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So.. I had the change to talk with Max for few seconds, he's very nice, hopefully we'll be together soon enough.
I miss them all so Much!!!

Your Vocabulary Score: A

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.

the song for the day

what about this one?
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well this is it, I'm no longer an intern on first year, I'm gonna be a resident soon enough I hope, and there are many things that are not ok, I wish i could get more but what I have is enough.
Things were messy and Im not really sure of what happened but kinda skipped asaying good bye and kissing Dr herb because what happened few months ago, you know just in case...

I wish i could say Dr Hill at least thank you but there was no chance.
I'm still feeling sick and not caring about my own heath I'm going out tonight!!
there'll be an amazing party and I'm going with few guys, Hopefully D will be there, wihtout the stupoid Roberta.

my cellphone finally died after more than eight years, i cannot believe I'm gonna have a diferent number.

Happynew year to you all, its my what? fourth year in LJ? I remember the first one and the second too, and the year i spent the day just watching tv and eating.

I saw A movie this afternoon "caffeine" amazing little story, you should watch it

see you all next year

song for the day
Mrs Celia Cruz (RIP)

someone made me listen and understand the lyrics in my worst day and things were kinda better for few seconds.
besides it kidna fits the mood of the day
the guy for today:
my friends

this are few persons I carry close to my heart.
thank you so much to all of those out there that cared for me this year, hoipe you had the best 2008 posible.
lots of love, and blessing, tons of kisses and tight hugs
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Tomorrow I'm gonna be at the hospital for only four hours and then I'll be going home after my last day there with no further obligation, I cannot beliee I survived my internship year, now I'll get my license and then... residency and then ... I don't know I'll pursuit Orthopedics or surgery, Orthopedis is my fav field... lets see what happens.

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Song for the day

and an amazing fan video about the marauders.
I remember back in the days when the prissioner of Azkaban came out and I was Padfoot and we were happy lol
Gosh I can't believe i'm this old and still reading Harry potter and calling ourselves after HP characters lol
but i loke the song very much and it kinda fit my mood right now
the guy for today is again someone I've seen before

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... I'm feeling slightly better.
too bad I'm sick, and in pain but happy as hell!!
Dany and Celly are really sweet, not sure what i'm gonna do next year, but I'm feeling like a human being finally, like I deserve to be here.
then, my sister's cheo starts around Jan 7 and I'll be there, I have not much money but I'll try to help her.
Life is complicated.
please give me The serenity to accept that which I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know where to hide the bodies of the people hI had to kill because they pissed me off.

Check this video I don't know how to embed it here since it has embed disabled but you really need to see it.

I'm dreaming about LOTR because is a new tradition now, watching it during christmas season, I can't wait for my white ships, I need them to carry me home
I neeed to see white shores, and beyond that? far green country under a swift sunrise
think I'm quite ready for another adventure... my own adventure turned to be very different from what I wanted... maybe this time I can decide what I really want to do with my life.
thanks to Eru I'll be free to do whatever I will.
now to bed, now to bed


Dec. 20th, 2007 09:25 pm
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I decided to stop mopping around because I'm alone, I'm not gonna change that, I'm bad and I'm not gonna became miss Smilie freindly hipocrite because that's not what I am...

but in the other hand my friends are getting close and close with every day...

BTW there's one thing i wish I could get closer and closer.. on my bed while sweet kisses touch my skin...

lol interesting idea...*stupid grin*
the guy for the day...
a new one

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Well I do . Every time I look back there's like a million things that already happened when I was't even expecting them...
life is messy and all I want is the world stop spinning...
Since Danny has nobody to spend the holydays with he's staying on-call for someone else's sake, we're gonna be there for him just few time, to make his day a little better.
We made peace, him, me and few others the original three and Cely, they're nice, pretty much nice people.
its like Grey's group lol
Bolivia is Upside down, but no time for politics right now...
ok maybe just a little nonsense to keep my mental health lol

You are a Tomboy Girl!

Instead of flirting, you tend to pal around with the guys you crush on.
And why not? You can hold your own in sports, video games, and gross out contests.
Just make sure and surprise them with a touch of girlishness every once and a while.
Then you'll be treated like the hottie you are - not like one of the guys.

pic for the day??
My loved insane group, those that I miss the most

song for the day?

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I had a terrible fight today, not with the bastard or the bitch or the tacky or the stupid but with Danny, the poor thing, we had nothing against each other we were just... mad...(?)
and as usual I ended up being the meanest creature ever,I realy hurt him I'm afraid...
I have to say I'm sorry I'm gonna be the mature one...

Hate my 'tude sometimes...

loved this movie...

the guy for today. from Rome darling Titus Pullo


Dec. 12th, 2007 08:25 pm
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Seems like I have good friends on that Hospital, seemslike I'm gonna get a second year there, seems like there's gonna be really messy from now on.
seems like Dr V has forgive me and that made me feel So much better.
there's a year already since the day I was out of school I cannot believe it.

no LOTR today but Match box 20

the guy for the day...yet again my loved LOTR boys


Dec. 7th, 2007 07:14 pm
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and yesterday were good days.
I've heard that Danny think he likes me... I mean like more than he actually does, and he's saying it all around the hospital, c'mon you nable... I joke just like that with Nelson and even Dr Gareca.
no song for today I'll be knowing about the staff heads meeting today from Dr Pol tomorrow.
Dad's ok and I'm leaving, time to go to bed.
see you all tomorrow
love you my lurker if you're around


OOOHHH BTW I'll have a new amazong icon for xmas this year and a new video from LOTR boys... hopefully
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First day of Dr V as chief and we had no time to talk, it was so complicated,my mind is drifting away of everything important, I love Dr. M sometimes, but not today
there are still some hurting on my head.
there are amazing pics from Huitzil here, you sould try to watch few and give him coments you'll not be disapointed, maybe you can find a few ones with me on it lol
the song for today.. I have no idea why

My father tried to fix things today, as If I could care less...
Miss My Hector, I need him in my life again


Nov. 30th, 2007 09:04 pm
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ok there's a subtle intention in my realtionship with Danny I'd be the perfect girlfriend, he said, but he's way too wise to get close enough to get hurt...
what does it means? that I'm something like an scorpion? that I'm poisonous?
well he knew me for my bad side first so I can't blame him...
in the other side, he's not exactly a white sweet lamb you know? he's as mean as I am.
I couldn't care less, I had lunch with Dr C and Dr MI C and Dr Canoh we had fun like in the old days lol
then everything was over I had to ran back to the hospital and stuff, but loved it.
the song for today?

'casue we spend the day hearing it.
and the guy for today... I have no idea since I only have eyes for one person at this time, the perfect and gorgeous... Orlando Bloom

I'm working on another Sara Chapter and trying to live up my father disapointment with me lol
yes it still sting in my poor soul
What's the point in keeping your head down it it's already been blown off?

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about the mean team we are lol not only me and Celly but danny is with us now.
even Dr V is gonna hate us if we keep doing this, Dr Hill already told me to stop it, that if they're not good at all that means I'm better off them so don't complaint about them and keep working to prove that i'm better, period...
so that's what I'm doing, at least trying to do...

there's this thing again, maybe with it fresh her I'll be more inspired to practice

and the boy for today yet again James Franco Saw Flyboys and loved every second.

btw, my father who got me all worried and suffering, made me remember that I'm a disapoiting in his life lol
too bad huh? it still hurts thou.
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I was thinking about that first time, not the very first time -that was... you know.. as all first times crappy- but the first time with him, back in 2003 it was september the 14th and it was around 4pm, I was out of the office and he was there too, we were at his place doing mushroom's soup and laughing because he couldn't make toasties, and I was laughing so hard seeing him run around with the smoking pan that he finally toseed into the sink, I was almost crying he came to me saying that i was mean for laughing and held my arms saying that he'll do something bad to stop me, tried to cover my mouth it caused even more laugh, I remember his laugh just giggles and then we both we're laughing, I remember that the most, then for two minutes the time stoped his lips brushed mines and I was cold no more laughs.
I was sure my crush on him was hopeless, I mean he was so fucking gorgeous and I was just... you know, me... I was there standing looking at him, he bitrng his lips staring at me with those amazingly blue eyes, he said he sorry and moved away, we kinda stoped talking for a while until I couldn't help it and asked him why me? why he wanted to play with me like that
"because is not a game, I like you, you're beautiful, don't you know that?"
and there I was crying saying that I'm not beautiful at all after all the mean things I've done in my life, he got close saying that i need a shrink if I actually believe so and huged me and kissed me first on the forehead then in the cheek then in the lips again and I was prepared this time, we made out, we gropped and kissed for a while.
the rest just came with the minutes.
interesting thing if you ask me, I had this weird feeling today thinking about back then.
Tomorrow I'll be back to the hospital to start my last month this year, can you believe it? I SO hope I can get residency there, maybe I need to change hospital I couldn't care less as long as I can get something ASAP.
dreaming about him after all this time, why I have to see him every now and then with her, and her as usual, being the bitch she is. I remember I was so jealous lol so long time ago...

Guy for today Mr. WELL-KNOWN His Royal Aussiness Heath Ledger please do not open it if you're under 18 not_work_safe )
and please don't say I didn't warned you all...

For a start why are you reading this?

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I know I've spent my life saying how mean he is, how I neer show him respect and that I don't care about his opinion...
but when he got sick on sunday I went nuts.
ERCP before.. and everything life is not that complicated, now he's at his home and I'm here. Waiting fo r tomorrow and falling asleep
Bone is on the phone, and we're started talking like old AP parents lol

the guy for today aside of my loved Orlando is Ben Foster


Nov. 20th, 2007 09:33 pm
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.. I've been more mean than the days before, shock is done and then I have this review of Fever convulssion and it went smooth too, then there's few other things...
non of them worth to mention.
Bone's birthday was on Saturday but still can't talk to him, too bad, i'm a terrible friend...
well for today a pic of my dear bone

the video for today..
Stupid cupid

because i feel like thinking about that stupid cupid wanna-be lol
Danny accepted that he teases me because i blush.. he likes it lol

my life is messy my time is short and I have a million things to do.
Love this life a little bit today.
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About Viggo: all in french... 9112&pga=1
Today I spent the morning waiting for a miracle and Dr Pol sending them away but then... nothing...
anyway spent the afternoon reading and doing laundry... wich means boring but then i found Michael Bublé and i just love his life, and his "I got you under my skin" is to die for...

I rather drool over this one today lol
many LOTR boys to poor Kal...
the guy for today:
Orlando but in adiferent face

just look at that face, all he wanted to do was walk Siddi and ended up being caught in pics chased around on a park, poor thing, he does not deserve it.
why don't they follow Tom Cruise? someone that's not nice and sweet as my Lando?

I'm sad for him, and worried, he used to be happy and always smiling and sudenly you see that face, I mean poor thing! not only rumors and shit about him, he can't even take Siddi for a walk without this?

if we were more mature and could keep our - in some cases trully worried- noses away from gossip sites and so, those bastards will leave him alone, just like they did with Viggo, and our loved Orlando would live at least for a while in peace.
its kinda sad to understand that all we can do to keep his privacy and his life is to ignore any news about him.
ok now real life:
I've been said not to do anything to the others, that doctors can take care of it better than me.
hopefuly is true
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I mean REAL day of...
and loved every second except for the fact that I ate as much chocolate as I could, as much as fit in my mouth lol
then slept.. on the daylight!!
woke up watch TV and then decided to do something decent with my day and started reading.. what a lazy day...
I made this amazing Champignon's sauce and it was great!! with chicken brest.. I was suposed to prove it for thanks giving and its gonna be a blast!

I'm seriously thinking about my life, just fe more months, what i'm gonna do is... going to Canada, life seems to be so much happier there... and if things gho well maybe I could.
the song for today:Michael Bubble's everything

love it very much.
Sorry about the Video but couldn't find anything better...

then the guy for today.. someone I've been avoiding but deserves a place here )Tom Welling in all his glory


Nov. 13th, 2007 08:23 pm
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I made few mean things, trying to rid off of few interns, the new interns and then... getting kinda nervousabout my boys saying things... I mean, Danny was bugging me with joe, and then, sudenly kide tried to hug me and smelling my hair, I think he just likes how easlyly I turn bright red, but what about marina's Theory?
anyway i'm not looking for a Boyfriend and I'm sure he's used to be followed and surrounded for a dozzen fangirls.
i'm not gonna be one of them.

Your Pride Quotient: 57%

You have your proud moments, but you're also likely to be a little ashamed of them.
Don't be too hard on yourself. It's normal to want to make a stellar impression.

then there's this:

I'm not into politics at all but this thing is really iteresting,that stupidly ignorant little tiran.. lol
Don Juan Carlos... YOU RULE!!!
and then this...

I love....

Nov. 12th, 2007 08:30 pm
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the mean, evil, nasty mind of my fav interns lol
they're really mean.
Love them so so much.
then there's this thing Marina and Silvia said last night, seems like Joe has been asking around about me, and now it kinda fit in what Danny was saying, bugging me about what my opinion about him was...
then Someone else said that when Danny was in OR he was saying things like that too, like he's going to be something mine or so...
maybe they just wanted me to blush since I kinda do that all the time.
life is complicated, thanks God they're as mean as I am...

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I love when he calls me my little heart it made me tingle...
Tomorrow I'm on call and I'm sure I'll be day dreaming on him while on-call which means I'm gonna spend a very good day.
I have a presentation on Epyleptic status and febrl seasures but my sister wanted to talk about a stupid dress for her I-don't-know- what-in-hell-kind-of ball.. hate her sometimes...
My interns are mean and very viscious with the new ones I was shocked...
just so little time and they've already learned lol

anyway now I have the time to end up my paper for monday.
thinking in SouthAmerica, Christian Meyer's wet roads is an amazing way to show you my mood

the guy for today...
Mr. Christian Meyer, from Peru

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