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so I got back my phone, the one stolen on december.

oooh... let me tell you so you can shiver in fear with me.

If you remember a month or so ago when a certain asshole stalker marched into my house because his new gf left him?
well I had a phone call from police and they said I had to go to a station in order to retrieve certain things that belonged to me. I had no idea, but thought it'll be him, so there I was; alone and carefree as usual when I heard his name from this slightly chubby, brunette, 5'5"-ish girl with glasses with a black eye.

someone got close and asked me what i wanted and when I told them the girl looked at me and cursed, ike really loud!
She was teh last gf, the one that left him and ent home to find him in there telling her he rather see her deatyh than with someone else. he used to say things like that to me too, the guy attacked her and when police got into his hiuse to arest him, they found my stuff.

So police gave me  my phone, a bunch of printed pics of me; my tablet destroyed. a sweater, a bottle of parfume with my name on it; and my keyring, the one the muggers took. I changed locks the next days, and that night I pretty much barricaded myself inside, you ocouldn't even enter unless you had Groth with you; almos my sister Mel was with me.
The creepiest part is that it's been almost ten years!! 10 years!! how fucking sick you have to be to do this after 10 freaking years!!!

I have my stuff back and he's arrested but I feel less secure than ever.

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So apparently Pharell Williams, culprid of that hideous Blurred lines song glorifying sexual violence thinks he IS A FEMINIST!!
can you believe it? a feminist? that ass who wrote a song that repeats over and over the words most victims of sexual violence remember they heard from their attackers?

A feminist!! he who has so little talent he needs a flock of barely dressed girls dancing around to distract us from his limited skills!!
What were the suffragettes thinking?! compared to this saint they had no grounds to call themselves  feminists!</irony>

So yeah, I mentioned somewhere else that if he's a feminist, then I'm gonna become a meninist and I'll start giving away step-by-step advise on how to perform a castration, I'll call it art and find a catchy tune to go with it. it's pretty much what he did right?
care to join me?

now where is the pen again? I'll start the fucking manifesto right now!!

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since apparently I broke some kind of rule related with not filling any prompt freely...
here they are the two fills to THIS prompt

Tittle:Bathroom break )

Title: Bully )

just in case future fills will be posted here
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so. I've been contacted by this guy, he swears we know each other from over seas, he's aparently near Kabul on his fourth run. but has the time to write me all the time, like WTF? that much had things changed? ONly that is weird enough to have me suspecting.

Aside of the disponibility, why is it weird? because he's a certain kind of airborn company, and troup that my kind (as esp) had no contact with except on ONE base where we spent like ten hours to pick up some guys to transport.
Why this guy claims he knows me?

Okay even if I couldignore his lie on if we met. he claims he's a captain, but he wears Sgt. tags.
I can deal with someone saying i'm cute and that is not creepy or stalky because he just wanted to met me, okay? I'm desperate like that, but liying about his rank... not the way to my heart...

Let's add that he sounds very uneducated, not saying that I want the next best brain since Aristotele but this guy sounds so completely... let's say not from our culture that's insane.

okay lets ignore the how we met, what he is, and his level of education, he just ticks me off. it's things he says and when I try to be nice and lay him off easily he start doing crazy like bizare insane plans like moving together and stuff that freaks me out a lot.
Last thing he said is thatr he has two bars of gold that he'd sent to me, I know this must be some kind of scam, but he already has my info, so what if he tries something? what should I do?

so... yeah just in case, I sent him a message asking him not to contact me again.
but he has lots of info on me already... it really scares me now.
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twit 1

So okay...
PSH was a great actor? yes, he was.
was he a great father? yes he was... so I've heard.
is our place to say if this is a tragedy? NO!!
Is someone else's place to say is not a tragedy? well NO, either...
I guess 140 characters is not enough room to explain someone's opinion, and that some people who wants to sound smart and thoughtful, should instead shut their pie hole.

Just me, but I believe that any life wasted because of an addiction is senseless and a waste, and stupid, so yeah an actor or a bus driver, is still a father, a brother, a husband, a son, lost in a senseless, stupid way.

I might not share Jared’s opinion most of the time but I agree with him in the first part before he pooped the rest

I guess we have a different idea of what is tragic, I agree, he did made a mistake, but in my opinion,calling addictions Illness is like inventing excuses for all those who had no discipline and self respect, but of course the same is said by others about depression and self harm, and I do find that offensive, because I suffer from one of those. everyone is entitled to have an opinion, but is a different thing calling a little douche like Bieber out, than trashing a dead guy.

I guess calling an actor's death not a tragedy, is like calling actors baby's not a blessing...

I guess what people resents here is the fact that Jared uses this double standard wanting us to have HIS personal life info, most of the time funny and lighthearted and give him attention while everybody else having personal info shared is wrong. That we had to feel sorry and pray for his sister in law in a hospital, and for Rob after hsi stroke *which we did without him saying anything, because we're nice people* but is wrong to care for anybody else who's not SPN related?

this is pretty much the same BS from back when His Royal Highness Prince George was born.

I came home to hear of this and I was like "who cares, is Syria in peace? is Southamerica out of the water? is Fukushima safe? are those Sea Shepperds in Japan okay? Do we know anything about the cold weather? is it gonna end any time soon?" because we had several people suffering for this still on this weekend at hospital, all in all, this was just so irrelefvant it pissed me off at first before I saw all the huff and the drama. In the end both, Seymour-Hoffman *May he rest in peace* and Jared are just people, every day millions of guys die, for different causes, all of them great at something, all of them important, and millions of guys say stupid things about others, either because they're dicks or because they're misunderstood, why do we care for this two in particular? Seymour Hoffman was important but come on.... Friday at noon you all wouldn't care less for the guy. and Jared is not THAT important either, he's just an small actor, on a small show on a small network, with a small fanbase, I love him dearly but he should get over himself
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last night *since is trash day today* I saw my neighbor when taking out the trash, the lady smiled and was nice *she's never nice* and asked me who's staying with me.
Me: Staying?
She: Yes, you know? we haven't seen that boy anymore... so I guess is your... sister?
Me: (repeating don't say MYOB in my mind)No, she only comes in Summer and holydays, why?
She: well because, there's someone banging things all day long... we've seen someone looking out the windows upstairs yesterday around noon.
Me: no, there was nobody at home at that time. (still checked the footage of sec cam)
She: *looks at me like I am the one crazy* Oh.. okay, have a nice day sweetie.

So yeah it was creepy but you cannot say your neighbor you think there's something in your house, right?
And then, when I came home, the neighbors from the house behind mine were waiting for me, the couple are quite nice, even if I never talk to them at all.
The man was serious and said that the power company said they'll cut the power for a couple hours so I don't worry, it was nice, but then kept talking "but your... friend?" and both looked at the window of my bedroom upstairs "kept playing the same song over and over..."
the woman spoke then "I'm sorry sweetie but it was too loud and had too much curses on it..."
Okay this time it scared me shitless, since there was no power, I kinda believe someone is trying to scare me, seriously because when the power was back on a guy from the company came to my house to have me signing something and said that he knocked and knocked and saw someone inside but nobody answered.
checked my stereo but is unplugged, checked my computer and the playlist was stuck in I fucking hate you by Godsmack.

So my questions are: 1)Why was THAT one song on play whe I've been listening carols all the time this month and 2) What is in my house baging things and playing agressive music? and of course the most important 3)Why my neighbors think is okay to call me pet names?

Since things are weird and getting weirder I spoke to my ex and asked if he was doing something, told him that he should cut it out because was not funny and was really scaring me, he swore he didn't even came close to me.

the next thing I did was check around for Roger and I only found one missing call, but is from saturday around 4 am, so he's back, it could be him... SHIT!! You know?
So I went to the guy/cop who helped me, he said he'll call him and ask.

still went looking for advise, and this crazy lady asked if I have anything in my house that was not here before. And YES! my sister Louise brought over this old old paintings from my mom's great great great aunts and old books and other stuff, that are still in one of the bedrooms upstairs since august, and she said I have to send them back, apparently the ladies are not happy with my house.

I'll wait until the cop tells me Roger has nothing to do with this before believing it is some old stuff.

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