Feb. 8th, 2011

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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] sasha_dragon

Your rainbow is strongly shaded black.


What is says about you: You are a powerful person. You appreciate mystery. You may meet people who are afraid of you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

last chance

Feb. 8th, 2011 06:12 pm
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Drabble Cm related, not sure how or when

I just hung the phone 'he's after you, we need to move' they said 'maybe you could go to your mom's?' I know that's not an option anymore.
'I'll stay here...' my fingers brushed the hair falling on my eyes, things have changed so much, people gone, and new faces, and after all this time I'm... I'm... he found me...
'you okay?' asked Morgan and I had to smile
'yeah everything just fine...' Rossi is looking at me too.

Whatever happens will happen even if I start worrying or not

I said it'll happen no matter what, and I'm sorry I was right... I still haven't told them, I'm leaving too, Garcia will be hurt, the guys might think I'm a traitor, and they will never understand I'm doing this to protect them, from him, after all this years... I did what I did to help him, to protect him, when he tried to kill himself I was the only thing he had, I was the only one there...

there's one more thing, from the very first time I saw him, from the very first second, I loved him, never did anything because how someone like him would one someone like me? he had Hayley, he had Jack and I was out of the game... he had the chance to be with every woman in this world, why would he chose me instead?

a dark haired man got close, I know what he wants, the rest are watching trought the bullpen to me, the man gets close and smiles "I guess you don't want them knowing just yet...?" leaned and hugged me "I'll be a date, if that's okay?" I nodded, sometimes, since I knew what was coming the words escape my mouth, just like right now, the idea of leave this unit, my family for the last five years too hard to comprehend just yet.

'I'm sorry I didn't told you before...' I mumbled, Hotch is looking to me, like that first day when he thought I was too feeble to be here, too unprepared for this job.

'so is a fact, you have to go in Witness protection?' and just nodded, the knot is hurting a knock on the door, is JJ she pass the door without saying anything else, like all the time and hugs me, we used to hangout, just because we're friends, even after Will and Henry, my boss stands and smiles to her giving me the seconds I need to compose myself before I get up and look at her.

'is it true?' she asks hugging me 'are you leaving us?' you left first stays stuck in my mouth, once again I just nod, the dark haired man at the door again and he just point at his watch and gives me an apologetical look, I nod, th elump too big to swallow, I turn to Hotch, this is my last chance, I should say something... but I can't. I follow JJ and the guy but at the door I stand
'can I have a minute please?' they look at each other and I turn, Hotch curious expression on his face, I move closer and hug him, he at first got still then his arms surround me, ad I want to cry. I'm an adult I should get over this childish crush, its my last chance, i face him and kiss him, softly I don't want him to think I'm insane.

'I had a crush on you since the first day..' I mumble he's speechles
'the first day I was a dick...' I moved away and toward the door
'not here, the first day I saw you with my mom' and he smiles confused
'Emily...' I can laugh now, its out finally
'its okay, I just.. you know wanted to use my last chance' got my bag and left, from the elevator I can see him, yanding on his window, brow furrowed, eyes fix on me, Morgan held me so tight it hurt, Reid is crying, and I promise him he'll be fine, Garcia bawls over me and I made a stupid joke about her and morgan getting over themselves and giving it a try. The new girl looks... smug... why?

at the garage I started crying, I can't even go back to my place, I'm leaving everyting behind
'Emily!' its him and I turn around
'sir?' he got closser and hugged me
'if thigs were different...' I moved away don't need the pity speech 'listen, if thigs were diferent... '
'I know.. thank you... I lo...' gasped in surprise it almost left my mouth
'me too' he said with one honest smile, the one that shows how human, how caring, how capable of love is this man. 'and I'm sorry I waited until now to notice...'
'hey, everyone has a last chance huh?' and moved to the car, and to a new life away from my family.

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