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Finally had one story complete!!!

so here it is, I know I need a BETA, but I'm working on that, meanwhile this is what I have.


Tittle :Insanity
Rating: G so far, not sure what's gonna happen
Gender: fantasy *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. because sometimes even when you grow up and you have a good life those scars made to you by those you love remains inside, and hurt more than you can tolerate.


I'd love to have some feedback
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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: PG, this one as pretty much everything else...
Gender: Drama *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. butwe've seen that part, lets go a little after, lets go to see how lives change and how things get better, how peggy could finally stop talking about her life in third person.

the bells chiming and the preist ready, the Aisle covered in white flowers and the sounds of a piano, the sun entering the colored cristal windows and the girls, pretty in pale blue dresses walking in front of her oldest sister who was walking with someone holding her arm.

The bride smiled and started walking slowly while her mother started crying, her dad was smiling, Mathew was waiting for his fiancé in front of a preist, and couldn't believe it, Danny right next to him was smiling too, was shaking slightly 'calm down' said Mathew 'she's here and she said yes, everything is fine' and Danny laughed nervous, Peggy locked eyes with Mathew and he felt breathless, something about how she looked now, Holding little Adan Mathew bythe hand while walking in front of the baby's mother towards the altar 'Iwant it to be spring already...' he whispered and Lim from across the altar giggled, they were set to marry in Spring brake, of courseit was only the beggining of summer, Peggy was an intern and was very happy about it, her mother decided almost two years ago that she should do something finally and voluntary commited into a specialized place, she was doing great and was out for the weekend, she was more disciplined with the meds, and could control her tantrums far better than her whole life, Mathew was working in the same place, and finally was treating patients aswell, and doing his specialty in genetic dementia.

the music stoped and he turned to see her, Peggy went to his side of the altar to give him the best man, the 18 months baby, their Godson, and Peggy just kissed him smiling, Mathew couldn't help but think on Peggy's dad, he was working today, was part of the board again, he was the same carefree bast... person -looked apologetically to peggy even if she couldn't hear his thoughts- he'd been his whole life, but now, age, illness and a soon to be son in law latter put things clear, the conversation he had with his eldest daughter was carefuly followed by him, he'd not let such a terrible person to get near to Peggy
'Is is true? what that guy said?' it happened just few hours after they got ingaged when the girls and her mother were celebrating in th enext room
'what? that I was in charge of everything?' snorted 'like you didn't know that already...' he had a glass of scotch in his hand but wasn't drinking 'you have that, mom is Ill , the girls needed someone what was I supposed to do?' and the man turned to his glass disgusted putting it aside 'I...' sighed embarrassed 'is okay...'said Peggy 'I understand you weren't aware of all this, like your entire life... you always think screaming and ordering things is what aprents do,,, knowing grandma, i know where it comes from...' and got up from the couch 'but is okay, I'll take care of everything still, you can go out and drink as much as you want, but I'm with Mathew now, things are going to be different dad' and he rised his eyes red and full of tears 'yes... tes My dear, thigs are gonna be different now on, I'll try.. I can't promise... I don't know if... ' pointed to his glass 'but I swear I'm gonna try...' Peggy smiled 'thank you dad...' turned to the door, in the crack open saw Mathew waiting for her and smiled 'now , please be happy for me? I'm happy, thinkfor first time in my life' and chuckled 'I'm sure he'll take care of you dear, I'm sure he will' sid his father 'adn I'm happy, you found a very brave boy' and moved closer to peggy 'I'm sorry Dear, i'm sorry for everything i did wrong, I'm sorry...' the preist asked for the rings and Mathew blinked stupidly, didnt noticed how long he spent thinking on her.

The ceremony finished and the wedding party left, the girls were laughing, Indira's sister in law was fuzzing over her dress and peggy was holding baby Adam, then her cell phone rang, used as she was to bad news she gasped and answered, heart thumping on her chest, was mom okay? was dad ill again?

I got a phonecall while in the Limo, and was scared, but it was my doctor, I had felt under the weather for few weeks, and visited him the day before, wanting to be sure, he frowned and asked for some blood tests, you know... I was fearing I had Ebola or something of that sort... his Intern was giving me the resultsand now she was giving me the results over the phone go figure... some people can't understand that I didn't wanted to know I was dying over the phone on my best friend's wedding she said "Hey Myth.. I finally get what's wrong with you... there's nothing wrong with you, well, there's something" I couldn't help the laugh 'come on Elizabeth, tell me' she just asked "have you ever considered being a mom?"

it took me few minutes to fully understand what was happening, and this time I was okay with that, I've seen him, the first one, prancing around with his baby and his now wife, and almost envied them, but not anymore, now I'll have my own baby, my onw life, since I finally got my own love.

During the toast a waiter gave me a glass of champagne and I had to ask him for some ginger ale, but the voices were so loud that Mathew couldn't hear it, when the guy brought the glass and he noticed it frowned bent over me to say 'you okay love?' his hand in my waist, I always feel like he grounds me, makes me real when he holds me like that, and sometimes, like now, I feel I'm the luckiest person ever, at that point the words just left me, you'll notice it happens everytime he's this close, is all over again like that first time, the first time I held his hand even if by that time I couldn't define the feeling i tried to explain myself, but I had a lump on my throat 'everything is fine, I just... can't take any alcohol for the next few months' and he panicked for a second 'why?' a stupid smile betrayed me, and he first looked at me dumbly, the way he always does, you'll get to know that, you have half battle won when he keeps staring at the space, and then the light hit him and started laughing and held me and I just couldn't hide it anymore.

'It scared me shitless to think I was going to be a mom, it scared me shitless to think we will be parents, what kind of crazy God gives me a child? seriously? but now, here holding my baby...' how can anyone let them go? I wonder, I want to hold my baby and kiss him all the time, he's so small so fragile, so... mine, i can't believe all the things I had to trought to have this, I'm not lonely anymore and I'm scared but I'll be fine, with Mathew by my side, I no more fear the future but look forward to it.

'you think that poor baby understands you?' asked Mathew getting in the room and both laughed, he got close took the baby and kissed his future wife's lips.
yeah... we have nothing else to say about this.
The end
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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: PG, this one as pretty much everything else...
Gender: Drama *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. but lets see this from the start of a ran tthat changed her life

Insanity XII

Its been a mess since then, its been complicated, dad and mom fighting, mom's suicide attempt, yes, she tried it again, and this time for real, Naia's pregnancy scare, Lim's ear infection, everything changed and Mathew who was patient and sweet most of the time was tired of this
'one day you will put me first in your to do list right?' said while she was rushing out the door

'what?' her cell on her hand didn't even turned to see him 'sorry, see ya in two days' and ran out, Mathew sigued, this couldn't be right, he obviously were more involved than she was, at least in his pretty head, in his head, the question he made, the ring he offered were rejected in the worse way, she just ignored everything as if it never happened, in his head she was drifting away slowly, and he was scared he'd end up hurt, yeah she was amazing when her life weren't pulling her away from him, but that was with good luck one weekend once in a while. still they never spoke as she promised, he didn't heard about her family again, and even the sisters were gone now, once, and only once Naia answered a call and only said they were busy, he never knew it was the day his father started drinking again and hit Peggy again, he never knew that her sisters were so scared of their father they called the police, he never knew they were all over the news about that, he never knew how much Naia and Lim wanted him close to help them and their sister, or how much Peggy cried wanting to call him but feeling both scared and ashamed of everything, as if it were her fault.

he wanted to talk to someone, and the first person in his list was Joseph, after all he was the one who knew Peggy more than anyone except Indira and Danny, but they just said it was Peggy's business.

'...but then.. call her... you cannot keep doing this to yourself' said Joseph while sucking a cigarrette with a serious face, worried about Peggy who asked for few days at hospital and ha hasn't heard of her at all, the phone was off, of course it was off, when his father hit her it fell so hard it was broken in three pieces by now, everyone too worried for her to care for a stupid phone.

'I'm not sure of what's happening' said Mathew with a sigh and rubbing his face 'she's never there anyways, there's always somewhere else, someone else, and i feel like I'm always begging for a moment of her time' and Joseph sighed
'Mathew, I know she's always busy, I know she's not...' snorted 'lets say emotionally avialable most of the time' Mathew barked a laugh 'but cut her some slack, she has a lot on her plate right now... med school is not easy at all dude'
'you think I don't know that? do you want to know how many nights I've seen her in the last month? three!!' Joseph made a face 'I know her career is important and that it takes lots of time, I know, but she left the hospital, this is not about her career, I tried to be patient but there's a limit for everything' Mathew laughed sarcastic ' and you... you're supposedly her friend, and you're telling me to dump her?' but dark eyes met his and the serious, mature boy spoke once again 'I'm saying you two should give each other some space, to be sure of what you two feel and to clear out other stuff, as example Allie... she's asking about you alot...' and his eyes were fix on Mathew's, trying to see his reaction, trying to see if Peggy going away had something to do with her 'I did nothing to make her think I'm interested...' said secure and turned to Joseph and his eyes boring into his own 'what? really! we did slept but that was before Peggy even accepted she liked me'

'do you know Danny?' said vaguely the shorter man looking at the door 'he said she only disapears like this when her life gets... when someone hurts her...'
'I did nothing!!' said getting angry 'who you think I am? I'd never hurt her!'
yes he did nothing... he did nothing

Peggy knew he did nothing, thou still had this text from a classmate with the line "Myth's ex and the new girl" and was the petite brunette she saw at his apartment once, and she felt something weird inside, in her head, the cold and objective Peggy tried to convince herself that was for the best, it was over two months now they couldn't even spend a night, and two months ago her mother didn't wanted to die, her sisters were, at least in her head, still virgins, her father was alcohol free, two months ago the punch her father gave her was an isolated event, that will never be repeated or spoke about, now, now she had two stitches on her lip, had a black eye and had bruises on her shoulders and back too, this wasn't one blow an angry drunk throwed, but even then she couldn't cry, not anymore.

five days latter, when the stitches were removed she finally went back to the hospital, when people asked about her bruises she blamed the Krav Maga lessons, only Joseph and Danny knew she wasn't taking them anymore, that night Danny cornered Mathew outside the Wake-Up Call Cafe, pushed him against a wall and punched him without any explanation

'What you did to her?' barked, then Mathew held his hand to fight back
'she's the one who left, leave me alone!' pushed DAnny back and kicked him down 'she left me!'

'she's hurt! someone hurt her!' got up and pushed Mathew again 'its the second time I see her with bruises on her face since she's with tell me you did nothing.. wsa it because she left you?' Mathew stoped fighting right there, she was hurt, and he wasn't with her, Danny punched him again sending him to the floor 'tell me!!'
'I did nothing... I haven't seen her for at least ten days now...' from Danny's car Indira's voice called desperated
'Danny, Danny!!! my watter broke!!' and started panting, Danny turned around, desperated.

It was the weirdest thing in the world, Danny with a split brow and bleeding, Mathew covered in mud and with a bleeding nose and a cut on his cheekbone, holding an awburn haired girl in labour walking into ER 'she's in labor!!!' screamt the pair and everybody turned around, including Peggy's resident, they were back for OBGYN, Peggy's last rotation.

'what happened to you two' said the nurse carrying th wheel chair to the two guys 'were you deciding who will bring her to the hospital?' they asked for them to stay, Danny had to fill some forms while the doctor checked on her, indira, despite the pain was calling for Pegaiai, dialing on her phone 'Peggy, its time... I need your help we didn't brought aything...' and Mathew who was nervous couldn't process the fact that Peggy will be there in no time. someone sent him to ER again where another intern, one of Peggy's friends were cleaning his scratches, right next to Danny 'thanks for your help' said Danny humble, Mathew was the calmed one, the one who drove, the one who remembers how indira was supposed to breath, Danny was so nervous couldn't even focus on his bleeding brow, now was desperated to get free to go back to his girlfriend.

'nevermind...' said Mathew '...Peggy is hurt...' continued after a beat 'and I wasn't there for her...' Danny made a sound 'what you think happened to her?' and Peggy's friend shrugged.

'I have no idea, she never tells people about her life, never! but she's amazing... neither Indira or I would be here if it weren't for her...' said quietly 'she helped us alot, but her family... they're abusive, selfish bastards and bitches that give her for granted' finished 'I know...' was AMthew answer And Danny turned to see him 'you know?' Mathew nodded when the door opened with no time to say more about it

'D...' Peggy entered carrying a bag 'where's she? is she okay' is the baby already born?' and Danny motioned towards his right and Peggy saw him 'Mathew' gasped.

His name on those lips and everything went white, everything was right... yeah sure, until he focused on the marks, on her lip, there will be a mark forever, and the rest? there was black and blue spots on her neck too and her knuckles and her arms had few marks too, and she hid her arms suprised by his eyes, Danny held her hand took the bag and mumbled something about the room where Indira was and left.

Peggy waited for Mathew to be ready, mostly because her feet didn't let her move, and because needed to know if it was true, she couldn't make her mind, to be honest, she couldn't decide if she wanted to know, if she wanted to ignore it, if it was for the best or not, finally decided 'I'll finish the dressings if its okay for you...' she offered and moved closer, the intern left and Mathew spoke 'thought you were too busy for this' she smiled sad 'I'm never too busy for Indira and Danny, and for my future godson' snorted 'I always have time for responsability' chuckled the joke for herself, held something on his face and he felt something like a caress 'you're ready...'

'where were you? what happened?' she sighed and moved away 'who did this to you?' no answer, not even a glance 'Peggy... I need to know.. I need to... if there's gonna be a future for us I need to know' and Peggy gasped 'you mean this is over?' the fear broke her voice '... is for the best' sighed and frowned

'What? just like that?' Mathew was angry, and had all the right, he wanted and answer not an agreement 'that's all? not even an explanation?' and peggy shook no 'it might not be easy...' choked a sob 'but I never lied to you...' he moved closer and held her preventing from escaping 'I told you I'm too much trouble.. its okay if you want to have a different...' and he held her hands, and without thinking crushed her against his chest

'no, no don't even say that, I'm not saying I want something else...' kissed her hair, breathing deep into the fresh smell of her hair 'I just need an explanation, that's all' and Peggy sobbed like a child 'I thought... I was... I've heard how much of a trouble I am.. my whole life.. people just...' he held her face and looked into sad eyes 'I don't know what's your idea of me sweetheart, but I'm not going anywhere... I'm not like others, ad I'll be here,I just need some information to know what to expect...' and she kept crying held him close 'calm down' Mathew desperated tried to comfort her 'I'm fine, I'm fine... I just.. I'm so happy' kisssed his chest

'lets start then' Mathew caressed her hair 'tell me what happened to your face... and who I have to kill for that?' the door opened and a girl very very short entered "Myth? Danny is calling you..." mumbled and waited with the door open until they left, the whole crew were staring at them, the first time Myth showed some hint of human behavior, not reciting facts and data and running out like followed by the devil, the comments were that she only was nice to her patients "and just look who's she dating this days" said a snarly nurse.

The first both heard was the panting breathing of someone, for a second Mathew thought it was indira right there in the hall, but was Danny, holding the wall while controlling his nausea and Peggy laughed 'come on D, haven't you seen a woman in labor before?' he turned greenish face 'let me take care of this...' and to Mathew 'will you wait? please?' the words got lost, all he cared was the soft and warm hand in his, soft fingers caressing and pleading 'sure' fell from his mouth and she passed the door

Passing the door she saw her friend's face, desperated and in pain, almost crying 'now you're gonna tell me what you and Danny did to Mathew' and Indira Smiled 'I need to know why your future husband and my finacé were bleeding' Indira forgot the pain, forgot the baby 'fiancé?' screamt and Peggy laughed getting close finally 'too much pain sweetie?' and the baby choosed that moment to move causing Indira to breath deep in pain.

It took eight hours of torture to have the baby out, during those eight hours Danny finally got grave enough to be next to her, so Peggy and Mathew were waiting outside along with a bunch of friends and family, Peggy's cellphone rang twice while she was there, the hidden one, she checked the name the first time and ignored it, the second time she turned it off, was dad, wanting to say how sorry he was
'isn't that important?' asked Mathew in a whisper while holding her against him. it was already dawn and they were still there 'nahh its just my dad... wonder what he's going to give me this time... knowing him.. it'll be a Ferrari' snorted 'or a house in Los Angeles' laughed the joke for herself, her mother's dream house was there, so was the center where her father wanted to commit her, but her joke caused something to fell in place for Mathew, the first time she had marks, that Joseph mentioned marks she got the Lamborghini, and now... everything made sense 'your dad did that to you?' said surprised and hoping he was wrong, a little bit too loud and few persons there turned 'Shut UP!!' she sat 'you have no idea what are you talking about...' and moved away, to get back the next second 'do you remember when we met outside the coffee shop? when I told you about my car?' and Mathew nodded still stunned by the fact that she was finally talking 'well... he did something then...' sighed and rubbed her face 'think I have to go earlier than that' sighed 'my family has one particularity... my dad is kinda... you know wealthy...' and Mathew laughed 'really?' and she made a face, like not knowing if she should be hurt or not and he couldn't help it, seeing her unsure, made him hold her, tight, so tight it was awkward 'I'm sorry... I'm sorry' said kissing her head 'but that's nothing new, I've seen your house remember?' and she nodded from inside his arms, holding as tight as he 'you scared me you silly' said, then the door opened and a nurse came out telling them the baby was born and that one of them at the time could see the new mother and Peggy ran to the door even before Indira's mom.

After few minutes where Peggy cried her eyes out with the baby in her arms Mathew were asked by Danny to take her home, on the way Peggy fell asleep, but was a three hours ride to her parents home and Mathew really had to pee, parked and turned to her 'hey...' she stirred 'hey sleepy... I'll be right back okay?' and she sat scared, gasping.

'aren't we at the apartment?' asked confused and Mathew laughed 'no we're not.. why?' she moved closer to kiss him, and he frowned she wasn't like this, most of the time he was who started the love demonstrations ''cause I thought I was with you' mumbled setling down again 'I wish I could stay with you' she didn't even noticed where they were... for a second more 'is this a gas station? is something wrong with the car?' and sat, Mathew opened his door 'no, I just need to go to the bathroom' and she rolled her eyes 'you wouldn't make it in surgery...' he laughed and left 'bring me something!!' she screamt seeing Mathew enter the store and waving at her.

She had to make her mind, and had few minutes, they weren't far from home now, and she had less than 50 miles to tell him, and waited there, writing a story in her head, how to explain things, how to say things she kept for herself over the years, how to let out all the things she bottled in for almost 30 years now, and tears filled her eyes, she was about to accept in front of the one person she loved that she had no life, that she was selfish enough to leave her family... no matter if she came back, she left, she was about to face that she was no good, that her dad hit her because she wasn't good enough, because once again she disapointed them, and the tears rolled down her face.

A knot in her stomach started the second she saw mathew coming, his hair shining in the sun, shades on to cover his abused cheekbone and the black eye forming after his fight, the lip, still a little bloody and swallen was in display sadly, but the whole frame made him look perfect, of course he wasn't, he was too tall, and too pale, his hair a little bit too long and always wearing those crazy shirts nobody else would use, but she loved him, her cell was vibrating and she answered cleaning the tears from her face 'Lim!' said trying to sound calmed 'yeah I'm sorry sweetie, I had to stay at hospital, had a thing going on there' sighed 'but I'm coming home now' yeah, the girls never get to know about her life, her friends, her classes. her problems, were all for herself, the only thing she shared with them was Mathew

'wait there, give me twenty minutes and I'll be home' Lim had to go out, she'd be late and someone had to stay with mom, and for once, she felt it was unfair and started crying again, like back in the days, almost two years ago. and couldn't stop the tears, more fearing that she'd be left alone again at least you're fully rational now and this time there's nothing else happening to your body told to herself, her boyfriend opened the door and sat next to her offering her a smile and a coffee 'your phone?' asks cold looking into her face, the "he's getting tired of this" bit her heart and nodded crying a little more, trying hard to control those tears, with her record with Mathew so far she'd end up drowning in them by the time they were done.

'okay...' said sighing 'lets finish once and for all...' held her coffee and started 'My mother's family has been wealthy always, but not my father's, when they met, my dad wanted to secure the money my mother represented and...' shy eyes darted to Mathew's face 'my mom's relatives thought he wasn't good enough for her... and they must be obbeyed...' and Mathew felt lost
'they think I'm not enough for you? is that why you keep pushing me aside and not letting me ...?' her hands traveled to held his hiding her eyes 'NO NO!!' and smiling 'I don't care about their opiinion, I never cared...' and sighing again 'but when my parents... they were important and... well... then something else happened, my aunt, Daniel's mom... my cousin, the lawyer... she got sick, doctors said it was a mental illness, dementia, and they think it runs in the family and...' she bites her lips waiting for the question "do you have it?" the one we called John asked that first of all, and didn't believed her, but the question never came, after a beat she added 'me and the girls.. we were tested... is not in us... but my mom... she's...' and Mathew felt how more stuff fell in place, the mood changes, the over dramatic responses, the pills once saw in Peggy's purse 'Mattie?' it was the first time she used that name for him '... you got enough?' offered her, she knew that, others just get that far...

'I was just thinking, many things make sense now...' he laughed 'but that's not gonna scare me' and she smiled again, sighed, made a face of relief, that onethat Mathew loved and she kept her story 'well... it started when Krinaia came, she started acting weird, she was the perfect mother before that, used to work as modern art teacher in... well... the same universitty we're in... but then, she started changing, at first, just coming home late, then started fighting with dad' and Peggy huffed 'he started traveling, and I had to take care of her, there was no one else... and I'm the oldest and...' shook her head 'it was my responsability... Naia was still in diapers when she took my dad's Porsche and went to rob stores, it was hilarious' and she snorted, once again one of those dry jokes she do to herself 'she came home with a bunch of cheap stuff like she were Indiana Jones, Naia and I were just kids... and we... we thought it was funny, but wihtout my dad there the police took her away, for over a year we stayed in a foster home, my mom's family think she's a disgrace, her mother said she couldn't take care of us, we were too much of a trouble fro an old lady like her, and my dad, he was living with this other lady...' barked a laugh 'Naia hardly remembers how bad it was, almost no food, always cold, always dirty, always scared... they used to punish us for everything, if we caused any trouble' and her eyes filled with tears 'coming home after that' and started crying 'coming home with Daniel's dad was like heaven, he was still very young too... and his mom died that summer, she killed herself, then we decided we will never let the police get involved again, I could not let them take the girls there... Naia.. she was still a baby and the baby's place was better... and bit her lips 'I was too scared... I didn't want to go back, I had to take care of them' Mathew caressed her arm and pulled her close but she shook no 'please let me finish'

'Dad came home for christmas, his new girlfriend cheated on him and was scared he got AIDS, I was like ten by that time, mom was happy to have him around again' bit her lip looking out the window 'I can remember when they told me I will have another sibling, they did it in... my birthday party, I let my baloon go away and mom... she grabbed me by the hair.. she didn't liked my hair clips, she said only sluts would like them' rubbed her nose with the back of her hand 'then she becane agresive, Naia used to come to my bedroom at nights, and we locked the door, sometimes she tried to open it... it scared us alot' scared eyes searched for his face, and she kept talking how while her third pregnancy she did everything in her hands to hurt her children, how her dad found another girlfriend got some more money and left, how when the moment came she was alone, how a neighbor had to help them 'after that I hired some staff, maides and a driver, for school and doctor appointments, my uncle helped me, but then he passed away' Mathew was surprised, he had this tinny bit of jealoussy about how easy must be life when you're loaded and you have servants and cars, and that house 'one night I heard something braking and went to see if it was mom, she was holding Lim, mmovign from over the crddle telling her she should go back to heaven and carrying her to a tub full of water, I had to take my sisters and we spent the whole night on the streets, I had to call my dad that night, and for once in his life he did the right thing and came home...' and sobbed 'my life has been like that all the time, until she got in new medication, and was doing great, so I thought I could go to college without fear, but my sisters need help, my dad is not very responsible... and mom...' sighed 'I'm giving you a easy way out... here'

'NO!' Mathew said 'that's not your fault, that's what you had to do, and I'm impressed of how strong you are, and how hard you fought for your family' got close 'what happened? why you went back?' and she smiled 'I fell inlove...' she said 'the perfect guy, so perfect' spat angry 'good family, his parents were excited he got a good family girl for wife, and I got pregnant...' swift look into Mathew's eyes, he wasn surprised, not mad 'but then, I told him... and he left, I lost my baby.. and' sobbed '... had to go back, mom was robbing stores again' huffed to control her tears, her cellphone rang again 'can we.. can we go home now? please?' Mathew nodded and started the car, Peggy was scratching distracted the rim of her coffee cup 'then you came to...'

'yeah started med and then we met' and smiled, Mathew had so much in his head at the moment, the rest of their trip was very quiet once they arrived he spoke, anger, and impotence mixed, he felt useless 'why you never told me' Peggy just shrugged, how he spent all that time with her and never payed atention to things that were so obvious! and he turned to Peggy 'you should put your mother into a hospital, and never again talk to your father... your sisters are old enough to take care for themselves now, is not your job, it never was!! is unfair...' and Peggy laughed loud getting out the car 'I know is unfair, but is my life...' and slammed the door 'I'll send someone to pick my car latter okay?' and she went into the house.

Mathew didn't understood what happened and followed her inside, she saw mom one inch apart of her face yelling her nails bared in front of Peggy's face, she needed something and nobody was there for her, dad was laughing and repeating how pathetic Peggy was, how weak since the girl was crying 'she's not alone...' he moved closer 'she's not alone, and you better start treating her with the respect she deserves, she's been in charge of you bunch of freaks her entire life, you have no right to ask her for more!!!' Dad got close 'this is a family affair boy, stay out of it' Mathew moved closer 'Family... you don't hurt your family, you don't mark your family's face, you protect them when they need you, you don't just ran out when things get complicated, you don't charge a child with so much and then mock her, that's not family' and turning to Peggy who was holding his hand begging for him to calm down 'you don't have to be here, come with me, be with me... you could be free of them, free to be with me' but Peggy shook no 'I love you Pegaiai, but you have to decide what you want in life' her parents kept quiet while he left, Mathew wanted to call, but she never answered the phone, wanted to visit her but what if her parents were there? after that there was no way they'll let him in the house, and then for another week a complete silence, so total that even Danny called to ask if he heard anythig about her.

Peggy finished her rotation and had one month free, she decided to take care of stuff, mother was violent again still in her good moments told how sorry she was, before starting tossing things to her head, Lim had her finals, Naia was packing already and they had to take care of her apartment at college and stuff like that, dad... dad was drinking again and being caustic with both mom and her, Peggy missed Mathew but he wanted her to give up on her family and that will never happen, she knew... or wanted to think they were over, but kept away from him, avoiding that final chat, hating him for his words 'is not your job, it never was!! is unfair...' but it was, it was her job, it was her responsability, it was her life...

Mathew had a phonecall a sunday morning, a breif message from Lim 'we need to talk to you, we'll be at the coffee shop by noon' and they were, both Naia and Lim were there and they didn't even said hi 'What you did to Peggy?' asked blunt Naia 'she is crying and she never cries!!!' and Lim sat in front of him 'you better stay away from her if you're gonna hurt our sister' wartned the youngest

'I did nothing...' he said, the girls had changed to his eyes, they were flawed now, not the perfect angels Peggy said they were 'what about you kids? when was the last time you saw her doing something for herself?' and Lim huffed, the same gesture Peggy does all the time 'we're not perfect.' said Naia 'but she has all the rights in this world to do what she feels like' and Mathew snorted 'yeah right, because she doesn't have to take care of you two and your parents at all, right?' and Lim frowned 'she's not in charge of us...' answered after a beat

'Look, I like you' said Naia 'we like you, HELL! even my mom likes you, but if you're gonna make my sister cry, then you better leave her alone' Mathew lost his cool 'don't you see it? she's crying because she has a life she never asked for, responsabilities she's not supposed to have, she has to take care of so many things...' and Naia blinked 'are you calling us selfish or unconsireated?' Lim moved on her chair.

'I'm telling you two I love your sister, and I asked her to be my wife... but she rather stays with her family because all of you depend on her' Naia got up and Lim followed her, the oldest looked into his eyes 'I've been there too Mathew, she's not alone, she thinks she is but we've been there too, mom is sick for us too, and dad...'

'did your mom ever hurt you? did your dad hit you? 'cause she didn't said anything but I know... and I'm not doing anything about it... because she has to do it herself' Limnades sighed, another gesture copied from her oldest sister 'no, they never hurt us like they did with her' Naia looked into her sister's face 'if your dad ever ytouches her again, I'll kill him, even if that means you'd hate me' and then both Myth girls stormed out. Mathew braced himself for the storm, messing up with Pegaiai's girls was a huge mistake, she'd bite his head off, and he was sure this was over the seceond her sisters tell her.

Her sisters told her they had a coffee with Mathew 'he told us you told him...'said Naia 'that was your rule Pegs, nobody outside the family should know' and the eldest nodded 'I had to, he took so much time... and I had to...' shrugged 'I'll take care of that, don't worry' Lim huffed 'you always do that Peggy, you always take care of everything' Peggy smiled 'I have to' said as the most obvious thing ever, LIm turned to Naia's eyes before contiuing 'you don't have to, we're here too, is not your obligation, we can help you know? you don't have to give up on Mathew just because of this'

'I have to...'said Peggy with more conviction 'I need to focus on Mom and Dad and you... you're going to college in few months, and you...'Lim blinked 'you finally are doing great in school'

'when was the last time you did something for yourself?' asked Naia, and Peggy hardened her face 'that's not relevant...'

'Mathew told us he asked you to marry him...' said Lim 'you should... he's great' and Naia snorted before speaking 'or ask him to wait three years for me' all of them laughed 'the point Pegaiai, is that we want you to be with him, okay? trust us, we're no more the little kids you had to save from the crazy dragon and the demon of fire' that was the story she made for them, her mother was the dragon and every now and then saving them the dragon scratched Peggy, the demon of fire was their dad, when he was drunk and smoking the girls had to be quiet and hide, all a game for them not to notice the problems 'you should go to see Mathew... hurry!' said Lim gave him soemthing, the keys of her car a Mustang

'girls...' Peggy sighed 'he wants me to give up on you, he wants me to leave all this' Naia got close 'talk to him, not everybody is a monster, give him a chance' and Lim held her hand, and dragged her to the door.

She opened the door of the Wake-up call cafe shaking, not sure of what would happen there, Mathew was sitting on the counter, Jess giving him something 'so they told you?' he asked and Peggy didn't know what to say noticing how most of the staff was looking at them 'look, I'm sorry, I didn't meant to upset the girls, I just needed to make them understand...' she just stared at his face 'you got mewrong Pegaiai, I don't want you to bail your family, just... don't know get help, ask for help, accept help, I'm here, they're here, you don't have to be alone anymore' and Peggy got close and kissed him, Mathew gasped surprised 'they like you, and they like you even more now...' she said 'we... we were always alone...' Mathew covered her mouth 'not we, you, as Peggy, not as the family, what Peggy feels?' she snorted 'I was alone, all my life, even surrounded by people felt alone... until you' giggled like she never 'And I could handle it, being alone was okay, nobody hurts me, nobody scares me anymore, and... and I was scared...' caressed his face 'I was okay until I had a taste of how it feels to be loved, to be with someone, to be safe' and started crying

'It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like' and giggled again 'but lets go earlier than that, okay? lets go to christmas when we were going home and I choked, that was an important day for us...' giggled 'feels great an us instead of we' whispered for him and she got his hand 'Mathew, once you asked me something and I didn't know what to say...' he tried to speak 'now is my turn, would you marry me? 'cause I know now that I want to be yours for the rest of my life' he smiled wildly 'I know, NOW I want to be with you forever' he kissed her and parting while Jess came back from the office to give him something 'Is that a yes?' they said at the same time, Jess gave him a small box with a ring on it and he put the ring in Peggy's finger.
'YES' he said

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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: PG, this one as pretty much everything else...
Gender: Drama *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. Lets go earlier than that, to get even closer to this...
Daniel made everything easier for the rest of the month, specially since she'd be at hospital every day next year, and it meant she'd have lots more to deal with, Naia was already packing, Lim was safe and secure back at school and parents, mom was fine, was doing great to be exact, she had enough sense in her to try to get along with dad, Peggy got to stay at her apartment more often, not to mention that there was a second reason for it, at the apartment, at campus, at the coffee shop, at the other end of her life, was Mathew, he was everything, once in his arms she felt safe and secure, she had no reason to be strong all the time or to be in charge, with him she just let go, they went to the harbour one night and he forced her to get on the merry-go-aroud, made her dance on a kiosk, made her ride a bike, never in her life she did that before, when her friends had time for bikes she was busy taking care of the girls.

Mathew was very understanding about her appointments and never asked for an explanation, until one day at the coffee shop, she was waiting for Lim, they'd meet there to go home together when the door opened and a heavily pregnant girl entered followed by him, the one we call John, he turned to the counter and smiled and waved at her, Peggy swallowed hard, turned desperated where was Mathew? the guy started walking to her, what if Mathew heard?
'Hi Pegs' and sat, Milly waiting few steps behind 'I wanted to talk to you...'
'there's nothing to say' she answered cold and severe trying to move away
'there is, I'm gonna be a dad pegs, I need to clear things up'
'you were about to be a dad before...' it was one of the things that could've made her cry but it's was Peggy we're talking about, she never cries 'think it was for the best' tried to got up 'you'd be a terrible dad, I'm not sure about hers thou' looking to the girl behind 'you have what you deserve and I...'
'you have your family?' said sarcastic, Mathew came from nowhere and wraped his arm around Peggy's waist kissing her hair
'yes, she has me now, why?' and to her 'our girl is waiting' she didn't meant to do it, she just leant on him and the smile came out from nowhere. they moved to the office where Lim was waiting but on the hall he stoped to make her turn 'he was about to be a dad before?' and her facade broke, nodded and started crying 'hey!' held her close while she whispered 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry' wanted to protect her from everything, and everyone that ever hurted her, she was so soft and so vulnerable 'hey, love, you have nothing to sorry, I know I wasn't the first, I just want to be the last, okay?' she frowned 'lets clean your face, Lim is waiting...' his thimb were passing over her face already, she moved closer and kissed him, desperated, wanting to be part of that strenght, the wisdom, the calm.

What she doesn't know is that he knows how it feels like, to be alone, to feel like nobody cares, still since he doesn't know what is like for her, what is that that
keeps her busy and sad, he can't tell her. By the time she entered the office she felt fine, and Lim never suspected something was wrong.

not long after that he had to go to see his parents, his dad had surgery and the family needed him, he explained her where they were, told her about his sister and his brother, he told her about everything, she heard and tried hard not to say her own story, because... what if he leaves like th eone before? he used to say he'll do anything for her too, Mathew called her at the hospital, to let her know he went to the apartment, needed some stuff he had there and every time he mentioned he'd be gone for a week she started crying and he couldn't help himself.

Mom had a run to ER that week, she broke a vase and cut her arm, the doctor thought it could be a suicide attempt and decided to have her over night, and that night Lim and Naia stayed with Pegaiai, three worried girls, at midnight Peggy woke up with a knock on her door, was Naia 'Peg, can I sleep with you?' and she scooted over giving her sister some room on the bed 'bad dreams?' asked knwingly 'yeah.. I saw her over the craddle' and Peggy held her 'don't worry I'm here like then...' not two minutes latter another knock, was Lim 'I went first to Naia's but her room was empty... I didn't want to bother you...' and the three of them slept together thst night. the following week, when Mathew came back she stayed every night downtown.

when Mom was released and was, as strange as it is, feeling fine, even dad was acting fine, maybe because the girls were there, they even invited few people for easter, among those invited were Hugh, and Lim's new boyfriend, a guy called Jerry, and Mathew, Peggy was nervous,the girls knew him but what about her parents?
'please don't take them serious, they're just... special...' he smiled
'special as in brain damage special?' she was serious 'lighten up sweetheart, I'm fine, we'll be fine...' and made a movement to be sure that he had something in his pocket.
'while we're there, please don't use pet names, use my given name only, please don't kiss me, they should not see any demonstation of love, okay?'
'are they mormons?' said laughing, but Peggy just sighed worried, seeing once again that she'll be left alone when he get to know where she came from. During the dinner everything went well, even if her mother ignored matthew, after that while she was taking care of something her dad pulled him aside, and after a moment started laughing hard scaring Peggy a little bit, she moved closer to a blushing Mathew 'what did he said?' she was scared, did he scared him away? 'nothing, I think he believe I'm not serious' but was obviously crossed 'please... he's um... he's...' and Mathew held her hand 'an ass? yeah he is...' she chuckled.

After everybody else were gone and they were finishing with the katering, dad started screaming, and mom started screaming too, Mathew saw how peggy ended up in the middle of everything, how she ended up being the bad one, the one her mother accused of being a bitch and his father yelled at what a terrible daughter was. he got quiet and saw how humilliated she felt noticing him near the door, on their way back home she was quiet and distant 'so... ' started out of nowhere 'what do you think?' he smiled distant, and turned away
'they're interesting...' and noticing her biting her lips 'hey... you're not what they said, you're amazing' and she smiled 'that's better'

Once at the apartment, he suddenly felt his troath dry and was slightly shaking, but he made his mind and after the week he spent away from her he've decided to do it, once she left the car he held her hand and kissed her 'there's one thing I want to ask... ask you' licked his lips, Peggy tensed 'what? did my father said sometihng wrong?' Mathew breathed hard 'um.. no, its ... Pegaiai, I love you' she smiled 'I love you too, but...'
'let me finish' he said and took the small box from his pocket 'I love you and I'm sure I want to spend the rest of my life with you... do you...' opened the box 'would you marry me?' Peggy choked...

Really, as in choked! not the romantic way of speaking, where the girl cries and chokes sobs and says yes, but she choked, started coughing and turned red faced and moved away from him, took her several minutes to recover, they went into the apartment and he gave her some water, she was embarrassed 'I bet that's not what you had planned' joked while they were getting ready for bed, still he said nothing 'Mattie...?' said once they turned the lights off and he turned in bed to hold her 'I'm not saying no, I'm... I wish... I...' sighed 'you know them now but there's so much more you still don't know...' he hummed 'is that okay if I let you know more about them and then you decide if your offer is still on?' he pulled closer 'It'll be on no matter what, do you hear me?' and kissed her hair 'its just...' it was the first time she kept talking, usually was the one who got quiet first 'before you... before you I had... I once got pregnant and... the baby... was... I couldn't, my body, I couldn't protect it, I lost him and...' she had to explain how she was fine until his mother,the mother of the one we call John had to know, how before facing her she told the other one, the so-called John about her family, mom and her problems, dad and the rest, and how he freaked out and left, how she fell on the stair after their fight, and how he ignored her on the floor, in pain and bleeding 'I'm not sure...' he covered her mouth with his hand and wrapped himself around her 'did it hurt you? when they got him off?' she shook no, he felt the movement 'I don't care about anything else, you're fine, I'm here and no matter what, I'm here for you and with you for ever more okay?' she kissed him 'It scared me at first, I'm scared Mathew...'and moved to touch his face, caressed his jaw 'I used to have my priorities in order until you came into my life... now... now I wish I could be selfish again...'and kissed him again 'think... I... we need to talk a little more...' he snorted 'you want to talk?' teased and felt the warm of her blush 'I don't care, all I want is you to be sure, then when I'll get to see you walking down the aisle, when I get to make you mine... I won't let anybody else ever hurt you, I promise' kissed her face, and covered her mouth with two fingers 'now please lets sleep, don't worry I'm not going anywhere and I'm not letting you go either' tightened his embrace and sighed.

And she believed him, but her brain was working already, he'd change his mind for sure, told herself, with all the baggage... he'd freak out, she feared her brain were right, after less than a year she couldn't imagine her life without those eyes on her, without those arms around her, without his voice telling her everything will be fine. he changed her life and there was no way back, the mere idea of it made her eyes burn and her heart ache, and Damn Peggy was scared.


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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: PG, this one as pretty much everything else...
Gender: Drama *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. Lets go earlier than that, to get here...

Lets go back to that night, when she finally fell asleep holding him, wondering why she always felt the need of crying the second he held her, whatever it was made her thighten her arms around him and kiss his chest.

Peggy woke up still held on his arms, Mathew was caressing her hair, while humming a song she knew 'grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender' sang caressing her cheek and neck 'Music of the night?' she said smiling, he chuckled and kept singing 'close your eyes, for your eyes will only tell the truth, and the truth isn't what you want to see, in the dark its easy to pretend, that the true is what it ought to be' kissed her hair again his hand roaming her bare back 'seriously a musical?' he chuckled again 'listen to the lyrics hun...' and whispering on her ear 'let your mind start a journey to a strange new world' kissed her ear 'leave all thoughts of the life you knew before' another kiss, and nuzzling her hair kept singing 'let your soul take you where you long to be' and softer and making her face him 'only then can you belong to me' and Peggy cried once more while crushing his mouth with hers.

'why were you crying?' he asked 'you never told me' they were still in bed few hours latter, still night, but they were having a snack 'things...' and sighed 'things have never been easy for me, I have obligations I cannot leave behind' held the piece of apple he offered her, and then she got the only peach on the plate 'wish... for the first time in my life' snorted 'I were normal' and bit the fruit, seing hungry eyes on it, smiled and moved closer to him to kiss him again, the sweet taste of fruit on it, Mathew groaned 'I didn't knew you liked peach that much...' she said smiling and licking her lips, offering him the rest of the fruit, he smiled back 'I do... ' and looking into her face 'what's your favorite?' Peggy held an apple up, and bit it ignoring his mouth open, making him swallow hard 'I'm not pecky with food' she said 'I've been where there was not much' she got a bottle of watter 'I've learnt to eat whatever I get' she drank some watter and offered the rest to him 'Lim and Naia don't know about it, all they know is the life we had after that...'
'Which includes Lambos and being known by name in stuck up restaurants...' she nodded ashamed 'you don't like that?' she got a big bite of her apple and moved to his side of the bed 'I don't.. I mean I have chances many hasn't... but then I have... so much right now' sighed 'I wish I could stay here with you forever...' smiled sad, Mathew reached her for a quick kiss 'you could if you want...' Peggy smiled, the real smile, and moved to the bathroom, once the door got close her phone rang, the hidden one, the one Mathew never held even for a second, he moved to check on it, the ID said "Daniel" so he turned it off, this was HIS time with Peggy and nobody will botter them.

Nobody called, and Peggy couldn't believe her luck, Mathew held her in bed for hours until she fell asleep, and got up when her regular phone rang, didn't recognized the number, turned to Mathew, he was still asleep 'hello?' And Daniel screamt 'Where were you??'
'what? Daniel?'
'its almost ten pegs, you're supposed to be here to sign the new state contract' she turned to the clock, yeah it was 9:49, DAMN!! 'I'll be there in less than ten D, I have the car, and...' he snorted 'I'm sorry.. really don't know what happened'
'Lim needed some ice cream, I brought her some, chocolate' turned to the other phone, it was off, sure the battery died or something
'Thanks .. I don't know what happened...'
'hey, its okay, you need some time for yourself I understand that... but answer your phone cuzz.. I need to know you're there...' Peggy smiled too many good things too fast.

Mathew's eyes opneed when he heard a bump, Peggy was half dressed, hair wet and running around with her trousers in hand and only one shoe 'what are you doing?' she turned, the clock said it was 9:56 'I overslept, I have to go' Peggy was mad, the cell was off, she didn't noticed she turned it off 'I have to go' Mathew sat, was wearing only boxers 'where?' she didn't answered 'hey, come on, where are you going and why?' she ignored him while putting her shoe on 'peggy... its sunday, I work all week and you run out the first second on a sunday morning...?' she got her key'how are we supposed to know each other if we are never ain the same place at the same time?' she checked her wallet 'you wouldn't understand' mumbled and mathew snorted 'try me.. what? are you... are you a spy?' he smiled dryly 'that's why you have two cells and you run out and you have unexplained bruises?' she turned to see him 'I saw you with a black eye not long ago, I saw your arms' yeah mom used to get violent and caused marks on her, but she was sick, she couldn't blame her for that, the other one, the black eye... the mark on her cheek, she thought no-one saw it 'is not that...' Mathew got up 'are you amrried then? that's why you can't stay with me... here?' he turned aroud looking for any signs of a man living there 'NO!!' answered tired and facing him 'Mathew... please...' moved closser and kissed him trying to say something her brain wasn't programed to say 'this is my life' he caressed her temple, and smiled 'I wish it were different, but is not'.

'I... I work all week and after all, we should have a day for us...' Peggy hid on his chest 'I know, but this is my life and if you ask me to change it.. I can't, I wish I could but I can't...' her phone rang and she got up 'tell me... that you understand... please?' Mathew sighed 'I'll be at the coffee shop, I'll be there waiting for you, at least give me a call okay?' she smiled and kissed him before going out.

Almost on her car a hand held hers, was Mathew, wearing only boxers, he put something on her wrist, was a ruber band 'that's for you to remember me, okay? you have to remember there's someone waiting here' she was about to cry

'why you do that?' said moving closer to kiss him 'why you always make me this... make me feel vulnerable all the time and right now I need to be a bitch' hid her face on his chest breathing deep his scent, their scents mingled and mumbled an 'I love you' that broke Mathew's heart, sounded way too much like a good bye


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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: G so far, not sure about this one, should be PG-13?
Gender: fantasy *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. But we have to go earlier than that because, aside of obligations and problems she had pain, and she had love.
Chapter X/XII

It started like any other day, she went for her coffee once in campus, too early to find anyone, but she had no choice, her professor told them at 6:30, and he was always on time, they had to go throught the whole Neurology floor before 8:00, doctor started consults at that hour,got her coffee, and saw the blonde girl arriving 'Hey!' she said getting closer and Peggy knew she was in trouble 'how are you? I haven't seen you here anymore' Peggy smiled at that moment she'd give her right foot to get her coffee and run 'Yeah, my life is kinda messy right now' and finally the cup were set in front of her 'Bye' said smiling but the blonde didn't gave up 'I'll tell Mattie you were here...' and Peggy's chest hurt 'yeah.. tell him I say hi okay?' smiled and run out, or away...

Running was something he missed, still supporting part of his weight on that stupid cane, seeing others excersising, and remembering how she ended up on his café made him very angry for no reason, so he walked, limped would be more exact than that, towards the main bulding, he had to present his tesis again, it still had the small stain of chocolate souffle from the night at L'Orange, and then out of nowhere she's there, just six steps away from him, moved fast to grab her arm, angry, wanting to sceam, grabed her arm and made her turn, and when it happened she jolted scared, the ipod, that he made her forget was stuck on her ear, 12 stones Broken loud enough to aisolate her from the world 'hi...' she said and started breathing hard 'hi...' Mathew answered out of breath 'how are you? where were you?' she smiled nervous, this was better than he thought, he wasn't screaming or crying, and at least was acting like a man, this will be better than imagined.

It was better than she thought it would be, better than with the one we call John, much better, Mathew actually sounded interested, he didn't knew everything, lets set the obvious, but sounded interested 'I'm fine, how's your girlfriend?' said smiling, the fake smile he knew so well 'she's not my girlfriend' Peggy frowned and for few second Mathew felt like the worse kind of bastard, her cell called and she hesitated, even inside her head felt weird, why she hesitated? it was the cell she carried only for mom and dad 'I wishI had time... I really want to talk to you...' said, suprised honey eyes fix on hers
'come to the coffee shop... 'she sighed 'I can't, I have.. things to...' the phone again 'please?' Mathew felt like a child, wanted to held her arms and shale some sense into her.
'I'll try okay?' and then, like realizing something turned to him 'what about the girl? is she going to be there?'
'that was a mistake... she just...' thiswas harsh, and he felt bad for saying it, but was the truth 'she remind me of you' peggy frowned, scared and turned away 'please... tell me you'll come' she got her plug and started walking.

'She's here!!!' Mathew pushed one of his waiters while passing by to the door to greet her, and kissed her without question, making her whine on the kiss, her eyes were sad again, she never told him about her parents, and the now constant bikering, Dad always wanted something, and mom was always in need of more atention than him, he had to work out so he could get better, and she was tired of the house looking like a freaking gym, naia was so involved with his boyfriend that was no help,not that Peggy didn't understand that, once she became selfish too, is part of growing up, Lim was sick too, had her tonsils retired after a serious infection, was in pain and wanted to be pampered too, once more she was stressed, pulled back and forth and the kiss... the kiss put a name on the feeling she had all the time, the peace and solid comfort, it was Mathew the thing she missed so much, and started crying, he let her go, scared, what this tears meant? 'I can't believe I'm crying...' she mumbled and chuckled 'please don't freak out.. I'm not crazy...' Mathew held her in his arms 'of course you're not... of course you're not... God I love you Peggy' and she frozen there, was that real? Now she did freaked out, it was more than she could manage, never, nobody, not even the one we call John said that plain and simple like right now 'sorry...'he got still 'I didn't meant to... scare you... sorry' she smiled, the real smile now 'no... nothing to be sorry... I'm just... there are things...' he held her hand ad pulled her to his ffice and locked the door, something in Mathew changed, he didn't want to share Peggy, knwing she'd be going any second, knowing she'd leave at the first sound of her phone, they stayed in the office the rest of the afternoon, it was late on a saturnday, for a while kisses and caresses were enough, but then... then he took off her shirt and Peggy gasped surprised, yet didn't pull away.
'you okay?' he asks and peggy doesn't know what to say, just nodded, but her eyes search the whole office, like regretting being here 'we can go to my place...' he offers.
'lets go to mine...' the hot whisper made him hard in one second, the first time she even mentioned going to her place, and the first time they're gonna make love.

Its been a while, since the other one, THAT one, and Peggy never thought she'd felt like this again, she's happy, and excited and scared and feel like she can't get enough of him, is never enough of him, of the feeling of heat, of the love he professes, the calussed fingers, the lanky caresses, the strong arms holding her, warm and solid and soft and strong, the pain that turns into pleasure with the seconds passing, like her entire life she'd been waiting for this, for the second when he's finally inside of her, Mathew felt like the world is finally complete, like all those sappy theories of romance finally make sense, like being there, surrounded by that tight heat, those arms, kissing those sweet lips, feeling the hummingbird-like heartbeat next to him is enough, she came with a sob and kept crying he came when she finally sid it out loud 'I love you mathew... I do'


Gotta go!!!*ARGH!!!!* real life just pisses me off and pushy parents are just SOO annoying this days its crazy!!!

please, please darling, Marcus be here already.


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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: G so far, not sure what's gonna happen
Gender: fantasy *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. Lets start earlier than that, to know how from all kind of trubles you can learn something, and that learning how to forgive and how to love is the best thing ever.

Once his dad went home Peggy felt empty again, mom and dad were shring house, and we're both feeling better, he even stoped being a jerk for real, wasn't the best person ever, but finally was an adult! is surprised her, mom was feeling great, finally in equilibrium, finally as a rela mother like she remembers was when Krinaia were born, when Lim wasn't evena dream yet.

Mom felt sorry for dad and allowed him in the house, even the blonde bitch called to ask about him, and she had to listen to that conversation, Peggy got into her bedroom and listened how his father said he was sorry, that he had acted inmature and juvenile and now was sorry, and had nothing else to discuss with her 'I'm not planning loosing my girls for this' he said secure 'I've been away from my family long enough'.

she had no chance to stay at the apartment again, not since that night at the movies, there has been times when she wanted to talk to him, she even dialed his number by heart but then... then real life called and she always put the phone down, then too much time has passed and felt kinda stupid, he must've moved on, she thought, I'm sure he's better off without me... and her heart bled... why?

Why? he thought, at the coffee shop, he'd been looking out the window every night, to the bench in front, expecting to see her, once or twice Jess saw him running to the door, but coming back slowly, limping, serious or frowning 'enough' she said, shaking her head 'what happened? you never told me what happened with her, she looked like a very nice girl...' he sat sighing and rubbing his knee 'and she made you happy... we all knew that' the rest of the staff members were looking at them concerned, Mathew moved from the chair and got his cane 'I'm fine' barked but AJ didn't gave up 'mattie... seriously, she came into this place for two years before you got to see each other, and I never before saw her smiling like when you were together' he turned back more sad than angry but screaming non the less 'we weren't together, not like she cared anyways...' and limped away. That's why Jess got him a date.
'I'm not going out with that kid!!' he said angry, the girl did look like she's 12 but she's already a senior and majoring in design, and Jess told him that, then literally pushed him all the way to the table to met the girl, her name was Ali and was very sweet, any guy could have fall inlove with her in no time, and Mathew knew that, yet felt bad because he tried, hard to be that guy.

they went on a date, to a restaurant, the girl couldn't stop talking about L'Orange, and the time she and her friends had dinner there 'you should try the lamb if you ever visit that place' she said smiling adorably and Mathew smiled 'yeah with bitter sauce...' and sighed, things on the date went well, well enough for him to forget being ditched without an explanation, went so well that he only came back to reality when the doorbell called and he had to go to the door that night, but there was nobody, only heard a car leaving, went back to bed.

Peggy got up after a specially good night, a night that was bad too, at least for her, was good because... well because it was good, the night before Naia brought her boyfriend home, Hugh, he was a nice guy, he had dinner with them, poor kid was nervous, but even mom and dad acted civil enough to believe they're regular people. then Lim went on her first date, with Xavier, another nice guy, mom got close to Pegaiai, hugged her like she never before and whispered wish you had someone too, it hurt, because she did had someone, once, when she was selfish enough to be away from them, and when she had a life, but then... then everything was different and Peggy learned not to trust people, yet she went ot his door, ven rang the bell, but then had second thoughts and flew as if her life depended on it

She woke up and went to the door, not paying atention to the voice behind her asking to ignore it, got the reciever on the intercom an the small screen lit 'yes?' and from the other side a surprised girl lost her smile, her eyes were sad and turned cold and serious 'uuhh... is Mathew home?' the girl wearing mathew's tee turned to see him cursing 'hey, forget about it, its a mistake...' and she was out the frame of the screen, Mathew ignored the girl in his apartment, ignored the fact that he was barefoot and shirtless and that was already cold outside, and ran to get her, Peggy was back, adn he was a bastard for not wait a little longer.

Should have waited a little longer, she should have waited to see him, to be sure, but deep inside she was sure, yeah he was better off her, but felt cold, and alone, and numb and hurt, and felt stupid for believing she'd deserve that, sure enough she doesn't deserve that, she had to take care of the family that's all, and finally a tear ran down her face, scared and surprised touched her wet cheek, second time she cried, in what? 25 years? yeah, and second time because she felt alone, and hurt, and away from that, the thing that made her whole again. and yet still it had no name
it'll take a little longer, because I can't do this chapters longer...

Better write for yourself and have no public, than writing for a public and have no self
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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: G so far, not sure what's gonna happen
Gender: fantasy *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. Lets start earlier than that, but not that much, lets start with the only time they went separated ways and why


Lim was okay now, working hard, as holyday season arrived, Naia was gone to see some university on the east, mom was okay and for once, during the two weeks brake Peggy had the time to see how things with Mathew could be, she even stayed more often at the apartment just to be with him, and he was very happy about it, not only She started talking about her sisters, they even went to the movies together, the last weekend before christmass holidays, the four of them met, Mathew saw the mess the girls were together, all trace of quiet and serious, all trace of sadness was gone, she was holding his hand while Lim and Naia ran around like babies, for few moments he saw a glimpse of how would be like to have this forever, when they arrived to the theatre and he saw the three girls laughing hard about something so common as sweet pop corn, he never before saw Peggy being loud or laughing like that, Naia and Lim were comfortable around him and for frst time since they met Peggy held his hand in public, he felt giddy and excited, Lim made a whole scene for just few chips, Naia was running around hiding behind him after she put all her cotton candy on Lim's hair, and once inside and in their places, she kissed him in the cheek whispering a thank you, that meant so much more

But then, that little piece of heaven broke when th second cell sounded not half way on the movie, Peggy answered, and Mathew saw how all of themthe three of them tensed, she heard a voice and got up and to the girls 'the blonde bitch says he needs us' and not even saying good bye they left.

They left as fast as they could, once in Peggy's car, Naia dared to ask 'what happened?' Peggy turned to her for a second and then saw lim on the back 'girls, she said dad is in a hospital downtown, he just had a stroke or something, she was nervous and couldn't explain herself...' she herself had a knot on her throat but the heartbraking sob from Lim and Naia moving between her and your sit to pass behind to hold the small one 'calm down girls, I'll take care of everything...'

Peggy, she had to take care of everything, her father had a heartattack thatleft him in bad shape, the doctors expected a full recovery, but right thenhe was as helpless as a newborn. and he cried, shame and fear on those eyes, he might not be the best father in the world, but he was HER father, Lim and Naia were outside and waiting for her to call them 'you're gonna be okay, Doctor said you're out of danger and you'd be going home in few weeks' he sobbed 'we're taking you home with mom, I have a nurse already...' he held Peggy's hand 'its okay... just... my sisters are coming, please be nice'
'I'm sorry'
'Don't worry there's nothing to sorry, you're fine, we're fine'
'I'm sorry I put you throught all this'
'is not your fault if you got sick' and moving away from that hand 'just take better care of yourself now on'
'not this...' mumbled the man 'all, everything, we always left you in charge... we robed you of everything'
'you made me a fighter, you made me strong, I had to learn how to defend my girls, the rest is not important'
'you hate me...' he said and the machine started beeping
'no, I don't hate you, I'm just disapointed' turned to see Lim ready to walk in and Naia drying her face with her hand 'just don't disapoint them too' and motioned for the girls to walk in, while his father sobbed again, he cried and asked the three girls to forgive him
'all I could think while lying on the floor waiting for the ambulance was that I'd away from you, that you'll forever think your father was a jerk' and sobbed causing another beep on the machine 'I'm sorry my girls' Naia held him for a second, moved for his tears, were those tears real? was only fear talking? was only a way to assure himself being recieved at the house again? was Peggy a bitch for thinking like that?

In the back of Peggy's head was something else, something amiss, the apartment her classes, even mom who was now happy and having a spa day, everything was non-important right now, not as much as not being seen while crying, for a minute she thought she'd be an orphan, after wanting to be one for years while a kid,after saying ant thinking all those bad things about him, and once inside her bedroom cried, for a minute or two, because things had to be done, the girls would need someone to hold on to, she had to tell mom, and ask Daniel what to do abou tthe state, she had no time fo rsentimentalist crap, even further back in her head was the need of something, something she couldn't pinpoint, the need of warmth and something that would ground her,that would make her believe that nothig was wrong, that nothing will ever be wrong again, she felt that once, felt that thing once, that made her solid and safe and not as alone as right now, but that thing had no name... yet.

The thing About Peggy, thought Mathew was that she just disapeared, for a while was worried she'd be in trouble, until he saw an orange car outside the hospital while going back from his classes, every orange car made him remember of Peggy's car, the one she once showed him, the amazing lamborghini that made her fell embarrassed, and then saw her, walking fast to the car, getting in and leaving, Joseph had only seen her from afar and had no time to talk to her, so Mathew went after Danny and Indira, they only knew it happens sometimes 'and you have to be patient' she said 'when she get back, she'd be different from what we all know' something was wrong on that, had to be wrong, he thought 'WHY?' Indira sighed 'just because, she never really told us or let us know' and looking at him in the eyes, very concerned 'the first time she did this, she found herself her past boyfriend, then the second she just got over him' and he blinked, a dark, cold pit on his stomach 'just be patient, and wait' but Peggy kept avoiding and ignoring him, never again saw him at the coffee shop, she was not in the library or his Doctor's consults, she just disapeared, and after another fast month he gave up, he'd have done anything for her, but she moved on, he had to do the same... right?
ChapterIX /XII

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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: G so far, not sure what's gonna happen
Gender: fantasy *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. we have to start earlier than that, we have to start earlier because her world is not all trouble, sometimes her world is just normal and happy, and he's makingit perfect.


Once more Peggy arrived to the café where Mathew was, she started studying there lately, it was easier, since the night he walked her home the second time, he asked her to join him at the café 'it doesn't have to count as a date if you don't want to...' he said seeing her nervous, and so it started... Peggy started smiling more often and Mathew did everything in his hands to keep her smiling like that.

But then there's this other part, used as she was to have everything the way she liked, to be the one ruling the relationships she had, used to be with people that likes to share feelings and rndom thoughts as he was, used to have the atention of every girl, they tend to fight ALOT! and I meant it! because Mathew doesn't like when she ignores him to talk on the phone, because she doesn't like that he is never punctual, because she's always busy to deal with their relationship, they fight over dinner because he insists in cooking and she's usually too tired to care what's she's eating, they fight because, why Mathew has an opinion on her life if they're not dating? yeah right... because usually two friends tend to fight over this kind of stuff right? not to mention that both of them already called it a "relationship".

and of course they're not a couple, they just got involved with each other in two fast weeks, enough to share meals in the privacy of his apartment, enough to not stop talking even thou they literally spend the whole day with each other. Enough for peggy to smile before going to bed knowing that at 6:00 he'd be outside her place with a hot coffee and a hug for her, more than what she had in years. This event we will replay for you is the one with the happiest end, for a dreamer and a cynic that once met.

Peggy just had a terrible day, mom called every two minutes, more painting, more pills, more shrink apointments, Naia called telling her SAT's arrived and were great, Lim asked for her to go to school, a teacher wanted to see her for her "fantastic stories" she's told about her family 'you know we're not suposed to tell people!!' said angry, schedule full with hospital too, starting Neurology, the one specialty she liked the most, and then Mathew... they were supposed to met at the café that night, he said he'd be there after school and he'd close, so they'd be alone to talk. the cancelation at the last minute while ordering a coffee and checking on her cellphone put him red with anger, she had this moments when she tried to ditch him, not telling him why, she ever wants to talk about her life, only school or actual events, or books, nothing of real life, she never asks him about his life either, he offered her a short exp,anation of his family, and abut his friends, she pretty much changed subjects to the fact she had to start neuro soon.

'okay, what about tomorrow? we're supposedly going to see that new movie...' Peggy sighed rubbing her face 'I'm not sure Mathew, I have things to do... places to go, people to see' ad smiled 'thou I rather go to movies with you...' that bought him, he was calmed again 'can I call you tomorrow?' he nodded, her cell called again and she went to the door, the way her face turned serious and cold, as if she were faking the smile seconds before made him follow her 'don't worry we'll be there, and yeahI'm taking the car' and after a beat 'no, no, the same needy things from all the time, sometimes I'm not sure if this is for the best, I should leave or something' sighed again, her coussin Daniel, her mother's Attourney were trying to calm her, he lost his mother for the same kind of illness Peggy's had now, and was seriously concerned about the girls, Pegs had to sign few papers with him before going to Lim's school, and with mom to the doctor "calm down now, pegs, you'll be okay, I'm taking care of everything" and she answer 'yeah I know, did I said thank you? or that I will kiss you if I see you?' both laughed 'gotta go, I'm on my car already, just be ready for me?' and closed the phone when somebody yanked it from her hand 'HEY!' said turning, ready to fight
'Ready for what?' asked Mathew trying to read the incoming calls 'ready for what? what's so important for you to ditch me again?'

'What? NO!!' and then trying to get her phone 'this is private, give it back!!' he held it over his head, way out of reach for Peggy 'you idiot!'
'tell me I think I deserve to know who are you seeing besides me'
'we're not seeing each other, you said we don't even had a date' she insisted, then the other phone rang, she cursed under her breath 'its my lawyer, okay? I have to see him, I'm not seeing anybody else... is not like you care anyways...'
'I care...' he said 'but you.. you never want to...' gave her the phone and saw how she went away to her car 'wait...' she turned, eyes red, biting her lips 'I'll wait for your call tomorrow, okay? its saturday, if you can't call I'll be at the library...' she just nodded avoiding his eyes 'Hey... ' Peggy raised her eyes and the smile came out alone without any effort
'I will... its just.. you don't know my world, my.. life, people always think its too much trouble' Mathew got close 'I've heard is not worthy so many times...' and laughed nervous' he licked his lips and bent over kissing her, Peggy's heart was beating so fast she couldn't remember what she was doing, it became a haze of joy, nervousness and heat, the way she felt her skin burning, the way her entire body was vibrating.
'its worthy, everything... is worthy' Mathew was expecting her to push him away, was their first kiss, does this means they're dating now? does this means she likes him? is she going to share her life now? when her arms held his arms to pull herself closer he wanted to cry out loud with happiness.

Peggy will not remember the way home, or what Daniel said, or what the principal told her at the school, nothing erased the smile from her face, or the tingling on her lips, maybe, and just maybe he wasn't like the other, like the one we call John, for once, and again, thanks to Mathew, Peggy had hope and was happy, Nai and Lim laughed at her.


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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: G so far, not sure what's gonna happen
Gender: fantasy *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. we have to start earlier than that, we have to start earlier because there are things that can't be changed that marke her life, even before Amthew were part of her world

Things went wrong not long after that night, since Peggy still had the vote on the board had to go to the office now and then, one of those runs got her into the same place than her dad, and of course the busty, blonde young lawyer the company just hired, the girl was literally sitting on his lap, and dad didn't eventried to hide it when she entered her office 'I'll apreciate if you stop using this place to meet with your new toys...' said cold, more when the secoind reason to avoid dad hit her nose, yeah he was drunk again, he was a caustic drunk, used to make the girls cry whenever he was drunk around them, and was then when he was more dangerous to Peggy, when he dared to say and do things he had not the guts to say or do sober 'hope you understand this is going to get you fired...' said ignoring him to face the girl, who gasped and turned to the man 'no, no, I still have to vote here, the whole board wants it that way... you're fired...' and to the intercom 'Carly? we need another lawyer, please find a guy this time?' a short "yes Ms. Mythe" sounded on the speaker 'please let me know when the board is ready?' the same answer again and Peggy started reading reports 'I assume that means your second honeymoon with mom is over...' she had a lump on her troath, that meant her mother must be depressed or manic again. and the Board went well, of course, most of the people there was happy that finally someone in her senses were taking over it.

life was busy but was good, last year with Naia close, and since Lim was such a sweetheart she'd be fine, then out of nowhere the notification arrived, their parents were suing her for the custody, both girls were still minors, the paper said that she lived in a college and was exposing the girls to a toxic enviroment of frat parties and depravation 'HOW DARE you!!' yelled Naia to her father, when they met to discuss it 'we're happy, you choosed him over us!!' accused Lim to her mother 'you should at least have the decency to give us that' Peggy just sat there listening to everything, once the girls were asked to leave, she adressed to her mother 'he asked for divorce twice, and you only had us... and still you're on his side?' the mother sighed and answered 'you don't know what love does to you' Peggy huffed and tured to see the grin on his father's face 'I know, I love my sisters, and I love you two... that's why I cannot let you do this' and to her father 'I cannot let you do this to yourself' his father laughed 'do you know he's dating the lawyer sitting next to you?' the blonde girl gasped while Mrs. Mythe turned to her. few words latter her mother knew it was true

'we still are suing you, the girls are coming home with us' Peggy laughed, her mother wasn't as convinced as when she arrived 'one thing you have to face kid...' Mr. Mythe said getting up 'you better give me back the company or you'll never again will see those brats' the brats, sadly were right behind the door, and the mother looked at him too, so, in order to have peace again the sisters decided something, their school had one perk, being private had boarding system aswell, and they asked to be recieved there, being Mythes it was easy, they'd be out only one week every month and they'll spend it with mom and Peggy, who once more was left alone with the problems, mom got depressed for believing in dad, and dad went off with the lawyer.

The Mythe's house was way too far from Hospital and Peggy had to deal with alot to be always late aside of that, especially since she had to stay late inpractice quite often and going back was not only tiring, but also dangerous, she kept the apartment, though her address was again set on the house, her mother once more decided to do the right thing, started her medication rigurously, started painting again, asked for a nephew's help, Daniel, he was a shark, and made mom the tragic heroine of a soup opera where the bastard husband wanted to take everything from her, and ruin their daughters future.

Peggy is worried sometimes that he'd go home and do something to mom, she's worried the nights she has to stay at the apartment, and in those nights the memory of the night she had dinner with Danny and Indira and then with Joseph and Mathew feel like a century away, even if its not even a month ago, and she feel alone again, scared, and alone, her place too quiet, too cold, no laughter, no pizza, no music, nothing, left the Krav maga but kept running now and then to cool her head off, even when tired, and there's one other thing she keeps doing, she avoids the café because the blonde girl is there, but Jess can see her from inside, in the bench right in front, where Peggy sits at least three times a week, she can see her there because Mathew tend to sit watching out sometimes, even if she's not there 'go on, ask her to come in...' she said smiling 'she looks like she could use a friend' but Mathew is not sure if he should, that bench always cause trouble 'mattie, you better go or i'll do it' warned her and he just gapped surprised 'she'd probably run away if she sees you' he mocked 'she's very ashamed of the time she yelled at you' she mumbled there was no reason and wanted to go to tell her there was nothing to worry about, more when he said she was always stressed out and sad 'you see? she needs you!!' and pushed him up 'and say what? she's very strange you know? she'd bite my head off or something' and Jess laughed, and put a cup in front of him 'go! now! she'd leave like the other day...' he still hesitated 'what Am I going to say? I don't even know if we had a date or not..' two minutes latter he was being pushed throu the door, and saw her sitting there, in the cold

'not gonna ask if you're sad...' said startling her 'its obvious you are...' she got the coffee quietly and sipped it avoiding his eyes 'I have a message from Jess, she wants you to go back to the coffee shop, she sorry too' and for one second a sound like a sob came out of the girl 'you ok?' she shook no 'walk me home? please?' said in a whisper and leaned on him, was she crying?


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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: G so far, not sure what's gonna happen
Gender: fantasy *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. but we have to start earlier than that, we have to start earlier than that, because if there's gonna be a wedding or at least a proposal we need a couple, right?
So there's Joseph, he's the sweetest person someone could have as a friend, that's what all his friends and all his teachers, all his acquitances would've told you, they'd have told you that he's not only nice, he's hard working and loyal, not many know he's the friend that has a share of Wake-up call Café, not many knows he's inlove with a girl born in a good family and even less people knows how he got to win the heart of that girl.

It was a night, when Joseph invited his best friend for dinner to meet that girl's parents, not sure if being the kind of high class people they were they would like him, and trying to impress them, picked a nice place, of course not used to the kind of place he choosed, he and the friend we're having a hard time dealing with the waiter 'excuse me, sir' said the man, older and as serious as a mummy 'this table is for six, and you need at least three persons to...' Joseph sighed loudly and Mathew next to him smiled 'we're waiting for our guests, do you mind?' and to his friend 'calm down, she'll be here, ok?' Joseph nodded looking into his watch it was past 6:00, they said for dinner... thought, breathing deep.

Not many knew either that the day before Peggy and Mathew met at the library, he still kinda resenting her easy life, she resenting his supposedly normal life, both angry for no good reason, not many know, actually... nobody knows, not even this two that there's no reason to be angry, there's nothing greener in the loan across the fence here. by the time they crash in the library Mathew is sporting his well worn crutches again after another procedure on the same knee 'OUCH!' he yelled calling atention 'watch it!!' their belongings fell, her bag and his bagpack emptying it contents on the floor, before he could say anything Peggy was on the floor picking up his and her stuff, her cell was vibrating and she was in a hurry, got up while he was still seeing to the floor 'what? you feel better when you have someone on their knees?' she said for no good reason 'pathetic...' tossed the bagpack and left, it took them just few minutes to notice the mess they have just made, Peggy had Mathew pills, Mathew had Peggy's regular cell and her notes, Peggy had the only copy of Mathew's tesis, the start of it, but already aprouved and corrected, both were scared shitless thinking the other could be angry enough to throw everything away.

Not many know why, actually no-one, not even Peggy knows why she called to her cell, maybe the desperation of knowing all the info that cell had, or the notes it took her a week to get for a paper, or her favorite lipgloss that was right then in Mathew's hands, she did called though and breathing deep waited... Mathew was frowning, hands holding both cellphone and lip gloss, that smells like peaches, gofigure, when Motorhead's Born to raise Hell startled him, the name on the ID caller was Pegs, and he answered 'Peggy Myth's phone?' said makinga face 'Um.. yeah, its me... I mean. its my stuff, my.. phone...' Mathew smiled, she always sounded more secure than that 'I know, I need some stuff you have too, please tell me you have my pills...'said trying to be calmed 'yes, both, antibiotics and painkillers' and Peggy had the notebook and another thing, a keychain with a rabitfoot 'think I have your luck too' and Mathew smiled 'I'm sorry if I messed up with.. your... stuff...'he was still not sure of what to say, and bit his lip 'my Hostage for your hostage?' he offered ans heard a faint but real giggle 'think we can discuss the terms now... what about tomorrow night?' he started

'around eight?' he made a face but not knowing why wanted to see her 'at eight I'd be at L'orange' and after a half second of hesitation 'do you mind to meet me there?' Peggy had plans for dinner with Danny and Indira and accepted, at eight at L'Orange's door.

Danny and Indira's news were terrible, actually no, were wonderful news, and made her happy but, also were terrible for Peggy, indira was pregnant, three months already, going to fourth, just like she was once, already feeling the baby movements, like Peggy once, but in this case there was no complications, no health issues, no parents giving hell, no boyfriend giving up, this baby was wanted and will be born, to add insult to injury, the one we will call John and his Milly were there too, you could already notice the bump on her body, and everyone could see the adoration he showed for the girl and the rgowing belly. And that was too much for her, got up and went out as soon as danny were called to the hospital, wanted to finish this, wanted to go home where being sad and quiet wasn't considered being jealous, wanted to have her cell back and start working on the paper, to burry all feeling again, but Mathew wasn't at the door, she waited for exactly three minutes, angry and hurt as she was, and thinking maybe with the crutches he was having troubles comoig out, so she entered l'orange restaurant, and saw him on the non smoke section, near to a window.

when a waiter got close and yelled the first thing that came to her mouth 'you said at eight!' claimed Mathew 'excuse me? do I look like your nurse?' she does remember that comingout of her mouth because people were staring so she just sat when the waiter pulled out her chair 'here, now take those pills' the man left, it took two second for her to register Joseph, and his expresion, she didn't kow two seconds before the waiter was asking them to leave the table 'as I said Sir, you need at least three persons to keep the table...' then out of nowhere Mathew produced Peggy 'she's here...' said smiling Joseph frowned and turned to ask why 'and she's pissed...' murmured the tall friend, turned to his watch for a beat then to the waiter again 'she's with us' Joseph nodded stupidly not understanding everything

'you two gentlemen want me to believe you're here with a Mythe?' said witha smirk, neither of them knew what that could mean, then she got close 'well... glad you're comfortable...' said 'you said at 8:00' and they started bikering like a couple, Joseph didn't know what to do, once the waiter left a glass of water in front of Peggy and retired she turned to Joseph and smiled 'Hi!' said blushing a little 'you look nice' it was true the grey shirt, the nice suit, 'and scared' finished, he mumbled something about a girl 'aww.. I didn't want to interfeer' and to Mathew ' please give me back my stuff so I can leave...' and not noticing it, Peggy knocked her glass splashing some on Joseph's tie, he rushed to wash it while Mathew explained 'we're here to impress his girl, please stay... if you leave we'll loose the table' Peggy looked around, she could stay for a minute or two, after all... it was Joseph, and she owed him so much 'you look sad' commented Mathew and she just snorted 'the story of my life...' and sighed, opened her purse got her cell out to text Naia so the girls weren't waiting for her 'so.. what's the story? why you need to impress Joseph's girl?' and Mathew explained she was from a wealthy family 'I have a family, Joseph doesn't, I'm the closest he has and I'm not leaving him alone tonight...' said passing her her cell and her notes,Peggy spend a beat looking into his face before giving him the keychain and was pulling his notebook out, when their friend came back he already have told her abut the nasty waiter.

'Darling, is this the first time you're here?' asked maternal and Joseph nodded 'so you don't know you have to ask for a special menu?' both guys mouths fell open Joseph looked horrified, then from nowhere one of those rare smiles appeared, one that made her friend sigh and made Mathew admire her 'calm down, I've been here before for business, just trust me' and looking to a side 'call the waiter' asked whie typin frantically on her cell, she'll be late thanshe tought, Joseph looked for the man, who nodded inmediatly and started walking toward the table 'ask him for the Fillet with Mushroom Gratin, think is the best they have here...' the guy arrived and Peggy looked into Mathew's face while Joseph asked to the man who instantly changed tones with him, sounding ALOT mre cordial 'darling...' asked Peggy out of nowhere 'what if we ask for them to have err...Peppered Lamb Steaks too? in case they're allergic to mushrooms or something...?' Joseph nodded, and she turned to Mathew 'you prefer regular or bitter-sour sauce with the lamb?' Mathew blinked surprised and Peggy kicked him under the table 'SOUR! said him and both laughed' Joseph turned to them 'Okay then... Sour sauce with the peppered lamb' informed smiling, Peggy bit her lips before forming the word wine 'and the wine list please...' the man nodded and left Peggy turned to Mathew 'you were about to say bitter!!' said teasing and both laughed 'NO I wasn't!!' he deffended, Joseph looked at them with one brow rised 'What?' asked Mathew, their friend just smiled back with a self-sufficent grin and a nothing.

I doubt Peggy ever had a better time than the next 20 minutes before the girlfriend a pale small girl, called Ellen and her parents arrived, father in a designer suit and mother in a very expensive dress that screamt Channel entered the restaurant, even then they were all laughing, talking about life, Joseph was the kind of person that could pull Peggy out of her shell, since they had the same schedule at the hospital they had almost the same patients and all the funny things that happened there were a great topic to pass the time, 'Oh God...' Joseph got up, Mathew too and Peggy turned, the girl smile brightened, came closer fast 'Hi...' he said breathless and held her to kiss her cheek, and then turned to shake the hand of the parents, they were obviously trying to impress him, until they saw one of the Mythe girls at the table, someone else was impressed now.

'Pegaiai!!' said ellen and Peggy got up to hug her 'Ellen Philpotts' said and both smiled, Mathew and expert by now in her smiles knew this one wasn't all sincere, but wasn't the fake ones either 'I didn't know you were Joseph's girlfriend!' said her surprised, and turned to the parents 'Mr. and Mrs. Philpotts' and they kissed her cheeks familiarly 'so nice to see you two...' Mathew was still up
'you know sweetie...' commented Mrs. Philpotts' we wanted to meet Ellen's prince' and they turned to Mathew, Joseph noticed it 'This is my best friend...' the parents weren't impressed with him at all, not with the rest of the explanation either 'he's my date...' said Peggy, out of nowhere 'we're here to support Joseph, and I'm sure you'd love him too, like everybody else...' they ordered and the lady found the peppered lamb perfect, it was the perfect night, until the end, as predicted they were all impressed by Joseph personality and character, around 10:30 the parents decided to leave, young ones would have more to say for sure, and whenthey left and Ellen went to the ladies room, Joseph thanked his frineds 'I don't know what I'd have done without you peggy' said Kissing her 'especially knowing what indira and Danny told you... I was worried... thanks for' she shook no, but the light of the night dimmed with the memories.
at the end Ellen and Joseph left and Peggy gave mathew his notebook 'thank youfor your help..' he said 'I want Joseph to have everything he wants, and sometimes being only me... is not enough' she smiled, he noticed the way she was looking to him 'you're far different from what i thought...' confessed peggy 'gotta go, its a log way walking' mathew said good bye but then started walking behind her 'Um.. do you mind if I walk you home?' she stoped and turned around with the why written on her face 'I'd be worried all night long if I'm not sure you're safe...' her cell rang, the one she just had back, on the screen a pic of naia and Lim, Mathew gasped quietly noticing them there 'hey Nai what happened?' smiled and scrunched her face 'Pizza? girls... yeah I had to help a friend...' smiled again 'um.. yeah I'll be there in 30 mins' and turned to Mathew 'so.. are you walking me home then?' he smiled again 'can i ask yu something?' mathew started walking next to her 'you know the kid that comes to my coffee shop to take pictures of me?' and peggy lushed, good ting is was dark 'Yeah, is my sister Limnades, the one that's her bodyguard is my other sister Krinaia'
they changed subject, that night for another 20 minutes the world became just the two of them while walking her home, and Mathew ended up wonderingif that has beentheir first date or not. 'see ya tomorrow at hospital' she said saying good bye at the door.

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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: G so far, not sure what's gonna happen
Gender: fantasy *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. Lets start earlier than that, explaining things and learning about love and commitment three sisters had.


Peggy arrived home to find Lim's bags at the door and her sister running around with the maide and the driver, both servants mumbling excuses 'Naia is calling the police again Pegs, make her stop, please...?' and she ran to take the phone from her sister's hand 'we're not doing that again Nai, we're doing this ourselves as usual...'
'What happened?' asked both her sisters 'dad is back!' informed the oldest and the shine of normal life both Naia and Lim had disapeared.

The lamorghinni were found outside a ortuary and Peggy rushed to pick her mother up, she was asking for KISS coffins one forher and one for her husband, assuring the man there that the price wasn't important 'MOM!!' she yelled from the door and the poor guy behind the desk had to cancel the order right there, Ny the time they were back at home, dad was there convincing the youngest that he was a good dad, he'd give them the things Peg never wanted them to have, he could give them everything they'd ever wanted. of course they weren't idiots, for years they only had each other, but this time mother had different plans, part of her last episode started with an increased libido and out of nowhere she the one who couldn't stand her husband wanted him back... grossing out her daughters.

Classes will start again and Lim will be the only one spending time with their parents, so she started going to see Peggy at campus, they used to have lunch together, Lim started buying coffee for both of them at a coffee shop her sister never wanted to go, then they used to spend a while sitting around, eating, chatting, Lim did her homework at the library while Peggy was at the hospital and they went back home picking up Naia on the way, dad was ruling the house in the mayheim he liked, the service quit and everything was out of place. those were the longest two months in the girls's life, until Peggy made a decission and decided it was time to move closer to campus again, since her sisters were private schooldisctricts weren't a problem, and all of them had cars. they searched for a decent place, small, cozzy and away from crazy parents, and then for a while, a month they had a normal life, it was october when Naia started making fun of Lim, she kept going to campus every other day 'she has a crush on a guy there...' said Naia laughing like an idiot while running in front of her baby sister with her cell 'give it back!!' yelled the youngest, it was like being happy. to hell with friends and others, she now could take care of her sisters the way she needed to.
'wow... he IS good looking' said Naia running over Peggy, Lim screaming right behind, Peggy,taller than them both, took the phone 'who's this?' asked to Naia 'Lim's...' answered 'then give it back!' and to her youngest 'and you better not be teasing a college boy or you'll get in trouble' LIm huffed 'I'd never... I just...' Naia laughed 'she just gawk at the poor guy... he's dreamy...' and finally Peggy got a look of her sister's crush, it was honey blond haired and he was smiling for the picture the logo for Wake-ip call café behind him in the wall.

'don't worry Peggy...' reasured Naia 'I just had a word with the guy, he's nice, and smiles alot, and Lim makes him think on his own sister, i don't think we have a problem there, besides I made him notice she's not even 16...' said landing next to her on the couch, Naia used to take care of Lim the way peggy cared for her, she was in charge of the last one, to help her sister. she liked to study and already knew what she wanted in life, Business school, wanted to be a shark, wanted to take over Peggy's obligation on their father's company,sh eknew peggy wasn't good for that, her heart always over ruled her and busines sneeded someone heartless... she wanted to believe she had no heart, thou both hersisters could see the softy she really was.

Lim of course was just like the other two strong, the kind of strong living on a house of insane people could make you, like the other two had to fight with nails and theet to be respected, LIMNADES wasn't the weak link on that chain and she speaks her mind 'of course I'd never do anything like that... I like him, yeas...' and blushed a little 'butmy head is cold you Nymphs'all of them alughed 'there's othing wrong with some eye candy... besides he likes to talk about my books' it was starting to rain, both girls were leaving for the home coming prom, peggy was left behind, the lamborghini was still being shoved on her in order to make her forget the only time her father dared to touch her daughter, andto convince her to give up her vote on the company's board. the black eyes cured, the dent on her soul will never, she felt relieved that both ehr girls were away when it happened and never heard of it.

It was late, and she had nothign to do, now she had her thinking bench, was running every night, in order to be fit, she started krav maga twice a week, the punch that man give her openend her eyes, she had no weapons to defend the girls if something happens, she got there and sat, it was late, but the dark and silent apartment wasn't apoealing either, she sat, and started pondering everything, the ringing sound on her ears when the hand hit herface, the cold and lonelyness she felt, the pain, and the white lights behind her eyes, and felt a painful lump on her troath 'Hey? you ok?' was Mathew, still holding his weight on a cane, she breathed deep and nodded, looked up to see a cup of coffee on his hand 'are you crying?' he said sitting down next to her 'I never cry' she said, Mathew offered her the cup 'does this one has my name on it?' smiled sarcastically and Mathew didn't know what to say 'heard you have a fan, a very youg one' and mathew blushed 'Joseph will never leave me alone...' smiled, and Peggy smiled too, th ehonest smile she never had 'what am I suppsed to do? kick th epoor kid out? she's harmless and I'm not that kind of monster' a voice called for him the blond girl waved 'its late... are you... what happened?' and Peggy bit her lip 'my dad bought me a Lamborghini' said sighing mathew turned at her 'is that bad?' she nodded 'is my dad's ides of responsible parenthood' hestood up 'you wanted a BMW?' and Peggy put the coffe a side 'I waned him out of my life' got up too 'sorry, is complicated ad you'll not understand that'
'maybe I will' he said frowning 'you, with your coffee shop, and your fan...' said the again angry girl 'what couls you kow of my life?' mathew breathing deep moved away 'sorry to bother you'

Yeah, thought Peggy, what he want to hear? that she only cared for boyfriends and parties? that was for people like him, without her problems.
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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: G so far, not sure what's gonna happen
Gender: fantasy *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people.
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. but we have to start earlier than that, lets just start with life before the event itself lets go earlier than that, lets go a little earlier so we can know a little more about Peggy, and about Mathew.

with her at the hospital was Danny, they met the first day at college and shared clases since then, they both persued med and both got in the same place, so it was like having a friend there, only that Danny wasn't exactly a friend, he thought peggy was a friend, thou a little bit of a stuck up, never going to parties the rest of the guys went to, never sharing a drink or a picnic, better cars, better clothes, not worrying about books or anything, always with a bank account behind her and something else, she had two cellphones, one for them and then another one... for a while others made fun of her, until the day Peggy heard, she was already away all the time and he felt the need to help her, he and his girlfriend Indira, who happens to be Peggy's closest thing to a friend, both took as personal job to protect her from others, she wasn't bad, she was just always sad.

Indira knew a secret from her, something she'd never tell anyone, the reason why she used to look at a couple at school, the reason for the way Peggy used to look to a couple at school, a couple that Danny knew too, a guy who once used to go around hand in hand with a different girl, a sad girl who always was quiet and worried, until out of nowhere he decided "she was too much trouble" for him, it was just around the time she went back to live out campus and when they were accepted in med school, so Danny and Indira wanted it to be done. for Peggy's sake

Peggy found them outside the main building the first day of registration for the next year, Danny was going to be a doctor, wanted to go for Neuro after that, Indira wasn't an MD, she was in microbilogy PhD, they smiled and hugged, after few weeks apart, and more knowing the news they had, there was Joseph too, he was right behind Peggy, and held her shoulder concerned, people have seen her at hospital with bruises, even sported a black eye for a while 'you okay Pegg?' asked not hiding his concern at all, she flusterd answered that she was perfectly fine. she inhaled and blinked, Indira too and both turned around, THAT guy was there, for respect to Peggy we're not gonna say his name, lets call him John, very generic huh? well John was there with Milly his girlfriend, he had the nerve to wave to them 'gotta go...' Peggy, checked her clock and was moving when the second cell sounded and she went cold on her feet and answered, what they heard was two yeah's and one I'll be there, and Pegaiai was gone, Danny wanted to punch John in the face, he was smirking, Joseph called his atention, but not Indira's who was one step to slap Milly in the face, they followed Peggy's way to see her stoping in front of someone, honey blond hair and crutches 'Who's that?' asked Johnafter a beat, Joseph smiled 'that's Peggy's guy...' and the guy just hugged her, Indira giggled, finally she was moving on.

She was moving... as fast as she could, Peggy made ONE mistake she'll regret forever, she once told someone about it, told about her family to someone, to the guy we call John, he made the right questions and they were together for three years, and then, when IT happened he moved on, just like that, moved on and was with Milly, the thorn on her side for those three years, before she had the time to inform her friends they were done, and that THAT was gone, everything was swirling on her head, the brake up, the pain, all those hopes broken, all those dreams, all that, all that, the smell at the hospital, the blood, knowing it will be gone too before she get to know anything about it, and then a shadow was over her, taking her out of her memories, thanks... she thought, the first her eyes saw, brown and shinny eyes, smiling eyes, then the hair, then the smell, he was eating an apple again 'you okay?' asked frouning, she just nodded, not trusting her voice, and then he just hugged her, warm and solid like grounding her

Mathew wanted to talk to her, when they crashed on the main building, his cell stirred, a text, from Joseph, turned to the stairs where his friend was standing, and saw a guy looking at them, one they never saw before, tried to read his message without falling in front of Peggy "she needs a hug" he turned and saw her eyes, determined, usually, cold and mean most of the time, lost, and sad, had to, he moved forward a little and hugged Peggy trusting his instinct, she just leaned in and sighed finally controlling the shivering, after just a second he asked her for some help with his books and she just followed him away from the building.

Peggy followed him away from the building but Mathew had no idea what to say now, no idea... 'um... are you ill? are you... sad?' asked surprised and almost expecting a dry remark for that 'yes...' said with a broken voice
'are you going to cry?' there was one thing Mathew hate, its crying girls, he can deal with everything, but crying girls make him into a mess, his sister only had to do that, two tears and he was on his knees, or on the rooftop, wherever she needed him, after all there were only the two of them.

He never cries, he want us to believe, but he did when his sister went to college and he stayed with mom and dad, he cried when he went to college too, because was far from home and he had to left them alone, and he cried in front of Peggy once, when the doctor said he was an idiot kid that ruined his joint, that his knee might never work again.

He had a girfriend back in the beggining, when this story wasn't even in the head of destiny, who dumped him for a guy loaded, secretly he resents people with money, because they have everything just so easy, he and a friend started "wake-up call café" to pay rent and so, and now they had enough to do whatever he feels like, he was studying art, and looking for his psychology PhD, le eats apples but his fave fruit is peach, and peaches make him think on her because she was wearing a t-shirt with the legend "I'm peachy" the night she sat outside his coffe shop 'that guy hurt you?' shut it!! said his brain, is not your problem, and was trying to follow such a nice and smart advise but her voice broke him again 'yes...' her cell rang and she sighed, huffed, blinked a couple times, rubbed her face 'I have no time for this...' shook her head once more and looked at him with a smile 'I'm sorry.. for the... coffee...? I had a bad day... I had no right' Mathew blushed
'I just hugged you... lets call it even' she smiled, the fake smile, but was better than nothing, and left.

She left because Mom just took the lambo dad sent home again, trying to buy his oldest daughter back, life called for her, if mom went robbing 7/11's again, she'd be easy to find in a orange Italian Supercar, there was no time for her to analyze the hug, or the reason for it, or the warm feeling it produced, or even try to remember John or his girlfriend or the pregnancy or anything else, family is first.. she told to herlself taking her car and flying home.
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Tittle :Insanity
Rating: G so far, not sure what's gonna happen
Gender: fantasy *actually created from one idea and one Prince Charming moment from a friend/boyfriend/guy I'm dating
Characters: AU, characters created thinking on actors and real people..
Sumary: It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US, when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like. but we have to start earlier than that, lets just start with life before the event itself

One day, when finals were done and everything was peaceful, Peggy woke up with the smell of bacon, the house was way to big to smell the kitchen from her bedroom and ran in PJ's to see what her mother was burning now, cell on her hand in case she had to call the fire department. for a second she wished she had to call the fire department, instead he ound her father, with a tray of food, bacon and eggs, coffee, orange juice, toasts, and a stupid rose, stupid fucking rose, she thought, knowing exactly what that means, the latest girlfirned left him, a ton of reasons, she'd seen it before, he cheating, she cheating, they fighting, or the most usual one, she taking all his money and leaving 'hey darling' said so cassual that Peggy almost bought it, if it weren't for the fact that she saw it happening every now and then since she was 10 'What do you want?' asked stading on his way to Mrs Mythe's bedroom
'just... come one sweetheart' Peggy snorted, yep, the girl took his mney, he only acted like that when he was pennyless.

'She's doing fine... she's fine.. please, PLEASE! don't ruin this, finally she's...' he left her behind and entered the room, and lets start counting ok? before you get to five, the first crash sounded, the tray against the door, then the bedside lamp, then something else, and then the cries, the sobs and then dad came out saying it was worthless, he couldn't believe he wanted to be with a crazy woman like her, after that he left the house with as much money as he found on the safe, Peggy just ignored the fact, he said too, he'll be taking charge of all his business. calming mom took hours, hours she didn't had, she had to go to hospital for voluntary work, she had to, at the end gave her her pills and left the maide in charge, work was hell that day, and at the end she was called from home saying that a person had asked for her and was now waiting at the foyer, she had to rush to be sure it wasn't another one of his fatjhr's fireworks, he used to call the authorities when they had a fight like the one from the morning.
heart rushing, head spinning, stomach bitter with both fear and ager, she arrivedto find a car, a lamborgini myurcielago on the front yard, a present from his father to her, of course payed by the same business she had managed to keep alive for the last six years now, and leaded for at least a year now. asked the guy to take it back and said how sorry she was, mother was painting, but instead of the flowers, vessels and cheerful stuff she used to paint she had a gloomy sky, Oh no.. another depression coming.

she started walking, walking and walking just wanting to be away, feeling lonely, yeah for years she felt lonely, when her sisters didn't understand what she was doing for them, when Lim used to cry at night and she was the one singing her lullaby songs, telling them both there was no monster under the bed yet scared of looking in case there was something there, when Naia needed someone who help her with homework, when lim needed to go to the pediatritian, when mom needed meds or dad needed a cover up, she was in charge, and was now tired. Peggy noticed where she was, in front of the coffee shop, THE coffee shop, she avoided the place since that day, she wasn't ready to be called bitter again, not ready to be judged for not being able to handle her job, she was at school, the only place where she felt safe, normal, sane, but where she resented all of those who only cared about parties and boyfriends, and she was alone.

She was alone, and he couldn't ignore the fact that she was only wearing a light t-shirt when the wind started, and when the night arrived, yet she stayed sitting there, part of his mind wanted to ignore that rude bitch who cared for no-one but herself, who was only nice when they were patient and doctor, the one who never smiles, the other half wanted to know why someone like her, being obviously sweet and caring was always bitter and sad, he felt ashamed of what he did, but AJ, she just had left his baby on the same hospital Peggy worked, and couldn't help it, had to proect his friend, damn, he had to go, took a cup, filled it with coffee, dark and simple and walked out, but when he opened the door, the white shadow in front was gone. he still wanted to know why she never smiles.


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It scared me at first, it scared me shitless to think on this, on US , when there's always being only me, it was just me, scared little thing, scared little thing full of obligations that will never be free to do whatever I feel like.

lets start earlier than that... lets start with the origin of this, with the parents, yeah parents, poor parents who are always blamed for all kind of crazy things children do.

in this case the parents were special, lets start with mommy dearest, a mother that suffered dementia and was on top of that bipolar... she was Mrs. perfect mom one second and the next, something that Manson would find terrifying. She had this thing for life, always wanted to leave, always wanted to leave.. the house, the hospital, the family, her three daughters... to whom in a very crazy strike they named after nymphs, now imagine how lard must be to grow up with the names of Pegaiai, Krinaia, and Limnades, especially if your last name is Myth, even teachers made fun of them.

More than once their mother ended up in jail because there's the other thing she likes, when she was in hype, she goes in 7/11's raid, once robbed seven of them the same week and police couldn't find her, until in a whim she got depressed and gave herself up.

and what about Dad? ok, Dad used her as an excuse, so he never had anything done, he came from old money, he had enough money for all of them, for two lives, but he never grow up, never cared enough to grow up, pull up his pants and commit his wife, he loved his girls, yeah... like a kid likes every pet he could get even if has no idea how to take care of them.

Why we care about the parents? because this happened once... the oldest of the daughters, Pegaiai, Peggy was the parent there, she used to do everything for them, until she was 11 never noticed that other moms didn't mug shops, dads didn't ran out like pubescents kids after the first lady that smiled back, and sisters didn't waited to be served by her olders, at least not in her friends' houses. that day she decided so, she'd leave the house one day.

And she did, for three years, she had to wait until college but she left, had the best time in her life, for once she had no more obligation than studying and taking care of herself, those three years, her mother started a new medication and was working quite well, but having her more conscient made the marriage shaky, and the sisters, Naia, and Lim, they called her desperatedly every week, sometimes even crying for what their parents were doing, still, in what she called a very selfish attack, stayed away stubbornly ignoring the problems.

and then... all hell brake loose, mom started having anxiety attacks... and started missing intentionally her meds, dad decided it was time to travel and settled everything to leave, her sisters weren't even 18, so she had to go back, mother got into a hospital for a while, after another crime raid... and sisters were once again clinged on her, at first she cried, felt it was unfair, and even more when she got the papers... accepted in one of the best med schools, luckilly, close enough to be with her sisters, while theoric classes everything just worked fine, until practices started

the first day there, the first day changed everything for her, the first day she started at the hospital, the day she had her first patient, a guy, he busted his leg on a party and was crying worried about what would happen to him.

'calm down sweetie' said maternal, she knew how to do that 'you're going to be okay I promise...' and he believed her, everybody believed her always, she was just so damn responsible.

Then he left, and they didn't saw each other for a while, a while meaning six days, at the seventh day... not to sound biblical, but it started, she took a shower after and infortunated event related to a shower throwed at her, the lunch a sick kid, it couldn't have taken more than ten minutes, and she was already sliping into new fresh scrubs when someone entered the lockers and was him, slowly on his crutches for a second none of them spoke, then he apologized, asking for the male restroom.

Next time was out of the library few days latter, he was holding an apple on his mouth and in a hurry and she was singing along while taking her time to balance her coffee and a text book to get her keys from her pocket on her way to her car, his backpack fell and trying to get it up finished pretty much in one crutch while leaning against the wall, he asked her for help, her ipod, loud enough for the whole campus to hear Motörhead's live to win, prevented her to listen anything, he waved, and nothing, he throwed his arms around like a windmill and she turned, to see the last second before he finally fell to the floor and ran to help him. once everything is up, and he's leaning on her, she turned down her music and her coffee was a dark spot on the floor when she notice he's pissed, why? she has no obligation to help him?

they moved slowly to her car, and Peggy opened the door offering him a ride, that at the end, he refused, after a thank you that sounded to her like a favor, he moved away, she had enough with her parents to have to deal with pushy patients she found everywhere.

Peggy met Joseph, he was one year ahead and helped her alot at hospital, one day she noticed him walking next to a tall guy with honey blonde hair in crutches, she would've missed them but Joseph shouted for her to wait, she just had a phonecall from her youngest sister, Lim, she was at the principal's office waiting for the responsible adult in charge "they found mom's pills on my stuff" said "I tried to explain, its a mistake, you know it is..." yeah, she knew, but the trouble was on anyways, after just few seconds, Joseph asked her something about their schedule and she left 'I think she doesn't like me' commented the guy, it wasn't true, actually peggy had not enough time to decide if she liked them or not, his dad just decided she should decide over some business and mom was about to be released again.

And then when she started to believe he'd be out of her life forever they met again, he had a surgery programed and she was running his labs, took her three attempts to take his sample and he didn't even complained, the doctor came and asked if it was okay, he said it was great "I felt nothing" said smiling, the teacher praised her and left, that was the first time he saw her smile, and smiled back at her.

once she had mother home with naia and Lim, she had to work harder than ever, full time at school and yet, full time being nurse, psych ward orderly, mom and business woman, her grades weren't the best as you can imagine, but she managed, until the day she arrived home after a desperated call from Lim, the youngest was alone when the so-called lady arrived, said was their father's new girlfriend and that she needed certain articles he requested for his new home. Peggy sent her away with the loudest curse, the whole state ever heard, that unchained another mess, he came home when she wasn't there and took whatever he liked. Naia lost some jewelry and cried for days, until Peggy gave up on a locker she had since she was 13 to make her happy again, its the usual thing to do, keep everybody happy.

Then he came again, another surgery, the third in like six months, poor guy was destroyed 'come on!!' said while doing his labs once again 'the third is the charm' and moved away, she spent a little time at his room the afternoon before the surgery with a resident that liked to boss her around all the time, not like she cares at all, but the guy on the bed frouned everytime he shouted orders to her, whenthe resident left he liked his lips wondering what to say, she was pretty much there all the time for him, and all he knew was that her name was Peggy, the tagg said Mythe, Peggy Mythe, sounded funny 'have you seen Joseph lately?' asked not knowing what to say, at first she ignored him, until noticing it was to her he was speaking to 'Joseph?'asked again, confused tried to sound cool 'uh... nope I haven't seen him for a while' turned to check on his IV and then his chart and left the room 'see you in OR sir' she said and left.

He did not saw her at OR, and felt kinda alone, why? he wondered, she never even said three words not completely medical related to him, a man got in front of him, and told him about aenestetics, he knew already and just nodded, knowing and freeting the moment when the huge needle enters his skin, then out of nowhere a hand held his and saw her 'you're here...' said and that was the last he will ever remember before the pain of waking up after surgery.

She was sent to a different hospital for the next month, and since mother was not in her best shape, was much better, less hours, less complications, no runs into ER, no gore, but not him either, not that Peggy cared, not at all, we're gonna do our best to believe what she wanted her own heart would believe.

One day she woke up with Naia's voice it was three in the morning and her mother's was in hype again, and was cooking sure it was thanksgiving. Thou it was almost march... took Peggy and Naia hours to convince her to take the sedatives the doctor gave her for those days and put her in bed, by the time she was secure and asleep, Peggy was late and Naia was going back to bed 'I'm sorry, you haven't slept at all...' said her sister but there was nothing to be done. cranky, worried and a little bit scared -since her mother only had the maide during day hours- that she'll decide going to rob a store or something went into the campus for her first class, had few minutes and needed some coffee, asked for it, dark and simple, yet the girl at the store put sugar and cream on it, she left the counter and took a sip without noticing it, and turned, all frustration and anger 'HEY!! do you know what dark and simple is? it means no sugar! and surely NOT CREAM!! you think I want to drink this shit? and put the cup on the counter forcefully splashig some over the waitress, from an office behind, the guy in croutches came walking, what's happening Jess?' asked serious, the girl rolled her eyes frustrated and pointed at Peggy.

'your employee here' and the waitress rolled her eyes again 'listen to me, you, I'm done with stupid ass girls that has no brains or ability for simple tasks like this, roll your eyes as much as you want, it only means this is not the first time and that you have not even the minimal skills needed to serve ONE cup of fucking coffee!!!' the girl looked at her 'oh God... I can't stand you... wonder why your parents did kept you...' got quiet and turned around hearing a voice.

'HEY' the guy was frowning.

'what? is not like she's smart enough to understand what I said anyways...' the girl moved one step closer to the guy in crutches, he moved without another word while Peggy was leaving the place, already feeling bad and embarrased for her outburst and considering going back and apologize with the girl when a hand on her arm made her turn, was the guy with the long honey blonde hair and crutches.

'Here' he said giving her a cup of coffee, Peggy noticed the girl at the counter crying and wanted to say something but he kept talking 'this one is perfectly as you deserve it, just like you...' and went back slowly, the I'm sorry stuck on her mouth, writen on the cup was the word "Bitter" and Pegaiai wanted to cry.

Mrs. Mythe didn't went robbing, she instead wanted to learn how to paint, her shrink said it was an amazing idea and Peggy and Lim made a room for her, all kind of materials she'd need were purchased and set for her, the month went on and summer was coming, Lim will be going to a summer camp, that was the least Peggy and Naia wanted to do for her youngest. Naia wanted to travel to Paris at 17 was her first attempt of traveling alone, Knowing that Peggy couldn't say no, mom was feeling okay this days and only one year was left before krinaia went to college, just like her older sister, she mentioned more than once that she'd like to go away, Peggy still had her finals and with his father suing for divorce she had enough to worry about, Joseph found her one day while she was going to the hospital, it was her last year of theory, all hospital practice next year, tought nervous she was happy

'HEY!' he said smiling'I heard you have perfect score in Neuro, congratulations!! not many do that' she blushed not used 'was nothing, I'll have good grades in pshych too' snorted, the joke for herself
'have you heard of Mathew?' asked trying to sound nonchalant 'he always asks about you' she made a face not knowing who Mathew was, made a list on her head of classmates but nothing

'No... do I know a Mathew?' asked making him laugh 'of course! he's my friend who busted his leg' the whole cup of coffee incident came back to her mind and she blinked several times feeling ashamed and still mad at him.

'Nahh... I haven't seen him, thanks God' smiled sad before leaving.


This is the start of something, not sure on the names of the characters, just wanted to hae something down for tomorrow*or th eday after* to be easily remembered.
yeah I know, how strange a med student LOL but is the only thing I can deal with right now, and needed her in a hspital to met him.

Just in case I forget like with pretty much everythong else *and I've been said I should set a date for everything* this started on August 11th 2010

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