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 there's only one
Superman by Five for fighting.

don't ask me why; but this is me.

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 okay its another of those Zambas, its Zamba de mi esperanza.

My mother was not one to sing us lullabies, yeah? not by a  long shot, but this song I remember from every time there was a new baby at home; it's peaceful and soft, yet so full of emotion.
it's our own hey Jude I guess.

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there's two
Billy Boyd's Last goodbye

Many places I have been
Many sorrows I have seen
But I don't regret
Nor will I forget
All who took the road with me

how could not have your heart shattered at it?

this old spanish/argentinean song called Zamba par olvidar (song to forget)

(pleae ignore the guys on hte vid, the song is beautiful but this is a version that's easy to understand)
the whole song talks about someone coming back after leaving; and asking for the things to go back to normal but the person singing is too bitter to allow it, even if still in love he rather asks the other to leave and forget him.

it has a part that says 

my hands became clay
for how hard I gripped the pain
and now that I no longer see the sun (I cannot see the light)
why you came back? what are you looking for?
(you left me)crying my love, crying
this time you'll be the one left (like that)
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 Jason's All I ask

this is the prerelease version and there's something about it that makes me wanrt someone to sing this to.

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 Freddie Mercury.
because he had an amazing voice and he was an icon and because there was something about him that made me accept/understand homosexuality and made me a better person.

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 not sure. 

Somehow this is perfect for the crappy night I had.

One of these days I'm gonna jump right off that shelf
And hit the ground runnin'
At least that's what I keep telling myself.mus
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THe Story- Brandi Carlille

Is about life and loss and finding someone special is about everything.
it is also a call for something that is there but is hidden, something someone is not able to accept just yet.
it also to me was a song for that thing i don't have in my life anymore by choice.

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 HOME by Michael Buble - ft Blake Shelton.

And I feel just like I'm living someone else's life
It's like I just stepped outside
When everything was going right
And I know just why you could not 
Come along with me

how could anyone not think about every little bit of life and every decision they took with this song?
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 ok official I had to google this one.
Running with the devil - Van Halen

not a big fan of Van Halen but it's decent

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 okay... don't judge.

Lady Antebellum's Need you now.

It was just the right song after a bad break up, my NOW friend liedk to sing ig with me 

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 Ed Sheeran's Thinking out loud.

And a balad from a mexican band Camila - Todo Cambio (everyhing changed)

there's this bit of the song "before I spend more time with you, you must know you're the lvoe of my life"

someone I loved dearly sang that bit to me in a spanish so misspronounced it was ridiculouos and the sweetest thing on earth at the same time

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 what else!! Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen.
and if you say you don't like it you're lying.

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 O.O I don't know....
you must understand I didn't live in one place until late teen years, okay? 
I have a dozen in mind but there's this one orinoco flow
I remember hearing it and feel all calm, and safe even if we weren't safe.

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 Bad Moon Rising - Creadence Clear water revival.
in every version, in every chance there's always a couple minutes for this song.

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I  can't just point one; So I'll post my top three, and you can pick which one you like best.
first Uma Voz no vento. it reminds me of someone that died.

there's this bit where it says. "if who came is gone, if who will be has left, only for those who stay the days are teh same, a thousand dreams to bury, winds and storm, body and soul are touched when the the years are heavy on your heart. " it just breaks me

Colors by Amos Lee; Also someone I lost;

he used to call me the sweetness in his life, he was the colors in mine, he said my smile was sweet, his eyes were so blue they were my favorite color.
he left and colors fade away 

And last one 

Metallica -  Nothing else matters

it was my first and second suicide attempts soundtrack, all that was left behind, my life is far better now but it still makes me sad thinking about the poor little idiot too empty to actually fight; too lost to ask for help and too alone to have anyone caring anyways.
so yeah.. did I depressed you all already?

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