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Tittle :Szarabasjka
Rating: G the whole story
Gender: Fantasy
Characters: characters created thinking on actors you'll figure it out.
Sumary: Lilly has a faith to fulfill after she lost everything she becomes something else.
An old warrior turned his head hearing voices and cries, his granddaughter had in hands one of the wooden swords he use to train the knights.

He had been a great warrior, brave and strong, and he was still, but now also trained knights for his king, one of them got close to inform about the kids.

"Her brother and the young Blanchard were bothering her again" he said as some of the men laughed at the little girl’s attempt to fight off the bigger boys.

Sir Arthur watched as the kids kept fighting "Enough!!!" yelled his brother "let go" hitting her hand with his sword making her drop hers and cry running away embarrased.

“Owen!” The old man called his grandson while walking to the two boys. “Come here you two!” The two strong kids get close. Only a year or so apart from each other Owen was only a little more built than his friend.

"Yes Sir." They answered in unison.

"How old is you sister" Asked him serious

"seven" said together again

"and mistreating a seven year old girl is alright?"

"we were just having fun" answered the smaller one

"listen to me John, mistreating people is always fun for those who are more powerful, that's how the tyrants are made" and to his grandson again "who greet you when you arrive home, tired and sore?"

"Lilly" said not understanding, his grandfather took one of the swords from the floor

"what would happen to you if she were not there?" Owen lowered his eyes "you no longer have your mothers nor your father, you only have each other, and your job is to look after her" the older man kept talking to the kids " both your job, what would happen if she stop loving you two?" they looked at each other "go clean yourselves we have guests for dinner" watched them walking away and turned, he knew exactly where to find her, she was near to a tombstone talking to it "she's not gonna help you nut" The girl turned her eyes, They weren't red, she wasn't crying, wasn't sad, Lilly was angry "what's the matter?" asked once he got next to Lilly
"Owen..." She spat angrily. "He beat me because I'm weak." Her hand was bleeding but she didn't seem to notice it. Gently, her grandfather took it and wrapped it in with a clean cloth from his pocket.

"I don't think so ... you're not trained like they are." She made two tries to talk but finally decided to remain silent "Come... show me that swing you did with the sword." He said as he gave her the wooden one he carried. Taking the real one from his belt and he watched her swing the blade again. She was strong and had great ability "Where did you learn that?"
"Watching... Rhys has been trying it months, he can't do it, right?"
"True..." he couldn't hide a smile measuring her "You could beat Owen." He turned and started walking back to the castle with her. “After Piano come to the yard, you're not weak, and you'll use the exercise to build your strength."

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FINALLY!!afte3r a life time this story is DONE!!! it is still poorly revised, but I'm on it now, so calm your horses people, and let me check okay?

STILL!!  let me know if  I made obvious big mistakes please remember I'm an over-tired resident with no strenght to keep her grammar.
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Translated story from back back in the days, Spanish/basic version HERE

it had to be translated and edited because one day will be part of the back-story of the reign at east, the place where King Marek comes from, it's gonna be the third installment for the Szarabasjka Story.
Just let me know what you think...

In a world faraway, ruled by kings, from the time the world was young and had no experience, under the same star two babies were born.
At north of the star a boy was born, he was a child of the powerful night, with a will forged with fire, at the south a girl, she was like a swift dawn with the strenght of a storm.

Both carried the weight of a crown on their heads, and the kingdoms were quite different, north only heard the clang of blacksmiths, swords and shield and armors all day, everything was iron and precious stones.

South heard laughter and calm, animals and lands full of richness, different yes, but both babies had love and care.

Time passed until the star came back over the same land, both babies were grown ups now, He was an astonishing warrior, he lost his mother and his father spoiled him, because he was everything he had left.
She was the leader of her people, just and kind, She lost her mother, and her father treasured more than any jewel because she was precious to him.

The boy fought in wars and he always won, in his entire life he never heard a NO, he had no idea how it felt to lose, and he was arrogant.
The girl ruled sometimes, even over her father, she had the wisdom of the elders and a smile you could never say no to, and she was proud.
read more about the star, the princess and the prince )

I'll be greatly thankful for any opinion, idea, thought or suggestion on this story.
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"You said Owen and John fought to get revenge..." were his first words "why instead you didn't take my body back? that was easier"

"Grandpa was hurt, couldn't carry you alone, Owen was bleeding, and John was protecting me" she tried hard to supress a sigh

"your LOVED John..." he said bitter "...he is dead."
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End of the first book
I?m right now around the third story or book, but had no time to try even getting it from paper to word.

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