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 I tihnk is your self respect and/or your luck.
dearest R; the sweetest guy on this earth, yet a closet kinky ass... is sick like a dog, aparently i got him sick and still he says he's sorry,  sweetheart lol

it's so undiginfying having me giggling like a dumbass at my phone...

anywho... things are fine even if I'm not having time to update my stories.
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yeah; I'm home and I'm giong to stay here.
R called earlier and said something happened with his kid (kid knows his dad is dating and is acting out apparently) and he can't make it.
I'm fine, i a good change; like to be less eager and less giddy. cool off my dreaming head... 
it happened on a good moment before I started going all stupid and wthout limits at all.
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because I have no idea of what to do.
my problem though... is so stupidly trivial it's making me embarrassed...
but let me explain, last year I dated this guy,Hugh, for a while there was not obvious attraction and suddenly he just stopped calling and answering texts or call, so I stopped caling like at the third call... (did I ever mentioned my pride?) and we lost contact, no big deal, right? nothing importan or relevant because I had bigger things to think  about, right? RIGHT!!
Now, like the last couple weeks he called me and sentme texts and added me to every social network I have an account on andasked me out again.
this is not weird, a guy can change his mind, but please remember I'm aperson who alreadysuffered and still deals with an stalker, should I goout with a guy who thnks I'm available whenever he wants?
is it normal?
am I his last resource?
HELP!! I can find nerve ends andarteries in every bit of human body, I can find ways to kill a person or make them talk but I can't figure this out

I'm inlove

Jan. 24th, 2012 09:29 pm
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He's the sweetest creature on this land
how do you want to be remembered when you die?
As someone who — in any small way — made people’s lives just a little bit more entertaining, or special, or enchanting.

trust me sweetheart I do think that

Who’s the hottest woman on earth?
It’s tough to say. If we’re talking actresses, most of the ones I’ve been visually interested in are dead. I prefer women’s figures from the forties, fifties and sixties more so than the super-skinny trend today. I don’t know who is the hottest, though

And here I was thinking that maybe because he is/was a model would think girls that looks prepubescent were hot.
t I think any girl that has confidence and a good sense of humour is the hottest girl on earth.
Please ignore the drooling idiot with ther forhead against the keyboard gigling
lets add this:

this kid is AWESOME

In other news I went to ER even if I was't there today, today I was all day in post ops, so there I was seeing how a girl from my same year was almost dying on her place, not able to control the morning mayheim, well is always mayheim there, sio I go tthere, ordered stuff and started running the whole place, by the end of it even the chief nurse of the floor told me it was not my place and I shuldn't run over her like that, but she was grateful.

And I'm all babling idiot all over again


Oct. 29th, 2010 06:00 pm
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so.. no Halloween for kali... seems like things will be serious and, and... and Ranzi will be there, a serious already surgeon guy who used to be a resident when I was an intern, life changed so much... what am i supposed to say? I'm tired of explaining people why I'm still there...

look at this isn't it funny?
Marcus is here, gotta go, I'll edit this soon so don't get to comfortable...
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...freedom of the mind.
well that's true, when doctors like Dr M think I'm good then I'm ok.
when interns like the idiot itern hates me I'm ok...
when Scarlett reappears in mylife I'm more than Just ok!!! I'm HAPPY!! I have my friends back, the ones I thought weren't around anymore.
this song is amazing and the video is kinda interesting.


MUÉSTRAME TU LUZ-------- Show me your light
YO ME ENCARGO DE LLEGAR-------I'll go all the way to you
MUÉSTRAME TU VOZ-------- show me your voice
GUÍAME EN LA OSCURIDAD-------- guide me throught the dark

DIME QUE LA LLUVIA------- tell me that the rain
NO NOS AHOGARÁ----------- won't drawn us
DIME QUE MUY JUNTO A MÍ--------tell me that very close to me
TE QUEDARÁS----------- you'll be
POR LA ETERNIDAD---------for etrnity

MUÉSTRAME QUIÉN SOY------show me who I am
DAME UNA OPORTUNIDAD-----give me a chance
MUÉSTRAME TU SED--------- show me your thirst
YO SERÉ TU MANANTIAL-------I'll be your dew

DIME QUE UN DILUVIO-------Tell me that a flude
NO NOS HUNDIRÁ-------won't sunk us
DIME QUE MUY JUNTO A MÍ-------tell me that very close to me
TE QUEDARÁS----------you'll be
POR LA ETERNIDAD---------for eternity

was made for a flude in southamerica like five years ago

guy for the day, Mr Method; James Franco


Feb. 11th, 2008 09:48 pm
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its very bad, and a terrible night, from saturday to sunday I was in HELL!! she got fever, puked, got sickso many times during the night and the morning, no meds were enough, I was determined to take her to the hospital if things didn't get better.
Thanks god finally all subsided and she was able to eat, after some soup and tons or ORS and some other stuff...
then around four my parents came because "the felt ike having a bbq" I mean HELLO almost freezing here!!
too bad I have the grill under a very nice roof lol so we called younger sibs, and I heard my older brother is back traveling, stupid lucky bastard!! he's going to Peru, Ecuador and Colombia...taking pictured for god know s what mag...
we eat, we chat, they left I fell asleep and what woke me up was Elva's phonecall I wasn't aware we were suposed to see each other, sis was well enough to stay alone for few hours and even thou I had this terrible migrain I went, every light was hell, and honrnes were like knives...
but the sight of A and E and Max and Juliette were enough to make me forget everything else I was missing those idiots more than I accepted, and we realy had fun last year LOL
anyway, I'm sore, I'm tired and I have to go out tomorrow arly because I need my eyes checked asap.

song for the day, what was on while we were on the coffee shop

and guy for the day the very adorable and sweet Mr. Frodo Baggings.

Quote for the day:
In this life there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants. The other is getting it.


Feb. 3rd, 2008 07:37 pm
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last night I went to one of those crazy parties I avoided my whole life,was some kind of Bolivian-trad carnaval dance, we laughed, danced, many of the pople there get wasted drunk very fast... and then laughed my ass off watching them making fool of themselves
I danced things I tought I'd never had the chance to, things I learned while I was in Bolivia with Hands United and Chicago and was so intriguing seeing this people dancing it here.
anywho... this weekend is party weekend for them its carnaval so I'm going to be all out and having fun, my sister laughed and had a great time ysterday, too bad we stay up so late because her calcium level was low and needed it on IV this morning, we're fine, we baked the whole afternoon, like a million Cookies.
now everything is calmed down and we're going to dinner with my parents tomorrow.

OH! we have Sean here, they're playing some nintendo thing I don't understand...

BTW here telling me about his on=off on again gf... the crazy girl who tried to kill herself, why is he still with her?

anyway... my keyboard is acting weird = again=

BTW I have to talk about "the invisible" one of this days is one of the best movies I-ve seen in long long time even thou I-ve seen sevral interesting ones.
no song for today since I-m still trying to control myself after Sean telling me about his girl.
I-m thinking in Suicide sport club`s 02=20boy
guy for today? no idea

I-m crying, how retarded is that? we-re not dating or anythong for a start

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