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Yeah I know I had plans and ideas and projects but...
yeah.... I'm too blue to even try to complete anything.
I'm seriously worried about this, it didnt' hit in one blue; it came crawling and i let it settle in this weekedn; I just... gave up; so much I even asked for a couple days off work.

so Happy Birthday reason of my strenght
happy birthday bringer of my smiles
Happy Birthday Actor, director, singer, performer, father, friend, Multitalented, yet humble and down on earth hottie
Happy birthday amazing human being.
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I'm doing a video for Jensen's birthday, and if you want to participate, please send a pic of you or a sign or anything you'd like him to see and/or a little clip of you (or just voice) wishing Jensen a happy birthday in your mother tongue (whatever it is, just be sure to make it short) and where you are.
So yeah, the dead line is feb 27th so I have a couple days to get it ready, the sooner you submit your vid/clip/pic the better.

please pass the word.
submit to
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please go and vote vote vote, he deserves an award too.
he deserve to know we think he's an amazing actor.
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please go and vote vote vote, he deserves an award too.
he deserve to know we think he's an amazing actor.
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I found about him because of his looks, and as time went by, I loved him more and more because he's a great human being and a great person, Talented actor, gifted singer, yet down on earth and cute.

So I wish you a happy birthday hottie, wish you joy, love, luck and prosperity

Happy Birthday!!
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Have you guys seen the PCA Nominees
you can see them here

well guess the whole idea vote for Jensen on one category, sci/fi actor and write vote jared on dramatic actor didn't work right? because a bunch of morons there couldn't even respect that!!!

I'm so pissed about it... now we not only don't' have Jensen nominated for dramatic actor now we have both the boys in Sci/fi actor... and what's gonna happen? we're gonna fight and we're gonna split votes and the stupid guy from arrow is gonna win.. or worst the TVD douche will...

So now I'm asking you all, vote for Jensen not only because is Jensen, but also because he's a far more consistent actor, is not about having a favorite, is about having the best actor winning an award.
because Dean has almost nothing to work with and yet Jensen makes an awesome job from it.
Jared is good but he's still learning, one day he'll be good enough to win on his own right and not out of popularity or how good he looks without his shirt.

Jensen moves one brow and we all cry for Dean, Sam needs props, special effects and to copy Misha's acting to make us notice the change into Ezekiel and yet is not that convincing. I like the man and I love Jared dearly... and still see he's not at his best yet.

please please guys I beg you, this time let's have a winner, lets help our strongest actor get an award.
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isn't she the cutest?? she has the ears, the eyes, the little nose, the lips
and I just want a baby too...
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Jensen Ackles' Pic Spam because the hottest of all hotties is turning 35!!
can you believe it?


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Jan. 8th, 2013 11:11 am
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Imagine a little blonde freckled green eyed little cutie on daddy Jensen's arms!
can't wait!

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