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Dear Mary;
My Bloody Mortar, I love you, more than I can say, you should never doubt that.
I'm sorry my dearest, I left you alone with the kids,I'm sorry I'm not there to explain more of this, and I'm sorry I could never give you what you wanted.
I remember the first time I saw you, on that embassy, I was just a grunt, a perfect nothing and you turned to me and smiled, everything changed for me that day, I fel t special, I felt like I was worthy of more than just a honorable death, I remember that night, after the gala, you let me take you out for a walk and we didn't stop until it was day again, Having breakfast at the dock with you, having you with me, nothing else was important for me. And I just want you to remember that, now that I'm gone, remember that you were my sun, and my moon, and the force that make the earth turn, you were all that for me.
Do you remember the one time we were happy before them? when Richard was on the way?
For years I felt like I failed you for not trying again but it hurt too much, that's why I didn't want you around the kids at first, those damaged angels. But you were what they needed, you have a heart so big, so big you could make them all fit, and heal, hope you had enough with only them, because even if I'm gone they'll be around I'm sure, they love you as much as I do, and even if I know I'm letting you down for not being there as I promised I know you're safe with the,
so if you feel like I betrayed you, like I failed you, I'm sorry.
but you have to feel aswell how much I love you, and I will forever love you my dear, for as long as souls love I'll love you.

Rob K
Mom and Dad:
I was left on a garbage can when I was three weeks old, and my life after that was one cruel disapointment after another, I got in so much trouble I did so terrible things, I know you know Dad, but Mom, I just want to make it clear that it was because weak ones end up bad, in dark places, when nothing you can do to be safe, where you're hurt just for being weak and I couldn't do it.
Dad, the second they gave me the chance, the second you entered my cell I knew I couldn't screw it up, I just knew it! and I tried, I did my best, hope it was enough.
Every day I spent with you and my sibs was a blessing, every day I was there in a warm bed, in a real house, well fed and well clothed was a blessing, and I know you had no need to make me feel welcome, that's why I have to say thank you for everything.
thank you for believing in this orphan without name or future, Thank you for getting me out of that place, for not leaving me behind when you left, thank you mom for every time you let me hug you, for every time you lulled me to sleep with your songs, even being too big for that, thank you for taking care of me.
Thank you Dad for taking a chance on me, I knew the secretary thought I was too damaged, too much of a risk, but you stood up for me and I'll never forget it, you two made me feel like I was a real person.
Please give my brother and sisters a hug and a kiss for me, and let them know I'm grateful for every day with you all.


If you're reading this I'm dead, which sucks you know?
but it doesn't matter because at least I had you for a while.
After what happened to me, after what I did, this chance was the only way to skip death row and I thought I could deal with it, just doing what I already ahve done, right?
but you made me understand it was far more than that.
I remember the first day I woke up and saw your ugly faces, I thought you were just like me. And I want to believe I was right, that i'm actually like you all, kind and loving, that I have the seed inme, you know? to be good, that what I leanred with you mom was enough to make me into sometihng else than blood and pain.
to you boys, thank you for proving that men can be nice, good, warm and can touch you with love and tenderness without any other agenda, thank you dad for every time you stuck your neck out for me.
to you girls, I never thought I'd love someone as much as I love you Mom, you were the reason why all this worked, you're amazing., girls, you can take my shoes, I know you lvoe them, I hope you understand how lucky you were having me there, because I know how lucky I was having you, that we all, the rarity case girls got to be together and get out together.
Love you all

sorry I left, but they had to pay, I spoke to his friends, they'll take you to your father, I know you don't want to, but he's your family and I already did my homework, he's nice, he's married and have two kids, his boy is around your age. you're young kid, you deserve to know him, everythingfrom your record has been deleted, you'll become a new one, a brand new one no blood, no crimes, just you.
go ahe4ad with you life and be happy, that's what we all wanted for you.
love you so much sis.

Girls and boys:
I made a mistake and I have to leave you, to whonever is reading this, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I failed you.
I was a drop out, I was lost and then he found me, he risked himself on me, Cole did his best to drag me into this, and then dad and mom took me in too, I will never be able to thank you enough.
I love you guys, I do, I will forever remember the times I got to have a cup of coffee with you, or had the chance to make a stupid cake, or when I got home to a nice warm plate of food and smiling faces.
and I'll forever regret my mistake.
to my baby brother, I know we trained together, I know you feel lost, I'm sorry i have to leave now that you need me the most, I'm so sorry. if you ever forgive me, if you can find a way, and you get out, please don't give up on me, because you knwo I'm from your blood, and I'm your sister.
I'm sorry I have to leave you right after that happened to them, please forgive me kids.
I wish i could kiss you all good bye, I wish i could hug you all once more, I wish I could make you Cole understand what I did and Why.
Not until Mom I ever felt a hand on me that was not out of violence or lust, not until you guys I understood what a family was, now if I get to have the chance, I'll hace something mine, even if one, and I'll try to find you when the waters get calmer.
lots of kisses and hugs


Family: Since the day I was assigned to the HEARTS I thought I was lucky, I was right, but what i didn't know thenwas how lucky.
The moment they said you were set to termination I understood that we were different from the rest, they all agreed like getting rid of ants and you were so much to me, you were my family, the people I went home to.
I lvoe dyou all too much to let you go.
thank you for allyour tie, for all your support and love.
thank you andstay safe.


"are you Ready?" asked one of the two gusy with her, they had her stuff already, she cleaned her face and tucked the papers in the file she was carrying. "he lives in this town,but don't worry, he knows already, he'll see you right now, so then we can get you ready to travel..." the girl nodded and followed them out of the airport.

no more Secretary, no more job.

The last Heart followed the guys to a black car, they gave her new papers, her new name?

Anne Marie Wachsam, just another way of the same name.

The End
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Nerve was sitting on the edge of the couch, Iris was still asleep, it was past noon but she had no heart to wake her up.
She knew the things that had to be done., every one of her blades in front of her while the bundle of papers were still on the table under the same stupid note left by their handler.
She refused to let her go, refused to let her emotions to go free. Refused to accept she was afraid.
The soft click of the lock, the faint smell of aftershave, pine and sandalwood and she was smiling brightly, excited and happy.
"you're back!!" And was on his arms, Cole stunned didn't move at first, then wrapped his arms around her
"I don't know if I'm happy for this... or should I feel ofended?" teased "I'm the ghost, guardian, I'm the one supposed to be invisible, more than you all" she giggled, a sound so weird made Cole's heart broke.
"I'm relieved I don't have to deal with the paperwork..." and moving to his side so both could walk inside "did you killed her?"
"I scared her enough to have a couple days to get things straight, another kill will send someone even more dangerous over us..."
Stem had a meeting withthe very chief of her institution, a man so high in Government ranks that you could only assume there was nobody else on top of that
"Some stupid people think this is a stand of some kind, those agents must die Subsecretary... is that clear?"
"Yes sir, I am taking care of that personally, this time there will be no mistakes."
"I can asure there will be no mistakes Stem, I'm sending two teams of my people"
"with all due respet sir, ten man..."
"I've won wars with less than that, this kids you're fighting can't be worse than an entire army" and after a sigh of frustration that was more than unsettling "okay I'm sending 20... I guess they deserve some fun..." after a few minutes of brownosing Mrs. Stem let go of her phone
Stem was on the car, dressed in a dark suit and bulletproof vest, they were about to enter the house the HEARTS were hiding in.
"whenever you're ready ma'am..." said a huge guy, looking at her with more respect than what you'll expect.
And she ordered them to move.
Cole had a mole in the secretary now, he said, and they were recruiting help from those who used to hire them to get things done.
so by the time he got the phone call thelliong him that White Srarks (special black ops forces) were coming the girls were already getting in the car to go tohsi apartment.
They sat to see Stem and the 20 men getting in the house the bombs were ready, Iris wanted to be there, but without backup... her siblings ordered her to stay put and wait.
They were once more piled up on one bed, the girls tried to stay on their own places, but around 2 am when Nerve started guard, Cole had a nightmare and Iris couldn't let him alone.
The silencer wanted some coffee and was getting in the kitchen when a click called her to the window, a shadow under it made her go back to the room.
"Nerve..." she moaned "Make me breakfast..." Nerve opened her eyes and looked at her.
"Make yourself breakfast imp..."
"Cole... send her to the kitchen now..." said getting the small glass marbles he had on a giant glass on his nightstand he mumbled for her to stop "what if there are monsters out the window?"
her hand moved to the floor where Nerve's belt with her throwing blades were.
"tell you what..." she said getting up and grabbing her shirt, the one with the thousand pockets all of them full of knives "I'll chop you something, but you have to help... Brrr.... it's so fucking cold" Cole was bitting his bottom lip "move Cole, we need more hands"
"How many hands?" he said watching them move and grabbing their ear pieces.
"like a thousand?" said Iris and them three moved to the hallway, as if it were their rutine, the halway had no window it was perfect for them, they ducked next to the wall, Cole opened a closet and pulled a couple vests.
"get this" he ordered giving them to the girls
"you...?" asked Nerve he ignored her
"Iris move to the very back, get in the closet, there's a passage, you'll be on the vent, there are several holes for you." gave her a 9mm "Nerve... all the way Guardian, all the way.." she smiled, he bent down and kissed the girl's head, turned to do the same with Iris when the crash of a window called them "Be safe kid" caressed Iris cheek and moved away from them talking openly "What the fuck girl did you...?" and the first shot sounded Iris gasped before moving inside the closet as ordered.
Nerve fastened her vest and kicked the closet door close while getting up, moved to where Cole went and pursing her lips moved, inmediatly screams of pain started, more shots, some of them from somwhere over their heads.
Cole was hurt against a wall his bloody chest heaving while he tried to move. "Stay brother, stay..." she mumbled landing next to him, the attacker backed out when four more were gutted in few seconds "I'm not gonna fail you, I'm the fucking guardian Cole, and I'll keep you safe this time..."
Three hours latter, the siege was broken and they fled. they had somewhere to go that night.
Cole D Heart were set on a small space, wearing hs best suit, and the shades he loved so much. not one tear were shed for him, not because he weren't important, but because the calussed souls who put him to rest next to his Surrogated family, those who took him in, and made him one of their own, couldn't let the tears come, not yet.
He was set next to his brother, the one who shared endless nights watching games and eating pop corn.
both gir5ls had tears in their eyes but both were now convinced that they had to be brave.
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String was the first to get in the car, with Red gone he was in driving duty, his sisters, both dressed in black got in the car.
he sats there quiet for a minute or two, Red was not only his friend, was more than that, she was teh one he was asigned while in training, even before he was told that he'd be with Kingstone, and he misses her.

sometimes, like right now... he wishes everything could end, fast and clean, like Red have promised she'll do.

The burrial is small, nobody aside of them there, no more flowers than the few they carry with them, the priest, from Mary's Church gives a short sermon and they all pray, then the guy leaves. quiet while Iris sings the song Mary used to sing to them when she first heard of them having nightmares.
"I was 18..." says String
"15" Nerve says
"15" Iris chirps and all turn to Cole
"20" says Cole "Red was 16, 19 when she joined training..."
"so... " Nerve gets closer to String to give him a tissue, he's toen only one crying this days. "are we going or what?"
"not yet..." Cole took his phone "crap... they're coming" and the small group of people in black clothes turned around, the soft wind carrying sounds from several directions, no steps, no cars, nothing.
"move" Ordered Nerve, blades long and crooked in hands, for one second Iris wondered where those were before, but she took a gun from his pocket, same as Cole and String, and they moved to the car when the first voice were heard
"This is Agent Liever, put down your weapons and get on your knees" Cole moves among the thombstones
"Iris get out of here, we'll see you at home..." She snorted
"no, you're nto the handler I don't have to obbey." and she pointed the gun shooting, from far away a soft cry let them know she hit her mark.
"he's the handler now, kid, leave..." Nerve was taking her belt, and moving to the right "channel 3 right boss?" Cole smiled at her
"I like when you're all maternal like that" String and Nerve moved right and Cole and the silencer stayed there, pointing the best they could.
"I hate when you do things without explaining the rest" said String on his comm
"move on cleaner... it's about time to clean some shit..." all of them were laughing, after almost six years this was just another day, it was like trainig, like coming home after a long day out.

Liever was on his back Cole's gun pointed to his face
"What's Stem thinking? I think we just killed every tactic team she had..." he said, the rest were already cleaning, only one man survived because he begged for his kids.
"She'll find you" steps behind made Cole turn
"can I? please?" Nerve was there blade in hand
"Kid..." Cole shook no while Strign was coming close "He needs it more..." they could hear the way Liever's breathing was accelerating,

Iris was already on her way to the car when Nerve stepped in something wet.
"DAMN!!!" she almost fell and her sister ran to her, while Cole was going to the car, something wasn't okay, Nerve was still holding Iris' hand, and she never touches anyone unless  she HAS to.
"COLE!!!" Iris was holding Nerve, her hand landed on a wet patch, she was bleeding. "She's hurt"
"I'll get the car." String ran to the car, they had to get going, how long the secretary would keep police away? they didn't know and they couldn't risk themselves to be caught.
 right then, with a huge bang there were only three left.
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the guy had the little girl by the hair while screaming at her face, the poor little 6 years old accidentally broke a bottle and the guy was hissing something into her face. Many could see but noone moved to help, the way he was holding the kid was enough to know she was in pain, thick lines of tears were running down the pretty face. people ignored them and moved to a different aisle.
"sometimes I wish I could kill you without having to hide the body..." he said throwing the poor little girl in front of him, a blonde girl moved to hold the kid before she landed face first on the floor. "let her go!!" he said getting to the kid and pulling her away from the blonde's hands.
"come on... we have to move..." a younger blonde got there and held the first one's  hand, the first bent and cleaned the girl's face
"would you mind if he leaves you for ever?" asked and the girl nodded "granted" she said getting up faced the man "you have no right...  no right to hurt a kid..."
The man looked at her smiling "that little shit deserves it..." and getting close "If your dad would've ever thaught you your place you wouldn't be getting yourself in this..." two fingers got to him, at each side of his jaw and he gasped while his whole mouth went tight. he never opened again.

"My father was a bastard, just ike you, at least the first one, the second? the second thaught me to speak up, to defend the inmnocent, to not let things happens just because someone else has the right to do them..." her hand moved to him who raised his arm toprotect his face, she moved fast and the point of her fingers hit the side of his chest under his armpit and the guy groaned moving back, the shorter blonde got the kid and moved away to get back few frames later while the first blond got the guy coughing blood after one of her hands landed on his troath and the other hit over it, if you really pay atention, you could hear a small crack, the second blonde just stayed there while her companion's knee landed on his neck, for a split second you could see his legs kicking wildly, like a chicken with it's head chopped out, and then the blonde got up, flipped her blonde hair out of her pretty face giving the camera a good view of it and moved away.

Checking the time, it only took her 23 seconds to kill a man.

"What the fuck!!!" Cole's hand landed hard against the desk, Red was crying "You stupid stupid bitch!!" yelled furious
"... I just..." he moved closer screaming like a possesed man
"SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!! you think this is what Dad would've wanted?" and she moved
"He was..."
"You gave them a good picture "
"then I'll kill them all, me and Iris..."Cole gasped, his hand crossed her face.  while String and Nerve got up from the couch.
"iris is in danger too huh? for your wrecklessness, how am I suposed to fix that?" and rubbing his face asked the rest to leave the room.
once alone he said it
"you have to go..." he said and moved away when she tried to say something. "you know you have to go" and gave her a piece of paper

On a saturday morning, even before they could burry their parents May Red Heart left the house, no coffee for early in the morning tasks, nobody helped her to get ready or asked her to be careful.

The last remain of her in the house? a red envelope on Cole's file of her.
The last the secretary knew was that she was pregnant, and the she disapeared.
The last her siblings knew from her, she let them know she was fine six months on the pregnancy, on a message she told them  she was having a girl, she'll call her Mary, like her grandmother, that she's sorry, but nobody ever returned the call.

The body was found eight months latter, the baby lives somwhere with her father.
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The job Nerve had was simple and she finally unleashed the anger she had bottled up, the news were covered with more or less censored pictures of the scene, it didn't die down because of the violence, without prescedent! they have said. The money it gave them helped to get another house, a little smaller, more basic, they were preparing everything to flee.
"we'll just have to get our school records... Mom and Dad wanted us all to finish school" said String looking at Red "Mom never lost hope you will one day go back..." she moved away pissed
Cole was right there, getting ready, Nerve and iris getting ready too.
"once you end up your heart to heart...." he said serious "you have to get us rations" they were all finally getting over  things.
A phonecall changed their faith, Liever finally called Kingston's number again hoping to talk to whoever was in charge now, the handler answered and they were meeting that day where Psalm was found dead few weeks before.
"Didn't know it would be you..." said Liever when finally a man around his height, around his weight with dark eyes stood in front of him
"shut up, I'm not here to get to know you..." he spat through clenched teeth.
"But we Know each other..."
"I'm Cole..."
"the ghost... interesting" the agent let a smile appear on his face "I'm Red..." Cole moved his eyes over Liever and the agent blinked a couple times, it was as much information as he dared to give.
"so you're the switcher... interesting... you don't look like one" he said serious
"I'm here to offer your team a deal" but the anger in those dark eyes he was learning to fear stopped him
"and I'm here to find the one responsible fo rmy parents' death..." Liever snorted
"They weren't your parents..."
"they were more than my parents..." said moving faster, static on the agent's ear called his atention
"I.. I..." Liever's body was shaking "I have a whole team, 18 guys here.. to protect me..." Cole laughed hard, so loud some of the 18 mentioned moved letting him see their position.
"I know, my siblings are behind them"
"we're offering you all a way out..." Cole frowned breathing deep "it's this way out or going down" Cole laughed again
"no thank you" two red lights landed on Cole's chest, on top of his black tie
"you know we cannot have a rouge team, Ghost, make them obey , or you'll burry them one by one..."
"is not my call, and your threats are not gonna work either" and smiled "my guardian asked for your name, for what happened to Kingston andto the lady, but that's not my call either" and looking over Liever's shoulder "I can see you kid, don't do it..." he said to the comm on his cuff.
Liever felt a chill run down his spine, in ten years as agent of the secretary he never felt this kind of fear "Mrs. Steam is offering a deal, you all will have clean slate, only if youcome back to the secretary and the team disolves... I could get you a special deal Cole... you... you did great with this left overs." Cole was on his face
"I should let them kill you" and holding his lapels already "I should kill you myself!!" blinked twice and moving a hand over their heads, first a fist, then thumb against his palm, other fingers pointing up, he moved towards his car. "We'll avenge our fallen, and if you leave us alone, you'll live." closed the door.
"Just for you to know...?" Liever moved closer  "I didn't send anyone for them..." he could hear a click on his comm
"We don't believe you..." said a whispery voice on his ear and a knife landed on his tight making him scream while cole left.

a phone rang, Mrs. Stem answered "Subsecretary Stem" she said
"just for you to know....?" it was a female voice she couldn't recognize "all of them are death... leave us alone."
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"you have to go" said Cole getting to the rest
"What? NO!!" String was at his face "we might not even have the chance to have a burrial,  what if we can't..." and someone behind them sobbed

"we still don't know what happened" Nerve was already the cold one "what if... this might have been " everybody knew, it could've been another attack, another attempt to get to them, to drag them back to the secretary.
"Get them to the car" ordered Cole and Red obeyed directing her siblings to the black car she drove, the other one left for him
"we're gonna be okay guys..." she said holding Iris' hand "we will..." She opened the door and allowed String to sit next to her.
"What are we gonna do?" asked Nerve frowning, as if something weren't clear "" where are we going to go...?"
"if this was intentional.." Red started the car "we're all in danger"

Cole got to the police, used his credentials to have have as much info as posible. when someone mentioned a murder, a blonde woman killed a kid outside a middle school and his blood frozed, got his phone and walked out
"Yeah..." Red was at the other side
"Where are the girls.. someone killed a kid outside a school..." Red told him it was irrelevant to them if a fucking kid was dead."He was The guy on the truck's kid "Where are they?"
"Iris is asleep right next to me" she sighed "Nerve only went for pizza Cole, it's not her..."

The news about the accident arrived to Liever's desk at the same time it arrived to Mrs. Stem's the lady called her agent and waited three minutes before startins pacing her office
"ma'am..?" Agent Liever walked in holding a file and ready to be once more scorned
"Come in Liever..." she sat "have you a confirmation on the identity of those...?" and trailed off while her hand moved away, the angent nodded "Oh, that can't be good... without a handler...." and she rubbed her eyes "do we know? which ones are there?"
"Ma'am, part of being a HEART means not being noticeable, they're average in every sense of..."
"I know what a fucking HEARTS is meant to be boy, don't pretend I need education...." and looking at him "youy do understand that we're in danger..." Liever swallowed hard and nodded "we need to protect that man's family... is he....?"
"the guy made a mistake, he just... ook accourding to the analyst he just stepped on the gas a little too much and hit the car without any further intention."
"This is not going to be nice... do you have a way to communicate with them?"
"I had one, Psalm but he's dead...."
"let it be known that we're not resposible for this... and offer them a deal, I'm sure their handler would be glad... we can even use them if they're.. you know stable." and sighed "but..."
"I know..." Liever was already walking to the door "I'll try to bring them back, if they're of no use I'll clean my own mess."
"thank you" Stem turned her chair to the back wall, a picture there, seven people, one of them Kingston wearing a suit and a huge smile.

"I'm going out..." Nerve got up again, she was quiet, Cole noticed her "I need to go out or i'll..." and her shoulders fell.
"no... they're looking for us, Nerve, stay..." she took her keys and the belt she carried with her blades."I'm telling you...."
"I'll be right back..."
"Guardian, I'm ordering you to stay...." The way Nerve turned, lips pursed in anger, hands already holding an unsheathed knife
"you're only the handler... you have no right"
"I'm your brother, and I'm telling you you have to wait!!" String opened his eyes and cranned his neck from the sofa he was ocuppying, Red had iris next to her.
"You don't get it right? we should have moced, fast, not wait, we should have kiiled that agent, and whoever was sent him here..."
"like you guys did with those SWAT?" Red was calmed
"you weren't here, and it was for Mom" String added from his place "not like it matters anymore...." he said and sank on the cushions.
A heavy silence filed the house and for a while not even Nerve moved, the scream Cole felt in his head, the same two of the kids already said What were they going to do now?
The next sound came from iris "I'm hungry..." she mumbled and sighed
"I'll make something..." said Red "what do you want?" but they had the pantry empty in case they ad to fly, and even the fridge was off so halfway to the kitchen Red stopped. ""right... she said remembering
"we should go out" repeated Nerve
"you don't need to go out yet... there's always food in this house" said once more the handler.
"Mom used to have it that way..." iris sighed "I can go to the market... " Red got up. Cole was about to protest but his phone interrumpted.

"we still have six hours Nerve... and this team has never ever failed a job, mostly because of you..." she nodded, she was still wearing the same clothes from that day
"I was on my way but the SOS was from home.... and..." and trailed off "so much happened"
"I know, but we're trained for this, half of our training was to see our friends go"
"... even finished by our hands... I know" sighed "I thought we were off, we were finally...." and pursed her lips again "I'm on my way then..."

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the family was reunited, Mom was looking still to the barrel of compost on the backyard throught the courtainless window, it had lots of spots and was removed and put away like the rest, when police came asking questions they were all running around with all kind of colorful marks on them, as if it were the most normal thing ever.

"Cole is already looking for a different place, but we'll have to go to a safe place..." the girls moaned and groaned, Iris and Nerve were fighting the go
"ENOUGH!!" Cole moved in front of the whole team "this is not a family vacation or some normal shit you guys... this is safety and not ours!!" said moving his hand in a round motion among them, "it's for her!!" and pointed to Mary.
"no, don't do this because of me... we all have to do this for this family, you're my kids, and we will stay together..." Cole sighed and the girls stopped the act.

Cole found a house, and Stone and Bloody were going to see it, it was just in the outskirts of the city, and the car was searched by the boys so no chance of any kind of tracking devise on it, it was just a couple hours out, and it was Kingstone HEART driving...
so when the bipping sound of the SOS call came from the black car the five kids were moving
they found each other in the last highway, the two cars one driven by red and the other by Cole picked up the rest, when they reached the car their parents took it was too late.

The official report Cole got was that at some point another car had rearended them, hard enough to push the car into the side of the rode where a ditch made it flip, and tumble three times before it crashed against a rock wall.
"MOM!!!" String was running to the car when the EMT's stopped him and Red, Iris was behind while the more stealthy Nerve passed by a side and was over the corpses, her scream called atention while she crumbled on the floor next to her parents remains still trapped inside the twisted metal. Cole got to her and held her and tried to pry her hands off Kingston's
"Dad please... please... you're... the only... please Dad... please... not like this... Mom!!!" and Red had to be strong for the others, String turned sobbing and Iris moved away pissed.

Police was there already when the kids got the news, and many of them used as they were to this events found it hard to deal with the bunch of kids there, one of the girls and one of the guys would look like old enough to deal with this, but it was hard to watch.
"Hi, I'm Cole Heart, I'm police detective... my parents..." and the guy swalloed hard before turning to a side for a second "what happened"
The guy in front of him was the one in charge, it happened right next to a camera so everythign was recorded
"I'm sorry for your loss" he said "Seems like the guy on the car behind them lost control of his truck and hit him..."
"Is he an agent? is he a cop?" the police officer frowned
"no, a inssurance agent of some kind" and turned to the car where a man with bloody clothes and bandages over his face was standing, while talking to another officer, Cole gritted his teeth and turned away when he heard it, Iris was coming.
"it's him? he pushed my parents? it's him who killed them?" and when Cole didn't say anything she jolted and ran like a rabid animal screeching and held the man by the neck, her knee traveling to his gut and making him huff in pain while her nails were digging his face.
Cole ran behind her and in the middle of everything he was glad it was little iris and not the lethal Nerve or Red who's anger was even bigger. he could just held iris by the waist and rise her from the floor.
"Calm Down Iris..." she was still screaming "Iris!!" nothing "Doroughta... "  he said and she fell down crying letting the man go.
The officer got close and asked to COle if he had to arrest his sister.
"I'm not pressing charges..." said the man n the floor "I... I'm sorry... girl... I... don't... i'm sorry..."  String got to his siblings and holding Iris moved her to the others.
"What are we going to do...." he mussed looking away still to shocked.

It was incredibly sad seeing trained killers, cold blood murderers, trained people who wouldn't even blink at the sight of a person's entrails were lost and sad and just orphans right there.
most of them had nothing else, nothing before or after this family.

Nobody saw it, or maybe none of them wanted to see but then String was next to the guy and Cole had to run again, he took the shoelace he had in hands and turned
"NO!! we need intel, we need to know things..." so instead String just punched the guy, Cole had to move away
"you'll pay for this..." said iris to the man String just punched. Cole had Nerve on his arms while the remains of Kingstone and Mary Mortar- Stone were pulled out of the smashed car.
"Detective Heart?" the cop was getting close "I need you to state the case... you know... to start things rolling..."
"no, no case" Nerve spoke, iris was coming too.
"What?" the cop was looking to the kids.
"No case, no investigation, it was an accident, right?" Red got next to her sisters.
"guys..." Cole tried to make them understand
"Accident Cole..." said the boy "you owe us that much."
Nerve moved to the guy
"you're not going to jail... 'cause we cannot kill you  in jail..." she said while nobody else was hearing. The man's eyes showed terror "you'll die after we kill your family and everything you love..."
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the second Liever took the phone and dialed knowing finally who were the team's boss he knew he made a mistake, it was easy to find, not because they were sloppy, but because they were dangerous enough not to have to hide.

"Hello?" a grouling voice sounded and Liever was left stupid still. "...I know it's one of you..." the voice was calmed but the dangerous tone made Liever's skin to form goosebumps "stay away from my family, my kids deserve at least that much.
tell Stem to leave us alone..."

"I knew it was you..." Finally the agent found his voice "Mr Kingston... We all tought you were erminated, for a while..."
"I'm no longer one of you if you're asking that, neither my kids... they're al innocent."

"none of the HEARTS were innocent, and you know yours were less innocent than any other, do you want me to remind you about the one who killed his siblings? or the one who came from rehab? and let's not mention the serial killer, the rape victim you know?"
"... the mental ill one, and what about Mrs Mortar? does she knows what kind of monsters she lives with?" he heard a click on the line.
"She's their mother, she knows they're not perfect, but instead of wanting them gone, she loves them..." and after a bit of silence while Liever was trying to find the right words "Kid... I will protect them with my life, but they do not need protection, we're not havoc, we just want to be left alone"
"you're free lancers... you're kiling people... not to mention thast you all are supposed to be dead..."
"tell Stem we're not going after any of you if you leave us alone..." and  then he heard the second click "as a proof of good will I'll let you live, say hi to my.." and his voice mocked Liever's accent "mentaly ill kids" and the line went dead.
The anget turned around looking for anything, out of nowhere a guy around his height, around his weight, in a dark suit passed by writting on a piece of paper and looking at his car -the handler- he thought, turned to his car and was trying to find his keys, a blonde woman passed near him and he could see on her leg, a sheat for some kind of blade on a tight holster. - damn- he thought - it's the guardian- the only thing that made him feel almost calmed was the promise Kingstone made, he would live today, the red light on the car's window made him jump, the blonde girl started laughin and when he turned she stumbled on him with a small ooof, she smiled, the prettiest smile he's ever seen and moved away, he finally opened his car to find another boy next to him,
"I like your car... " he said smiling not looking at him "but it's too flashy don't you think? easy to find and to track..." Liever's eyes traveled over the boy finding one of this working boots without the string, his blood went cold "one day i'll be able to buy a car like this... " smiled "nice to meet you Alex Liever, 46, Literature major, single, 49th Street, from Albany Willow's street 45665, mother two sisters, three cousins one grandfather alive" and the smile dissapeared "we all care for our families right?" opened the door and climbed out walking away with the string still on his hand.

Nerve was sitting leg crossed on the floor, her long blonde hair on Bloody's hands, she was working desperated on her braid.
"please... mom, the car is about to arrive..."
"calm down, calm down sweetie, it has to be done right or..." a horn and both of them sighed "damn it!" and got the little band from the chair's arm while red who was just sitting there half watchign TV half watchign them laughed.
"I'll go to the library after, there's this paper I'm working on... I'm gonna be late..."
"you have something to wear if you get... you know, stains on your clothes?" and Nerve smile faltered and patted her bagpack before running out.
"guess I have to go to see if I can help Cole... the police place is so basic to get in that the records..."
"Oh for goodness sake, May Stop it!" she got quiet, stunned to be called by that name, only her mom used it, and only when angry.
"What I did?" String was coming in and saw his sister almost crying "everything's okay?" asked touching his mother's arm
" I should leave..." Red left without another word the awkward silence ligered
"I'm fine... it's just.. sometimes i think that girl doesn't take this seriously" the could hear Kingston coming in, he moved straight to his wife and kissed her cheek
"I know we said we'll wait to see what happens but I'm already looking for another palce, somwhere more distant..."
"but... School...!!" moaned String.
"it's for the best..." said his father final when an explation and the alarm sistem going off called all of them atention, String's hand traveled to his mother and the lady moved by instinct behind him while Stone moved out of the room already holding a huge gun from somewhere around the floor.

"..But ma'am..." Liever rubbed his face knowing that the whole SWAT squadron they sent died inside the HEARTS house, the bodies dissapeared, the last they knew was a recording of the intercom stating that a blond girl was over one of the leaders:

"get her off, get her off!!!" and the voice weakened while another couple screamed
"This is Alpha London Oscar 6, we need reinforcement,  repeat, we have several down, we need reinforcement"
"no you don't..." and a strangled noise.

"I did what you didn't dare, and I'm not gonna be held responsible for this, they're your people Liever, you are the one trained with them, you're supposed to tell us what we're fighting, and you failed the secretary today..." she said astningly calm "now go after them, it's a direct order!"
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For Lunch Cole have had called String twice. String was on a library nose deep in rusty books about XVII century writers.
"Cole.. you better have a good reason, I'm busy... I have dead lines you know?"
"There's something that needs cleaning bro, I need you, is about home"

The librarian, an old lady with stupid 70's glasses and a ugly pink sweater tured to the sound of a screeching chair ready to chead a student, but nobody was there, looked around half startled half angry, those books weren't even supposed to be out of the shelves.

At the police station where the first report was filled, an agent presented credentials.
"I'm agent Psalm from domestic security secretary, we're looking for the detective in charge of a case..." the uniformed officer at the front desk looked at him bored and unimpresed by the dredential ".. I.. can't even say that name our loud..." frustrated sigh in his mouth.
"you do realize this is a very small prescint and that there's stupid names all over the place right?" the agent smirked and huffed
"and trust me sir, you don't want to hear the names they use on their pets" both smiled while the man offered him the file "Nueva Granada street 555"  and took the file "I remember this, a home invassion, a guy ended on surgery to replace a nerve, a tendon of some sort... " the angent was looking straight to his face "the detective in charge is..." turned, the desk was empty "... not there... " and looking at him again "poor guy is flipping, rich important people live on that street and every two days we have someone influential calling to know if we have something on that case"
"I see" the agent was moving. "if you don't mind I'll wait at his desk..." but the officer closed his path
"I'm afraid you can't, you'll have to wait out here or maybe leave your card or something I'll tell him to call you"
"you think he'll be here soon?" and the guy was already takign something from his pocket, until the guy said he didn't know."Then I'll just have to come back later, maybe call to be sure the guy is waiting... What's the name by the way?" the officer looked at him perplex before holdiong a chart from under the desk
"Ysbrid, Dawel Ysbrid"and smiling "I guess his family is from out of the country..." the agent nodded and left.
"it's Psalm... tell leiver he was right, his name is in gaelic."

The house was quiet and when a chirp from Cole's phone called his atention, he took his phone and saw  vid someone sent, the small gasp that left his mouth the only sound on the house, he dialed by memory but String wasn't answering, by the time he did Cole was afraid it was too late. maybe iris could help.

"I need to do this..." moved few steps forward and back and sighed once more "man up Cole D you need to do this." and dialed again "hi... yeah it's me... I just need to... yeah that... we need you please, my whole family is in danger" Stone was walking in the room and heard the explanation he was giving "I'm gonna need to be sure we can stay home" the voice said something positive for sure.and Cole smiled "thank you I'll explain my dad..."

Psalm was parking when he felt cold and somewhat scared, he opened the door when a boy dark haired got close "nice wheels!!" he said exited "wish i could have one of this..." the agent smiled "yeah one day..."
"Naah, it's too bright, too ostentatious " psalm assesed the boy, nothing ut of the ordinary, except the string on his hand.
"that's a big word for a kid..." he said raising his guard
"yeah.. well.. that's the point.. I'm not a kid" Psalm nodded looking around a little, nobody there, too late to have people walking there, most people have already left after working hours
"how much of a chance I have?" he said moving to get his gun.
"hmm none? he said I'm their cleaner" and moved his hands to hold the string on them
"cleaner? I thought they'll send the guardian"
"yeah.. you know guarians, they tend to be messy..."
"but they never miss... what if you fail?"
"Oh don't worry, I won't"
"I have this..." he showed his 9mm verretta and aimed it to him
"I have my silencer..." and pointed to a side where a small stone landed, by the time Psalm moved his eyes to the boy again he had the string on his neck and it only took a second more.

On his dark office Liever was reading the autopsy report, his agent had died suffocated on his own saliba when choked on an empty parking lot, what a stupid way to die while investigating a case for him...
"We just don't know...." said the coroner in front of him "but there's no sign of violence"
"I know, I know it's suposed to look like that" and sighing "i'ts HEARTS work"
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It was early that morning, Iris had a job and was already drinking her cofee by thetime the first rays of sun hit the kitchen window, she was just waiting for the car, even Cole called saying he sent someone already that she should just wait.
"it's too early for you to be up..." Red passed by taking iris coffee and sipping it
"Job... Cole says is gonna be fast and clean... then I'll go to school"
"hmmm I'm so glad... hated waking up early for stupid lectures on human behavior and human culture... humans are absurd..."
"Knowing human's mind nd humans actions..."
"...You'll know better how to end them" finished the other "you're spoending ay too much time with Kingston and his psicologic mumbojumbo" and took another sip whle her sister moaned
"HEY! get your own.. this is my coffee.. I don't want your drool all over it" Red smiled and sticking her tongue out made a sound like a groan, moved away when Iris flapped her hand trying to smack her both laughed when a horn called them, Iris took the large case from the floor and, heavy obviously and smiled to her sister.
"take care kid, and come home early, we'll have lasagna... home made"
"okay... I'll try my best..." she said smiling while opening the door "i'll dedicate my job to you" said smiling before she left.

Outside of a building Liever had a swat team ready to enter the house it was hardly noon and they've found the body of  afamous drug dealer, clean ound, bullet straight to his troath, severed carotide artery and the guy bleed to death in five to ten second, the reason why he was caled to the crime scene? the weapon used was one of those small plastics spins, a red one, as if it were a joke.

"So..." the other guy taller but as average as him looked into Liever's eyes "is this something they'll do?"
"I think so, is something Lilly will have them doing, and one of the handlers." he mved back to the car still talking to the man "look for buildings around, the less likely the more posible... this one is the silencer, he should be shooting from afar." and got in the car, a big file next to him the tag on it read only  "Silencers" and the word HEARTS underneat
there was six records inside, he was present when four bodies were retrieven, the last two were on the wind, one boy, blue eyes, huge as a backliner even if he was young and then the rare one, girl, the less probable to survive the hunt.

for one second he leant back, sighed and rubbed his eyes "who are you, and where the fuck are you..." and it hit him, without even trying he opened the door when his driver was already moving and with the sound of the screeching tired he ran back "where's the spin!!" someone pointed him to the van where evidence was secured and he ran, took the simple small bag withthe red spin, and it was old, old and he recognized it "it's her, it's lilly's girl" and took his phone and the second the woman's voice were heard he said "I know what team survived"
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"So what do we know? how many HEARTS survived?" asked the green eyed man
"we're not sure sir, as far as we know only one team, five or six tops... there's information that make us believe Mr. Lilly is one of them." The guy was already holding his keys, cellphone and dialing on a different phone
"if Lilly is there... I know what Agent's family survived..." he said and closed his phone without another word, and to the new phone in his hand " it's Liever, set my car, I'm on my way, " his cellphone was ringing again "Agent Liever" he said and the voice of a woman caused his lips to twitch in disgust
"Is it true? HEARTS survived?" and the man sighed
"Yes ma'am, seems like we have a team full that survived, I still don't have intell on how or why..."
"I bet you don't.." said the woman in a mocking tone "they have always been better than those who were suposed to be in charge of them" and Liever tried to suppress a breath of frustration "clean up thhis mess liever and we'll talk about leaving special projects forever more..." and the phone was off.

The Hearts had dinner for once all together, Red cooked and iris made dessert, Mary was smiling happily seeing her family acting like a normal one. Cole was joking with String and her husband was laughing at the antics of the very amusing when not holding knives Nerve.
"Mom?" iris was holding another piece of Red's pie for her
"I know it sounds awful comoing from me butthis pie is great!! right?"  said Red laughing while stuffing her mouth full of the red drippy desert.
"We know you're all humbleness Red... we all knew that from the start" yelled String and all of them laughed.

It was even sad when things changed, when they cleared the table and the group got together while Cole left, he was the only one living out of the house.
"So far no questions and I have everythign under control"
"Thanks God.." iris was rubbing her face tired "I don't wantto have to..."
"we're not moving again kid don't worry" Red, the maternal one offered while rubbing the other's arm
"yeah, not moving I love my room here..." said String "and we already have cable and our wifi actually works..."
"calm down okay? and just be.. you know, Normal" Stone chuckled and patted him on the shoulder before he left in the black car
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Once the door closed the whole family got together, there were seven of them there, all serious
"What happened?" asked one, average height, average built, not handsome, but not ugly, dark hair, dark eyes, voice just this side of deep.
"I was making breakfast when we heard the door, Mom went to open it and we found String already doing it, when the guy was there... looking at us..." said the girl
"great..." the guy rubbed his face "what you said? what you did? I need everything..." The older lady was the one who moved first
"I did nothing, they.. they... " and looking at the boy "I can't remember..."
"I tried to do this calmed, but then Miss Gore here appeared splashing blood everywhere"
"What was I supposed to do String? let the guy leave? we didn't know if he was a threat or not... what if..."
"okay, okay..." the oldest guy sat next to her "at least you didn't kill the bastard before the other brought the police..." and looking at the average one "right?" the guy smirked
"right... " and huffed "it was hard to explain when Iris actually killed that taxi driver"
"you're gonna fix it, right?" asked the pretiest girl one who until that second was quiet "if you want I can get rid of the guys..." the average guy shook his head No
"Just.. give  a minute before.... I need to ask few things.." moved to the door already holding rather thick file laid on a table near the door  "hey.. it's Cole, do we have a desk around here?'" and closed the door behind him


Sadly after the burglar insident things changed in the naighborhood.
For a start people started noticing things, like the one that seemed like a regular house attached to the house at the back street lived several persons, some of them were easy to remember like the lovely lady who loved to gardening, all grey hair and pearls, but nobody else... all blonde girls and dark haired boys were not easy to remember or point.

The police station wasn't even five blocks away, even if it was a quiet town and most crimes were stolen garden gnomes.
The guy who started the report was still trying to decide what to believe from the bunch of things the man said:
A girl who he personally had seen crying nervous out of her wit, cutting him like she knew what she was doing?
A boy
who couldn't hurt a fly and was holding hs mothr's hand chased another suspect?
A suspect calling them in because someoene was about to hide his friend's body on a compost barrel?
A family of people who wouldn't even move a finger when two guys entered their house armed and scared their family shitless?

He was seriously thinking about that now, Yes, the girl witht he blond hair was crying, but she still held her ground next the rober, same the boy, he was there staring openly to the blood in the floor, and the rest, they all just looked into each other faces, not one word of concern or relief...

"I'll take this case.." Said one guy, the oficer was sure he's seen him before
"why? " he said looking into the man who was watching his face with a scowl
"because I'm the case's detective?" and smiling "come on, I've been working here for like three months now and this is my first case..."
"you work here?" asked another guy from the next desk
"uhh.. YEAH!!?" the dark haired man pointed to a desk in the oposite wall "that's my desk?" for one second everyone was quiet and then the last one who spoke a almost bald 40 something guy with a beer gut smiled
"Yeah! 'course... finally got something interesting huh?" and the detective took the report and left the officer turned to the one behind him
"Do you know him?"
"not sure, I remember someone on that desk... i guessit was him" the officer laughed "'sides... how would you feel if ater months people still didn't know you?" and they forgot the report for a while.

The report was very very detailed, even mentioning names and descriptions, even the width of the blades Nerve used, even mentioning when String followed the man to the street. Man, if someone could get their hands on that report it'll be over for them.

opened his file and started editing the report he was holding, deleted String's hair color, and the fact that he was holding nothing but a lenght of rope, then the description of the silent movements of Nerve, and the description made by the one who called them about how she came out of nowhere brandishing blades like a freaking ninja -those were his words-
He was in Charge of them, All of them

String F Heart, who's weapon of choice are ropes, he could choke you without leaving a mark. Nerve O Heart, the one with the blades, she kills without any thought of the messes the makes, that's why String is the cleaner, Nerve was the guardian.
Then Iris, the silencer, she could kill you from distance, using everything, from fire guns, to pebbles, May Red Heart, she has talents none of the other girls has and she can use them, She's in charge of data, get and delete it. theSwitcher, weapon? herself.
Kingston "Stone" Heart was the oldest, the Boss, the handler, the father and Mary "Bloody" Mortar- Heart was the mother, she knew her family was dangerous, and she protect her kids, but she never had a baby

Cole D Heart is the one in charge of keeping them invisible. he's the one who's not dangerous, at least not when you see him. he's the ghost.

he took his phone "Hey.. Stone? I think we have a problem, could you just ask around if this report has any copies?"

in some ofice a dark haired guy, average built, average height, not ahndsome but not ugly, with a dark suit turned his head to the light, showing green eyes flashing while he moved to the phone "Hello"
"We found something" said a femenine voice on the other side "I think we found the remains of the HEART's"
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So F-listers I need a second of your time to read this, it's poorly written but someone is already working on the beta-ed edition,is it interesting enoug for you guys?

N/A:This is kinda formed complete, comes from thing that have never happened in the kind of life that carries you with your parents work all around 8 countries and almost 20 cities in few years.
N/A2:So you know.. this is a kinda never happened, don't ask and I won't lie to you kind of story.

Invissibles: Teaser
It just happens that certain people is not what we think they are, let's not meniton they tend to be in the weirdest places, as if they belong there but... have you seen them before? are they really there?

It was a regular job, he thought, he and his friend were getting into a house, it was empty most of the time, and a guy who  delivered something said there was a bunch of stuff in there, electronics, and expensive nicknacks.

He got in passing the high fence and got to the door, he felt something, yeah sometimes there's this lady at home, just one, she's easy, older, you'll have to control her, maybe if you hassle her a little she'll obey. he's been said, and it's okay with that plan.

He got his lockpick and started fumbling with it, when from the other side a guy opened the door
".. did you forgot your key or somet..." and gasped surprised, The mug hesitated but got his piece, old but useful smith&wesson .38 and pointed it to the guy
"be quiet, be quiet and you won't get hurt..."
"Then leave" said the guy, dark haired, his skin a tad too dark to be a latino, mideastern maybe? wasn't bulky, but obviously he was fit, and by the way he was behaving having a gun pointed at his face wasn't something new.
"I'll leave, just..." the second voice hit there, ruining everything, now he was sure he had to shoot them.
"Son? what happens who's...." the old lady they mentioned was there holding a piece of papaya on her hand, the Oh My Gosh forgoten on her lips, when a third person appeared, tall and built for a girl, she was holding some fruit and she disapeared, okay one less.
"stay back! stay back and I won't hurt you" But the girl was coming back a knife the size of her arm on hand and runing to him, the boy held the gun by the very back, his fingers holding the trigger so he couldn't shot, the old lady moved to a side letting her kids handle this. He finally could escape and leaving the gun behind ran to the door.

Out of nowhere he felt the cold and the sting of the knife in the back of his knee. and fell, from the door he could see the crazed eyes of his friend bailing him, running to save his life while the boy ran towards the door.
"who sent you" the cold voice of the girl hit him "who sent you" and the knife caressed the back of his other knee making him scream in pain and fear, he wanted to get up but his legs didn't obey, the pain when he tried was too much, the girl had severed his tendons "you have any idea where did you got in?" he shook no desperately "nobody just walks into one of our places without knowing... who sent you?!"
"The other left... sorry" said the boy, looking at the blood on the floor "you're messing everything up, Nerve stop it"
"Sure String, just... " and looking to the house before turning at him "he's gone, where do we put him?" she got closer, her knife finding a place between his ribs. Wait! were they talking about killing him? wanting to hide the body?
"there's some room in the barrel on the back yard, the other one must be almost gone by now..." she hummed
"Mom saw him though... you think she'll care?"
"oif course she'll care, she doesn't like when you do this ourselves" and motioned to the knife "I'm afraid the other will go to the police..."
"and say what?  that they were getting into a house and that we killed his friend?" she choked a lugh "who'd believe him?" he turned to the house and noticed their mother on the door "crap, she's looking"

The girl took out her phone and dialed by memory
"Duck? I have a cold one in my front yard do you have somewhere i can hide it?" and the voice from the phone made her jerk and pull it away "not my fault... the stupid mug came into the house to rob us, and ended up without flexors on both knees, I can't just drive him to a hospital he's seen us!!!"

the sound of a siren broke the silence and the boy cursed loudly
"get things ready" he said moving to the house, the lady came crying loudly and two cars entered the garage just seconds after the police car parked at the door, an older guy and two girls and a boy arrived. the knife disapeared from the girl's hand and a window appeared broken.

right when they were taking him out, no explanation, no questions, the girl got closer, feral look on her face "you just appear near here again and your two boys will die, you hear me?".he swallowed hard and nodded "good, nobody messes with US, nobody messes with invisibles, it took us too much to be this safe to have you ruining everything!" a cop got close she turned sobbing "I still don't know why...?"

"Aw, miss, this people.. they're just born bad, don't let him upsets you" and smiled at her offering her a hankie


So what you guys think?

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