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Yeah... I know nobody actually read my fics even less original stories, but now and then I need to read some because I kinda want to edit and enhace bits and so.. and I have to go all the way scrolling down to 2004 and it's annoying since I never actually kept them in one magic post...

Here we go:

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fill for THIS PROMPT
A/N: yes I twisted lore again, yes I took some bits from other movie. but still like my fill.

Tittle: Token
Pairing: none
Rating: Gen
Kinks: fluff, h/c, protective boys, hurt/scared Cas
Characters: Dean W. Sam W. Castiel, Rowley, OMD(as in demon)
Dean was walking back from the garage, singing along with a holla lotta love when the thumping made him turn.
He was in his cut off short shorts –to piss/scare/traumatize Sammy- and had not one weapon with him so he ran back to his room and changed in a second, took his Glock, his sawed off and an angel blade and ran back down.
Sam heard the hasty footsteps and left his book and moved down the hall calling out for his brother. “Dean?” he didn’t heard a reply so he followed him.
Castiel was sitting in his room, he has one now; it’s just like every other room in the bunker but it’s his, with his bed and his bathroom, and is the first time he’s ever had something HIS. The laptop he’s using is Dean’s; so is the show he’s watching, Into The Badlands happens to be awesome. He understands Sunny’s inner battle between obeying his master or doing what is right, the weight of decisions too heavy for him who couldn’t see the bigger picture.
The sound came from deep into the ground, as if the very foundation of the bunker had been hit by a pneumatic hammer. It frozen his blood the second it sounded, it couldn’t be there.
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The End
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Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Previous parts HERE (one day I promise I'll make a masterpost. )
Jensen woke up with someone yanking his blankets way and emptying a pitcher of ice cold water on him. “What the fuck!” but his bit his lips, it was his father.

“Watch your mouth, you ungrateful ass, have you seen this?” and the newspaper was shoved under his nose. Jensen scrunched his eyes at the light filling his bedroom

“I don’t care what it says I just…” his mouth was hanging open, on the front page was a picture of him, naked from the waist down and holding an omega in his arms while they mated in a parking lot, as witnesses of the claiming were two of his friends. “How the fuck…”

“That’s exactly what we want to know Jay.” His brother finally spoke from the door. “Care to explain who he is? And why I haven’t heard of this before?” and when Jensen only turned to face the paper once more. “And for the love of God tell me he’s legal and that you at least know his name and I won’t have to face shame as when the other girl.”

“Shut up…” Jensen mumbled as he went back to the bed to find it uncomfortably wet and cold.

“You shut up…” Alaina was at the door, his brother’s second wife and campaign manager. “Get the fuck up… sorry Alan darling.” She excused her cussing. “Misha is on his way and you better find a way to make all this turn for the better or I’ll swear to God I’ll leave you without progeny!” her husband and Jensen’s dad were too angry to laugh. “Its election year, you imbecile and my husband is not gonna lose his second term because his jerk of a brother can’t keep it in his pants.” She was at the side of the bed snapping her fingers too close to Jensen’s liking, but better snapping than having those sin red painted nails presented.

As a way to piss her off he got up of bed as naked as the day he came out of a womb. Richard and his dad let out startled sounds but Alaina smirked. “I bet you had to pay that little bitch to make you believe you were anything close to *impressive*” she let out and Jensen wanted to punch her.

It took him hours of promises and apologies to have his father more calmed, and more at ease with the mating. “…Because I cannot deal with another disappointment from you.”

Alan had no idea of the truth but Richard and Alaina only wanted to get this sorted out as soon as possible, they had to do damage control on yet another mess courtesy of Jensen Ackles.

The first day Jensen spoke to his brother in law, it was Misha’s job to get as much information as possible from him, the second day he went to The Cage to be left in the car as Cliff went to ask the manager if he knew anything about the guy.

Meanwhile the press was saying Jensen didn’t plan on making the poor thing a decent omega, rumors started about prostitution and about jail bite. As if omegas could have a chance to be protected, they presented and that was it, the first heat came and they were fair game, and the only thing Jensen did remember is the smell of heat, sweet and creamy and soft…. Does that make any sense?

The third day is when they have a tip, there’s only one omega missing and is the barman, a guy Jensen remember from a couple times he was there, the kid that cares too much for 10 dollar beers and smiles even not knowing who he is; Jensen got sick and emptied his stomach at the side of the car, what he have done?

It was Misha the one in charge of actually finding him though. Jared heard the knock on the door and after a couple whispers Tito knocked on his door. “Jay? Someone is here to talk to you…” he entered. “He looks like a lawyer.” He whispered and Jared for the first time that week got up from the bed and walked the exact seventeen steps to the living room.

“You’re Jared…” said the man with a grimace, his blue eyes wandered all over Jared’s body.

Tito, smaller and heavier stood in the way. “He is Jared, what do you want with him.”

The guy in front presented himself as Misha Collins. “I’m here on behalf of…  ” he doubted as he saw the stack of news papers on the coffee table near the TV remote.

Tito found out about the mating by accident he was trying to catch up the fashion police show, even if is not any good without Joan Rivers and he saw the grainy image of Jared on his back on the floor, he tried to go through the entire thing, but he couldn’t, Jared cried when he woke up and was informed of everything.

Tito won’t let this lawyer hurt the boy he had at his charge now. Not after the poor thing cried until he fell asleep on his arms. “I believe we know who the fuck sent you… and he doesn’t’ want shit from you or that bastard.”

Misha tried to sound calmed. “Sorry… is your…” and raising his brows. “...mate…?” he tried. “okay?”

Jared finally opened his mouth. “I’m not mated.”

Tito and Misha shared a look and the landlord could see how much this made the alpha in front of him angry. “I’m afraid you are now… I’m sorry…” he let out biting his lips. “You’re the only innocent in all this huh?”

Misha left a card and asked them to not contact press about this. “Even if this is not what you could’ve expected, the family is not that bad; As the oldest in-law member of the Ackles I’ll show you the ropes.“ Misha added with a dashing smile. “I promise I’ll be there for you, okay?” he left the house but feared the worst as he spotted a car with cameras as he drove away.

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Next Part HERE
So I'm sorry I thought I'd have mroe time around here.
it's going slow, but it'll pick up speed soon.
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 from a tumblr prompt:here )

I know how it feels…
Author: Kali
Rating: Gen
“I’m a coward.” She repeats to herself as she walks down the empty hallways towards the exit, she knows what’s gonna happen, she had heard the people walking out laughing and making fun.

She heard them at lunch among the jocks and popular kids where her classmates sit. “She told him already let’s go.”

One year ago, when she was freshman, it’d have been her, the joke. Why she couldn’t say a thing when it was 12 y.o. little Spencer.

As she walks out she was debating going to tell teachers, she should… but being a tail tell never bode well in high school.

She walks down the field towards the football field, and as she walks she hears the laughter and the people cheering and catcalling and making fun. It was horrible, it was like a roman circus, it was humiliating and exhilarating in a terrible way.

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Title: Love Of My Life

Rating: gen
Warnings: deathfic, main characters death.

Prompt: sad story a world where a mate cannot survive once his partner is dead
Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki

Summary: he was his life, he was his world, until he left

A/N2: I tend to think on the weirdest things while preparing for stress, this came to me because I had to tell a man his wife is terminally ill and he said he won't survive without her


The letter started with a little phrase "love of my life"
as if it were nothing, and it had a smiley face on it, Jensen was always serious but this little gestures used to make him smile, Jared made him smile, the kid came to change his life forever more.

Love of my life:
By the time you read this I'll be gone, and I want you to know I love you, I enjoyed every second I lived with you.
The moment my parents kicked me out I thought my life was over, if I only knew then that i'll find you, I'd have thanked him.
you are my entire world, you're everything, you taught me to love, you taught me what having someone's love feels like, you're the love of my life.

happy Anniversary Jensen, I'll be back by dinner.

Jensen cried reading this siting on the couch where he woke up naked and smelling like Jared and come, Jared spent an hour rambling about how they met, how he was too distracted to see the chubby cute girl carrying Jensen's coffee, how when he fell he felt like the world was spinning, how the green of Jensen's eyes were like the greenest emerald with the light of a star, his lips the most amazing inviting fruit and his laughter the sound of a choir of angels, Jensen blushed and laughed for days, but couldn't help the love that filled him. How could you not love Jared. "he is" Jensen thought "The love of my life..."


Jensen tried to turn in bed but it only caused more pain, a deep ache, so deep it rattled his bones, he whimpered and his ragged breath changed to a faster pace. His heart was beating so fast it worried his doctor.
He felt the same flutter on his heart once in his life before, when he saw those eyes for the first time,
When the tall lanky boy entered the coffee shop and tripped with Peggy, the waitress who was carrying his coffee, the coltish long skinny limbs flying around and landing at his feet, Jared got up in all four and turned those glorious golden green eyes up and that was it... Jensen knew he'd be the one

It took him two more times to get the courage to say hi and it'll be forever if the guy didn't got close and introduced himself "I'm Jared... I'm new in town, and I don't really have friends here..." the kid started randomly speaking before Jensen even asked him to sit down.
Serious Mature, always in control Jensen felt like a 15 yo girl for Jared, everyone started to notice it the same day they sat at the table, when the time of going back to the office came and Jared stayed behind Jensen couldn't stop thinking about his new friend, just turned 22 and was new in town, coming to try and be a great writer, or a teacher, or maybe work on publishing; "I have no idea what I want... I just.... " and Jared's dimples made him forget how to be a normal man. "OMG, I was about to say I just want to be aroud you" he said laughing and hiding his face.

Alona, his right hand when was about numbers entered his office with her hair all over the place, a pen between her teeth and a page with scrunched numbers talking about stock and the last quarter when she just looked at him raised an eye brow and smiled "you met someone..." Jensen blushed, he wasn't used to it, he wasn't used to be in love.


Jared went back to the coffee shop and made fun of Jensen always taking his coffee black "there's more flavors in the world aside of bitter..." said adding cream and a pound of sugar to his own mug "there are this thing..."pointed to the sugar once more "it taste great you know" Jensen smiled when Jared looked at him
"I bet there's something else that tastes great, and is even sweeter" and green eyes darkened, he felt hot and nervous, Jared stuttered for a second before letting out a small chuckle and the second the blush covered his cheeks Jensen bent down and kissed his lips, just slightly, just a brush.

Jared told him later that he was so nervous he thought he'll die, Jared said he thought it was just his crazy idea, that he never hoped Jensen would feel the same, after all he was just a stupid kid and Jensen was fucking perfect.
Jared heard over and over that the only thing perfect about Jensen was his boyfriend.


The first Christmas together was only a couple months after that, and Jensen was so sure he bought the first present for Jared, and hopefully, they'll be together the rest of their lives, the small jewelry box on his pocket was heavy and burning, he knocked at Jared's door and took him out, they were going ice skating, first time for Jared and he was excited and nervous, but Jared was used to Texas weather not Vancouver's and the amount of snow had him cranky and moody, Jensen gave him his scarf to keep him warm thinking it'll make Jared smile, just to have Jared complaining once more "I would rather stayed inside... it's cold and it's stupid... I don't really care about skating... I'll fall and people will make fun of me..."
"I just wanted to have very good memories of this day"
"Jensen..." Jared rolled his eyes frustrated and "the only memory I'd get from this day is a million falls and a cold..." and moved away leaving Jensen with the box on his hand
Jensen caught up with him frustrated and nervous "could you just... try? just try and have fun today?" Jared was about to cry when he finally faced Jensen "are you okay?" Jared just lowered his face and started sobbing quietly "baby..." Jensen caressed his hair and holding his face made Jared look at him "What is it?"
Jared finally mumbled something Jensen had to really pay attention to understand "Meg called... she was whispering, she wished us a merry Christmas before my mom took the phone from her hand and said you shouldn't call him, he's no longer one of us... and hugn up" Jensen hugged Jared
"well, fuck them!!!" and breathing deep on Jared's neck, the smell of his soon to be mate "you're mine, only mine and I'm yours we don't really need anyone else..." and kept him close to him like that for a long while.

later that night after Jared fell and laughed and skated finally; and Jensen stumbled and fell and broke his pants they sat watching lights and having hot cocoa that Jensen moved in front of him and bent on one knee "Jared..."
Jared gasped and tried to get up "OMG, Jen... what...?"
"Jared... I love you, you're my life, you're my heart, you're my world... please be my mate too?"


The sex... The sex was amazing, Jared writhing and screaming under him, the feeling of that glorious skin, the heat, Jared was like a furnace, he was the sexiest thing Jensen had ever been with, he was the reason why he couldn't even think about anyone before him, the reason why even work was good.

But there was something even better, the times when they were just together, not for sex, not caressing or touching, but when Jensen felt the closeness of Jared, when he woke up to a sweaty mate who just came back from jogging, and had fresh coffee for him, When they ended each other sentences, When Jensen dared to sing with his friends and jared was tehre clapping and glowing with pride, when Jared turned in bed at night and sighed peacefully, like he knew he belonged there, right next to Jensen.

Jensen loved when Jared got home from School chatting non stop about his classes and projects, about his plans, one more year and he'll graduate and they could start a real life, he said, but Jensen felt their life was perfect already.


Jensen thought they'll be together forever, because; what kind of mate would he be if he kept going after they were done?
Jared heard that and caressed Jensen's hand and kissed his chin "we'll get old together, Jen, we'll be wrinkled and grumpy and we'll have sex all the time instead of working out, you're stuck with me forever"
Jensen smiled "really? would you like to have sex with me when I'm old and smelly and I get hair in weird places?" Jared laughed nodding and kissed him deeply.
"I'd love you even if you start getting ugly and hairy and even more smelly..."
Jensen scoffed "I do not smell.." Jared laughed.
That's what Jared did for him, Jared was the light and the joy he never felt before, the world was brighter, happier, more alive because he had Jared with him.

"we'll creep the lights out of our kids one day... having sex all over the house even as we get older and older..." Jared kissed Jensen once more
"Kids?" asked the older man and Jared settled at his side, half on his lap
"yeah... I'd love to have a little Jen in the house, or a couple kids, or a dozen..."
Jensen caressed his mate and tightened his arms around him "chances are slim... what if-"
Jared laughed "then we'll try and try and try..." and moved to kiss his neck "I just feel like practicing right now" and his hand caressed Jensen's tight moving to his crotch.


Until the stupid accident. Jensen told him the fucking bike was dangerous, he told him it was a bad idea, Jared rolled his eyes and showed him the helmet "I wanted a bike since I was a child and I swear I'll be careful, okay?" and getting closer "don't be mad" said with a smile before kissing Jensen "it makes you look old" and made him laugh and forget his worries.
Jensen was getting ready, when noticed Jared's wallet on the table, and ran after him, took his car, it was only a couple minutes he still could get him before he gets to traffic, he had to, without his ID it would be a mess to get in campus, the second he reached the intersection he knew, he saw the cars, he saw the black print on the asphalt, and he knew, he felt his heart slowing down, he felt his hands getting colder, his entire life getting gloom and pointless, noticed the clock in small blinking green numbers 8:45, and He ran, he remembers he ran screaming his mate's name "Jared..." he can't remember,though, not even now, three days later in a hospital bed tied to a million machines to keep him going; he can't remember how he got there, but the next second he had Jared on his arms "oh My God... baby..."
the keen Jared let out will haunt him to his grave "Jen... it hurts..." and after a second "I'm sorry, you were right, I'm sorry I always acted like a... spoiled..." sighed "Jen..."
Jensen cleaned the blood from his brow, and his mouth, looked to the rest of the broken body and the blood pooling around them "shh, you'll be okay, you're with me, you'll be okay"
Jared closed his eyes "Love of my life...." mumbled
"no, no, no, Jared, no... please, please, don't leave me" Jensen sobbed "please come back, you're my heart, you are my world, you're... please don't take it away from me..."

Jared's last breath was on that street while the few guys around were signing the ambulance to hurry up and Jensen was laying on the floor with his mate on his arms.
The machine let out a creepy flat sound and the nurses rushed in "v-fib" said someone, and the doctor sighed "let him go..." said before turning to close Jensen's eyes, Jensen's last thought was how Jared's lips made a little sound like a sigh of peace when the life left his body. like he knew he belonged there, in Jensen's's arms.
"time of death... 8:45" said the doctor "poor bastard..."
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Tittle: Stay - The boys' Halloween
Author: Kali
beta: not yet
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, mentions of Castiel, Ezequiel, John Winchester, Bobby Singer.
rathed; Gen
Spoilers:very basic S9
Summary: Sam finds out about Ezequiel.

A/N: I tend to think in the weirdest things when preparing myself for stress, this one came from a fanart post I saw in Tumblr Just switched arms to fit the story.
So... ENJOY*bows and moves away

"Sam please... please" Dean begged while a frantic Sam walked into his newly re-decorated room, taking clothes and stuff "you don't know the whole story..." suddenly his younger brother faced him and punched Dean throwing him out of the room
"I don't know the whole story? what else is there to know? aside of you using me to keep something controlled inside of me" and letting out a frustrated sigh "is this why...? is... How long Dean?"Dean was still on the floor breathing desperate, not having enough calm to say things straight "you fucked up my life for this? so you could have your own defibrillator in me?"

it happened when Sam found out about Ezequiel, the camera on his computer recording the exchange between the angel and his brother. everything from Saving Castiel, to resuscitating Charlie, they spoke about how long it'll take to heal HIM and Sam asked who was this time, Dean couldn't say it.

Sam felt betrayed, how long has this been happening? how long Dean had him as a vessel for someone else? What was inside of him? demon? monster? Lucifer? those vivid hallucinations he had...
"is this the reason you brought me back every time? is this what I became? the monster Dad asked you to kill?"
"let me explain... you were dying"
taller as he was he had to bent down to see into his brother's face "that's always your excuse, ALWAYS! is this why Cas left?" Dean didn't answered but avoided his eyes "I want it out of me..."
"No..." One simple word was enough, Sam will get whatever was inside of him removed, there has to be someone... somehow; he'll find a way "promise me you won't try... could die" Dean followed him trying to explain but Sam slammed his bedroom door, and sighed furious, even more watching the "hang in there" kitty poster pinned there, he bought it as a joke for Dean.
he always believes in anything Dean says he always believes in Dean.

He remembers that stupid Halloween when he was 10, Dad left them alone, and he felt stupid with the cast, couldn't brush his hair or carry his books, or tie his shoes, but Dean was there doing all that for him, cutting his meat in bite size pieces for him, he even gave him his most valuable possession, the Batman custom Bobby bought for him three years ago, when he learned the sixth exorcism in Latin, Sam had a ninja turtle suit somewhere.
Dean gave him the suit, and helped him to dress with his left arm on a cast and all, the same arm some monster broke years latter, Dean dressed as a cowboy, Sam thought he was way too old for trick and treating, but Dean said he would never be too old for free candy.

His brother whispered; like it was a big secret and millions were around "This suit is magical, it'll help your arm, it'll heal faster..." and got up from the bed to fix the pentagram made into a sheriff star on his chest, looking to Sam's reflection pouting on the bed. sure he was now too old to believe there was such thing as good magic.

deep inside Sam believed him, because it was Dean and if Dean says so, then it's true, because Sam trusts Dean.

They ended up sitting on a park on the swings, Dean even helped Sam up, they ate chocolate and watched stars there; as always, before heading home.

Now, Now Sam couldn't trust dean anymore, and this home was no longer where he wanted to be. Sammy noticed the tears on his eyes,surprised on how easy dean can make him cry, he got everything he needed and opened the door.

Dean was frantic "Please... please Sammy" but his baby brother had everything in a bagpack and dufel and was leaving. "Zeke, please..." Sam turned but to dean Surprise there was no blue glow on his eyes
"Now it makes sense" spat Sam leaving.

Once the door was closed Dean sat on the first step and noticed he was shaking, it wasn't the first time Sam left, by far not, but this was the first time he left home, a real home "He won't forgive me this time" Dean let out.
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Jared dreaded the first day of school, and is only fair, since his parents changed him into a boarding school because, Apparently, coming out in your first year on High school was not right for them, especialy coming out when your parents find you making out on their couch with who until then was your best friend.

Chad said they "could be friends" but that he never really wanted to be more than that, he said Jared "impossed" himself on Chad, that he had to play along afraid to lose his friendship. it changed his life; he started being bullied the next day, when he found a million copies of a shirtless picture of him from last summer; on walls and doors with "GayJay the molester queer" written on them.
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Nerve was sitting on the edge of the couch, Iris was still asleep, it was past noon but she had no heart to wake her up.
She knew the things that had to be done., every one of her blades in front of her while the bundle of papers were still on the table under the same stupid note left by their handler.
She refused to let her go, refused to let her emotions to go free. Refused to accept she was afraid.
The soft click of the lock, the faint smell of aftershave, pine and sandalwood and she was smiling brightly, excited and happy.
"you're back!!" And was on his arms, Cole stunned didn't move at first, then wrapped his arms around her
"I don't know if I'm happy for this... or should I feel ofended?" teased "I'm the ghost, guardian, I'm the one supposed to be invisible, more than you all" she giggled, a sound so weird made Cole's heart broke.
"I'm relieved I don't have to deal with the paperwork..." and moving to his side so both could walk inside "did you killed her?"
"I scared her enough to have a couple days to get things straight, another kill will send someone even more dangerous over us..."
Stem had a meeting withthe very chief of her institution, a man so high in Government ranks that you could only assume there was nobody else on top of that
"Some stupid people think this is a stand of some kind, those agents must die Subsecretary... is that clear?"
"Yes sir, I am taking care of that personally, this time there will be no mistakes."
"I can asure there will be no mistakes Stem, I'm sending two teams of my people"
"with all due respet sir, ten man..."
"I've won wars with less than that, this kids you're fighting can't be worse than an entire army" and after a sigh of frustration that was more than unsettling "okay I'm sending 20... I guess they deserve some fun..." after a few minutes of brownosing Mrs. Stem let go of her phone
Stem was on the car, dressed in a dark suit and bulletproof vest, they were about to enter the house the HEARTS were hiding in.
"whenever you're ready ma'am..." said a huge guy, looking at her with more respect than what you'll expect.
And she ordered them to move.
Cole had a mole in the secretary now, he said, and they were recruiting help from those who used to hire them to get things done.
so by the time he got the phone call thelliong him that White Srarks (special black ops forces) were coming the girls were already getting in the car to go tohsi apartment.
They sat to see Stem and the 20 men getting in the house the bombs were ready, Iris wanted to be there, but without backup... her siblings ordered her to stay put and wait.
They were once more piled up on one bed, the girls tried to stay on their own places, but around 2 am when Nerve started guard, Cole had a nightmare and Iris couldn't let him alone.
The silencer wanted some coffee and was getting in the kitchen when a click called her to the window, a shadow under it made her go back to the room.
"Nerve..." she moaned "Make me breakfast..." Nerve opened her eyes and looked at her.
"Make yourself breakfast imp..."
"Cole... send her to the kitchen now..." said getting the small glass marbles he had on a giant glass on his nightstand he mumbled for her to stop "what if there are monsters out the window?"
her hand moved to the floor where Nerve's belt with her throwing blades were.
"tell you what..." she said getting up and grabbing her shirt, the one with the thousand pockets all of them full of knives "I'll chop you something, but you have to help... Brrr.... it's so fucking cold" Cole was bitting his bottom lip "move Cole, we need more hands"
"How many hands?" he said watching them move and grabbing their ear pieces.
"like a thousand?" said Iris and them three moved to the hallway, as if it were their rutine, the halway had no window it was perfect for them, they ducked next to the wall, Cole opened a closet and pulled a couple vests.
"get this" he ordered giving them to the girls
"you...?" asked Nerve he ignored her
"Iris move to the very back, get in the closet, there's a passage, you'll be on the vent, there are several holes for you." gave her a 9mm "Nerve... all the way Guardian, all the way.." she smiled, he bent down and kissed the girl's head, turned to do the same with Iris when the crash of a window called them "Be safe kid" caressed Iris cheek and moved away from them talking openly "What the fuck girl did you...?" and the first shot sounded Iris gasped before moving inside the closet as ordered.
Nerve fastened her vest and kicked the closet door close while getting up, moved to where Cole went and pursing her lips moved, inmediatly screams of pain started, more shots, some of them from somwhere over their heads.
Cole was hurt against a wall his bloody chest heaving while he tried to move. "Stay brother, stay..." she mumbled landing next to him, the attacker backed out when four more were gutted in few seconds "I'm not gonna fail you, I'm the fucking guardian Cole, and I'll keep you safe this time..."
Three hours latter, the siege was broken and they fled. they had somewhere to go that night.
Cole D Heart were set on a small space, wearing hs best suit, and the shades he loved so much. not one tear were shed for him, not because he weren't important, but because the calussed souls who put him to rest next to his Surrogated family, those who took him in, and made him one of their own, couldn't let the tears come, not yet.
He was set next to his brother, the one who shared endless nights watching games and eating pop corn.
both gir5ls had tears in their eyes but both were now convinced that they had to be brave.
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Title: The first Chrsitmas Dean remembers
Author: Szarabasjka
Characters: Dean, Sam, John, Bobby
Pairing: None,
Ratings: PG
Warnings: none
Genre: drama, family
Disclaimer: I do not own them , wish I could but neeh
Summary: Dean remembers one christmas but is not a good memory per se
A/N: wanted to write soemthing sad for this time of the year(I tend to think in shallow stuff while preparing myself, that way I'm less stressed and work better)
So here it is:the_first_christmas )
Hope you like this, merry Christmass guys

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