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A fill to THIS PROMPT even if not posted in the spnkink meme
and a story written for [ profile] liverpool46

Tittle: Where We Belong
Supernartural RPF
Pairing: J2, JDM/JA(*), JDM/?
kinks Jealousy, ABO, possible Mpreg, non-con/rape(mostly implied), characters death, love triagle, angst, happy ending.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

Chapter 11 )
So yeah, that's it. Hope it is what you wanted or close to it..
I have to ask you a favor; since is that time of the year again Would you vote for dean/jensen for the Alpha male Madness poll? 


I kow he's against Misha but Misha will have GISHWES in a couple weeks and we used to win this one every year.
could you please? PLEASE vote jensen??
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A fill to THIS PROMPT even if not posted in the spnkink meme
and a story written for [ profile] liverpool46

Tittle: Where We Belong
Supernartural RPF
Pairing: J2, JDM/JA(*), JDM/?
kinks Jealousy, ABO, possible Mpreg, non-con/rape(mostly implied), characters death, love triagle, angst, happy ending.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 )
Chapter 10 dreamwidth
Chapter 10 LJ
Sorry if this is posting twice, I'm still fighting to get this crssposting right
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Fill to tthis PROMPT

Title: The Legend Of Jensen Ackles
Author: Kali
Pairing: J2
Kinks: Annal sex, M/M, belly bulge, cum inflation, smut, exhibitionism, voyeurism. underage!J2

That's How The Legend of Jensen Ackles started )
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Tittle: Truth

Pairing: Destiel
Characters: Dean & Sam & Cas, Lucifer.
Kinks: mental health, hallucinations, hurt Cas, protective Boys
A/N: I'm sorry, this one got caught in my fluffy month, not even the angstiest of prompts got angsty this month, I hope you don't mind.
Cas woke up on the floor, every bit of his body aching, everything in him was in pain, and he felt half empty… if that  makes any sense.
He felt the hands of Sam and Dean on him.

“For the Love of God…” begged the oldest one. “Cas, are you okay?”

He passed his eyes from one to the other; “Dean…” and then to the other one. “Sam.”

Sam smiled and hugged him while Dean’s hand landed on his head and slide to his shoulder.

Follow me )

The end.
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Fill for THIS PROMPT we could say is more a work inspired by it more than written to fill it.

Tittle: Blue as the ocean.(Resilient)

Author: Kali
Characters: Dean W. Sam W. Castiel, others
Pairings: Destiel, Sabriel Warnings: Spoilers to S11 11x10 and 11x11(but nothing you don't know I'm sure.)
Rating: +15 for angst, self harm, violence and adult themes.

Nobody knows that part of what makes your eyes glow is your heart, Brown ones -as common as they are- are pure, honest ones, the shade of brown showing the size and pureness of your heart, as well as your joy, the happiness that males you enjoy life; those hearts are diamonds, hard and resilient, strong and not easily broken, even when the owner think it’s turned into shards.

The black ones are the brave ones, those hearts are made of pearl, something rare and perfect.

Green ones are special and rare, and the rarest the green the more special the heart, emeralds, made out to be perfect and pure, and remain bright and perfect no matter the pain or the trouble, the brightest eyes, the brightest heart, the brightest soul, Archangels wanted to have this one, because hearts made out of emerald are loyal to a fault and strong, stubborn, and protective, rare precious ones.

The blue… the blue ones are the faithful ones; they’re innocent inside; Almost naïve and made of both topaz; if young and protected, and sapphire if hardened by pain or suffering; the only kind that changes, because the beauty of this heart comes with how resilient they are, the pain, the heartache, the suffering only harden this one, only made it more precious. And as much as it is faithful it also never loses that faith. This one will stay with you forever more.

Please remember this as we go through this story. This is important because most of the time, people forgets what their hearts would look like if their loved ones could see them. And when they do get to see they does not recognize the quality of the heart given to them.


Sam and Dean Winchester, the perfect vessels, the Righteous man and his flawed baby brother just found out angels were real like a year ago when the whole Apocalypse debacle were explained to them.

So getting into a motel room, sealing it and trying to go to bed to find Castiel standing by their side frowning was so new they both startled and Sam even fell from his too small bed.

“Hello Dean…” the angel said holding something in his hand, wrapped in thin white soft cloth “I have something that needs… to be taken care of.”

Dean got up giving his brother a meaningful look before moving to the angel. “What it is?” Castiel extended the object he had in hands without preamble.

“This is a collateral effect I didn’t know was possible, and I’m an angel of the Lord; a warrior I can’t have it.”

Dean made a motion asking permission to see the bundle in his hands; it was heavy and firm, and smooth to the touch, Dean discovered the object and found the biggest gem he’s ever seen, a topaz. “What’s this exactly…”

“My vessel is still in some ways working, and that thing…. I can’t take care of it… it needs maintenance… attention I can’t give it.” And looking deeply into Dean’s eyes he added. “It needs to be keep safe, and it belongs to you… you have to be careful. Don’t tell anyone about this, if possible keep it safe and forget you have it. ” Sam was frowning but when he tried to talk the angel was gone leaving in his wake only the faint sound of flapping wings.

“What the fuck?” Dean said staring at the empty place his friend just left
“I don’t know…” Sam answered as usual.
Short I know, but it's just the warm up, let me know what you think.

part TWO

Hope you don't mind OP that is not only romantic-ish oriented, even if I promise enough fluff and romance and maybe even some sex by the end.
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a fill for THIS PROMPT

I know its short and I'm sorry.


Tittle: Kisses
Pairing: J2
Kinks: romance, fluff, first kiss confession
N/A: not much into bottom Jensen (unless the story calls for it) so… hope you don’t mind no sex
“Awww look at him…” cooed one of the makeup ladies, it was so painfully obvious; Jared was once more looking at Jensen with some sort of amazed, wistful look. “Wish Jensen was a little more… bold.”
More Kisses )
These two goofs finally were honest with each other.
The end
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Remember 2016 is #PCAforJensen year.
Now back to your usual program.
Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part nine is HERE
Jared went out with Erica Durance and Stephen on a Tuesday right after coming home from the bakery dressed in an outfit he’d never tried before. He wanted to bring Nicky and Rachel with them but Stephen said that first they should see around and then next time he could take the girls to his favorite stores. “Buy them something instead!” he said as he was modeling his sweater in front of the glass door. “You think I need to go on a diet? My thighs look like hams.”

Jared didn’t even saw the clock until he got a phone call from Jensen. “Yeah?” he said as Stephen had a new jacket on and was motioning for him to try it on one very alike.

“I just wanted to check on you, are you okay?”

Jared scoffed a little. He was an adult after all. “Of course I’m okay, why?”

Jensen doubted before answering. “It’s past dinner time... I just… nevermind; just be safe, okay?”

Erica had taken his phone already. “He’s fine hottie, we’ll bring him home looking like a million dollars, bye…” she thrown Jared’s phone on her handbag and pushed him ahead. “You’re buying dinner Jared, let’s go.”

Jensen didn’t saw Jared that night, and when he got to the bakery he was giving presents around. A nice warm chinchilla sweater for Rachel a pair of boots Nicky liked since January, a pair of leather gloves for Tito and a million other stuff, big and small.

“I had the best day of my life…” he confessed with a dimpled smile on his face.

Jensen didn’t mentioned he missed their dinner time together, he couldn’t seeing how happy he looked. “You’re enjoying having new friends?”

“And having a credit card!! I’m starting to love it!” Jared smiled again before going to Rachel and helping her with her sweater, babbling nonstop on how Stephen picked the color for her because burgundy was so in this season.

Jared noticed the annoyed glares Jensen gave him now and then, and he started wondering why.

That’s when he noticed he didn’t bought Jensen anything, but it was okay, because Stephen invited him for brunch later that day and they could bring Jensen something then.

Except Stephen wasn’t alone, he had a couple friends and all of them were looking at Jared as if he were an embarrassment to be around with, they started daring each other to buy this or that stuff, things they didn’t need. Jared felt stupid with them but couldn’t stop himself buying an absurd purple jacket he knew for sure there was no chance in hell he’d ever use just because Stephen’s friends said it was too expensive.

He didn’t mentioned anything to his mate or his friends the next day, no idea of why, he was invited again during the week and it was okay, he had fun most of the time, and with some coaching he started picking better stuff and knowing how to do things, he still remembers Alaina threatened him with a crash course of table manners, he was learning anyways. He won’t embarrass his mate.

Jared always tried to be invisible, so no one would say anything about him spending Jensen’s money, the money he earned at the bakery hardly could cover one lunch in the places his new friends took him to. He tried to be low key about everything, but people were taking pictures of them and asking for pictures with them, one day a girl ran to him and told him he was pretty and asked for a selfie for her blog. “Why would you want that?”

“Are you kidding me? You’re trending since you bought that sweater yesterday.”

Jared mulled the event for hours, he got home and opened the brand new laptop Alaina had given him and he took with him when moving and searched his own name without results, Jared Padalecki was nobody, Jared Ackles in exchange was a celebrity, as soon as he typed the name the thing exploded in his face, there were memes with a Disney Cinderella thrown in a parking lot with a prince with Jensen’s face attached fucking her. He gasped disgusted. But that one was almost two months old, the time since the video came out, there was also a Snow White baking a pie with a Meg’s bakery apron, and a million other stuff.

The good ones though, he noticed that the accounts Alaina –or her people- had set for him had millions of followers, many of those were showing support and calling him an “inspiration” even if Jared knew for sure he hadn’t done anything to deserve it.
more here )

PArt 11 HERE
N/A: thanks for your concern dear PMsender anon hater, but you're wrong, Kali is actually a cannonically existent character in SPN universe, was played by Rekha Sharma and the character has "history" with the trickster A.K.A. Richard, so yeah... in case you're so interested in this not being a Mary-Sue. it's just pure luck that I have the nickname of Kali.
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Remember voting ends on Dec 3th and we realy want him winning an award being the most consistent actor and yet not ONE award was given to him.
Remember 2016 is #PCAforJensen year. go VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!
Now back to your usual program.
Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part seven HERE


Jared stood outside the ball room with Jensen, walking side by side, unsure if he should take his hand or not, after all it was Jensen who started the first contact the night of their first dinner, right? Maybe it was his turn, maybe… A bright light flashed in front of his eyes and he gasped, long strong fingers held him by the arm. “Just smile, don’t give them more than a short wave… don’t you ever feed them, they’re like stray dogs…” Jared made a sound trying to stifle his laughter as he turned to Jensen, he had a plastic smile on his clean shaven face, and he was still talking even if almost not moving his lips. “aaand…” his arm moved to steer Jared away. “Move… that’s it.” He was patting him in the back. “That’s your first lesson on how to deal with these bastards.”
Jared let out a short chuckle as Jensen drove him inside by the elbow to be greeted by Alaina.

“God Bless Couture !” she said with an impressed smile. “Look at this! He almost looks decent!”

Jensen put a hand in the small of Jared’s back the heat radiating all the way to his bones. “Could you please sound a little less surprised? He looks great always!”  Jared blushed his breath stuttering a bit as someone from behind them cooed and both Alaina and Jensen got quiet hearing the voices.

“They’re so cute together!!”, “I know!!”

“…and he defends him against Alaina…” “awwwww”

Jensen smiled showing the small crinkles around his eyes, his mouth twisted in a wide grin, so wide you could see his gums and yet he looked more beautiful than ever. A light illuminated them and they turned to the photographer smiling polite, Jensen asking Jared to do the same with a word under his clenched teeth.

It was surreal, how could Jared believe anything he said if every movement, every word was calculated, choreographed to get the maximum effect on the public.

“Uncle Jay!” Kathryn walked as fast as her high heeled shoes allowed and stretched her arms for him as soon as she saw Jensen and Jared, Jensen finally left Jared’s side to hold his niece’s arm and help her to their group. “Wow.. Jared you look very handsome!” and nudging her uncle. “Tell him Uncle Jay…”

Jared was already blushing when Jensen turned. “Yeah… I didn’t tell you, right? That you look amazing tonight.”

Kathryn let out a giggle and motioned for them to follow. “Can we all sit in the same table? There are no designated places or anything, I haven’t seen you in like a week, there’s so much I want to tell you!!” she held Jared’s hand and was dragging him towards the table where his father was talking to a blonde lady. “Daddy!! Look!”

Jensen leaned near to Jared touching just slightly his wrist. “I mean it, you look handsome.” Jared bit his lips turning to the people at the table.

Read more... )
So yeah, that...
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Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)

Part four HERE

Alaina was up early the next day, the packet she asked for Jared; an account with a decent allowance of few thousands a month would do -unless the little bitch were there for more, in which case she’ll deal with him personally- was arranged, a car, security detail, and a etiquette crash course, because everyone noticed the boy couldn’t even use cutlery properly.

She also arranged a shopping spree in private stores and few boutiques around the city for that afternoon if Jensen gets up, of course. With a specific stop at a hair stylist, the boy’s hair made Alan mumble under his breath since he saw the video screen caps.

But Cliff informed her Jared had left before dawn. “You didn’t stop him?”

Cliff looked at her frowning. “Ms. Huffman.”

“Mrs.Ackles!!” she corrected.

“Ms Huffman!” repeated the guard stubborn. “My job is and will always be to protect those who carry the name of Ackles, from the Time Mrs. Kali Ackles was here.” Alaina gritted her teeth. “That kid? He’s better off without any of this.”

“First.” She smiled; a gesture so terrifying one of the maids turned on her heels and disappeared. “You shall not mention Kali Rekha Sharma in this house…” her face might have frightened anyone but not Cliff, after all he came into the house with the first Mrs. Richard Gabriel Ackles, not this home wrecker. “Second…” she kept going as nothing happened before. “We concur, trust me, that kid is not Ackles at all, but…” and she turned around marching towards Jensen’s room. “Last time I checked I AM an Ackles and you are supposed to obey me, not question me or giving your opinion!!” she practically kicked the door down. “Jensen! Get the fuck up now!!”

Keep Reading )
Happy Halloween ya'll
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Fill for THIS PROMPT from [ profile] polleekin, so Darling hope you like it
Tittle: Next to me.
Pairing: Gen
Kinks: bedsharing, wee!chesters
“Come in, come in, good to see you boys.” He had a stupid smile on his face. “And I have a special surprise for you two!” Bobby loved those boys no matter how much they grew or if Dean was now a teen and were more interested in guns, hunts and girls than any other 13 years old he’s ever meet.
Not like Bobby Singer has seen that many 13 years old boys around here.
Sam… Sam was different, far too grumpy and moody for nine. It was like he expected the world to bend at his every whim, and Bobby could see how much both his father and Dean had spoiled the boy making him believe that they would do whatever he ask them to. He almost feared the day his father and brother take that away from him.
Still the kid was smart and polite- mostly- and once you see that dimpled smile… well Bobby was not telling anyone but Sam could have whatever he wanted from him too.
“Sorry for the short notice…” John said as he put Sam’s duffel near the door.
“NO worries, I heard about the skins, besides…” Bobby smiled as Sam made it past the door. “This place is always open for them boys.”
John let out a tired sigh. “Wait until they start again…” Bobby frowned as John closed his eyes when a soft thud was heard from inside the house.
“Get the hell away from me!!” shouted Sam.
“Then move your stupid ass away from me, and stop following me around!! GOSH!! You’re so fu…”
“DEAN!” John let out startling everyone. “You are two seconds away from a thousand suicides.”
“Give him to foster care and I’ll give you a million…” he turned around and taking a coke can from the fridge sat on the first chair available.
“You asked Bobby for that boy?”
Dean blinked, and Bobby was mush, those devilish green eyes, far too innocent for what the boy had seen looked at him. “Sorry Uncle Bobby…”
“That’s okay; it’s there to be taken.” Dean got up and moved to Bobby with a smile.
“So good to see you Uncle Bobby.” Sam was one step behind Dean and as soon as the oldest Winchester boy moved away from his uncle he tripped on Sam and the kid let out a wail.
“You did it in purpose!!” he whined as he was rubbing his forehead where Dean’s elbow landed.
Dean rolled his eyes. “Told you stay away from me moron.”
“I can’t wait for you to die…”
“Samuel Henry Winchester…” John had him by the shoulder. “You owe me six miles from this morning, and two more for that, now say you’re sorry.”
Sam frowned. “I’m not gonna say sorry, I really can’t wait…” Dean’s voice surprised all of them.
Dean was looking at his brother straight in the eye. “Wish I die, and go with mom, so neither of us will have to stand your ugly face.”
“Dean!” shouted Dan
“Boys!” Shouted Bobby.
Sam started crying and went to the kitchen taking Dean’s can of coke from the table. His brother didn’t even turned at him or spoke to him.
“Sorry…” Dean mumbled biting his bottom lip and looking from his dad to Bobby. John huffed as a horn sounded outside the salvage.
“Bert is here…” he mumbled and turned to Bobby. “So sorry to leave you with these two…”
Bobby shook his head and moved to the door following John. “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.”
“I know, watch after your pain in the ass, moron brother…” he said rolling his eyes but then he was serious. “I’ll do it…”
“I count on it…” Dad almost whispered to him with a half smile. Dean smiled and hugged his dad. “Bye Dean, be good, and don’t give Bobby any problem.” Another horn filled the air.
“Take care Dad, see you soon.” Bobby always find those hugs painful to watch, John hugs his boys as if they were precious and he would never be back. And Dean hugs him as if he were drowning and his dad were his only chance to survive.
“Sam…” John let go of Dean and slapped him on the shoulder for good measure making his eldest smile. A throttle came to them as Sam ran to hug his dad. It was total surrender as if the only place he felt safe were on his dad’s arms “Be good Sammy, and be nice with your brother…”
“He’s stupid…” he whined as John made a face and smiled. “Come back soon, okay?”
John smiled and let out a breath. “I’ll try; obey Bobby and your brother.” Sam rolled his eyes while his father left the house.
John had told him what happened. Sam was jealous because Dean went to a ball with some girl instead of staying with him for Halloween. John almost was glad because it was the first time Dean didn’t acted like a zombie on Mary’s anniversary.
And as a petty revenge Sam had taken Dean’s glock and hid it and the war of stupid pranks started ending with Sam crying like an orphan when a blow up clown landed on him in the shower to Dean left the last town without spare underwear.
It only got more vicious and this hunt was too important to mess it up for a quarrel among siblings.
Bobby waited until the door closed to see how bad it was. “Uncle Bobby can I go play with your dogs?”Sam knew that Bobby’s dogs were not at all docile enough to play.
“You’re gonna get your face chewed out…” Dean grumbled looking at Bobby who was about to agree.
“I’m planning on teach them to eat yours, so you can go with mom…” Sam let out in a mock tone.
“That’s enough or both of you are sleeping with the dogs.” Dean had his mouth open and closed it looking at Bobby surprised.
“Sorry Uncle bobby…” he said and Sam repeated the words with the same mocking voice, Dean smacked him in the arm and the kid groaned exaggeratedly rubbing his arm.
“Dean…” Bobby was looking for his wallet. “wanna do me a favor? I need you to go town and get some groceries, I don’t think what I have will do for three.”
Dean nodded and smiling. “Can I take that beautiful cobra?”
Bobby smirked. “I don’t know… Do you have a license?” Sam chuckled.
“Actually…” and Dean took off his driver license it said 16 and was only couple months old. “Dad let me drive the Impala since last summer.”
Bobby laughed hard, and asked Dean to be careful while giving the keys for the car he asked.
“Wanna go too!!” Sam let out.
“Nope!” Bobby turned to him. “Because someone needs to help me to unpack a whole new box of books I got from Europe last week.”
The shout of excitement made him smile, this two loved each other, they just were together all the time, inside each other’s brain, and they needed a breather.
But it only lasted until diner, Dean had two helpings of potatoes and Sam said he didn’t have any. Sam slurped his juice and Dean called him a baby.
Bobby had it, he sent Dean out for a run, just like his dad usually do, and Sam will train at the backward preparing shells.
Bobby didn’t want another debacle at bed time so he went upstairs to prepare the boys’ rooms, yep rooms, one will stay in their old room, where Sam had a Harley Davidson Sticker on the head of the bed and Dean kept his pictures.
The other will sleep in John’s bedroom, just ten feet away from each other, but fsar enough not to fight.
Sam gasped and stopped moving. “But…” Sam hesitated. “Uncle…”
Bobby had it when Dean entered the house checking on the salt shells Sam was doing. “These are useless…”
“He’s learning.” Bobby said.
Dean snorted. “That won’t save Dad’s ass if he goes on a gig with this crap.”
Sam had thrown the hammer at dean breaking two of Bobby’s most expensive blue label whiskey bottles.
“What?” Bobby faced the boys. “you can’t be together anymore? Fine! I’m ginvig  you each a room, no more fighting, no more stupidity…” he opened one door and then the other and without seeing which bag he was holding thrown one through each door. “Problem solved.”
Dean shifted nervously. “Uncle Bobby, we have never… I mean…” he bit his lips and turned to see at Sam. “I’m supposed to take care of Sammy…”
“I’m supposed to be with Dean…” Sam inched closer to his brother.
Bobby motioned with a hand to each door. “Not ten feet away boys, you’re gonna be close enough.”
Sam’s little face broke in worry and Bobby was about to give in. “not three hours ago you told your brother you wanted my dogs to eat his face…” Bobby said to Sam. Dean gasped. “less than three hours ago you punched him in the arm for getting too close to you in the yard.”
Both boys looked away distressed. “I’ll be right there…” Bobby pointed to the room at the end of the hall, again not even ten feet away. “And we all can rest.” He waited a second. “Well? Move on!” Dean moved first and went into his bedroom, Bobby looked at him surprised, he actually wanted more resistance from him. Sammy looked heartbroken as he entered his room.
Bobby shook his head and was moving to his own room when he saw Dean coming out with a can of salt. “gotta lock Sam’s room first…”
Bobby nodded. “the entire place is locked, ghosts, vampires, silver, iron, salt, cats’eyes shells, devil bootstraps, holy water, whatever you want is there… and the windows have bullet proof glass, nothing can get here boy. ”
Dean mumbled a soft “good” before retreating into his room.
Bobby was still awake he could hear the boys rolling and tumbling in bed, both too wired up to actually sleep. Then the knock on one door had him out of bed.
“dee…” said the broken voice of Sam and the door was open immediately.
“you okay?” Dean was already hugging him.
“I-I…” and Sam sobbed.
Dean pulled his brother inside the room and bobby knew they’ll be okay. “come in Sammy…” he held his baby brother until they were near the bed. “I should’ve sid it was a stupid idea…”
“I don’t really want you to go with mom…” he said his little face plastered against his brother’s tummy.
“I can’t go… I have to look after you, right?” he bent down to kiss the soft auburn hair. “I… I’m so sorry Sammy.”
“I’m not stupid, right?”
Dean started crying  -and bobby too even if he wants to pretend he didn’t’ witnessed this- “of course not, you’re the brains in this team Sammy, I’m the looks tho…” Sammy chuckled. “get in bed…”
Sammy scooted at one edge so Dean could climb behind him, pulling him close, cradling his brother against his chest. “I’ll clean your glock, Dee… don’t be mad at me…”
Dean shushed him whispering in his ear. “I’m not… just… just sleep okay? And don’t you ever for one second think I’d be mad a t you…”
“Not even if I eat cauliflower? ”
Dean chuckled. “Not even when you get all gassy, you’re my Sammy, you’re everything I have…” Sammy let out a breath.
“G’nite…” it was just a gust of air that left Sam’s mouth. “love you Dee…” he said half asleep already.
“Love you too Sammy, forever and ever…”
That was the last time Bobby tried to make them sleep apart. Not even when Dean came back from Hell could be away from his Sammy.
The End
That's it.


Sep. 29th, 2015 01:13 am
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Tittle: Words
Fill or Spn kinkmeme prompt here

Please ignore the awful chopping of real lore, so if any San religion followers it meant no disrespect. I just needed something that eats human flesh. the bi-blouk is a half body creature that leaps over bushes eats human flesh and sometimes marries humans, there's a male version too.
Work text:
John aproached the club's door of the awful place... who on God's Green earth call himself The Chief for a start...
he heard scuffling of feet and then a tug on his sleeve, he turned to see downcasted eyes and absurdly long lashes. he let out a sigh as he held Dean by the nape of his neck and drove him ahead.

The guy at the door looked at John and his regular clothes. "Dude I don't think this is your kind of place..." his hand traveled to Stop him but as john avoided being touched dean came into view cowering behind his dad.

"Easy... Dee..."  he let out a breathy reasurance noticing his boy agitated. "I'm here."

Dean let out a soft sound.

John changed from the protective father to Hunter mode. "I'm..." the tension on Dean Changed. "WE.. " he conceded. "we are here to see The Chief"

The bouncer smiled and nodded taking the velvet rope to a side and giving John a stamp and a leash. "you might need a collar tho..." John frouned and marched not turning.

A girl in latex was waiting for them inside. "any specific play?"

"I don't know..." John frouned again. "do I look like I like to play?" Dean moved closer and nudged his dad's shoulder with his head.

The girl gasped moving to Dean. "may I?" she was looking at John but not waiting for an answer raised Dean's pretty face. "look at you gorgeous..." the boy freaked out, his eyes flickered to his dad. "so well trained...." she all but moaned.
John understood what  kind of club this was, and what this people thought his boy was, his SON!! "Let him go!" he warned and offered a hand to Dean who splastered against him, he could feel the beating of his heart. "you're fine, and I'm here... are we clear?" Dean kept hyperventilating as the lady went searching for the fucking Chief. "I'm here kid, I'm here..." and holding his face. "look at me son..." Dean obeyed. "I'm here, with you, I won't leave you... are we clear." Dean shook his head up and down swallowing his fear as they sat in the only empty arm chair around, Dean pressed himself close to his dad, almost sitting on his lap, John knew what this should look like to all those disgusting creeps.
Dean stopped talking when he was four and 9 months, it lasted until May of the next year, it made John fear for his son's mental health, it also made him feel terrible because he couldn't help.
Some words came back, like Mommy, that was the one word that came faster, it came back with the nightmares and the tears, it made the entire room reverberate with pain and something else, despair, and a feeling of been alone of abandonement, mommy sounded like a stab in the chest, and it made the three of them cry.

Sammy came after that one, and it made Dad happy, because Dean used to crawl into Sam's cradle, as if trying to protect him, he couldn't speak, couldn't laugh, couldn't even eat without Sammy next to him.

Then Daddy came back, after the first night he wasn't home, Missouri were taking care of them and she had lost her patience and called him back because Dean wouldn't help, he cried and hid and in general had been dificult, John got there and heard it. "Daddy" on the broken residues of once cheerful and happy child voice.
He couldn't leave them alone anymore.

With time, with patience and with a lot of effort other words came, mostly because Sam was starting to talk too and Dean was his first word... well it soundded like Dee, but it was Dean, so much was obvious.
After the words came back and the nightmares left, the tears came only in occassions, Dean seemed to be just fine and John was just happy about it.

Sam was the center of Dean's little universe and was like that until he found girls, girls were easy for Dean, with his looks, the li'l devil, he looked like a lost kitten and Elvis mixed and served with ice cream and chocolate. and even then Dean cared more for his Sammy than anything else. He even took Sam's side in every fight, no matter about what it was always Sam the one he supported.

And then Sam betrayed him. the kid with the abandonment issues was left behind by his baby brother. by the reason of his every breath, by his every word.
The last John expected was to see him acting like notihng happened not even a month after, he was already steady with a girl not even a month later. John resented that, but if it made his boy happy he'd swallow the bitterness.

Cassie was after all, what Dean needed. until she was no more...

Dean got quiet after that and John did his best, gave him solo hunts and gave him the car, and tried to make him feel better. the last he expected was to be the reason of the third time Dean got quiet. it was almost two years since Sammy left. that's when a Bi-blouk appeared, the first-only?- he's ever seen. the thing knocked him down and smelled at him and bit him twice before dawn, He hardly could move one arm and he was going to be the monster's dinner.
His only free hand was enough to reach for his phone, dialed the first contact, Dean didn't answere, were because he was busy or bad reception the point was that he wasn't answering so he left a message. "Dean? it got me, come find me I'm at..." Dean should know he told him where to look. "don't come alone, if you don't find me, this thing won't kill again for 33 years." It was unfair, and cruel to do that on the phone.
Dean was alone, and the Bi-Blouk rough him up really bad, but he was determined, by the time he finally thrown her the acacia tree branches and it leapt away John was slowly recovering feeling and function on his limbs. "Why are you alone?" Dean didn't answered. "don't you know they could hunt in pairs? huh? males tend to me more powerful!!" yet no answer. "Boy..." Dean was helping him up but avoided his eyes. "Dean..." yet nothing.
He didn't say a word, neither in the car; after Dean packed guns and ammo before heading to the motel they're staying in, not a word while they parked and he helped his father into the room, not when he undressed and went to the bathroom.
"aren't you gonna say anything?" John asked when Dean was about to close the bathroom door

"Sammy didn't care...." Dean whispered. "didn't even answered..." he faced his father. "mom, Sammy, Cassie, and you?" he bit his lips and tears welled his eyes. "I can't do this alone." Fat drops clinged to long thick lashes and then started running down his face, Dean went into the bathroom and showered, he curled in bed seconds after exiting the bathroom and fell asleep.
John felt like a real ass, but it was done, no matter what Dean didn't say a word after that.
months passed and nobody, not Bobby, not Jim could ever make him even say good morning, sometimes, especially with Bobby he smiled but that was as far as it got.

John started going solo on hunts; and when he needed real communication, like when he really needed to team up with someone, or asked Caleb or Jim without letting Dean know, so he was left at Bobby where he helped with cars and heard the old man ramble about whatever Bobby wanted to ramble about.

It worked for one night away hunt, where he left his boy and saw him the next day even if he found an anxious distressed Dean when coming back.

When he ventured on a hunt that lasted a couple days he got up with the phone ringing nonstop. "What..." he mumbled only one hour of sleep. It was Bobby's voice mumbling.

"something is wrong with Dean he's crying and he hasn't stopped since last night...I-I've tried everything John, everything I could think of, yet nothing... something is really wrong with him."

This has to be the worst nightmare for every parent. his way to Bobby was fillled with interesting ways to break every speeding law in three states. it took him eight hours to get to dean in a trip that should've been almost two days long.

"What happened?" he opened the car door as soon as the car stopped, keys still in the ignition, Dean ran past Bobby and plastered against his Dad. "Dean?" he hugged his boy back. "come on Dee... talk to me..."

Bobby was at the door tired and relieved to see his friend there. "I couldn't make him say a word... the only thing he said was Daddy and was when the tears came, with the nightmares...." and John froze in terror he's lived this before.

"But... Dean..." he tried to push his boy far enough to see his face but couldn't. "come on, kid... Dee..." he pushed and pushed but Dean didn't move. "I'm not going anywhere..." he looked at Bobby who nodded. "not without you, okay? I won't leave you."

"Get in you two..." John had to litterally peel his son off of him, but dean held his hand and whimpered as he cleaned the tears on his face.

"Dee..."  Johnlet out a sigh and pulled the boy's hand on is as they walked into the house.
still two months latter nothing, not a sign of improvement .

John needed a special ingredient for a hunters' couple, good fellas, payed in cash if he could find it, but the only one who had it was in Vegas and Dean was stil pressed at his side, John hadn't even had the time to jerk off; Dean was already crying outside the bathroom door after minutes, and only allowed the closed door because Bobby gave him a clock with an alarm and he sat there as if praying for the arms to move faster.
wherever John went Dean was there at his sifde, either holding his hand or holding the hem of his shirt or jacket, John had taken back the habit of driving Dean half an inch shorter than him by the nape of his neck, so the boy could feel the contact and stay calmed.
It was pathetic and sad and it made him feel miserable, he lost one of his boys because it was the only way to keep him safe, and now... Now Dean was broken... the little gasp that left his son's mouth as he stood up from his place in the arm rest of his chair dragged him out of his thoughts a guy dressed in leather and pulling someone by a leash stood in front of him.
"John fucking Winchester..." the guy faced Dean. "and Dean!!" and laughing as he offered them a hand. "you're fucking legends in the business. My name is Wess..." he moved to hold Dean's hand but the boy jolted away as if scared.
"We... he-he's not... not at the top of his game..." Dean looked into his father's eyes, the betrayal obvios in them. "but he will be, right Son?"
The Chief gave them a knowing face. "yeah... coming back from Irak... it was like that for me... I understand." he asked the person on the leash for some drinks. "you rest... and think twice about whatever you dream or hear or see, is hard, but you'll pull through." it was fast just a couple short sentences and the man gave them a small bag of roots and white dried bones.

The Chief asked about Bobby and about Ellen and Sarah, John answered while Dean was back in his place on the arm of his father's chair

One of the leather cladded ladies came closer. "Chief? the sub is going to drink from a glass?"

The chief turned at her, brow scrunched in anger. "this kid here... is a hero, you hear? so don't treat him like less than that." the person on the leash sat at his feet. "he has PTSD, he's not playing, so show some respect."

The woman's face pinked as she offered them glasses, Dean took his glass but didn't drank. someone passed by touching the young hunter's neck.

Dean had his mouth open, and he only made a choked sound before tears streamed down his face.. "we should go." John got up. "thanks Wess, see you around."

"Don't take offense man, but I really hope we don't have to." both men chuckled. Dean held his father's jacket by the hem. "It's been an honor." Wess shook John Winchester's hand and looked at Dean.

"likewise man." John half turned his arm to hold Dean's hand.

"Bye Dean..." it was only a wave, Wess didn't try to hold him so Dean made eye contact and smiled a bit. "you'll be fine, just remember you're home, with your family, with those who love you and everything will get better." no answer. "Bye"

"bye..." whispered the boy surprising his father and the other man.

Sitting behind the Impala's steering wheel Dean finally spoke. "I called Sam, he hung on me, he don't care about us anymore..." it took them hours before they left, once Dean was calmed enough to drive; his car, his baby relaxed him, and John had time, the words were back, they were back.

"Burgers or ribs?" asked John when they reached a diner.

"Pie..." Dean mumbled, and that's what he ate.

The words were back

started at Septemeber 15th, then in october 7th, and finished by the 9th around 1am.
dear OP hope you like it
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Tittle: Fearless
Author: Kali
Pairing: J2
Warnings: angst, character’s death (not main), hurt !Jared, Protective!Jensen,
first part here
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A/N: I feel specially proud of this one, something about it made me so happy!
Tittle: Fearless
Author: Kali
Pairing: J2
Warnings: angst, character’s death (not main), hurt !Jared, Protective!Jensen,

Every year the trip to the sanctuary starts just the same way, a stupid ass video about the winged ones, hominidus angelicus.

“Well come friends to the only sanctuary for Winged’s in our country” chirped a boring voice “this forest have and extension” someone yawned too loud to ignore and everyone laughed, the teacher clapped and asked them to be quiet “Wingeds are human-esque creatures that live in forests, they live in flocks and are well known for their human features, thought the obvious difference resides in the wings they have on their backs” you couldn’t really pay attention to this part, some stuff about how in evolution some monkeys grew and extra set of bones on their backs and they had an extra joint that let them use those extra limbs “as the Archeopterix… the firs dinosaur that had feathers…” more blah about how they were not really humans “for years the fair features and ethereal presence of this creatures had marveled humans and even some kind of creepy deviation were born from it during the XXIII century.” A pause of dark screen “but lets not forget that this creatures are closer to this” And the picture of a giant baboon were displayed with the ruckus of their intimidating growl, every kid in the room gasped and tried to back away.

“scientist have spent their lives observing this amazing creatures and we still don’t know much about them, they communicate using a complex language of humming and grunting sounds, and they mate for life, this, is the preening” and they showed fair creatures, all beautiful and almost glowing in ethereal light, “and is part of their interaction, they live in flocks, and migrate to a warmer lands during winter. The flocks that live in this specific point come from far in the south looking for warmer lands, and arrive around spring, when they mate, yes kids, we got to the sex…” every kid in the room laughed and a couple catcalls were heard.

“this is the preening” and the young male Winged on the screen muscles well defined and bare expanded honey colored wings, that glittered like diamond at the very edges and fanned them in front of him, raising them as far as they could go, and then used them to touch the floor and repeated while smiling and making little whispery sounds “and the preening once was considered the mating ritual until we found this…” and the screen that was filled with precious winged girls standing in front of boys fluttering wings on display, just like the specimen in the first part, but then appeared a couple boys, not older than 14 years doing exactly the same “now is considered a form of salute, how they find pairs? We’re not sure” some more of those creatures preening “the feathers from this amazing creatures are, of course, the feature that first attracted us.” And several colors, shapes and sizes were showed “they go from the pearly, unblemished white from their babies” and a baby with adorable white fluffy wings marched away in unsteady legs and every girl let out an aw, and every boy giggled “to tan and several shades of brown to green and yellow and blue” more of the mentioned colors “and there are the rare ones, it’s been reported that in some other countries you can find them in colors such as black, purple and pink, though in our reserve we have never had one of those…”

“this are used in the fashion industry, there’s no one girl in this world that wouldn’t want them on their wedding gowns” several images and little videos of amazing perfect dresses were displayed “even if they don’t know how they’re obtained” shots of creatures dead and bleeding were shown “there are laws that protect this amazing creatures, proof that we have evolved from the same ancestors, but sadly they are still disappearing.”

“Now… what we have to know to get close to them? We’re about to get into their home, so please you have to be respectful and quiet, these creatures are not aggressive unless you give them a reason, they produce their own tools, and react strongly against anything that tries to touch the nests, so let’s make a list of rules”
And there it was a winged creature cartoon holding his feathers in front of him “rule number one: do not touch their offspring; rule number two: do not try to touch them unless they allow it; rule number three; if you get lost in their land, just walk calmly, without screaming or running towards the path you just left, there are enough signs for you to find your way back.” The cartoon held his other wing out “Rule number four, you are not allowed to feed them, they have a special diet of seeds, roots and honey, so the only thing you could give them is that HONEY ” and the cartoon licked his lips and rubbed his belly “Rule number five do not leave trash inside the park, rule number six: look after your stuff, this creatures are curious and could steal things that are potentially harmful to them, rule number seven: no smoking near them, rule number eight: if you start a fire be sure to turn it off completely; rule number nine: do not stay I the woods after dark; Rule number ten: report if you see any person out there, not only your pairs braking any rule, also hunters” that was a necessary warning since there were poachers and other hunters “if you respect the rules, you’ll have a great time.”

They all went out, it was the first days of spring and they could see a group moving, they were so close to humans, so close, even if they were only wearing scraps of leathers and barks to cover themselves, in the front of the column were flying the bigger ones carrying long lances that ended in crooked blades, well too fabricated to be considered rudimentary tools, among the very end the group of kids could see young ones carrying even bigger swords, all of them at least 6’3 “Those are called the warriors” pointed the teacher “usually they’re just few, but if you see this year they have so many….” Most kids looked as they passed, some of the warriors had their eyes on them “look, the color of their eyes match the color of their wings” called a girl and the teacher praised her smart observation.

To the Winds, the flock that owned the forest; those strangely wrapped creatures were so intriguing, sometimes they had honey for them, but sometimes they had lightning and thunder on their hands, right now they were being loud and getting closer when the newborns were there, they had their entire hatch taken and killed last year, many of the mothers let themselves die of sorrow and their mates followed them. So these ones were precious,

That’s why Jared, Jason, Jeremy and Miranda, all of them of less than an eclipse *what for humans would be 20 years* of age were training for warriors, Jason was a newcomer, he was the last survivor from a flock from the far south, the first that traveled with them with back feathers, and apparently seeing him spreading his wings to protect a newborn who was tumbling on the moss at his feet caused great reaction from the humans, “Dumb creatures” Miranda let out “so stupid that can’t even communicate with us…” and pushed Jared ahead, before turning to the humans and scream “Go away you verms… crawling in the floor, go back to your cages…” and the stupid creatures laughed.
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