows you're around here?" she asks
"Yes” Dean lies, "I just... once Sammy wakes up we're going out to find him" he says trying not to show he's shivering.
"Don't be afraid honey..." she looks at him and smiles, a bracelet calls Dean attention it has at least five amulets on it, all from a different religion or culture, he knows this ones, he's seen them in lady hunters, even Missouri -that woman Dean is sure is a hag- has one.
"I'm not..." but he is, actually, petrified.
"I'm not a monster, just.. someone that was sent to help, for one time only" Sam stirs and she's already there with him in the time Dean blinks "s'okay honey you're safe" she says and kisses Sam’s face "I'm looking after you" Dean is about to cry again, he has to take Sam out of here.
"Look I’m very grateful… but we have to go..." he says, because Dean Winchester doesn't feel and he's not gonna start feeling like some girl for a woman that helps him and his brother.
"Listen to me Dean; go get John I'll be here until you come back okay? I'll watch over Sammy for you for the three hours" and Dean's blood freezes "you can do it Son, you're after all a Winchester, you're brave" she's next to him kissing his forehead like she did with Sam. "I promise he's safe..." And Dean buys it, he gets near to his brother and whisper something on his ear and fixes his pillow before taking the waterproof jacket Mary offers and runs out.

It takes him one and a half hours to find Dad, he is cleaning his gun and smoking and for the little pile of butts next to his boots he's been doing it for a while, he stands up before Dean even gets to the clear his camp is on
"Where’s Sam" Dad says before anything else.

"He’s hurt, hurry..." and Dean is running in front of him, until that day John Winchester never thought his son could beat him, not ever even less running but Dean has to wait for him more than once calling him to hurry up, Dean never explained what was wrong with his brother and it scares John shitless.

Dean leads the way until he sees the trail of blood they left and his chest feels like its going to explode, runs straight to the cabin and opens the door without calling and that's all he remembers, he's awake again feeling something cold over his face and it startles him and tries to sit up
"Calm down Son" whispers Dad in the back sit of the car "I'm here, you're safe now..."
"Sam..." mumbles.

"He's fine; he's asleep in your sit" he says caressing his eldest faces with the wet clothe "Damn I should've never left you two alone..."

"I'm sorry... I swear I... Sammy" and Dean started crying.
"No, No I'm sorry, Sam explained me what happened, I'm sorry, it was a stupid idea... " and smiling "you're great running, and the fact that you carried your brother to that empty cabin, that you patched him up, that you protected him with salt lines and hexes... I'm so proud..."

"We got help" mumbled weakly Sam from the front seat

"Help?" Dad sounded scared, "you showed that to others?" Dean shakes his head

"There was a lady... she had this weird bracelet, the kind Missouri wears..." Dean says.

"It was mom... she told me that she's fine, and told me that angels are looking after all of his boys" John mouth fell open and tears filled his eyes "she left seconds before you found me".

"You saw her?" asks John to his youngest and the kid nods. "You were weak, that must have been a dream" he says breathing to calm himself.

"I couldn't let Sammy in the woods and she had supplies..." Dean explained "I left the holy water and a silver knife for Sam" and looking into his brother eyes "What happened?"

"you're sick, you've been unconscious and fighting a fever for the last two days son..." explained John "there’ll be time for this” caresses his messy hair and goes out “we're going to Bobby’s, he'll help us... you two need some rest" and caressed Dean's head once more "get some sleep, I’m going to buy food and we will get on our way okay?" and Dean believes him and sleeps.

In his dream he's 4 again and mom is feeding him cake and ice cream on his birthday and he can see the bracelet on her arm dangling with the bunch of amulets while she sings to him and then kisses him in the forehead and tells him how proud she is of her son, how brave Dean is and how important he'll be in the future.

"You sent a soul to do angels work?" asks Zachariah to Castiel in Heaven "that's not not right, that’s not the procedure, that's a clear violation of..."

"Is what was needed, and you know we have to keep the vessels safe"

"Is not your place to decide that!!" screams Castiel's superior "why you sent her, HER from all..." Castiel knows, because angels can see future and past and he knows of Dean's pain and his need for his mother and needed to help him, even if a vague memory of her will help him beat the lungs infection he caught days before that trip burning vamps corpses and caused him blurred vision that provoked the hunting accident.

if he would've let them alone that day Sam would have bleed to death and Dean not long after that for the infection and guilt, John would've killed himself that night, right after burning his sons bodies, the angel couldn't let it happen.

"This is going to be erased from the Winchesters memories, and you're forbidden to contact them again, unless you're ordered differently, now go back... Anna needs you to fight those demons..." and Zachariah disappears, and Castiel is once more in a war, Bosnia this time.
But He thinks it was worthy.
The end

After all we know that angels changed the boys life right? why then couldn't they have done this? even if it weren't Mary herself? maybe something like a shadow created by castiel?.

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