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I don't want your happy ending's fairy tales
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Title: True love.
Pairing: J2, Misha collins/Rachel Miner, Misha Collins/Hannah, Santiago Cabrera/NickyAycox, Kathryn/Osric, Richard/Alaina

IDWYHE fairy tales: True Love
Jared woke up feeling sated and warm, worn out even if he spelt, but not in a bad way, no….

Sex with Jensen was still intoxicating and being just the two of them in the house was a dream comes true; Juliette was eleven and Mrs. I’m a big girl now wanted to go to summer camp. So they sent her.

Here to the Happy ever after )

It took a while, but they all had a happy ever after.

The end.
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I dont' want your happy ending's fairy tales
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Tittle: Beacons lit and carried around.
Pairing: J2, Richard/Alaina, MIsha Collins/Rachel Miner, Kathryn/Osric(don't even ask)
Kathryn always felt it wasn’t fair she had to have a baby brother, but then it just got worse.

She didn’t thought it was fair she lost her mom as a child, and she begged to every star, every saint every birthday cake and even to Santa to bring her mom back, with her baby brother and her grandma, she never knew how the fire started, she only curled on the floor after the boom, and waited there until someone’s arms wrapped around her. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

It wasn’t Jensen.
Here to the ever after )

The end.
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I dont' want your happy ending's fairy tales
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Title: Fight or Flight.
Pairing: J2, Santiago Cabrera/Nicki Aycox (don't ask me how Santiago ended up in this mess, just read and enjoy)
People say that in face of danger humans do two things, we either flee or fight.

Nicki was a fighter, the second she was told she’d be mating a 51 year old teacher his father had a debt with, just because she; at 16 had presented at the same time the guy’s mate had passed away, and there was a theory that said an omega presents when their mate is ready for them. She fought her father’s will, her mother’s ideas and the mate–to-be, she fought tooth and nails not to be mated.
She went to college knowing she was left alone forever more, and wished she never used the beer bottle on the alpha who tried to force himself on her… with their parents complicity.
To the happy Ever after )

Just like that, a real happy ending.
The end
not the original version but... well I kinda liked it
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I dont' want your happy ending's fairy tales
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I dont' want your happy ending

Title: The broken doll, and the mismatched soldier.
Pairing: J2, Misha collins/Rachel Miner

When you’re a sickling, and everything seems like is against you, there are no hopes of anything decent or good.

That’s why Rachel didn’t want to grow old gracefully; she wanted to grow old without pain. That was all.

Jared and Jensen and their idiocy? That was never in her plans even if no matter what she’ll be there for them. It brought Misha into her life over and over. And it made her grateful

After all Jensen had been a blessing for her, with his soft kind smile and his attempts to change the one law that made her a broken doll.

She remembers the hushed voices since she was 14, first everyone was worried for presenting so young, then everyone was worried she was now useless, have you any idea what it feels like to be said you have no use in life? Not like they cared her life was at risk… NO!
She couldn’t bear offspring safely, and it made her feel like a commodity her family couldn’t sell.

She went to college knowing the second she’ll leave the house she was on her own. And it happened, Nicki came when she had no one either, another one running away from forced mating, that’s why they became fast and best friends.

Nicki shared dorm with her and was always ready to help and defend her, but also she let Rachel take care of her, because just like pretty much any Omega children that was meant to mate soon she was sheltered and tended for. Rachel never had that, the second she was tagged as non-asset she had to deal with everything by herself, her parents only cared for her two siblings.

At the time they were finishing school government gave them some money as omegas not mated and alone in life, at least to Nicki, Rachel’s money came from her family, as a way to let her know they won’t have her back. And Rachel did what she knew best, she endured the pain and used the resources given to her and made them work. Nicki after all was very driven and that’s how Meg’s was born.

Meg’s comes from the derogatory term Megs, used for omegas in rural areas, when an omega rejects a mating, against the society, the mate and their parent’s wish it’s –yes, IT- is sent to a public omega House, known as megs-house. It was started just in time to be diagnosed, finally diagnosed and the world crumpled over her.

So Meg's was their Megs-house, in an ironic way, it was safe haven for omegas; there was Nicki, the hurt one, Rachel the damaged one and Jared, the lost one.

Jared came as the lost thing that was only there because he needed something, the guy that always came in a track suit and never said a word told them about him when he saw Rachel on a bad day struggling to help Nicki even with the smallest tasks. At first they thought he was offering his own omega, but he was so flustered when he said he was just trying to help someone else.

Nicki wasn’t convinced, neither was Rachel but Jared… he was curious and sweet and kind and hungry… how could they not like him? That heat… those lost days, Rachel cried for first time in decades that night, thinking about what happen to those who can’t fight for themselves.

Then came Jensen and even if she was supposed to hate him, he was kind and sweet and fucking gone for Jared: though, apparently only Rachel saw it.

She had her grand ball, as every fairy tale princess has, she for once in her life had only herself to worry about, and Nicki and her spent a whole afternoon acting like normal girls

Jared had Jensen and after several attempt Tito started dating Nicki, after one night they were together for good, not like it wasn’t obvious… Tito and Nicki had been playing doe eyes and giggly kids for as long as she remembers and Rachel is not jealous. NO!!

Nicki deserves Love and Tito… who refused to mate because it didn’t feel right, well… he deserves it too. Even if there’s nobody for her at home, or at the bakery, or anywhere, not even at the party.

The blue eyed guy, with his intentions to save the world one act of kindness at the time made her wish she was normal for once.

Misha spent his life devoted to his daughter, because that’s what a mate does when their true mate dies.

He met Hannah on their first day of college, he was a perfect nobody, and she was a princess, a princess in converse shoes and ripped jeans. He went searching a way to make the world a better place. She went trying to find her path. Who‘d knew her path was searching a way to make the world a better place…

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The end.
so yeah, there's another one for Nicki and then for J2 and Kathryn
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Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part twenty five is HERE

A/N: so thank you for following, thanks for reading. one last time... hope you enjoy
BTW because i had a bunch of requests for it on Tumblr, so by popular demand there will be another chapter dedicated to the end of the rest of the characters, especially Misha and Rachel.

Jensen woke up nervous, he felt nauseous and tired, there was a reason why he stopped going out and drinking himself stupid, but Jason wanted to celebrate life… and Jensen… Jensen wanted to drown his emotions, uncertainty and fear and nervousness.

The ring of a phone made him turn, his bed, empty and cold, and he felt miserable for a second…
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The End
“Keep smiling little fighter tomorrow will be brighter”

Fairy Tales Series
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Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part twenty four is HERE

Jared was waiting for the doctor to let him go home. Or with Misha, He had promised help after they got to talk.

Misha begged him to take the trust fund and go to school. “There’s an amazing culinary arts program in Chicago…” he offered. “And I’m moving there with my daughter too.” Pleading blue eyes tried to convince him. “Please, come with me, let’s move away from all this, here… there’s only pain for you.”

Jared promised he’d think about it, even if he knew he’d say yes, because what the point was if Jensen wasn’t there.

“I’m sorry for making you wait.” The doctor said as he passed the door followed by two other doctors and three guys in suits. “But I believe Mr. Padalecki that we have a situation….”

Turns out someone stole his information and part of his medical history had been publicized. His mating test results, Jared blushed and felt his heart breaking, great as if the humiliations so far weren’t enough.“We already contacted Mr. Ackles’ family; they’re sending a legal team to help us deal with this. ” The hospital legal counselor offered to Jared. “We haven’t told him yet, since his condition still keeps him mildly sedated.”

“Is he…..” alive… was obvious he was, but the relief that washed over him made him want to cry. “Is he here?”

The doctors and attorneys looked at each other. “I’m sorry sir, since you never asked…” Jared’s doctor looked around to the others. “Nobody informed you about your mate’s state?”

Jared had the sarcastic retort at the tip of his tongue. No he had no idea Jensen was alive. WAIT!! Mate?

Jensen was still in bed rest, but he could sit now, and even go to the bathroom, it might not be impressive but it was a lot when you’ve been tied to a bed for weeks.

He felt weird, as if expecting something, knowing something was about to happen, an energy was running down his back making those bits he hadn’t feel for days hurt again.

“What the fuck is this!!” Jared shouted throwing a print page at Jensen as soon as he passed the door. “What the fuck is this!!” he repeated when his mate looked at him openmouthed, jaw fallen and eyes huge. Jared had dark circles under his eyes and was too pale, his body hunched a little due the pain of his half healed wounds.

“What are you doing here?” asked Jensen softly, he had to contain himself to hold Jared and kiss him. “Are you okay?” he smiled. “I had no idea… I didn’t know how you were... I was-” worried got stuck in his throat as Jared interrupted.

“Is this true? You just wanted me to disappear? To leave you alone?” Jared tried to get close but something was stronger, the need to cry, to beg him not to let go. “Tell me there another reason, a real reason for…” making me leave was left unsaid. “You said we were good together…. But this…” he pointed to the paper Jensen tried to smooth enough to read. It was a screen caps of an internet site, the result of their mating test on it the positive circled in red.  “You fucking lied to me… you said we were good, you made fucking plans of summers and the ranch and then…” and he sobbed

Jensen smiled; his heart was beating so hard he feared Jared could hear it. “I gave you your happy ending, money to have the life you wanted, and freedom to do as you please… I offered you that and I delivered exactly that.” He was trembling. “But…” Jared didn’t let him go on.

“That’s not what I want…”they said in unison and Jared felt his voice breaking.

“That was never what I….” Jared sniffled looking to a side. “Okay… if that’s what I’ll get… okay…”

Jensen tried to get up and get close. “Wait… ” Jared turned around and started walking away. “Wait…!!”

Jared didn’t made eye contact anymore. “I don’t want to be Felicia… I don’t want to go around begging for some love, and I don’t want to be Alison, bitter and desperate, holding grudges until a tragedy… if you don’t want me, fine, I’ll leave…”

“I don’t want you to go, I know what this means to me, and if it is …”

“Means to an end? Jensen. And the end is school; you’re dumb enough to pay? I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.” Jensen felt the same searing pain robbing him of breathe as Jared held his side and started walking away.

Jensen wanted to scream make him stop. But the pain had bent him over, and in a couple seconds this two fools broke each other’s hearts again.
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So yeah.. they got to talk to each other finally.
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Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part twenty two is HERE


Jensen saw as Alison pointed her gun to Tom and Noel and pressed the trigger, sadly she had no idea of how to do it and the gun flew around spewing bullets all over the room, when an alpha ran to stop her, she pressed the trigger once more, Jensen closed his eyes as splatters of red flew across the room, someone was screaming, someone was asking for help as he moved towards Alison holding her hand, she turned.

“You’re just like him… you’ll find a better mate, huh? a suitable mate to please your family.” She pointed the gun to him and shot Jensen held his breath as he crouched down, worried the bullets could go to the front of the pub where Jared was, Jared was there… he had to protect his mate.

But a wooosh filled everything, a machine was there, and a tank of something to make fog and Jensen only had time to roll to a side under a table when the entire thing blew.

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Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part twenty two is HERE
WARNING: violence and death of minor and OC characters, YET this piece is in no way trying to ridicule or deminish the effect of a violent act, it's done with lots of respect for those ho went trough this kind of events.
Please read it as fiction but think that for some people this is reality.
Who’d say that the end of this nonsense would come triggered by Felicia, she was so mad at the lab’s refusal to give her the results that the second she saw Jared having drinks with the girls and Tito she ran to him to celebrate Tito’s birthday.

“You won’t have him back, if he shunned you, he won’t have you back no matter what!!” Jared looked at her from his chair and snorted, “Whatever you say…” he said, his gesture made Nicki chuckle and all hell break loose.

Jared felt sharp nails scratching his skin. Tito jumped ahead to hold a yowling omega. Nicki beat him at that and held Felicia by the hair, her chair flying backwards with a loud bang, Felicia screeched even louder. Rachel moved too fast, her legs gave up and she fell down pulling the glasses that fell hurting her legs Tito who was until then trying to pry apart Felicia and Nicki while Jared was still held by the face by Felicia’s claws left everything to go check on her.

It was hilarious for everyone, imagine a lump of people fighting and shouting it only needed Benny Hill’s music… and TMZ had a video and guess what music they used?

Jensen didn’t her of this, after leaving the hospital he was told not to do anything stressful for a couple days his heart was not normal, even if nobody knew what was wrong. And the one doctor who knew would not say anything; Dr Beaver told him to avoid anything that were remotely connected to the “source” of his troubles.

So he went to Misha’s house with Juliette, and they did her homework for a while, then she brushed her teeth and went to bed without saying much. She always was quiet after she saw how mentioning Jared made her daddy’s nose bleed. They were already in the fellowship of the ring and after hearing of Tom Bombadill and his song she fell asleep repeating Hey Doll, merry doll.

Since Misha had to stay at the office checking contracts and delivers to a school in Haiti Kathryn was alone, Jensen sat keeping her company as she watched videos from her mom.

“Look at this!!” Hannah Ackles said showing Jensen- the camera man- her arms, tiny hairs were raising. “Mish is here…” She was sitting on the carpet, wrapping present. ”hide this…” she moved to thrust a couple boxes still not wrapped toward Jensen.

“How do you know?” asked a high pitch voiced Jensen.

“There’s this shiver like energy… that runs down my arms, and is like I have to hold something…” her hands clenched in fists. “That’s something only true mates feel, he’s my perfect match.” She chuckled as she rubbed a hand over her distended abdomen. “The baby feels it too… she feels her daddy…”everything went dark for a second.

“Merry Christmas!” Misha got into the frame; a way too big Santa hat on his head when Jensen turned the camera with a vertigo inducing move and as soon as Hannah and Misha were kissing the gagging sound from a 13 years old Jensen made them chuckle. “Shut up Jen…” Hannah chided jokingly while Misha was kissing her bump.

“You two are disgusting.”

Misha looked at the camera, his very very blue eyes filled with light of joy. “One day, Jay, you’ll find your true mate –just like us, added Hannah- and you’ll be the one disgusting.”

“Nahh that won’t happen to me…”Jensen said laughing and the camera faded to dark

The video kept playing after a while with Jensen’s parents unwrapping presents holding glasses of Champaign, Misha and Hannah kissing and Jensen’s mom holding him on a hug while he struggled to be let go making the entire family laugh, Rekha and Richard sitting side by side quiet and barely touching each other, but Hannah and Misha were a Hallmark postcard of true mates love.

“My parents were so in love…” Kathryn passed Jensen her ice cream tube; vanilla, and Jensen shook his head *no* as if he were offered raw road kill. The smell carried too many memories, too much pain. “When I met Jared… when I saw you dancing the first time… I thought you were like them” the obvious movement of pain was unnoticed for her, except… there was no flinch of pain. It was like… empty.

Jensen tried to catalogue this feeling of emptiness, until suddenly, fire erupted in his ace and he gasped holding a hand up to touch his skin as Kathryn’s eyes went wide. “Uncle Jay!?” Jensen looked to the fingers that were wet, there were blood; something had hurt his face… or…

“Jared…” Jensen ran to the phone calling Tito, when he couldn’t reach him he dialed Alaina. “He’s hurt… Alaina…” he sobbed, alone and hopeless in and empty hallway still out of himself. “Please… please…”

“I’ll take care of everything Jay…” and after a beat. “Be strong.”

Kathryn was looking at him when Jensen turned. “Who‘s hurt?”

Jensen sat tired and aching. “Kathy.. Please…” he said tears still streaming down his face.

“It’s him… you ARE mated!!” She was waving her arms furious. “You are mated? And you’re letting him suffer?”

Jensen took a deep breath and kept cleaning his face, his legs pressing hard against the floor in his effort not to run out the door in search of his hurt mate. “It’s complicated!”

“No is not!” she roared. “You love him, you mate him you take care of him and he’ll take care of you and love you in return!!! Gosh you idiot! Couldn’t you see how much he loves you? How stupidly happy he was the second he saw you there?” everything treaded in her head, everything made sense now. “They KNOW!! Alaina and Richard, MY DAD!!”

Jensen gasped as his hand flew to his hair; he felt a new wave of searing pain. “This is not right…” he got up cursing his luck. “Watch Juliette for me.” He mumbled as he ran out the door ignoring his niece’s screams for an explanation.

By the time security broke the group apart; Jared’s face had huge gashes across his left cheek, and he had a split lip, Felicia had a bleeding nose and eight of ten fingernails were broken, her hair was a mess and one of her eyes sure will be black by tomorrow, Tito was holding Rachel who was crying because she didn’t throw one punch much to his delight, as he kissed her temple; better frustrated for not fighting than seriously hurt. Nicky was crying and holding her shirt in place where Felicia-or Jared, who knows actually- had ripped it and it fell off limp down to her waist.

Alaina and one of the lawyers from the Ackles’ PR team entered serious and menacing as predators when police and two ambulances started carrying them out: Tito and Nicki on a police car, Jared, Rachel and Felicia in gurneys.

First she stopped next to Jared. “Hello kid.” Jared face of surprise made her smile as her eyes traveled to his cheek and neck; where red lines of blood and angry welts had formed. “That little bitch is going to play for this.” She warned a hand held Jared’s for a second.
Alaina assessed the whole thing in one view; she took off her jacket and gave it to Nicki as soon as she told everyone they were their lawyers. “Did you just cuffed an unmated omega? Who also has her entire chest bare? Refusing to give her even some modesty?” she spat, Tito was released too as soon as Rachel said she was afraid. “And you took away the alpha in charge of a sick omega?” she chuckled like the devil. “Seriously?”

Felicia was charged of battery and assault. Tito and Nicki would have to go to the station to give their statement; Rachel and Jared too, of course after they were taken care of.

Alaina made sure they were okay before leaving, once they were taken to a hospital where the girls and Jared were set on one of those rooms with many beds lined up against the walls; one of the called OHC rooms. Nicki and Jared were given treatment but Rachel didn’t, not even for the cuts in her legs.

“Miss…” a nurse got near the bed looking as if her job were the worst drag in universe. “I’m sorry but you’re not included in the OHC so you’ll have to give us an insurance number or a credit card in order to…”

Rachel was stunned, she was sure things were changing. “Excuse me?” she let out in anger. “How come I don’t qualify as OHC, I’m omega!”

“You’re typed as non-asset.” It’ll be the same to type her as worthless.

A scoff was heard from the bed across the room. “Are you kidding me?”  Nicki shouted from her bed.

Jared had half his face and neck covered in bandages but chimed in. “This is Mediline, right? Aren’t you part of the To Live with Dignity campaign?”

The lady turned around popping her gum. “yo, calm down mister… this is not with you.” She said as two orderlies entered and pushed her bed out and into a different room, as soon as the door closed Jensen was there,

“Who do you think you’re talking to?!” Jensen asked; his face and neck covered in blood. “You have no right to treat a patient this way!” he let out in a growl pointing to the room where Jared was. ”and have you seen the guy in there? Disrespect him again and I’ll personally make sure you won’t find a job in this city ever again.”

The nurse shrugged popped his gum as if making fun of him. “Sorry dude, no alphas here, leave or I’ll have you dragged out by security.” She turned to the gurney with a mocking smile. “No card no care missy.” Once more she looked form Jensen to the girl. “I’m doing my job… is nothing personal.” The orderlies settled the bed in a smaller room across the room from the OHC room.

“Here” Jensen tossed the lady a card. “That’s a card you can use for her bills, and please read the name on it.” And getting closer he added. “Tomorrow… you’ll be fired.”

The nurse’s face fell to the floor after rolling her eyes and reading the card. “Get out of this room. NOW” he let out a dominant growl, it was not civil to go around as if he was an animal but he had bigger things to worry about.

Jensen moved to Rachel and caressed her knee. “Are you okay sweetie?” she nodded with a smile as she turned to the door she even mentioned how close Jared was. “It’s complicated, just wanted to be sure you’re okay…” it was obvious he meant all of them, it was obvious he meant Jared.

“Yes we are…” she said looking down, “is Misha with you?”

“No… sweetie, he didn’t come, I didn’t… I can’t even remember if I called him.” He said frowning and sounding embarrassed.

Rachel’s small hand flew to his face. “What happened to you?”

“Let’s say I had an inconvenience I wasn’t even aware could happen to me…”

“Do I know your *inconvenience*?”She said, “Because a friend of mine suffered the same red head *inconvenience*.” And with a smile she added. “You should see him”

“I don’t think so…”

“Jensen!” Alaina was at the door. “Are you sure you want to start this whole thing over?” it was like she was praying for him to say no. instead Jensen jumped back and cleaned his face; tears had fallen from his eyes. “Sorry…. I’m so sorry.”

It wasn’t like the first time, since the time apart was less; it started hurting after a week or so.

Tito ran into the room searching for Rachel to find her treated with deference and respect, and everything taken care off. “What happened?” but Tito just knew.  “He broke Jared’s heart… he should stay away from us.” Rachel smiled.

“I believe in him, he’s good, and Jared should talk to him about his feelings, his real feelings.”

Tito rolled his eyes and moved closer. “I don’t care… I just want you guys safe and sound…”

Nicki and Jared were okay, Jared’s wounds were healing surprisingly fast, and even the doctor that discharged them was surprised.
“This is something unprecedented!” he said in awe. “I’ve never seen this kind of healing process… except in one case…” the doctor bit his lips and smiled. “You’re a lucky omega, Sir…” Jared didn’t feel lucky at all, the pain that eased at some point of his time in that hospital only grew in intensity as the hours passed; even when his wounds were better.

It hurt the worst after the weekend Juliette and Kathryn stayed at Jared’s because spring break was ending and Kat will have to go back to school, it was the first time they were staying with him in his tiny apartment, and it was like a new world for the girls.

“How can you be surprised??” Jared teased Kat once Juliette was sleeping. “Don’t you live in a dorm?”

Kat looked down smiling and with red creeping her cheeks. “My dad let me rent an apartment off campus.” Jared chuckled. “But I’m doing the rest on my own, he just think that… you know betas, that we get together and have orgies or something….”

Jared laughed hard, the next day they went to a park and walked dogs with Jared – yes he got his job back now that Rachel had given up and Tito refused to take Hercules the Saint Bernard anywhere. The weekend wasn’t long enough, by Sunday afternoon the girls got in the car after hugs and kisses with Jared and he felt empty once more. Feeling miserable is not the best time, and it’ll last at least a day he knew… but he felt just as miserable the next morning,

Right in time for Felicia getting into the bakery smelling likes Jensen. “Guess where I was last night.” she said with a smirk on her face. “He asked me to pick up éclairs from this shitty place, his favorites.”

Jared smiled. “Sure you were with him last night…” he chuckled as he shouted at the top of his lungs. “Nicki!! Do we have éclairs?”

“You know damn well I’d never bake those stupid outdated shitty stuck up grub so-called French pastries Jared!”

“You sure he told you he liked those?” Jared had a smile on his face. “Also…” and he took the ruler they had over the counter for sandwiches by the inch and extended it across from the counter towards her. “I have a restriction order…” he said candid. “100 feet…”

“And I have 911 in speed dial!” Rachel added from the register. Felicia moved closer and Jared could see, under the collar of her coat, a green striped fabric, she let out a threat.

“I don’t believe you spent the night with him.” Jared stood there smiling as if he weren’t scared until Felicia left before walking as calmed as he could to the back and start crying, the pain and the taunt were too much together, especially with Jensen’s scent all over the place.

Tito found him still hunched on a chair and hugged him without even asking what was wrong.

“Enough sweetie…” Rachel said as Nicki rubbed Tito’s shoulder on her way back after washing her hands.

“We’re young and we’re single and we’re so boring one slutty omega could put the four of us down…” Nicki complained trying to change the mood. “We should go out more often…”

“We could make it a weekly thing…”Rachel was on her wheelchair today. “It could be awesome… we could meet guys, you’d get to forget…”

“Do we need to take Tito?” Nicki added to once more change subjects as a hand rubbed her boyfriend’s shoulder once more. “What if we find new alphas? Nobody will ever get close with Tito and his beard.”

Jared chuckled from his place in Tito’s arms as the wounded Hey the alpha let out. “If I’m not going, no way you’re going either…”

“Okay…” Nicki rolled her eyes as she spoke. “You can come… but if someone handsome appears you’re not gonna go all protective and weird….”

Jensen felt nervous and found himself holding his breath for no good reason early in the morning, he hadn’t seen his girls before going to work. Misha was supposed to send him a picture of them before leaving the house.

But then… the first thing he saw was Felicia Day calling everyone at his office a bitch.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

She ran to him face feral and teeth bare. “You’re mated to that bitch; you’re mated to the ONE omega you should’ve ignored!!” and shouting. “You were supposed to be mine! MINE Jensen! We’re supposed to be together!!”

Jensen held her by an arm after ordering her to be quiet. “Shut the fuck up! You don’t know anything about me.” Alona was looking at him from the door, many other employees of Mediline looking at him. “Alona, if any of these people has time to stare; show them something to do, or the door to leave!” every set of eyes flew away from him as he dragged a fighting Felicia into his private office. “You have no right to be here.” He growled releasing her arm and slamming the door behind them. “And you have no right to shout lies about if I am or if I’m not mated to anyone.”

“You’re mated to that giant slut, I know!!” she launched in her disturbed state.

Jensen held her by the arms and pushed her away once more. “Calm down Felicia! This is absurd!” and sniffing. “Are you… are you…” and jumping back. “You’re in heat!” he moved to the door. “Alona, call an ambulance! Felicia needs one.”

She moved gasping offended. “I’ve been dealing with my heats since I was 18, Jensen, and you never cared for me then.” She pushed her way out and left.

But it was too late: it’s time for So true/So false Heirs edition!

And after the annoying music made half the people watching nuts, the too skinny too tanned girl started: “Did Tom Welling finally tied the knot? That’s So true! The hunky heir from the Welling investments funds got a license, and his ceremony will take place somewhere around June according to Danneel Harris the celebrity mating planner. The omega in question though… is not anyone we have seen already saw linked to him, it’s a boy he found in his latest trip to one of his family’s charities in South America; the Argentinean volunteer will be brought to the country for first time in his life this week.

Did the heir of the famous hotel chain Viena Holder had his bodyguard fired?

That’s also true. Viena forced her father to fire the stunning man after she discovered he was mated and expecting a baby with his mate.

Did Jennifer and Nicholas Houlth’s kids went on another shopping spree with daddy’s card without permission? This is So true, according to the shoppers on a very well exclusive store on east side the kids spent almost a million dollars in trainies” It went on and on about rich kids with too much money and entitled stupidity in their hands.

At the very end it came: “Did Jensen and Jared, the elusive J2 are actually mated?”

Everyone was hearing. “That’s a not sure… there had been allegations by Felicia Day who ran into Mediline’s offices this morning, still in inappropriate state demanding to see Jensen to nag at him for being mated to –quoting-“the slut”. ” Once more; the once Disney-like sweet couple is in the middle of scandal.

Jensen heard of it as he got ready to go out, Juliette asleep already. Tom was back and wanted to present his mate to his friends. “You have to come Jay, Christian and Mike are coming, I even convinced Justin!” he begged. “No outsiders except for Noel, please tell me you’re coming” it was Thursday and he could go out, especially after hearing Jared’s name on TV.

“I don’t know man…”

But Tom kept insisting. “Jason arrived from Australia Jay, you haven’t seen him in over a year!!” and that made his mind, he really missed his friend Jason.

It was a Thursday and Jared and the girls went into the most popular pub they could find, wanting to regain their street courage- or gain some if I may- because being beaten up by a scorned omega had been rough on the group.

They entered the Mark of Cain because of its rep, good drinks and alphas for everyone. Omegas paid nothing Tito paid like 25 bucks but the girls were too excited to deny them this adventure.

Jared felt stupid for using that word; it made him think on Juliette, who just said her daddy hurt his face the other week. “He’s better but I found him touching the marks on his face and being sad…”

That’s why the first three beers were consumed in just minutes.

As they ordered the fourth round a hand slapped him in the ass and Jared jolted up. “Can I take you for a spin?” the guy almost as tall as him that smelled somewhat like ozone and something else pointed to the dance floor with his head.

“No thank you, and don’t you touch me again.” Tito stood right behind Jared, shorter but meaner looking and sure enough stronger, alpha exuding confidence.

“Jared?” the omega turned a little and said he was fine.

“Okay… but think about it pretty…” the man said. “I’m at the VIP, just ask for Jason.” They watched as the tall bearded man moving between tables to the bar and then to the VIP area.

“You should’ve said yes…” moaned Rachel and Nicki laughed, Jared joined them as their drinks were served, paid for the alpha that hit on Jared. He blushed at the teasing from his friends and raised his beer for a toast. “For our street cred guys.”

Tito chuckled and raised his own bottle when the sound of someone’s laughter made Jared drop his, Jensen was there.

Tito moved fast to hold Jared who turned around and started shaking. The pain had rocked him to the very bottom this time; he had never again heard him laughing like that.

“Jared?” Nicki got closer.

“Jensen… he’s here.” He said with trembling voice.

Rachel moved to hold his hands to stop him when a face appeared from VIP,

Jensen was sitting right next to Tom and Noel, who couldn’t keep their hands from each other, and at the very attempt of anyone to touch their mate they got possessive and protective and were the cutest thing ever. He felt like that never happened with them, Jared and him, and he started drinking whiskey, his best friend these days as if it were water.

“Oh Man…” Jason sat next to Jensen and held his bottle to pour himself a drink of single malt. “I just saw a guy that is your dream comes true… I swear…” Jensen laughed. Nobody filled his criteria anymore, only Jared. “And he smelled… so…” and groaning in an obscene way. “creamy…” he kept talking about legs that ran for miles and an ass that invited to be touched, but Jensen was too drunk to stop himself.

Jensen stopped laughing when Jason said the name. “Jared.” He got up and moved to the other side of the pub as Jason called his name.
Jared shook the arms that were holding him and advanced ahead until the face that was looking at him was at arm’s length.
Alcohol made them reckless and stupid, or maybe everything had been too much for them, all we know is that they moved toward each other, as if gravity were pulling them.

“Hey…” Jensen said as a hand reached for Jared. A blonde pushed them to a side as she entered the VIP section even if they didn’t care, they were about to touch when it happened, a shot was heard in the VIP section followed by the voices of people.

Jensen turned and saw the blonde holding an automatic gun. “Go Jared… go…”

Jared clutched Jensen’s jacket. “No… why?”

“LEAVE!!” Jensen pushed Jared away and blocked the door to VIP with his body; Tito called him and asked him to help carry Rachel out.

As they ran out in the middle of plaster bits flying and people shouting, sirens blaring and the sound of gunfire and glass shattering someone asked if they knew what was happening.

“No idea man…” Tito pushed the guy and directed his friends away. Jared kept turning and turning every few steps; he saw as police in SWAT gear were lining up at the entrance and suddenly they jumped inside.

“Jensen is still in there!!” Rachel called Jared when he stood still once more. “I can feel him, he’s scared… he’s in pain…” Jared looked at his hands, the hair in his arms was standing and his hands clenched in fists, he was so scared, and then… the sound of gunfire multiplied for a couple minutes until the screams of a man and a woman were the only thing.

Nothing; anything he ever felt when Jensen was close or looking at him was gone, only a dull, numbing pain started in his chest. Jared gasped as a white light engulfed him; it was like being…


Jared could hear a sound, very far from where he was, it was like a kid crying, or a cat… it had to be some kind of animal, it was getting closer as he stood there, things were fuzzy, the world blurry at the edges. Something warm and sticky was dripping on his hand, it had to be soup, it smelled like… something like soup. The sound was closer and he almost could understand that, as the thing holding his hand pulled him back.

“Jared come on…!!” and Rachel’s hand tightened her grip. “Oh My God!!” Jared was still standing there like a mannequin. Tito was held by Nicki; he had blood on his brow and was bent down. She was shouting for Jared and Rachel to follow them. “Jared… please, please… you know I can’t run, please…”

The pleading tone made him turn from the small lights; Rachel had her hair messed up and small drops of blood on her face too. “Move on, you haven’t moved since the explosion.” He turned slowly, a crowd had gathered to watch, as if it were a show, someone started snapping pictures of him, the numbness was back, and the blurriness was worst. A man held Jared’s arm and he turned to see another pulling Rachel away.

“Hey!” his own voice sounded strange to his ears. “Let her go!!”

The guy at his side still had a strong grip of his bicep. “Sir, you have to come with me.” And pointing to the camera man in front of him shouted angrily. “Last warning man, stop or I’ll break your camera and you can sue me for police brutality all you want.” One shot were heard and Jared’s head snapped. The police officer holding him had his radio on. *subject down, I repeat subject down, situation clear.* another voice asked for casualties. “Seventeen bodies; there are more at the first table, nobody from the door survived;, we need medics, we’re clearing out the back entrance.”

Jared felt his knees give up.

He heard the sound of someone’s breathing, it sounded really hard and really close, and he had small flashes of Jensen holding him down.

“You’ll be perfect, you’re perfect; perfectly imperfect, my family is going to hate you…” something squelching on his groin as he moaned like a bitch in heat. “and you  like it, don’t you? You love having me plowing you…” Jensen groaned against his neck. “I do… you’re so tight, so hot… you’re perfect for me…” Jensen stopped with a gasp before knotting him.
“Please… please… do it, knot me, please.” he begged. “Alpha, please… I don’t mind…” teeth sank on his shoulder where he now knew his mark was, a mark partially hidden with his longish hair. “Knot me alpha…”

Jared jolted awake as Jensen grunted and something big breached him.

“Calm down!!!” the EMT tending him held the mask over his face. “You’re hurt…” Jared tried to look to where he was hurt, his chest was bared and had a giant bandage there, and he was fine not long ago. This was not his; this was a mirror lesion of whatever Jensen had. A less complex lesion than the other end of their bond had. “a little bit deeper and you would’ve been done man…” commented the EMT and Jared held his breath desperate.

The bearded man that slapped his ass was carried by a fire fighter and set at the edge of the ambulance he was on. “What’s your name sir?” the other EMT asked.

“Jason Manns…” the guy said in a groan. “What happened?” someone explained an omega entered the pub with an automatic rifle and started shooting against a group. “I know… it was Alison… her name is Alison Mack”

“Was…” commented the EMT then he got quiet as a black bag was carried by two guys, then another and another, Jared held his breath every time.

“My friend, did he made it?”  Jared closed his eyes, he wanted to get his breathe under control to ask about the girls and Tito.

“Which one?”  Someone asked as Jared moved on the gurney.

“Jensen, the alpha next to me…”

“Oh man… I don’t think so, you were the only one that survived from your group.”

Jared let out a cry sitting up, right when more and more bags were carried out.

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Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part twenty one is HERE

There’s a saying I love. “Sadness can wear many faces and a broken heart can wear a smile.”

Jensen was always busy and the many faces he carried were all over the city now with his advertisement and campaign. Smiles and seriousness, a placid calm expression that could’ve win him a chair in parliament.

Jared helped at the bakery because family always forgives; they said, and one look at his kicked puppy face had the girls around him clucking like hens and wrapping him in soft blankets with hot cocoa. Every now and then someone would come to him and say something like “Hey did someone ever told you you look like that guy who dumped Mayor Dick’s younger Brother?” and Jared invented a lie, something different every time. “I heard he killed himself”, “I think he moved to Alaska”, “didn’t he mated one of his friends?”, “try one of our doughnuts, those still have his recipe.”

Elections came and went, and with the only exception of someone releasing a flash news about they were no longer living together.

Jensen handled it far better than expected, a short statement with a serious an almost honest brokenhearted expression. “We did everything in our hands to do the right thing… we became a family and I wish nothing but the best to him, but our bond. The mating bond was never there. Apparently our mating even if it had witnesses wasn’t recognized by our own nature, it was only Heat Mating.” Even if not actually recognized, sometimes, an omega in heat partially mates to an alpha during their heat, but the bond disappears after a while, is not recognized but is not sanctioned either because most of the time an Heat mating couple end up mating for real

It might not be the truth; but the serious almost pained face of Jensen every time he said Jared’s name made things better. “We’re deeply wounded by this discovery, and we’re still trying to figure out how we’re going to proceed from here, we appreciate your love and support but right now we want you to respect our privacy.” He said before having to clean the tears from his face.

Richard’s re election was out of the question since the heartfelt message from his brother about having his heart broken by an omega who in the eye of the public was nothing more than a gold digger came around on Armstrong who used a close friend to send the heads up to the papers.

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Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part twenty is HERE
“What happened to your first mate?”

Alaina stood faster than Richard who kept looking down stunned.

“Don’t do this Jensen, if this is because of Jared’s news, you better calm down before talking to your brother.” She held Jensen by the arms and tried to drag him out. “It’s complicated and I told you it requires of a lot of strength…”

”what? Wanna tell me how to deal with this? Give me a guideline?”

“I just want to explain….”

“Shut up stepmother.” He said pushing her against the door,

Richard’s amber eyes flew to him as he stood; he was an alpha after all. “Don’t call her that, she’s trying to help you, in the end who mated while fucking drunk and high and then decided he didn’t want the mate anymore.” He said; Jensen wasn’t sure how his brother got there; he might have jumped over the desk for all he knew.

“Maybe if you could do something else than fuck my life for your political gain…” Jensen shouted. “We said we cut ties NOW, not after you’re reelected, NOW!!”

“Shut up! You’re the one who screw things up, don’t blame us, you have no right to judge what I’m doing. You’re the one who want to shun a mate.”

“You mean aside of you with Rekha?”

“Jensen!” Alaina warned as Richard made a face and let out a wounded grunt, he turned to Alaina and left the room running.  Jensen turned to follow his brother when his sister in law held him.

“WHAT?! Leave me the fuck alone! ” Alaina slapped Jensen.

“Have you even checked the info given to you? Do you fucking know how the bond breaks?”

“You stop seeing your mate, and screw someone new until they hate you and leave, isn’t that what you did with my brother? Leaving Rekha out of his life?” he wanted to see if she’d confirm what Alison said, what he got instead was another slap. “I won’t stop myself from putting you in your place omega, you better don’t fucking touch me again…” growled Jensen stepping closer menacingly.
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Remember 2016 is #PCAforJensen year.
Ten years of amazing job can't go without a reward, even if its only an award.
Keep in you rprayers those who are vitcim of terrorism and its consequences.
Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part nineteen is HERE

Nicki was sitting next to Rachel and Tito; Alona and her mom were there too, her boyfriend Dean holding her hand.

“Calm down…” Nicki was holding Tito’s hand. “I’m sure Jared is fine…”

“Their results arrived, he texted me on Thursday about that.”Tito kept moving restlessly as the others looked as if it were nothing. “You don’t understand what if he got compromised in his own plan?” he sat still for a couple seconds. “What if he got too involved, I’d hate to see him brokenhearted because he got too involved.”

Rachel’s stinky eye made him recoil. “Why is that you men always make things so complicated?” Tito looked around the table, surrounded by girls. “Now tell us so we can help clean this mess”

“That’s a fucking lie!!” Nicki got up. “Haven’t you seen them? They’re in love? They are mates!!”

Tito shook his head. “I was there; I picked up a little broken thing, a boy so desperate, so out of it… what he did to Jared…” and offering his palms up. “I thought it would help him heal from what that monster did to him.”
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Remember 2016 is #PCAforJensen year.
Ten years of amazing job can't go without a reward, even if its only an award.
Keep in you rprayers those who are vitcim of terrorism and its consequences.
Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part eighteen is HERE


They sat at the table right next to each other; Jensen held his fingers and Jared felt his heart going crazy, they chatted about the day before and the pictures Jensen took.

This was the best vacation he’s ever had, except… Jared got quiet suddenly bitterly noticing this was not a regular holyday trip. “You look sad…” Jensen moved his hand away. “I didn’t mean to…”

Jared shook his head. “I thought this is the best trip I ever had but  I haven’t ever had a holiday trip like this… so.”

“We’re going to do this an annual thing, or maybe twice a year…” but the breath Jensen took in to add more and more plans left him as Jared’s face sunk.

“I… what if there’s no next year?”
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Remember 2016 is #PCAforJensen year.
Ten years of amazing job can't go without a reward, even if its only an award.
Keep in you rprayers those who are vitcim of terrorism and its consequences.
Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part seventeen is HERE


Jensen sat in front of his brother, Richard looked really worried. “SO… how are you doing baby brother?”

Dick was sitting in front of him and Jensen only wanted to be left alone. “I’m fine.” He checked his watch to see if Richard get the hint.

“Alaina told me about you and Jared… ” Dick had amber eyes, those were more like grandpa eyes, Hannah had dad’s blue ones Jensen had mom’s and right now those amber eyes were boring into his soul. “You’re doing fine… so…”

Jensen let out the breath he’s been holding thought his nose. “Spit it out Dick I don’t have time for this”
“Richard!” he corrected. “And I’m here to know what we’re going to do…” he stopped for a second. “When we get those results…”

Jensen blinked. “What do you mean?”

“What if those results come out positive brother, what are you going to do? Is this something you really want?”

Jensen’s first reaction left him breathless, Richard raised one brow at the stunned face his brother made; the first thing out of his mouth was “NO”

Jared went to the bakery and made sugar cookies from memory, helped as usual but every two seconds he had to stop to sniffle and clean tears from his face. “What is wrong with me!!” he threw his hands up frustrated as Rachel laughed at him.

“Does it has something to do with Jensen?” she asked smiling. “Did you fight? Is he traveling? I heard that mates that are about to be parted or are apart do that.”

Jared rolled his eyes once more as he blew his nose. “He just went to the office as usual… nothing more…” his head though provided the reason; the results were only three days away.

Jensen called him around noon, asking him to go with him to the beach house the next day. “We can stay there until Monday and decide then…”

“But Friday and Saturday… the bakery…”

“Make time Jared, this is important... it’s the rest of our lives.”

Jared let out a sigh and smiled. “Is that an order? Because I told you I do not follow your orders.”

Jensen chuckled. “Please…?” when Jared didn’t answer. “I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”

Jared smiled cleaning tears from his face as Jensen cleared his throat. “That’s better… okay. I’ll tell Nicki right now.”

Alaina visited Jared to talk that afternoon before Jensen got there.

“What? You said I did it well on Tuesday…” he tried distrustful. “And I swear I did nothing to embarrass your precious family after that.”
Alaina laughed hard. “I know… I’m here in representation of my husband to offer you something.”

Jared shifted in his sit; he knew that whatever they were offering was not something he wanted.

“What if I say I don’t want to hear it?”

Alaina raised one brow and her sin red lips twisted in a smile that was almost macabre. “You might like what I’m about to say…” she
crossed her legs and Jared got caught in the creases on her black pants, they looked almost velvety with the soft light of the window.


Jared blinked stupidly; he never even noticed she spoke. “Sorry… I got distracted.” For some reason his head kept turning to the door over and over.

“Do not play stupid, okay? You want something else? I believe that the package I just offered was good enough in case you accepted…”

Jared faced her angry. “Accepted what?”

“In case you’re mated… you really weren’t paying attention…” she huffed. “I don’t really have that much time Jared and I can’t do this in front of Jensen… ”

Jared frowned. “You know? You… your entire family keep asking him to grow up, but the second he does something adult and mature you all start fussing about it.”

Alaina rolled her eyes the way Jared already knew, the *don’t I know that* roll. “There’s a lot that implies being an Ackles, and sadly Jensen never accepted that.”

Jared scoffed. “He lives his life, his every day thinking on how to be an Ackles, on how to please your stupid family ! NO!! HIS stupid family, you might control it, but Alan, Mayor Dick.-“

“Don’t call him that!” she warned.

“.. Kat and Ju are the only Ackles, yet they live trying to be good enough for their own family, why? Because of you!” and turning away. “Family is supposed to be a safe haven, somewhere where you can be yourself without fear of judgment. You and me? We’re just guests.”

Alaina got up. “I have a legacy to follow, Jensen’s mom was known as the greatest omega of this family, you have no idea how hard is to fill those shoes… and I’m not going to fucking leave my job and be a housewife going to tea parties and baking stupid ass cakes… that’s for you-”

Jared scoffed offended. “I had three jobs.”

“And yet you were chased down and mated like a beast.”

“That’s Jensen’s fault more than mine…”

“That’s Jensen’s fault… period, but you just grabbed the perks just fine… right?”

Jared had a weird feeling again. “You know what? I don’t care what your fucking package deal is, I don’t want it…”

Alaina pointed a finger at him. “Tell me you want Jensen and I swear I write you a novel.” And smiling added. “Because it’s so obvious!!”

Jared felt exposed, was it so obvious? “Just leave me alone…” he tried to leave but the idea of being alone with the realization of what he wanted was too much. His eyes followed the line of clouds atop of the buildings.

Alaina got close, standing next to him facing the same window; she saw the tears in his face. “I still remember the first time I heard that Richard was already mated…” she had a smile on her face. “It was ridiculous, we both couldn’t stop crying, he said he felt my pain and my broken heart and was so absurd… even Rehka knew It.” she giggled, the sound nobody outside her family had ever heard, it made her almost human. “I didn’t want to do that, take someone’s mate, I was not raised like that, we tried, really did, we tried working together and have a platonic thing, but…I just knew, right there what I wanted in life…”

“I had no idea what I wanted in life, not even now…”

Alaina made a sound. “What about Jensen?”

Jared felt something like a shudder running down his body; his hands clenched in fists without noticing. “I-I I guess that’s the part I don’t know.”
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Remember 2016 is #PCAforJensen year.
Ten years of amazing job can't go without a reward, even if its only an award.
Keep in you rprayers those who are vitcim of terrorism and its consequences.
Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part sixteen is HERE

“Where the fuck is my green striped tie?” Jensen shouted. “Where’s my lucky tie?”

Jared was standing behind him, it was a Wednesday and Jared was on his way to the bakery but stopped to say good bye to find Jensen almost ready. “Don’t look at me I don’t use ties.” Jensen gave him a bitch face ad Jared laughed. “Relax… your luck is not gonna change with a freaking tie…”

Jensen turned furious again. “I have that tie since I was a kid; I use it every time something big happens…”

Marcie was checking on the laundry room and every other closet but already stated she didn’t send that tie to dry cleaning or anything. “I keep a list of things I sent out of the house sir, and that tie was not in anything in the last two weeks.”

Jared saw as he walked back into his room pouting like a five year old and checking once more every rawer of his dresser and every hanger on his closet. “My mom gave me that tie… for my first dance…” he mumbled from inside his closet and then louder. “I’m gonna present my project to the city council today….” And

Jared walked to him and took out his key chain; it was a guitar pick with a LS on it. “This is my lucky charm; it’s from the first and only concert I ever went to.” Jared took out the pick in its metal ring and added it to Jensen’s arm band, the one he always wore. “it’s a loan until you find your tie… just calm down.” Jensen smiled like a dork for so long Jared rolled his eyes and threatened to take the thing back.
“I’ll take care of it.”

“Good.” Jared walked out smiling. “You know? Maybe you took off your tie in the office or at the mansion, you’ll find it around. when were the last time you wore it?”

Jensen got quiet looking to a point in his wall he couldn’t remember the last time he wore it was the night of his first meeting with Felicia Day.

Jared got to Meg’s a little late, and found Samantha there already, even if she always arrived by eight; he also noticed Nicky coming and going nervous as she checked the clock every two minutes.  “where is Rachel?” he asked after the hour for her medication passed and Nicki didn’t ran upstairs to make sure his friend had taken it. After going himself to check he asked again and again until he was freaking out.
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Remember 2016 is #PCAforJensen year.
Ten years of amazing job can't go without a reward, even if its only an award.
Keep in you rprayers those who are vitcim of terrorism and its consequences.
Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part fifteen is HERE
The fight following this one debacle was epic.

Not only Jensen had been pulled out of a meeting to be informed of it, His dad came to tell him how disappointed he was.

Jared was harassed on streets and the bakery by haters and paps, everyone was gossiping about them.

“All this because you couldn’t control yourself!” Jensen shouted throwing the paper in front of Jared, one of many; several were already shredded to pieces. “Have we ever kissed? What made you think it was okay?!?!”

Alaina and Richard were on their way obviously to thorn him a new one. “No we don’t!! and I wonder why?!” Jared shouted back.

“Because you’re not getting this!!” Jensen huffed. “We might have ruined Richard chances to win!! Just because you couldn’t control yourself!” he paced for a couple seconds a hand on his waist the other on his forehead. “Do you understand who is going to pay for this?” he faced Jared anger and something else in his eyes. “ME!! Not the omega, never the poor omega.”

Jared cackled. “The poor omega? Are you making it my fault?”

“It is your fault!!” Jared laughed hard at that. “I swear I’m trying, I’m doing my best but you ruin every effort-” Jensen tried to say but Jared interrupted.

Jared shouted louder. “I don’t want you to do any fucking effort! I don’t want you to try, I don’t want it!!”

“Then why this??” he said shoving yet another copy of the picture on his face.

“I don’t know!!” Jared ripped the paper. “But I’m not expecting you to do any fucking effort; I knew pretty well what this was. This is a political arrangement, just like she said; so your brother can stay in office even if his fuck up little brother keeps doing his best to prevent it to happen.”

“I am really a fuck up, just look at the kind of mate I got myself.”

“You can’t blame me on that one; I wasn’t a willing partner if you remember correctly”

Jensen moved closer jaw set. “And you always go back to that!! Always the same fucking thing!! ”

“Because it is fucking important!!”

“I regret it, is not obvious?!”

Jared cackled. “Your regret doesn’t give me anything back!!”

“I might regret I chose you!” Jared got quiet, it stung.

“I regret it too…” he said. “Wish you had gone for someone else, anyone else, there were three other omegas starting heat that night, WHY me?? Why would you ruin my life!!?? Why won’t you let me go?” Jared took a couple shallow breaths. “I don’t want to be disgusted with myself all the time. And is how I feel since the moment you touched me.”

“It wasn’t disgusting putting my card to the limit! Or drinking and whoring around!!” it was anger and something else in Jensen,
“What about Felicia? What about those from the public O’s club?!” Jared replied. “Am I supposed to think you were there twirling your thumbs?”

Jensen let out a dark chuckle. “I never touched them, I never… I would never do that again” but Jared started talking over him.
“I know you; you sure smiled, and make them think you are nice. Maybe prowl on them at night like you did to me!”

“Fuck you…” Jensen let out as he grabbed Jared by the shirt pulling him close while his other hand rose.
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Next part is HERE
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Remember 2016 is #PCAforJensen year.
Ten years of amazing job can't go without a reward, even if its only an award.
Keep in you rprayers those who are vitcim of terrorism and its consequences.
Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part fourteen is HERE

Jared woke up before the sun was up the next day; he had been ready to go out and get wasted but after they had dinner with Misha and Kathryn Jensen drove him home, invited him to watch a football game and before he knew he was asleep, in Jensen’s bed, again.

So the next morning his smile was embarrassingly bright as he walked down the street with a hoodie and a beanie, just something he’d have used few months ago, he passed near Jensen’s guard and the guy frowned at him as if Jared personally offended his mom.

At the bakery he knocked and was greeted by a bleary eyed Nicki. “Thanks God Jay… Rachel is not feeling well…”

He didn’t thought about anything, working the entire morning, by the time the fresh baked goods were set on the racks and displays
Samantha in charge of everything they climbed the stairs to the apartment where Rachel was resting still. “Still too sore kiddo?”

Nicki got her a cup of cocoa and Jared brought her favorite kind of cake and waited for Jensen.

Jensen woke up to find his bed empty; his smile came automatically, ridiculously easy. He got up read some papers and got ready to go to
Meg’s, he knew he once more was not fully trusted but he can manage. “One step at the time, Jensen…” he told himself. “One step at the time.”

On his way to Megs he bought newspapers, he bought the biggest bouquet the small joint had and drove to Meg’s just to find Felicia standing in the line to get into the store.

“Jensen!” she said taking off her shades and smiling as if she were asking to get her picture taken.

Jensen’s heart dropped. “Felicia!”He said walking ahead once she joined him. “What are you doing here?”
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Part fifteen is HERE
What? I said I had a couple chapters for the weekend, right? well this is ONE
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Remember 2016 is #PCAforJensen year.

Ten years of amazing job can't go without a reward, even if its only an award.

Keep in you rprayers those who are vitcim of terrorism and its consequences.
The story is here:
Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part thirteen is HERE
A/N: I made a mistake on the last line of last part is not 14 years, it can't be 14 years is only 5, okay?

That was the first night Jared tried coke in his life.
Also was the first night Jensen went out with Felicia Day in 5 years.

Jensen got home half drunk and singing along with whatever tune he had in his head, the maid had to go to the door and help him in. “thanks Marcie…” Jensen was smiling stupidly at her.

“Don’t mention it sir…” she sat him on bed and took off his shoes. She was old, so old she was hired by Jensen’s grandmother when his parents were planning on mating. His mom had loved her and Kali reduced her obligations to deal with clothes only, when Jensen and Jared moved back to the penthouse she asked Jensen to let her come; a new mated couple always need someone who knows how to keep house, until the new omega mate learn.

“Of course I mention it, Marcie… you’re so good with me…” and he let out a stupid childish giggle. “Why am I this drunk? I only had ONE freaking whiskey!! I use to drink more in Dick’s events…” he smiled rubbing his face. “I swear I’m seeing stripe patterned elephants wearing fur coats or something.” And smiling like an idiot. “Thank you Marcie”

“It’s my job sir…” she said throwing a blanket over a drunk –now shirtless and shoeless- Jensen. “It’s my job even though you have a mate that hasn’t shown his face in a day or two…” she let the room mumbling thinking Jensen was already asleep.

Jared was at the moment riding a woolly mammoth. Yeah, well….. not really. But have you ever tried cocaine? He was shouting at the top of his lungs while dancing over the bar counter, shirtless and covered in tequila and lime juice. But if you ask him he was riding a woolly mammoth and drinking shooting stars' dust.

It was a call from cliff what woke Jensen and Jared. Jared was on Cliff’s arms, feeling like shit and scrunching his nose at the smell of vomit the guy had all over him. Guess whose vomit it was?

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I got my email account hacked... so I had to actually create a whole new account in order to verify my account and be able to post.
so, yeah now I have a couple more chapters for the weekend
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Remember 2016 is #PCAforJensen year.
keep voting especially after all the hate he got, he deserves to know we love him just as much as we love the other actors.

Also; as a special favor guys, please add in your prayers or send your good vibes to all those who suffer in the world, innocents and not so, because there's so much pain right now.

The story is here:
Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Tito knocked on the pent house door the next morning right when Jared was about to leave to the bakery.

He looked bleary eyed and done with the world “What the fuck bro, really?”he was waving a magazine rolled up to Jared’s face.

Jared almost started crying right there, the magazine had the transcripts of an audio of a drunk Jared and a vapid Kristin talking about the “cheap dresses” his friends Rachel and Nicki wore to the gala, and how Santiago “Tito” Cabrera blended better with the gardeners of the Country club than the people actually partying. “We were your friends, man…” it burn twice as much to Jared because those were the words Richard used for him once not even half a year ago.

He held the magazine Tito tossed at him. “I was drunk… it was all teasing.”

Tito moved forward. “Is not teasing, its plain cruel… Rachel waited for that magazine to come out because the fucking photographer even told her the name of it when he asked for pictures.” Jared held his breath horrified. “Don’t you dare to go to Meg’s they don’t want to see you.”

“Wait!” Jared tried to hold his arm. “Please let me explain… please!!”

Tito was an alpha, the way he held his wrist and shoved Jared was very alpha. “I’m doing my best not to punch you right now… I didn’t want to see you, but better I come here than you going to bother my girls.”

Jared got up defiant. “They’re not yours, they’re my friends. They were mine first.”

Tito walked back anger pouring out of him in every movement. “I wish I were a bad person…” he let out. “You have no right to call them your friends after this.” he took the paper once more. “If you get there I’m gonna make you regret it.”
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Sorry it's short but I have more coming very soon.
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Remember 2016 is #PCAforJensen year.
keep voting especially after all the hate he got, he deserves to know we love him just as much as we love the other actors
The story is here:
Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)


Media had a feast with Jensen and Jared after that, because except for formal events and campaign related stuff, they were hardly ever seen together, Jared kept his partying and spending more and more while Jensen did just the same.

The bakery was forgotten even if Jensen went there to work, and Jared went to work when he felt too alone to deal with it on his own.

But they hardly were there together, Jared left before Alona got there to  pick up cookies or some other sweet to send to Juliette; And Jensen got there around 4 pm to sit on the old booth they used to share and drink a cup of coffee in front of the window, everything in order to save face. Rachel used to call him because she was actually a fan, and because he was really interested in her health.

Nicki and Jared started fighting for no good reason almost every time he was there. “you can’t come in here every time you feel like!” she hissed in the back room as Rachel once more groaned holding her head in her hands.

“I’m a busy person!!”

Nicki sneered. “Busy doing what? Spending money you didn’t earn?” she laughed and Jared got closer scoffing.

“You’re jealous; that’s all.” And smiling he added. “Is not my fault I’m a celebrity.”

Rachel piped in. “you’re not a celebrity, if you were a celebrity you wouldn’t come to hide here every time your so called friends left you a side to go on one of their snob places.”

Jared looked at her for a second before turning to whatever he was baking. “I could’ve asked Jensen to get me there… I just didn’t want to go.”

“Once you said you wanted to be our partner…”

Jared tossed the batch of hot rolls. “Once you paid me hardly minimum wage.”

Samantha entered the kitchen. “What are you doing? If my cakes come out flat I’m gonna make you kid eat them and I’m not joking, now stop the nonsense!!”

Nicki raised both arms. “That’s it now Ducks are shooting to rifles, I’m done.” And oce she was at the door and without thinking she turned around and shouted. “If the only thing you care about is Jensen money then what the fuck are you waiting to ran away with someone you actually love? Like that Jerk Mark”

Jared ran to her pulling her inside the kitchen by an arm making her gasp in pain and Rachel shouted scared when Nicki lost her balance and landed face first against Jared.

“You have to scream, right? In front of the door and a dozen strangers… you had to scream.”

Nicki was pissed and scared and conflicted, she’s not mean; she would never do anything to hurt Jared. “I’m sorry Mr. Celebrity.” She walked out of the kitchen laughing as if she just heard the funniest joke in the world.

Jared fretted the sound of a notification on his phone. Right there, he wished he still had Jensen vague but useful reassurances about how media was not important.

After their first and only fight everything changed there was no more comfortable silences between them or trips to the beach house, even when Ju asked about Jared, Jensen only told her that he had things to do. “Is he already in school? He didn’t wait for me?”

Jensen held her on his lap as he applied sunscreen on her shoulders before going to the beach. “Grownups’ school is like that…”

It was the day after he was given the link to a gossip site by no other than Zach, Jared’s friend. There was a short video of Jared and Nicki fighting, it ended with Nicki laughing after shouting Jared only wanted Jensen’s money.
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Remember 2016 is #PCAforJensen year.
keep voting especially after all the hate he got, he deserves to know we love him just as much as we love the other actors
Now back to your usual program.
Tittle: I don’t want your happy ending.
Author: Kali
Kinks: J2, dub/non con, forced mating, angst, social humiliation, character’s death (not main) redemption, happy ending (there will be more but not for now)
Part TEN is HERE

The change was not immediate; it was a subtle thing, one day waking up late, one day leaving early, one skipped meal; One event where he drank too much; Nothing big. After all once Jared started hanging out with Jensen’s friends they went out a bunch of times, drinks on Fridays, dinners on Saturdays that ended up in crazy parties at someone’s house, once they had a night at the pent house, you could still find glasses in hidden corners three days later.

But they were always ready for Monday morning, Jared’s responsibilities at the bakery had reduced, Samantha being a blessing for the girls, and the girls a blessing for Samantha.

Nicki got a text from Jared around three in the afternoon he won’t be coming the next day, something about Jensen’s dad.

So the moment Jensen passed the door with newspapers for Jared and flowers for Rachel she knew something was wrong.

“Is Jared okay? Do you need anything?” Jensen looked to the back and then outside as if waiting for Jared to follow him.

“He missed dinner yesterday I was expecting to find him here…” Jensen was already fishing his phone out of his pocket. But he didn’t call Jared; he called Morgan.

Discretion was the order, and even Alaina and Richard called asking if Jensen was fine and if they had any news.

“Not yet, Morgan said I should have the line clear.” The day at work was hell; he pretty much stood there and pretended, he was ordered so, until they had a note or a message from whoever had Jared he had to pretend everything was fine and not to alert the paparazzi

His phone rang and he had it in his ear without looking. “Yes!”
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