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i want to kiss Peter Jackson and give him my first born as Christmas present!!!
It is everything I was hoping for, the dwarfs the orcs, eagles and wolves. everything was perfect.
They have changed small things and it is understandable for marketing purpose but it keeps its essence.
I highly recommend it!!!

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I'm on call on Supernatural season premier day, just my luck huh? but I kinda knew it anyways.

then, I've been said I have to either give a warning to one of the head nurses or to punish two of my interns, not sure what I want.

Third: we had a meeting on dress code thingy, someone high boss, said i can dress the way I feel like, since I know what I'm doing, but they asked Inez to try to keep her clothes more formal, I'mn feeling great about that.
fourth, when commenting the point three, someone said I was a Hipster, for a start I felt bad is it like being a yupie?
then fouind this:

and guess what, is corect.
"they can take your Metallica and AC/DC t-shirts, they can make me change my converse shoes, they can take my hoodies but they will never take my jeans or my haircut" *SNORT* I'm a goof...

then one last thing, when is about babies? even if I rather be a veterianrian than a pediatritian, I'm not bad, not bad at all...*grin*

off to bed wishing Bilbo and Frodo Baggins a Happy Birthday and many more...
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today I read aninterview with Sir Ian and some other stuff.
But aside of that, there's finally something I'm gonna do on my days that could be paying more than I was thinking.
lets see whats' happens


May. 21st, 2008 08:32 pm
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there was nothing intereting at all,after all I'm in the pitt, what good I could do there? nothing!!

anywho... I have to ask you all seriously:What's wrong on wanting to be ALONE!! is not like I'm a social person, I'm not nice, I'm not kind and I'm not good liying, whta's so wriong about it? I'm good as a doctor, good as a surgeon and I'm gonna kick ass once they let me go back to OR. Is NOT my fult i they're major pnsies,if they think I should be a better "friend" I do not need friends, I don't want to be more open, I don't want to have tons of friends and a messy social life wasting time I could use improuving my skills for the good of my patients.

I've been called Yang again, and as an insult,well.. is not an insult it was flattering, I LIKE TO BE Cristina Yang, she's the best!!

its just I know I have things to learn, and I will and I'll be gratefull about it, I'm gonna work hard but that doesn't meant I have to like people I work with or learn from, right?
and about the interns? I will teach them if I can but I don't have to be their nanny, one of them is a waste of time and resources, he's a sue waiting to happen, the other rather have babies than a career, and the rest, plain idiots!! is not my fault they're stupid and I don't like them. hope they fear me and wishthey'll go away...
ok lets smile for a while.

pic for today

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since my graddes aren't official yet, I need to have everything from the start in paper, hate this part...
anyway I can do it, I'm fine... no over stress myself, everything is just fine, besides i'm the one that's only having time to do all this others are aside of this dealing with full shifts.
anyway, something quite weird I found right now

this two should play brothers or what...

song for the day

some LOTR

btw I had my hair cut today... is not a hair cut as much as a hair styling thing, its better than it was, and I realy like it.
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someone commented on Sepastian COppeland Book Antarctica, and the DVD that came with it, saying that Orlando looks actually Happy and the most geeky weird smile came ot my face, WHAT's wrong with me? is not like is th emost important thing in this world if he's happy or not..

anywho... I saw Graham Norton's re-run with Orlanod and laughed my Ass off with the pump thing and the dog anus was hilarious aswell.

I'm a really weird mood today

Just love this.

so guy for the day Viggo since he happens to have funnny moments infuriating Ed Harris

had a little talk with Hector, love my boy, even thou we never get together at the end lol

I'm good!!!

Mar. 8th, 2007 10:13 pm
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the Chieff of staff got quiet today.. why? because I was right and she was wrong!!
most of the Doctors are happy withme and that's god because my evaluation is this week

I'm inlove with my life these days and for what i've heard I'm the best so far, I've been said that before but... *squee* I just can't help it but smile
look at this
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I just love Dom and Lij and Billy and Liv and Orli

Dr. Pol

Feb. 19th, 2007 07:49 pm
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Another one that thinks I'm ready lol he said I have a good criteria on diagnosis, (does it makes sense?) he said i'm gonna be ok, he was quite pissed this morning but it wasn't my fault, I did what I've been told and didn't made a mistake.
I have my first free day!!! tomorrow I'll stay home lol the whole day waiting for
LOTR I remember the FOTR five years now can you believe it?
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life is not complicated
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half empty stoking here

I saw D today but we didn't talk
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This one made me laugh my Ass off, so it happened with Huitzil and my bro, very very good video
today.. I had tpo suffer one of those bastard that comes asking for us to join some kind of crusade that'll give him money and shame for a country in SouthAmerica and off course nothing to me at all exzcept for the fact of being thrown in some odd place!!
anyway... life is not bad, I have a very bad headache lol
I do not miss him at all isn't that good?

miss Tito thou.

I'm gonna read some for peds tomorrow but not now TV calls me lol

day 8

Nov. 7th, 2006 11:14 pm
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and for some weird reason I miss him less and less. isnt that good? I want to think that's because I'm gettin over him not because he's coming back in just few days.. like in a week to be exact.
anyway life is not that bad today...
there's this one thing that is bothering me, last saturday I hit my head really bad don't ask doing somwething just being the clutz I'm always..
anyway now I'm dizzy, I'm tired, I'm sore, lol life is a bitch if you don't take care of your body properly plus, this weather!! its cold already and I'm really feeling it this time.
eating nothing but treats and drinking lots of hot coffee.
I'm gonna do a tal dark and handsome pic spam one of this days, you know Goran, Orlando, Oded, guys like those lol
nothing interesting actually except for this video:
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and this other one about Viggo )
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yes... two days
Well after two days I've seen dennis yesterday the whole day shift, he's so sweet when we act like civilizated creatures...
but then I ran away like a teenaged girl*whine*
anyway, life is not bad, and this days are getting better, A hug.. a hug and held my hand, God I'm Pathetic!!!

Now Hector wants to talk with me, and 'm sure is about Dennis*sigh* even my all time friend knows I'm hurting myself seriously
Schummi said he'll retire from F1 racing, I'm heartbroken

something weird, I was reading the two towers while My sis who's here was zapping on the TV and found the FOTR but I couldn't change my book fo rthe movie, I think my purist ringnut reign over the movies ringnut, and I'm grateful for that.

NO Dennis

Sep. 2nd, 2006 08:24 pm
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so.. the whole shift was boring. not like I cared since Dr.Ledo Loves me lol, I'm one of his faves so far *shitty full of myself smile*
My back is killing me, this morning I had to go to the vet to put my baby cat down, the poor thing had the neck broken and I have no idea what happened...*sniff*
anyway.. life is not that bad, I spent hours in search of the perfect blouse and found nothing I liked...
I have nothing to do but read and I have to buy more books, life suck ass

I should know better to left problems out of my real life...
tired and in need of my bed
some pics for the road

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Aug. 26th, 2006 08:34 pm
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today we had this stupid but HUGE fight with my whole class, they think we (Ska, Ariel. Elva, and I)are mean.. we couldn't care less for their opinion.
Stupid Dennis and his mania of being away from me!!.
I don't care about him anymore.
some good things a LOTR picspam (characters/actors)

check hereMaigobanen ) new icon any coment?
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today was a nice day, I'm still stubornly quiet, don't know why actually, since he even tried to talk to me... I'm not gonna let my father direct my life, I don't care if he's right or not. I do not follow his comand since I was like 12 so I'm not gonna start again now.
I'm tired and have all this ill ideas on my head, sometimes I think death is not that bad, ok, I've been saying that awfully alot this days i don't want to end up in medication or worst so I should try with something different, one good thing, Dennis only have three more days of vacation and we 'll be together again, even only as friends I really need him.
so, some good new pics

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isn't that place amazing?
few pics of the mere center of the biggest city of the world

Orlando is So so cute... I know I've said that before. I've said it alot lately,maybe because its true and maybe because I'm using him to stop myself of thinking on someone else, 'cause while I can avoid it I can deal with it

Saw LOTR today yet again...

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I amar prestar aen…
The world is changed.

han mathon ne nen…
I feel it in the water.

han mathon ne chae…
I feel it in the Earth.

a han noston ned gwilith.
I smell it in the air.

Much that once was is lost. For none now live who remember it.

[Error: unknown template video]

why I can't stop thinking about that?
why it has to cause this pain in my heart... why I can't dream for the rest of my life?
note: remember the dream about Viggo for tomorrow
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and I do love it, but feel bad too... Gosh I can't deal with this anymore, if he want to be with Roberta then he should stay awa from me...*sniff*
ok, I had a good day with things like school and Schummi Won!! yeah!!!

Tomorrow Italy Vs Germany So FORZA ITALIA!!!
Rambling about LOTR again: )


Jun. 16th, 2006 09:33 pm
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today is not important.. important is last night, when my mother finally decided.
and because everyone was crying and feeling misserable.
LORD!! I wish, I swear I wish that I'd been raised different, then I'll go all the way to where he is and PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!!!
its ok... life is shitty, is not bad just someone shitted it up for me...
I didn't see Dennis today, I'm sure now, Roberta is going away and he's just depressed.
I wish I could kiss him right now.
things are messy, but life was just perfect before it.

I want my superman to feel better, i really do, I need him hapy because that makes me Happy...
few LOTR pics to make my day brighter

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Nov. 19th, 2005 08:39 pm
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my TTT is on so... I'll try to add something interesting soon

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