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and i have to be back at the hospital on monday to GOB...
but right now I'm home and ready to work, missing a guy I met there, an amazing kid of only 17 years, totally jailbite... and so sweet, horrible attitud when he's angry but pretty much a lovely creature.

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I've tried to hide my scars from you
I did...

anyway... I'm almost going back to the jungle. at 4 in the afternoon tomorrow, I wish I could stay here but.. chance at least had time to have fun with normal nice people too bad I cannot stay here any longer or for the rest of my time here...

life is not that bad.. I'm corageous enough to go back

For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled." Hunter S. Thompson


Aug. 17th, 2007 10:01 pm
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after two days making peace with myself I'll give all those who asked an explanation of what's happening with me.
I came as a surgeon and then they (they as in the guys who rule the mission)decided to use me for the jungle, doing internal medicine, it was ok , I was alot more helful there, but then I arrived to the small hospital and found that there were no other women from our group, or any other for that matter... then I had to talk to the chieff of staff a pompouss bastard who told me "we were waiting for a man, we need another player for the football team" I was like WTF!! I?m a surgeon and resigned my time in OR to work here.
Then.. they had a huge party the first sunday I was there, with lots of alcohol and stuff, did I ever mentioned that that's forbden esp because it happened at the hospital?
then I had to work with people that doesn't speak in spanish or english or any civilizated language!! the same bastard denied me a translator so I was in hell!!
I decided to do something about it and found one by myself, then tried to talk to the chieff to get this woking in order to help the people all I got was the GOB consults too, wich means he does... like.. NOTHING!!
there are rats, HUGE rats on my bedroom and they do nothing to help me out with it.
there are two kinds of lizzards the good ones wich can be green or gray or the nasties of this kind translucid ones that lands over you when you walk close to the trees. the bad ones that are almost red and are poisonous or something. they cause some kind of reaction. a very bad rash.
Toads on the walls esp on the bathroom -wich btw I have to share with the rest of the staff (did I mentioned there are no other women?)- those ugly things launch themselves over you if you're on the shower, its so gross...
someone stole my wallet and my cameras video and photos,
hate that place I really did, they never take me seriously, The other guy from the team that went with me and is completely useless is "DOCTOR" I'm "Miss" because men ARE doctors, not girls...
I'm gonna go to see Dr Titizano. the one who directs this the very first minute I'm there, I spent close to 45 days away of amy internet conection I don't even have Cell signal,hate this place...*whine* I'm going hom on sept the 26th.
so 41 days and counting.
thanks for your notes and messages of concern, I'm fine and I'll be back home i no time.
love you all guys



Aug. 16th, 2007 10:36 pm
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I tried traditional food, walked over 15 kms and spent the morning in OR, BUT then I had time to see this folk fest, very interesting, I have the time to see Die Hard 4.0, is still on theatres here...

about different stuff, I'm gonna sleep tonight until I woke up by myself tomorrow, I'm catching up with Adam's stories...[I'm a geek :P]

now I'm going to bed so good night world.

People come into your life and people leave it... you just have to trust that life has a road mapped out for you.


Aug. 11th, 2007 02:13 pm
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its been terrible but i'll let yuo know latter, so far I'm ok, still alive but I'm tired of the "Dr Livingstone I presume" calls I'm getting lol

see you in four days

Bulo Bulo

Jul. 29th, 2007 08:22 pm
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that's the place I'm going to.. I'll be there for the next three months and I'll be operating I'm SOO excited
I'm on my way to the airport and waiting for the taxi, I got collywobbles the whole day!!! lol
I'm going alone!! what makes me even more excited!!!
the guys are going to the mere town while I'm going to a small town where I'l be more usefull OMG!! I can't wait..

i'm tooexcited to add anyother song

see you in Bulo Bulo

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...than becoming prematurely entrenched in prudence and negation.
-Knut Hamsun

I'm nervous, they're using me for what I know best Bolivia and they're sending me to "EL chapare" the place where Evo Morales the president came out, there's too the place where most of the drug is made.
I'm not sure where exactly i'm going i'll know tomorrow 12 hours before getting in the plane lol
lets see love this song
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I found this video of Orlando on parky, hope you enjoy it...

Kisses and wish me good bye

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I'll be going with Elizabeth, Nelly and Erick that'll be good , there's this other guy and few nice girls, I'm not sure if we're all going together, there's this guy Leonard what a bastard!! so full of himself... UGH!!
my first day away from the hospital, and was hell... not knowing what to do, I made cinamon bread...

now I'm reading and tomorrow will get a vaccine for one of those rare hemorragic fevers I'm sure I'm not gonna get lol
few months ago I was complaining about one I referred to it as not-like-i'm-going'to-get-it-here desease lol
and is not even bad after all.
I felt kinda ok, tired and sad, but excited, I'll let you all know where I'm going tomorrow while packing!!
Hector wanted to know why I went back to Roger, and then.. I didn't know what to do, I still trying to figure out why I did such a stupid thing.
thentried to cool things off but he's very insistent, I'm not sure what I'm doing

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intersting topic to think about
this moring I woke up SO SO late, I still haven't done my packing, And this morning we had an emergency one of my parents cats got poison... yet again... I mean every summer one of those animals dies and people look at my family like we were neglecting this precious creatures...
anyway he's better not full recovered but better.

about different things: for first time in my life I'mscared of travel, I like it not knowing where I'm going, I'm still way too excited to think straight

I'm still feeling down, anyway I had this tantrum? I made myself strong against Roger, he'll no longer rule me I'm no longer the poor child I was...

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