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fill for THIS PROMPT
A/N: yes I twisted lore again, yes I took some bits from other movie. but still like my fill.

Tittle: Token
Pairing: none
Rating: Gen
Kinks: fluff, h/c, protective boys, hurt/scared Cas
Characters: Dean W. Sam W. Castiel, Rowley, OMD(as in demon)
Dean was walking back from the garage, singing along with a holla lotta love when the thumping made him turn.
He was in his cut off short shorts –to piss/scare/traumatize Sammy- and had not one weapon with him so he ran back to his room and changed in a second, took his Glock, his sawed off and an angel blade and ran back down.
Sam heard the hasty footsteps and left his book and moved down the hall calling out for his brother. “Dean?” he didn’t heard a reply so he followed him.
Castiel was sitting in his room, he has one now; it’s just like every other room in the bunker but it’s his, with his bed and his bathroom, and is the first time he’s ever had something HIS. The laptop he’s using is Dean’s; so is the show he’s watching, Into The Badlands happens to be awesome. He understands Sunny’s inner battle between obeying his master or doing what is right, the weight of decisions too heavy for him who couldn’t see the bigger picture.
The sound came from deep into the ground, as if the very foundation of the bunker had been hit by a pneumatic hammer. It frozen his blood the second it sounded, it couldn’t be there.
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The End
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a fill for this prompt

Tittle: wear a condom
Pairing: Sam/OMC
Rating: Gen, but mentions of sex and discussion of mature themes.
Kinks: h/c, hurtSam, protectiveDean, medical procedure, sickness, a bit of angst, and lots and lots of brotherly fluff.
N/A: so yeah... the end is weird to me... hope you like it.

Dean was holding his towel and banging the door. “Hurry up bitch!! I have a date..!”

Sam didn’t even answer from inside the bathroom. It all started when the little idiot turned 16 and grew five inches in two weeks, now he spent all the time locked in the bathroom or hiding stuff from Dean. Like right now! Dean was in a hurry and contrary to Sam; He helped dad with a ghoul and was smelly and dirty; so he banged the door a bit more.

“Dean!!” his father protested from the couch where he was sitting holding a blue pack against his right knee. “Give him a minute… ”
Dean huffed. “We had tacos for lunch, Dee; are you sure you want to go there right after Sammy?”

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The End.
So... yeah, that's it, I had this for over a week but lost my prompt...hope you guys like it.
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Tittle: Country roads
Author: Kali
Universe: Supernatural
Rating: +18
pairing: J2
A/N: I tend to think in the most absurd things while preparing myself for stress, this is something I'm actually considering on making  amultiple chapter thing.
A/N2:  tittles come from a country song Country Roads by  John Denver (just don't ask me why)

It came as a ONE time thing for the SPN Kinkmeme HERE
Sequel/prequel/follow up: country roads

Jared was the kind of man that’ll never forget someone who did something for him.

But before this he lived completely at the mercy of Zach and well… if you see at the fading bruises and still sore spots he had nothing now.

He dropped out of school because his boyfriend was jealous of the time he was away from him; he stopped working because his boyfriend wanted him home. He stopped talking to his friends after the first time Zach hit him. It all made sense, at the time.

Now here he was thinking about a home he doesn’t have anymore and doing nothing more than eating his protector’s food and sleeping on his
protector’s guest room. He could easily kick him out any second.

“Hey kid…” the gruff voice called offering him a glass of something. “Just orange juice, not sure you’re ready for something else.”

Jared mumbled a thank you and Jensen sat at the other end of the couch. “You want to leave… don’t you?” Jared looked at him surprised. “I knew it… you’re… ” Jensen made a noncommittal gesture. “Why would you want to be around me…” and then moved out of the room.

That night Jared was waiting for Jensen, the man entered smelling like alcohol and leather and blood, he always smelled like blood.

“I…” he started still not enough confidence to let his thoughts out without fear. “I thought we could talk about… about me, leaving…” Jared sat and Jensen followed him.

“I get it, but you told me you have nothing, so give me a couple days and I’ll have something arranged for you, have a word or two with some decent friends that can help you.”

Jared does not want that, he wanted to tell Jensen he’d rather stay with him, but was too afraid of being whinny and needy, Zach used to say he was useless and that he was pathetic when he showed any emotion. Instead of saying things out loud he just nodded.

Jensen nodded back and caressed Jared’s hand and went back to his food.

It was a matter of days until Jensen told him he had something arranged; it was minimum wage job at a diner but was a start. “The place is clean and safe; you’ll go back to school right?” Jared once when he was still healing expressed his intention to go back to school, he left college when he was about to start his second year. 

“I myself finished business school.” Jensen said smirking under his unkept beard. “Just fitting for my line of work, huh?” Jared laughed. “So… you know… I’m setting things so you can go back if you finally decide to do so.”

Jared was speechless the other man had no obligation. “You don’t have to.”

Jensen looked at Jared’s eyes. “I don’t have to, I want to, I want to make sure you’re safe and that you have what you want.”
Jared felt like crying.
The day Jared started working Jensen was on a two days business trip with his guys, as usual Jensen didn’t say what his business were about.
It was only on day four that Jensen finally entered the diner and smiled at him from the door, Jared was wearing a cute apron and carrying plates of waffles to awaiting costumers. Jensen’s mouth watered at the sight, ad he was not thinking about food.

“When you’re done you can take a break.” Shouted his boss; a lovely lady who was already smiling adoringly to Jensen.

So he hurried and came back in time to see Jensen sitting on one of the stools. “Can I offer you something?” Jared asked fumbling with his hands not knowing what to do with them. 

“Tell me Nina has some of that pecan pie she bakes herself…” mumbled Jensen while his hand was already traveling to Jared’s.

“Of course I do honey.” She was already placing a plate in front of him with a generous serving of the pastry before leaving the boys to themselves.

“Her son was my friend, you know? Her husband was my first chief, I survived because of him and his son died a year before I became the chief.” Jensen filled his mouth and made a face of blissful joy. “It could have been me.”

Jared’s entire body shuddered at the idea of Jensen’s death. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m here, and I’m not planning on going away any time soon.” Jensen winked as he offered a spoonful to Jared.

Day after day Jared went to work and at the end of his shift Jensen was there to pick him up. Once Jensen offered Jared his bike to drive and when Jared said he didn’t know how they spent two weeks of nights for him to learn. They joked and laughed and once when Jared finally drove by himself Jensen hugged him and kissed his lips.

One day they were walking on the street a a couple girls were openly staring at them. “They fancy you.”  Jensen informed with his mouth quirked up around his cigarette.

“Me?” Jared blushed, “no… why?”

Jensen’s look was something else, as if assessing if Jared was fishing for compliments or if he really had no idea of how hot he was. “You really
think nobody would look at you?”

Jared blushed deeply not looking at his friend in the face. “I know I’m not disgusting, but you’re here, next to you I’m just plain.”

Jensen throwed his smoke and got close. “wanna change that? Believe in yourself.” Jensen got close and straightened Jared’s shoulders in one pull. “Carry yourself tall, you’re gorgeous, you don’t have to walk as if you were sorry you’re using someone else’s space.” Jared puffed his chest for half a second before he just snorted and slumped his shoulders back.

“The night I met you, you were confident and secure…” Jared looked at him with wide eyes.

“That didn’t worked well for me…”

Jensen smiled. “I couldn’t take my eyes off of you, not only because you’re hot, also because the confident man there… that was something else.”

Jared laughed. “no one ever said they liked me like that…”

Jensen assessed him once more. “Then you’re hanging with the wrong people.” He started walking. “Come on…” they passed next to the girls who couldn’t take their eyes away from them. “Ladies…” Jensen nodded and offered them a dashing smile and the group giggled. 

“You see? They were looking at you.” Jared said. Jensen stoped on his tracks and walked back.

Jared felt something nasty inside, why the man he loved would do that? Go back to talk to some girls. Jensen offered his hand and the girls took
it in turns, two of the girls looked to Jared and smiled, mocking him- Jared thought- look what we can have and you don’t. All of them offered Jensen his numbers and Jared saw as his friend came back to him. “See? Three out of five were interested in you…” Jensen offered him phone numbers written on his hand.

“Really?” Jared saw the numbers amazed.

“Now smile to the lovely ladies… don’t be rude.” Jensen made Jared turn and wave to them.

It took another two weeks of hanging/going out that Jensen took him to a small apartment; it was clean and was close to Jared’s job. “This is clean and safe, and I believe you’ve saved enough for the deposit…” he offered. “and it’s close enough to campus…”

Jared heart fell to the bottom of his stomach, it was like weaning him, very day he was offered a little bit more independence, and it should be good, but it broke his heart. “do you like it?” Jensen asked in a hopeful tone.

“No…” Jared felt like crying, but he had to say it, he had to speak his mind or he’ll lose Jensen. “I don’t want to move out of your place… I don’t want to live away from you…” 

Jensen smiled a different smile that brought stars to his eyes and crinkled his face. “I was hoping you’ll say that.” He moved crowding Jared to the wall and kissed him. “I’ve been scared shitless that you’ll be ready to leave me…”
Jared was nervous while waiting for Jensen, it was ridiculous, they lived together, and they spent nights making out in the couch or Jared’s bed, but Jensen always stopped, always waited for Jared, and Jared was having a hard time not flash backing to his attack.

Tonight was a mark because Jensen asked him out when they walked back from work the night before. “We’ve been going out for almost three months…” offered Jared as he tried to rein the butterflies in his stomach.

“No… I’ve been hanging out with you for over three months, but I told you once, I wanted to take you out on a date…. And I want to do it now… if you want.”

Jared had to bite his lips before he embarrassed himself jumping and thanking Jensen for remembering. “Sure…” he let out in a sigh, controlling as hard as he could his excitement, Jensen only smiled, said good in a nonchalant tone and held his hand all the way home.

Jared was now trying his fourth – and last- shirt, Jensen knew all his clothes and it frustrated him.

In a very bold move he wandered into Jensen’s room and opened his closet, hanging there were a couple black shirts, a button down plaid, blue and black he remembered from the first time he saw Jensen, he was covered in it when he was brought to this mere house and he took it. His boyfriend might get mad but he didn’t care.

There was a knock on the door and Jared finished with his buttons, let out a breath and moved to answer, there was a giant guy, blue cold eyes on him. “I’m looking for Jay, the chief…” he asked. 

Jared felt like cowering inside but something made him stand where he was, this was Jensen’s house and he’d at least try to protect it. He stood tall and crossed his arms to hide the fact that he was shaking.
“Not here. Sorry.”

Another guy from behind asked what happened and the first guy only hollered. “Chief isn’t here, his new enforcer…” the question in his tone directed to Jared. “…Says so.”

Enforcer… Jared blinked a couple times trying hard to keep his face straight, no way these guys who looked like what you don’t want to find on a dark alley at night would think he was any kind of enforcer.

“Too bad…” said the other climbing back on his bike. “Tell him Kevin and Ty came to pay his respects… and give the same to his new partner.”

Jared nodded and went back inside looking himself on the full body mirror behind the closet door, wearing his dark jeans and Jensen’s shirt he looked different, the small scars on his face gave him character, he laughed of that, character… a way to say he looked  badass. His hair was longer and his cheeks filled out a little in the last weeks. He stood tall; he knew he was good looking, not Jensen good looking but… who could be. 

He snorted and puffed his chest out. Yeah, he looked different from the naïve idiot Zach threatened to share around. Far different from the soft guy who entered on the wrong bar and hit on the wrong guy. And he felt proud of himself.

Another knock on the door and he walked the few steps, he opened in one pull to see a nervous man there, short hair shaved face, and freckles… it was Jensen and he looked so different. “Hi…” he said breathless, without the stubble and the longish hair he looked different, in a good way.

Jared was speechless; Jensen gruff and dirty looked gorgeous but this guy in front of him? He was GQ material, he was scratching his head and his rosy full lips were forming an O “wow…” Jensen finally let out. “You look great…”

“This is your shirt…” Jared confessed and Jensen blushed deeply without the facial hair it was obvious now.

“That makes it a thousand times hotter.” He confessed and offered Jared his hand. They smiled and walked to the car, Jensen’s baby. He opened the door for his date and Jared fell hot all over. 

“OH!!” Jared said when they were walking from the restaurant to the movies. “Two guys came to your place…” and giggled. “They thought I was an enforcer…”

Jensen laughed. “A guy like you??” Jared was waiting for the mock. “Sure they were scared…”
“Of me?”

Jensen looked at him once more, the same befuddlement he shows every time Jared doubts himself. “Yeah… if you haven’t noticed your height is enough to scare anyone away, and with that shirt your shoulders look…” Jensen licked his lips and Jared blushed smiling coy.

“Stop it…”

“If I didn’t know you and saw you dressed like that? I’d think you’re badass too.” He moved a hand to Jared’s hair when they parked near the theatre. “I like your hair now, long enough to…” and he pulled a little making Jared gasp, a flash of pain and arousal filling him.

None of them remembers a thing about the movie; they spent most of the time making out.

They went home and finally Jensen made love to him, it was different and Jared cried when he came, there was no pain, or humiliation, no fear at all; Jensen gave everything he could to make him enjoy himself leaving him breathless and sated. Jared came harder than in his entire life, blacked out for a couple seconds, to wake up with Jensen holding him close and kissing his eye lids. “sorry… was I too rough?”
Jared giggled. “no.. it was perfect… you’re perfect.. I love you…”

“I love you too…” that was the first time they shared a bed, and Jared swore he’ll never again sleep away from Jensen.

It was a couple weeks after their first date that Jensen had to leave Jared alone on a bar to tend his business, “it won’t take long… I’m so sorry…” he looked around. “The guys aren’t here yet and I better take care of this soon.”

Jared said for the tenth time it was okay. “I’ll be here chilin’” he pointed to his beer “you don’t have to worry, I won’t do anything stupid.” Jensen leaned and stole a quick kiss. 

“You better…” the smile was something to behold and Jared smiled back. “or I’ll make you pay…”

“you promise?” Jensen made a wounded sound, called him tease and kissed him again before marching back entrance.

But things went wrong, neither Kevin nor Ty had arrived and Jared saw red and white patches hidden under someone else’s jacket, he knew Jensen was in trouble, he tried calling him but his boyfriend didn’t answer.

He got up and saw something else, Robb and Jon were there too, both agitated and nervous, he saw a flash of blonde hair. He tried dialing for Ty but the phone went to message, same with pretty much all the guys Jared knew from Jensen’s associates.

He got up, walked slowly, calmed and controlled to the car and took the gun he knew Jensen had under his seat and ran back. Jared had no idea of what to do, he had no idea of how to shot a gun, but he needed to back Jensen up.

He ran to the alley and saw an image he thought he’d never see, a guy in a Lakers tracksuit had Jason, the guy who hurt Jared, on his knees; Jensen was standing right behind Jason.

“Two birds with one stone…” repeated the guy in a heavy Latin accent.”

Jared was about to move when someone held his hand, it was Amelia.

“He has four men, we’re outnumbered, and if you want them to be safe we have to wait until Rob and Jon give us a sign” 

Jared felt like time stopped while waiting.
Jensen had to leave Jared, he’d seen the white and red, colors that were his natural enemies, he had to take care of his business and leave, and he couldn’t risk Jared.

He tried calling associates but nobody was around, he even made a formal call for backup and all Jensen had to do was wait.

“It’s gonna be fast, Sir…” offered the latino guy, “I just want three packs and if my boss is pleased we’ll be making business more often…” but something on his greasy ways made him suspect something.

Put of nowhere they heard the buzzing sound of a tazzer and Jensen looked around to see another latino still holding the tazzer gun in Jason’s direction, the guy who hurt Jared was about to die in front of him.

“Two heads, so easy to get two chiefs, huh? Horses and Mongols !!” shouted the latino guy while another one with a stupid tracksuit appeared pulling a 9 mm gun out of his pants. “Reyes will control everything around here now ese.” He turned to his companion. “tráete el auto, les vamos a cortas las cabezas y se va poner chingado aquí.” The other guy moved fast after just one nod. “Look at you guys, dos pajaros de un tiro… two birds with one stone…” he let out a disgusting laughter.

“You’re dead meat.” Jared appeared behind him pointing the .38 against his head. “Jensen?”

“Marco!!! Hector!!” shouted the man and Jared jolted surprised, he was ready to fly, but Rob appeared on one corner and Jon right behind both covered in blood.

Jensen smirked. “Don’t kill him, we’re gonna set an example.” Jensen moved to get the gun from Jared’s hand. 

“Amelia said there’s still one man…” Jared let out and Jensen nodded.

Out of nowhere and screaming as if it were a movie a guy came running, gun drawn as he shot two rounds, Jared coiled behind Jensen and Jason moved a step away to the wall, from behind him a shotgun was fired and Amelia was walking toward them shotgun still in hands smoking barrel on her hands.

“See?” Jason pulled the wires out of the thick muscle on his chest. “She’s the best…”

Hasty footsteps were heard and Ty and Kevin appeared. “I’m sorry Jensen, I swear… we did what we could but Angels stopped us…”

Jensen nodded and turned to Jason and Amelia, their men standing right behind them, all in awkward silence, tense bodies and guns ready.

“Thank you…” offered Jared.

“Thank you, boy…” Jason’s arm was curled around Amelia’s middle. “It’s the second time you have my wife’s life in your hands.” he faced Jensen. “I might have to repay you this time.”

Jensen moved to hold Jared’s hand. “I might take that offer... and we might have to work together to get rid of that scum…” he pointed to the guy still standing there. “Ty, take care of it…”

In the distance the sound of a siren called their attention.

They only nodded to each other and everyone parted on their way.

Before leaving Amelia got close to Jared. “I’m sorry… we were very tight on money and… I know is not excuse… ” she offered in half words.
Jared knew what she meant. “Don’t worry, I’m okay now and happy, and Jensen… he’s good with me now.”

The girl smiled and nodded. “I know…” she looked at her husband. “I was a small little girl when he found me and he turned me into a dragon.” Jason stopped and turned looking for her; she moved to him smiling. The obvious dragon tattoo on her back was the exact place where her husband placed his hand.

Jensen didn’t say anything until they were back in the parking lot, right next to the car. He sent Kevin to warn the others about the angels saying there was no need to engage in fights. He pointed the other door to Jared and climbed in silence, Jared hardly closed the door before Jensen’s engine roared and he dashed away.

“I’m sorry…” offered Jared, but Jensen silenced him with one gesture. 

He just parked at the side of the road and got out of the car, Jared followed, he knew that if he didn’t vent up once and for all, things will get uglier. “Jensen, please.…” 

The man turned and stalked to him, making Jared cower in fear, when the hands held him he flinched knowing of the pain to come. “you stupid, stupid…” Jared gasped in fear as he was held by his shirt and pulled towards something hard.

“…Stupid boy…” and Jensen hugged him. “so stupid and so fucking brave…” Jared breathing was hitched in terror and he was stunned, why Jensen called him brave? And why the pain never came?

“I’m sorry…”

Jensen pulled him away looking into his eyes. “No… I’m sorry; I put you in a position where you had to risk your life…”

Jared smiled when Jensen closed the distance between them and kissed his lips. “don’t you ever put yourself in danger for me…” he hissed against his lips, beer and something bitter on his breath. “I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose you.”

Jared smiled faintly. “Even Amelia fights… ”

“Amelia can go to hell for all that I care… you won’t be risking yourself for me…”

Jared tried to move away and defend his point. “Amelia fights because Jason and she are a team…” Jensen swallowed audible but Jared pressed his point. “I just…”

Jensen moved close again and caressed his cheek. “Okay…” Jared did a double take. “Okay… you can be my team, but first you’ll start learning, guns and other stuff, and only when you’re not at school”

Jared let out a chuckle. “I’d be a weekend’s tug?” both laughed for a while before Jensen asked for his gun. 

“You looked so damn fine there, all tall and dangerous pointing this to his face…”

“I felt damn badass!!” Jared let out. 

It changed things, Jared started hitting the gym after that, and his confidence grew, Jensen was there every step of the way, he was stronger, braver, he felt taller and also he felt loved.

Jensen picked him up after school every now and then and they drove Jensen’s bike and everybody stared at them. Jared couldn’t care less.

The first Christmas they shared Jensen gave Jared a bike on his own and his first patch, even if Jared was just a partner not an official associate he was Jensen’s shadow, to the eyes of everyone; the one who kept him safe.

Jared started walking tall and muscles packed up very fast once the workout routine started.
Jared was watching TV, lazily sprawled on the couch waiting for Jensen, he still felt the dull sweet ache on his bottom from their love making that morning. And he closed his eyes remembering Jensen’s hands and lips on him and how good it felt having him inside.

“Look at you… ” Jensen growled from the door. “You’re fucking perfect…” the man walked towards him. Jensen kissed him and sat next to him taking the remote. “Jason and Amelia will meet with us later at Crowley’s ” Jared stiffened at the name of the bar, it was THE bar and he felt nausea. “Don’t worry; you don’t have to go… you don’t…” Jared moved closer to him, and Jensen caressed his side. “but… I’m starting business with Jason and…” Jared groaned.

“I... it still scares me Jay…” Jensen kissed his head as he rubbed his arms. 

“I know, but you’re different now, you have to state your place among us by going with me in this kind of thing… but you don’t have to…” Jensen kissed Jared and moved so he was partially on top of his lover.

Jared sighed. “You’ll be there with me right?” Jensen nodded against his lips. “And I’ll be safe no matter what right?” Jensen nodded again as he planted an open mouthed kiss on his Adam’s apple. “Let me get a shower first…” and he left Jensen hanging while he ran to the bathroom.

“God…” Jensen groaned frustrated.

“You not coming?” teased from the door and tossed his boxers to him.


Jensen opened the door and Jared walked in behind his boyfriend, his hair was longer, and he didn’t felt like a prey, the first time he was scared and grossed out for the working girls and guys, now he felt different, everyone moved to a side for him to pass, and voices lowered, just few eyes turned to him. The guy behind the counter nodded at Jensen who held his lower back, a voice whispered on his ear. “Wait for me at the bar babe…” Jared nodded and saw Amelia, looking at him startled. He smiled and moved to her hugging the small woman. “ma’am…” he crowed after Jensen offered the same greeting.

“Look at you gorgeous!! You look awesome!!” she said while Jason and Jensen were making business on the back. They were talking about nothing and everything when someone sent a drink to Jared. Amelia smiled at him knowingly. 

“Thanks Crowley, but no…” Jared pushed the drink away. The bartender shrugged and kept on his business. A second drink was sent while Amelia was discussing Jared’s bike. “I had one for a while… but I rather ride with my husband….” Blue eyes moved behind Jared as someone appeared there, the cold stare of the woman made Jared tense and look around ready to protect his new friend.

He saw brown eyes, eyes he knew well. “Zach…” he let out, as the man’s eyes traveled over his face, some small marks on his skin but mostly everything was gone, he had the same pretty face he obviously recognized.

“Wha… How.” Zach stammered as his hand crept on his back.

Jared wanted to cry, to smile to punch him in the face, he stood as tall as he was, Amelia was there and he couldn’t start a fight, Jason would kill him for risking her.

“Sorry, I gotta go…” Jared turned around and found Jensen was there smiling. It was poetic he just knew what to say. “I found another guy who likes me.”

Jason and Jensen shared one glance that had him nervous for a couple seconds, but once outside Jensen kissed him making him forget everything.

Jared was on the couch, it was summer already and he was lazily switching channels looking for something to watch until the red checkered shirt on the CSI guy’s hand called his attention, it was a news flash about a body found on a dumpster, brutally murdered and on top of him were a wad of bills. *Police reports states that this could be a mob crime..* Jared gasped for air, he knew the shirt, he had seen it few weeks before. *the evidence links this murder to the gang members killed last year since the bullet came from the same gun used in the murder of several members of the …* Jared didn’t heard the rest.

When Jensen entered Jared wanted ot ask, wanted to know. Jensen held him close. “What’s wrong?”


Jensen held his breath for a second. “He won’t touch you or anyone else ever again.” Jared let out a sob. “I did what I had to do to keep you safe forever…”

“I know.”

“I told you… I’m rotten…” Jared shook his head no. “you’re free to go if that creeps you out… ” Jared shook his head no again.

“I’m not going anywhere… ” Jensen smiled. 

“Good…” he said as he wrapped his boy in his arms.

“Good” Jared repeated, he was safe, and as much as he wanted to he couldn’t even feel sorry for Zach.

The end.

Special thanks to [ profile] ohwillothewisp
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Title: Easter bunny
UNIVERSE: Supernatural
rating: G
Based on this scene

"Sleep Sam, please..." Dean was back from a hunt to stay with Sam for a week, mostly because he was badly beaten and had a concussion, Dad was worried but he had to finish the job.
"But.. D...?"
Dean let out a sigh of frustration and turned to face his brother.
"What? Sam it's 3 am, I want to sleep." it was still mostly cold even if the first of spring was tehre already.
Sam had his head up and was looking at Dean's face while biting his bottom lip. "Is it tue? what's on dad's journal? everything?"
"Yes, I told you it is. I wasn't lying."
Sam considered this information for a moment. "Vampires?"
"Ghosts and ghouls?"
"Come on Sam, YES!!"
"all monsters? and all creatures?"
"why didn't you told me?"
"you were too young, I just..." Dean was hardly 15, Sam was 11 and a half.
"it's just... you remember tommy from school?"
"the piece of shit I had to beat up yesterday for hurting you?"
Sam huffed. "I was doing just fine..."
Dean finally faced his brother frowning and with his jaw clenched. "That ass had you covered in eggs, paint, and melted chocolate, what kind of easter joke was that?"
"he says its not true."
"you said creatures and monsters are real, right? but he doesn't believe the Easter bunny is real, and it had to be right?" Sam's puppy eyes begged him to say yes. "like everything else? if the bad ones are real, the good ones too. right?"
Dean swallowed the knot on his throat. "Sammy..."
"don't do that... D, don't say it." he turned burrying his face on the pillow.
"Sammy.." Dean felt his ribs creaking and when he moved closer to Sam wincing with pain. "monsters are real, it's true."
"but I know Santa is not real, and that stupid stuff about the smurfs..."
"come on, even you can't believe they're real..."
"you said all creatures... why you lied?" Sam's voice broke and he started crying against the pillow, Dean moved closer wanting to touch his baby brother.
"Hey" Dean whispered against his baby brother's neck. "I just wanted to do the right thing, you deserve..."
"that's okay, I forgive you..." Sam cut him before he had the words out.
"aww, Sammy, please."
"really... let's go to sleep."
Dean called for him a couple more times but Sam never answered him, not even when Dean shook his shoulder
The next day Dean found Sam easter basket and the chocolate he had stashed in the bin.
Sam never again asked Dean about any other good character.
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Shall we ladies?

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Tittle: happy Mother's Day
Universe: Supernatural
Author: Kali
beta not yet
gender: Family
Characters: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, mentions of Mary Winchester.
rathed; G
Spoilers: None, pre-series
Summary: recolection of memories of mother's day for the Winchesters.


this one was in my head for weeks and when it came out made me cry like a baby
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Tittle: happy Mother's Day
Universe: Supernatural
Author: Kali
beta not yet
gender: Family
Characters: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, mentions of Mary Winchester.
rathed; G
Spoilers: None, pre-series
Summary: recolection of memories of mother's day for the Winchesters.

A/N: I tend to think in the weirdest things while preparing myself for stress, this one came from mother day and Dean taking care of his baby brother.

Dad looked at him and sighed, the first time Dean had to deal with mothers day at school, it breaks Dad's heart seeing him now, just few days ago he was bouncing happy, summer comoing and he'd have time to be with Sammy.
Now? now he's just a shadow holding the damn picture, the one from his 4th birthday, mom and dean with the freaking cherry pie.
"Dean..." but he just hid the picture and turned to him smiling with the yessir fast on his lips.
It took him two years to gather the nerve to ask dad to write him a note so he could stay home that day.
Dad budges without questions.
Then Comes Sam's first day at school and what the kid did made Dean cry even more than usual, he's used to the quiet pain, but the tears?
John Winchester has no idea how to deal with it.
"Kid..." Dean looks up to find him holding the sawed off "I called your school, you two are staying with me today" Dean just nods and gets ready, Sammy weirdly quiet follows suit.

After a whole morning of silence Their father finally speaks "did I ever told you about your mom? how she cried the first time I gave her a mother's day present?" DAMN! it hurts, hurts like hell, but better hurt himself than letting them hurt right?
And John speaks of how his Mary, the one who gave Dean his eyes and his heart cried, thinking it was stupid, she was not even sure she was pregnant, she didn't want to jinx it, but even after saying all that sat by the wondow, with her hand on her belly singing softly.

He told them of her morning sickness and the cravings "When you" and looked into green eyes "she craved greens, all kind of weird salad and beans and olives with whipped cream."both boys made sounds of disgust making him laugh "she was sure she'd have twins..." Dean blushed "it was around month six that she decided she wanted pecan pie, it took me two counties to find the pie for her..." and he can't hide his smile at the memory.
"And when you came... " and he close his eyes and smiles "Damn she was happy, every night I woke up to find her gone, she was with you, she loved you so much..." Dean had tears in his eyes, and was biting his lips "it's okay... you can cry... just not long, she'd be sad too..." and Dean let out a sob, Dad got close and held him against his stomach crying too "when she knew you were coming..." he started again looking at Sam "she freaked out, I wasn't there that much by that time, work... life... but you were our new little blessing, she used to say you'll be the one who set things straight..." Sammy sniffled "She picked your name, it was your grandfather's name, did you know that?" Sammy shook his head from side to side "well... she loved her dad very much and loved you aswell, while you were with her? she wanted to eat all kinds of candy, it was ridiculous, everything sweet... even sugar straight out of the spoon" Sam laughed. "and she said it was because you were a sweet baby" motioned for him to get close. "she spent hours with you, first tucked Dean and sang to him and then she was at your side."

"It is unfair that you have lost her, I know, and I'm sorry, but very soon I'm gonna end this, we will end this traveling and we will go back home, I promise" Kissed his boy's head and let them both cry for as long as they needed it.
Dean was sitting on his bedroom, staring at the wall, to his guns, to his first sawed off, the radio was playing behind him, filling the place with music, until the commercial came "make this sunday unforgetable, give your Mom something she'll cherish forever!" he got up and turned the radio off, damn day. his eyes traveled at the picture on a frame now... "happy mother's day Mom" he mumbled kissing his finger and touching the glass after, and got out.
Ignored Castiel and made dinner for Sammy, he got some candy and pecan pie, Sam looked like shit and he was worried, so worried the painthis date brings was left in the back of his head.

"he'll be the one to set things straight" Dad said, and Dean wants to believe he will, he helps his brother to bed and let him sleep, before going back to his room, kissing his mom once more.

Cas, watching from the door can't understand why he can't offer any comfort to that broken heart.

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Tittle: They'll kow
Universe: Supernatural
Author: Kali
beta not yet
gender: Family
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, mentions of others.
rathed; G
Spoilers: Yes, some, kinda
Summary: Edlund Carver Wrote books that will let us know about their lives right?

Sam was all worked up, running up and down the hall
"Seriously Sammy, what the fuck...?" Dean was really getting pissed "what is it? it's just... the same books, what's the big deal?"
Sam kept coming and going with things on his arms and making lists "Tell me little brother, because I seriously don't see it"

"Do you really want our lives out there for everyone to read?" Dean smirked

"Well I have nothing to hide... I did what I had to do, and there's no secret boyfriend in our closets or anything" he joked to Sam's distress "right?" and noticing his joke escaped his brother "Sammy... is there something you want to tell me about the closet?" the worst is that he sounds pretty much serious, it makes Sam more upset than anything. "Not judging, but if you... I mean I'm one-flavor-only kind of guy, but if you... don't kow... experimented in college or.. whatever..." Sam finally turns holding one of the Carver Edlund books on hands.

"you don't care? really?" screamed the book shaking wildly on his hands, Dean made a face, that face he makes when he really don't care, and shrugs earning just a huff from his baby brother.

The subject was left hanging for a while, until Charlie brougth it back.
"We need to burn those books"
The next time Dean hears about them is when Sam is back after two days gone.
"Sam?" he says gets close and hugs his brother "I thought you were dead!!" and smacked him over the head "where the fuck were you?"
"I just.. look" and gives him a page "I needed few things to make them disapear..." Dean's so stunned he can't even understand what his baby brother is rambling about until he hears  the name ".. Chuck's books were not that much, there wasn't one decent editorial who'd go with the subject... thanks God because.." Dean stalks him making him stop.

"The stupid books again?! why? why? with the million things happening, with the trials and you coughing your fucking lungs out you care for those stupid books!!" he yells amking Sam recoil in confusson and surprise.
it takes him a couple minutes to answer.

"because people will know..." Dean never heard his baby brother's voice like that since Sam turned twelve, broken, and sad, it sounded like cold and feeling lonely, like making Dad angry and having nothing more than cereal for dinner. it breaks his heart, and is not fair, and it makes him pissed at Sam.

"What? What they'll know? that we hunt? that we exist? why is that so important to you Huh?" and moves in front of his brother, all the way the bully he never is when Sam's concerned
"they'll known I failed... they.... they'll" And Sam sighs, lips twitching, eyes glued to the paper in his hand and the bagpack he's still holding "That I let you down..."

Dean turns around and leaves, is not fair, NOT FAIR!!

Sam goes back to his own room, it feels wrong, being alone having his brother pissed at him.
"Hey..." Dean is there, obviously still angry "what do you need to make those books disapear?" And Sam smiles "Don't give me that stupid smile... I still don't understand you..." and mumbles what Sam who's obviously more used to it than anybody else does udnerstand "Nobody has the right to judge my brother.... "

The End
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Tittle: When I was your man
Universe: Supernatural
Author: Kali
beta not yet
gender: h/c
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, mentions of others.
rathed; G
Spoilers: Yes, some
Summary: They have lost people, they've lost someone they love, and both miss what they had for a little while.

When I was your man

Six tears

Mar. 30th, 2013 05:39 pm
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Tittle: Six tears
Universe: Supernatural
Author: Kali
beta not yet
gender: Family angst
Characters: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester and mention of others
rathed; G
Spoilers:S1 barely there
Summary: based on the idea of "someone knows why Dean eys were bleeding when bloody mary?
A/N: we fell guilty for a lot of things, but some people guilts are far worse


Six tears

Mar. 27th, 2013 08:08 pm
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Tittle: Six tears
Universe: Supernatural
Author: Kali
beta not yet
gender: Family angst
Characters: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester and mention of others
rathed; G
Spoilers:S1 barely there
Summary: based on the idea of "someone knows why Dean eys were bleeding when bloody mary?
A/N: we feel guilty for a lot of things, but some people guilts are far worse.

This is the first, but is the second. He was ten the first time, he remembers it because the guy was dad's close friend, at least for a while, he remembers when the rougaroo held him and bit him hard, Dean heard the crack, the noise and he gasped and his eyes got closed and he feels guilty, because he should've kept his eyes open and he should've been the one saving him, he was the back up, that's what Dad said.

When Pastor Jim and Dad were burning the remains he was sitting next to a sleeping Sam inside the car, but he heard
"That's what happens when you hunt without a back up" Pastor Jim said and Dad growled
"He had back up, he had Dean"
"He had nothing! Dean is a kid, he's not real back up, you need a real hunter for this Winchester... "

Dean always felt this was his first kill, because, seriously... the guy died because of him.

The third and the second are from a couple he couldn't save, it was Loussiana and he got into the house when the angry spirit of a battered wife had them hanging from hooks on the ceiling, he tried to warn them but when the lady said he was just a kid trying to sneak intotheir wealth he got furious and left, he was 22 by then and Sam just jad left for Stanford, not even dad could stop him.

He feels guilty because the last he said was "you know what? I hope you get killed, and painfully for being such douche bags" he hardly got into his car by the time the first cristal broke and the man's scream pierced the morning quiet air.

The fourth is from a time when the creatures, Dad never really told him what they were, for all he knows it was some kind of very nasty witches, had a girl tied to a sacrifice stone and a dagger right over her heart.

"I give you. Oh great goddess this virgin" The spell was supposed to make them forever young and pretty, and Damn the hag holding the dagger could use the help... and he shot, one of the things he learn that night is that nobody actually flies back as it's seen in movies. instead the thing shrieked and got the girl out of the stone in one fluid motion while one of the others attacked him, Dean was 14 at the time and Dad was just four miles away and coming, he was held down "He'd be next... he's not a virgin but his blood is special" said one of them holding him and licking his face "All that delicious pure blood..." said sniffing his skin

"Let her go!!" he yelled, his voice still high, as any 14 years old voice, just starting to change.

"you care for her?" said the Witch, and held the girl clawing at her neck, the first dropplets of blood running down to her white cotton top as she cried. She begged, and begged and screamt in pain and fear while Dean saw the three things ripping her apart.

Dad got there and saved them both but while he was fighting the last one, and killed her, Dean had to pick up the dead body of a girl, hardly of Sammy's age, hardly heavy enough to make it hard to carry the lifeless body out of the shut.

He always feels guilty, because Hunters are supposed to save innocents, not to have them killed in front of you, Dad never said anything about it, not even cared the girl had to be returned to her parents.

The fifth is from the skinwalker that went after Dad,  he was hardly 15 and after the girl... after the girl he went kinda trigger happy, wreckles, so much dad even avoided letting be bait. Sam was whining on why they can't live in one place whenit happened, the thing followed dad "Why? because you'll bore every town to kill you if they have to bear with your crap for longer than few days you bitch!" Dean ran out and turning on a alleyway saw a bulking figure against the light and shot, the pained scream made it clear he hit his target, the creature on the floor was sobbing and Dean took his bowie in hand to finish it, a snicker from behind him made it clear he shot the wrong creature.

The skinwalker jumped him fom behind and pushed him down "Aren't you a jewel?" he said and punched him before Dad's footsteps made the monster flee.

Dean moved fast, and got tho the victim of his bullet and found a homeless guy, maybe 25, blonde and is clear blue eyes filled with terror and tears "I just wanted some food, I swear I did nothing wrong" Dean freaked out, started screaming for help, while the guy turned pale and cold on his arms, Dad had him by one arm and up

"Shut up, stupid!" he said hissing "do you want tot have every cop in this damn city on our tails?"

"he's bleeding Dad.. I..." and bent over the guy "i'm sorry, I swear I'm sorry, I'm sorry" but the guy was dead already. Dad dragged him away. Sam was just there, watching him, neither commented on it ever again but Sam looked at him different ever since.

The first. The first is special because it's his first memory, he couldn't even speak after that, for months, couldn't even say Dad how sorry he was, he couldn't even tell the truth.

The very first was when he was four, and he felt too hot and too much light in the house so he walked and saw Mom, her mouth open like trying to say something, her lips moved in a voiceless word, it seemed to him it was Dean, she wasked him to help her. he moved closer, but then Dad held him, gave him his brother and ordered to run, Dean obeyed, he had to take Sammy out, he had to, he had to go back, mom wanted his help, Mom needed him. and he had this picture in his head, mom held up high with the stains of red blood on her belly and her hair on fire.

He wanted to go back inside and help her when Dad had him and pulled him away. He should go back to Mom, he should've heped her.

and he's the one to blame, sammy will never met her because of him, and Dad started drinking because of that too, and Mom died because he wasn't good enough, fast enough, he felt guilt.
in his entire life, Dad never told him he forgive him, because Dean never tried to say he was sorry for not saving Mom.

And right outside the antiques store, for Sam it was only a line, but Dean even can count the beads of blood staining his face. When Sam asked him why his eyes bleed, he still has no enough strenght to tell his brother all of this,

the end
Where this comes from? comes from the general question of why dean's eyes bleed in Bloody Mary.
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Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit made.

Title: Of Tears and Birthdays

Rating: PG

Prompt: Dean's line "I don't even like to be singled out for birthdays"
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Bobby Singer
Summary: Dean's birthday is nover more important than their life, right?

A/N: I tend to think on the weirdest things while preparing for stress.

A/N2: So I found this lost among older posts, as usual I didn't released it and needs LOTS of work.
Anyone care to give me an opinion, it's like the second crappy Birthday on my Happy Birthday Dean winchester series.


Dad's gone

Mar. 7th, 2013 11:08 pm
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Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit made.

Title: Dad's gone

Rating: PG

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Mary Winchester.
Summary: Dad is gone, all the time and for everyone of them...

A/N: I tend to think on the weirdest things while preparing for stress, this came to me in the last couple days thinking about the epi I just finished not an hour ago.

A/N1: read the first paragraph and then chose one of the paragraphs bellow each time, it applies to all of them.
"sometimes you have to stop hoping for things that will never happen."

Was dark and makes you feel alone, it is quite disturbing waking up in the middle of the night to notice this weird thing, the feeling of every monster closing over your bed.
But there's some things that help right? avoid the emptiness?

Dad's a presence every kid in this world wants, is like having your own superhero right there, at home for you, at least most of the times, unless you're one of those unlucky who instead of a personal superhero have a nightmare... we all have heard of that girl's dad for example, he's violent and police had to remove her from her house because of what he did to her, it were years before you could even get an idea of what happened to the poor little girl. At least until you grew up, having your Dad is one of the best things ever, his voice, or his smell, making you feel safe and complete and okay.
That's why it hurts the most, he said good bye, he said he'll be back but so far... nothing, it's been a week already and it makes you feel betrayed and thorn.

Is not like he's left alone, he has someone to take care of him, he's not alone yet it hurts.

It hurts for John when his dad didn't come back, not knowing what happened to him, not knowing if it's his fault. he's standing next to a window when the voice of his mom calls him for dinner

Is not like he has time for this, he has someone to look after for.
It hurts for Dean when his dad is away, not knowing if he's coming back, not knowing if he's safe, not knowing if it's his fault they never stay in one place...
He's standing next to a window when Bobby's voice calls him for dinner, Sammy is right there very proud of himself for seasoning the salad by himself.

Is not like he has time for this, he has to pretend everything's alright
It hurts for Sam, when Dad's away, not knowing if he'll be back, not knowing how long it'll take, not knowing if it's his fault that Mom died, at least he's safe, he has Dean but at some point you realize that you're just two kids alone...
He's standing next to a window when Bobby's voice calls him, asking his help to have dinner ready, yeah, he can do that.


Is not like she has time for this, there's training with mom tomorrow and she needs to be ready.
It hurts, for mary, when her dad leaves, not knwoing what he's after, not knowing if he'll be back, not knowing what mom's feeling right now, it must be hard on her too.
She's standing next to a window when her mom calls, Dad said she'll go with him next time, and it scares Mary, she'll never let this happen to her kids, NEVER!

Too many Daddy issues on Supernatural right now.
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It was a great episode, yes! Even if the whole killing/kinda killing Zeus was kinda lame...
I loved how Deanjust connected with the kid and how he felt angry the second prmoetheus said he'd bolt. Yeah I was right there with him...

What I loved; Dean being Hotter than usual for some reason, and being protective of his baby brother, which is no novelty.

Dean hugging the lady and facing another high deity, right there, looking someone as powerful as Zeus for some kid's sake, any kid's Sake, and offering HIS room, the room he's so proud of.

Sam's story is not clear to me, is he going to be at risk of death? is dean gonna have to save him again?

The fact that he's bleeding makes things not clear, but him, being Sammy-know-it-all as usual was cute, and I just want to know what's gonna happen.

Sam as Samwas great.

I miss Castiel because of Dean's prayer, "you know I'm not one of prayers, I tihnk it's like begging" he said, or something like that and I just felt like crying right there.

the baddies of the day? Zeus was great, but he should've been more european... just me.. you know? he should've had an accent or something.
Artemiss? meehhhh... lol

I liked Supernatural because I love supernatural but there was just so little of anything relevant on this episode, it just made me happy thefact that we get to see more of our boys.
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isclaimer: Not mine, no profit made.

Title: Dean Winchester's Birthdays

Rating: PG

Prompt: happy Birthday Dean Winchester Fics
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, mentions of others; John Winchester, Mary Winchester, Castiel, Benny the Vampire,
Summary: Dean remembers he had birthdays and remembers those who were special.

A/N: I tend to think on the weirdest things while preparing for stress, this came to me because last night I remembered today is dean Wincehster's birthday, and I'm sure he's not having a cake or a party, but he's used to it...

Dean Winchester does remember his brithdays, at least those that count

He remembers when he was a baby, maybe three, and Mom made that HUGE cake, why? mostly because for a long while Dad had the picture to help him remember Mom, Dean all golden curls and giant green eyes, painted brown in chocololate cake and chocolate syrup and frosting with Mom's grin behind him while he licks his tinny hand.

he remembers several more while growing up with Dad, and the hug he used to have on his birthday not even acknowledging the date, just when he woke up and greeted Dad, he used to get to him hug him and say good morning, it used to be "I love you son" when he was younger but by the time it started to count, the words changed.

He remembers few family dinners, some good some bad, he remembers Sam fighting Dad and he remembers when he was left alone with the remains of his dinner. remembers the cakes and the pies Sam made/bought/stole for him, they weren't many but they were enough, after all Sam grew knowing he was taken care of, he never cared for others, So is not Sammy's fault, he thinks.

He remembers the one the Djin gave him, with lots of balloons and movie tickets and roller coasters and a girlfriend, he remembers mom hugging him, he never mention it to Sam but he wishes it weren't just a memory made up by a killer monster.

he remembers how many of those counted in hell, until on the 40th a bright light came out of nowhere and he woke up months later ona coffin.

He remembers today from all days, when he misses everything so much, not long ago he left the only person who was with him on his last birthday, he gave up on him because of Sam, and it's okay he can deal with it, For Sammy he can do whatever it's needed. On the ONE birthday he was away Castiel and Benny found him a tree, for us out here is not a big deal, right? but in purgatory a tree with real fruit that are not poisonus is a bigger present than many he had, bigger than any cake, bigger than Dad's hugs because Dean was starving, okay... maybe not bigger than his 18th birthday present, but because there's nothing better than his baby.

He chomped one after another of whatever the fruit were, they were just faintly sweet, but they were juicy and after four or five he had his stomach full for first time in months, Cas took of and bunddled his coat and gave it to him to use as a pillow, they left him sleep the whole night, He has to smile at that, his best present was a meal and a whole night sleep... and even if there's asmile on Dean Winchester's face for the rest of the world he's one second away from crying.

"Hey" Sam sat next to him on the outside table of the diner they're at for this time and sets a giant tray of food in front of him, there are burgers and a whole pecan pie, Sam has had enough of Dean talking about the freaggin pecan... still he bought him some. "Happy birthday Big brother" he says bumping his shoulder with Dean's lighting a candle that was precariously standing on Dean's pie, Sam's bitting his lips because he knows dean will give him hell forever more for this, for the sappiness. DEasn Just takes the candle up and blows it off.
"Thanks Sammy" and he starts with a burger without any other word. ignoring his brother's eyes on him, this is not the time for talking.

Is not his birthday to be exact, it's a couple days after, because on his brthday he had a crown on his head courtesy of Charlie, ad he had to smile at that.

"Are you having a good post-birthday celebration?" asks Sam when they left the bar that night, Dean happily tipsy and smiling, a busty brunnette have kissed him dumb and gave him her number who's painted on lipstick on his palm.

"let me get back to you on that..." he slures with a crooked smile, it might not be true, he feels alone even with Sammy, he loves his brother but having his life reduced to him after having extended his family wide for the last years, having tasted what a real family feels like it's getting heavier in the hunter's heart. His eyes turn to his brother whos biting his bottom lip while locking the door and checking the salt lines

He's missing Castiel, he's missing Benny, Dad, Jo, Mom, as always, he's missing Lisa and Ben, he wish he could have normal, even if he finally gave up on that idea.

There are worst things than remembering just a handful of good and not so good birthdays, dean thinks. At least he's alive to keep fighting. "Sammy....had an awesome birthday" he says and Sam dimpled smiles lights the room "I'll shower first" he says getting to the table near the window "Just let me write this number down.. just in case" He didn'0t wrote the number, just wanted tohear the snort thast leaves his brother's, just to see him amused.

Yeah... there are worst things than dean Winchester's life


happy Birthday Dean, my fav fictional character, I love you and your vessel
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It was painful and stupid and so so perfect...
My fav was Dean, he might be pissed with baby bro Sammy and still he protects him over his own safety.

Lots-of-caps )
also watched a bit of Criminal minds episode last night, enough to be brokenhearted and sobbing

and try to do all of this with the "She's the one" song by Robbie Williams
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And I liked it, it was far better than last week's.

I liked Benny, being around his great grand kid, the girl was cute and Benny can be such a sweetheart when he wants to be, liked him being protective and being honest with Dean, And the way he pats him in the back it felt like very old friends that love each other very much, The way he worries for Elizabeth was so sweet, I'm not ashamed to accept that the second he laid his head on that counter I cried, seriously cried.

I didn't liked Sam sending someone to track him and I didn't liked crazy Martin wanting to kill Elizabeth.

I liked Sam being protective on his brother, it feels like he's not worried about Benny being a vampire as much as he's worried he'll take his place. I kinda find disturbing he bails on a fellow hunter near to a Dean skilled level vampire for a married woman, but my heart broke when he saw her with stupid ass Don.

And is it just me... or Don looks absurdly like Sam? same nose, same brow, same lips, with the right light and a wig I'd believe he's Jared's stunt double. Just sayin'...

The idea of Don being so mature and talking to Sam when noone else was around makes me wonder if this is not in Sam's head, esp by the fact that when he gets that Dean wanted him gone, THEN Amelia Appears again, how convenient!! I still believe that Amelia herself or her husband resurection has something to do either with Naomi or Crowley and will be used against the boys at some point. Iknow I've complained alot about Jared's acting in the past but the way he reacted to both Dean's false message and Amelia standing right in front of him were GREAT! you can see a difference from the stiff boy *no pun intended* from the earlier seasons.

Still! not cool letting a half crazy person hitting your brother and then leaving him behind without even checking and cleaning his wound.

Bringing back old characters just to kill them off? WTF writers? but okay I kinda never liked the guy.

Dean is my fav and I can't be really objective when is about him, but still did't liked when he stood in front of Sam deffending Benny the way he used to deffend Sam. and what's wrong with things like his ability to fight? he just came back from purgatory where he was a slayer for a whole year and now a simple stupid vampire can take him down now? a simple almost crazy man can knock him out? okay I get he trust his brother to watch his back but still...

I like he'll back his friends up and gave anyone the benefit of the doubt at least for a while, the fact that even caring for Benny the way we know he cares, he still had his machete in hand when he faced him first, like sure if Benny was the killer, then he was going down.

I laughed like nuts when Benny had to ask if he slept with Elizabeth, think he was actually considering it. I liked when Dean turned his baby in a split second for her and for Benny, liked him checking her first before going inside to check on the rest, that's very Dean.
But sending false messages to get rid of his baby borther? really? I know, he needed to help Benny and had to keep Sammy and Beny safe, I get that, Sam would chase Benny and Benny hadto fight back and dean was not ready to be left in the middle, still I'm on Sammy's side on this one, Bad dean, Bad Dean...

All in All I liked this episode very much, but still feel like this season as good as it is -far better than anything done in Sera's administration- is flavorless, nothing memorable happen, like someone asked me what happened in the second epi this season and I still can't even remember the second epi at all.

The story is geat, the whole arc is getting a good shape, and sure enough we're gonna see things getting even better soon.

I can't wait to have Cas back and I seriously SERIOUSLY want dean to met Amelia(if she's real) I'm sure they're gonna just click like brother and sister from the first second and on, to Sam's chaggring because then there will be someone to tell her funny stories about chubby ten year old Sam.

the scene of the episode? Benny setting his head down to protect his kin, it broke my heart and made me understand why Dean will do anything to protect him, I guess a pure and caring soul can see another of its kind, huh?
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Amazing Supernatural epi again!!
I thuoght it was kinda slow, pretty much nothing happening but then*sadly as in Sera Era* the last ten or twelve minutes madi it all up.

Why Crowley took a piece of Kevin... does it meansomething? Who's this Naomi girl? does it has something to do with the "lock hell doors forever arch"? Why are we back to Cas is betraying Sam and Dean?
Why the righteous Man can handle guilt better than any other feeling?
If Sam is Half Demon, why the Demon bombs doesn't hurt him?

things I liked, Kevin and Mrs. Tran, they're great, except that her voice was kinda squeaky...
I loved Dean seing Cas everywhere, I liked Cas in front of the TV.

Cas showing his wings!!!
Was I the only one who Booed the TV when they didn't show Dean and Sam's reaction to having Cas back? they should've been hugs and laughter, we need some of that again... don't you think?
Cas facing Crowley!!

I liked Cas, period, just because is Cas, the way he was there to save Dean and not to be out, the fact that while dean thought he was protecting Cas and saving Cas for once, he had someone thinking only in saving him, andit's always Cas... the moment he says "I'm stronger I let go" I cried.
When Cas says he deserved to be in purgatory as penance for what he did, I cried!!
Note: kill bf who finds amusing me cooing a fictional character on TV, and having conversations with Dean and Cas...
The face of a man who feels guilty.

Dean became a more eficient killer, a better hunter by his time in purgatory, so i guess that's gonna be very important at some point, I guess that being only a human hunter was kinda not enough anymore, he needed to step up his game, for both his and Sam's sakes huh?
Loved the epi and can't wait for the next.

BTW baby sister? the girl just presented her grade paper... she's gonna graduate college sooner that expected, what am I supposed to give mher?
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I'm so pissed at Supernatural right now... so it's okay for Sam to make this all Dean's fault again? Just like that?
Dean is right, Sam was all lies and deciet and now he acts like he's entitled to be pissed? because maybe Dean feels all that about him, but when did he actually throwed everything at his face? NEVER!! so stop making us think he can't let it go... there was not ONE thing in what Dean said that wasn't right, there was not ONE thing that was a matter of interpretation or Dean not knowing the truth, not ONE, Sam has always tried to run away.

For one second before Amelia told her story *which kinda was cool* I felt that Sam never looked for Dean because with Dean dead he has no need to be good, to do the right thing, because there's nobody to be disapointed of him. I'm still feeling that we might have seen the most selfish move on Sam Winchester history of douchiness.

Two things I loed About Sam, that he seems to realy like the girl, his face when Garth asked Dean how he left purgatory.

Two things I loved about Garth, character that's next to the second Ruby on my likes-not list, the fact that he step up when someone -or several ones- needed him, even being more lucky than expert. And the fact that he miss Bobby as much as the boys, and that told them so, because it's true Bobby might have had a soft spot for Dean and Sam but he was the whole comunity of hunters' source and it is just fair for them to mourn him too.

For one second there I thought that the reason why Garth wasn't affected by the coin is because; to feel betrayed you need to trust someone and maybe he has nobody... and It felt just so sad...

Two things I liked About Dean, that he's still struggling with Bobby's death, even after a whole year in purgatory, that he's so attached to Bobby's memory, to his second father's death and yet he understood that he was being selfish and gave the hat back to Garth, he might have pieces of Bobby aswell, so others deserve something too.

And that -as someone stated two weeks ago- his family is growing, He was okay with Castiel, but aparently he's still holding a grudge against him right? the same way he feels betrayed by Sam, the only one who was straight and forward to him was benny, and he acted just the way Dean Winchester likes, no questions, no long talks about feelings, he told him what he was and why he wanted to team up with him. he'd be back with Castiel in no time and hell be preotective with him the second they get to explain why Castiel was left behind. .I'm even sure that once Dean gets to know Amelia, he'd be protective on her too, even if Sam doesn't care about it. or if Sam is ashamed of his brother or if he doesn't want to explain her why the brother he had "lost" is live and kicking again.

all in all I liked this episode, it was very good, and so far this season is very strong and extremely drawing! something I haven't felt since S5.

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