Jun. 11th, 2011

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It was almost dinner time and Dad was coming home, Dean knew it, He heard when Dad called Jim and said "Wednesday would be a great day" of course it was a great day, was Dean's b-day.

Sam was out on a field trip but he'd be home by Dinner too, and Dean was excited not even cared for making his own birthday celebration, he was sure this time Dad wouldn't forget, Sam wouldn't ruin it with his moods. Since Sam turned 13 he was imposible and always found the worst moments to start a shouting contest with Dad.

The last thing he needed was a cake, and he even took some more money from the secret emergency stash dad kept, knowing it had to be special and ran out to buy one.

It was 15 after 10 and nobody was home, nobody, Dean's 21 birthday was forgoten, he was sitting there alone on a dark room, the food was cold, he was sitting facing the wall, if nobody wanted to be there... then Why dad didn't take Dean on the hunt? Sam's group would be staying over night on the fucking aquarium, so yeah it was his birthday but he was all alone here.

for a moment more he sat there, biting his lips, eyes red and filled with tears, Why he even bother? is not the first time - he thought to himself- is not the first time and you know it, why you care now? - so he got up and leaned the table, everything was perfect to he put everything in the fridge and went to bed, not even TV was important for him tinight, he just took one thing with him to the bedroom.

"Happy Birthday Dean... I'm glad you're here" he said blowing off his candle and starting the small chocolate cake with a fork, the first bite tasted salty, and the next one got stuck on his closed troath while he cried. "happy birthday Dean no matter nobody else cares."
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Look* point to icon* what do you think? I just realized I like that picture better than any other of him, and he looks so cute, hie eyes in all its glory without the perfect face and cute freckles taking the iight for once.

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