Nov. 27th, 2009

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ok I kinda throwed a pitty party yesterday but there's alot of thigsa to be grateful,esp in my current state.

I'm grateful that after all I lived, and afgter all I went throught during the last 20 months I still have hope and the security that life will go on.

I'm grateful because I have good friends that will never let me down, and that I'll die for them.

I'm grateful I have a roof over my head and someone to share all of it.

I'm grateful because even thou I had lots of bad things there were some good ones too.

I'm grateful for Bone, for Ivana, Gloria, Gim, for Daniel being ok, for JO and his adorable kid, for my half brother the bastard that thaugt me what i don't want to be.

I'm grateful for uncle Freddy who is always a friend and a paternal figure.

I'm grateful for Ada, Dearest Carlos and for his family that keep him happy and safe when I cannot be around.

I'm grateful for my new mom, and for the fact that she's not in need of chemo.

I?m grateful For Tony and all his support when things were different and his patience with all this.

I'm gratefulfor my parents even if I don't understand them, because they gave me so much, for my sisters and because they are here now, and because we went shopping and I have new cute clothes that means nothing but feels like so much when I remember the time we shared and I missed so much.

I'm grateful for new and old adventures, for crazyness and idiocy that shows me that I'm alive and well.
I'm grateful because eventhou there are million things that needs to be changed I'm her eto change them.

I'm grateful for the hospital, most of my doctors, most of my friends, even for the new two faced interns that look at me like crap and force me to work harder.

I?m grateful for the meal I had yesterday and the water I drank not an hour ago, because there was times when I wanted just one mouthfull of water and bread and there was none.

HELL!! there is a long list more that I was ignoring, and I'm grateful because I finally snaped out of it and I'm starting to live again.

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