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 and why do I mention them? because while I'm not allergic i do have  lots of troubl eprocessing peanuts and i have no idea why i do that to myself...
anywyay, why is it important I had peanuts? 
because i had the craziest sweetest dream in a while. I was in a presentation/tour of some kind and Gordon Ramsay sat next to me and told me my pie was very good, he gave me a couple tips on how to handle stress and then called me love and got up.saying he'll be back
I turned again and his pace was taken by this tall and gangly goofy guy... Matt Smith!!

we laughed, we whispered nonsens ena dhis hand felt warm in mine, then he made fin of me for sometyhing and when i piouted hugged me. I didn't want him to leave but Goprdon wanted hsi chair and Matt left.

it makes no sense but it was a cute dream, it was like being withthe rincipal and my best friend at the same time.
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last night I had the craziest dream in a long long while.
I went clubing with the criminal minds cast, well it was actually of taking them to a club that was where Elda was having her birthday party so there was real life people and actors, I was wearing a stupid glitter covered short dress and danced all night with Matthew Gray Gubler it was more goofing around than dancing but was great. when the music stopped he kissed me in the cheek and escorted me to my car and I woke up.


Feb. 23rd, 2012 07:31 am
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I had a couple weird dreams, wanna know why my dreams are intereting enough to create a whole entry for them? because:

a) I dreamt with Jared Padalecki. we were just walking towards the corner store and back, he went to buy Nuttela because hi wife *who by the love of God I cannot like even trying* had been craving it, and I needed coffee, so we went talking about life, regular things, how he mised his dogs, how he felt about being a dad, and he listening a long boring story of why did I broke with my bf and we laughed, we had like half an hour of insane talking, then he said he had to go back and left me like six block away from home... I woke up for a ER call and felt happy.

B) I dreamt with Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner, I wa oncall, and in real life we've been having problem with a gang bringing people seriously wounded and injuries that are very scary, andin the dream I was worried becaue the gang were attacking our front door, not even guards or police made them go back, I turned my head seeing most of the staff were women I told them "whatever happens you all move to the back to a room and lock the door" then I sat to put my shoes on, male shoes, looked up and saw him; Aaron was getting ready to go out, getting his gun ready, amgg on place and all, he turned for a second and he smiled at me reauringly and said "we're in charge of them? of this place security" and I was giggling like an idiot, then out of nowhere a bang woke me up and we had another ER run...

Those are the reason why I think my dreams are interesting enough to post.
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NO I still live way too close to my family and let them to have an opinion on my life...
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I had this weird dream withthe hugging lady from india, do you know who I'm talking about? well I was on a line and when I got there she hugged me and I started crying like a idiot for hours and hours and she said it was ok, I'd be ok now and something else, but I have to go ER call

three hours later: ok so I was telling you all about the dream right?
well there I was in my orange robe and she looked in my eyes and held me telling me it was ok, but she was talking her language not mine, and I can't actually understand what she's saying but the hug,is like she knew all the things I feel bad for, what I've done and what I've been done, and it hurts so much! so deep it hurts too much to control it nd I cry, but she's just there shushing me and holding me while I baul, then she kissed me in the cheeks and let me go, and I can't stoip crying.
The weird part of this dream is that for some weird reason its cataloged with The Stone Henche's dream and the John Paul II dream, places I haven't seen, people I haven't met, yet that marked me so deeply.
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I have like a million things to post lol
nothing interesting, maybe the only thing was that the dream I mentioned last night has Richard Simmonds making me run in a biggest looser kind of way.. while electric wires fell and thunders... and this fat people, but in the end Richard Simmonds?

oh well last night I slept not... so I've been sent home after 60 hours... and there was lots of interesting things to do yet, and I'm not that tired *pouts*
Don't worry I'm not gonna get bored still have tons of things to do, not to mention read and catch up with ciber-friends
so lets start
with two Jensen related links

Link number one ten_reasons
I so love the number nine, even tried it with my old yet reliable calculator.

Link Number two nomination

song for today:

AAAH dear Jason... and his *in*famous duet with Jensen, like this guys voice but I like more his acting, lets just hear Dear Jason this time.
btw I found his myspace, lets see if he recognice me.
thou it really pisses me off that no one has notted his talent before, he's so good and just because Jensen's pretty face we ignore that fact.*hides head in shame* lets face that if it weren't for the freckled prettiness I wouldn't find him back.. so check this ok?

ANNDDD I've found my future new icon, far far away from LOTR thou.

what do you think? I'm still looking for a good line, any idea?
or this one

which actually have a very good line already

no idea what I want yet... and I don't know how to make an animated icon or time *or patients for that matter* to learn anyways.

I was right

Mar. 6th, 2008 08:01 pm
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he lazy one got suspended by Salazar, who asked me to go back to the hosp long after I was off to help him *I actually did most of the job* on surgery... Man I love being the Doctor's fav and if they don't like it, too bad...
most of the residents don't like me, don't really care, for what I've heard they think is unfair that i had so much free time *which means I have no even sick days for the rest of my life...* then came back and be the perfect one, *whch I'm sure I'm not*.
is just me or envious people realy does exist... lol, I'm envius myself, this interns has so much more than they deserve and they're not even half good we were...
two weird things.
1) this morning woke me up the distant sound of an explossion, it was over the bridge and everything but I could hear it...
just like 9/11, I was in shock and still dead tired.
2) Last night I had the weirdest dream, I've died on an accident on 8th and was on the hospital nearby that street, dead... well the point is that I was so psised, having go throught so much for nothing, just one stupid accident, and was in dispair because I wasn't able to take care of my family, and was sad because I never again will be with my sisters. but was geting little by little used to the idea, then I woke up on my dream, and was on a bed, and was ok, I sighed thinking I was ok, it was all a dream but then noticed it wasn't, I was still dead, and in the morgue, my mother got there and we spoke, I told her to take care,to explain everyone I was ok now and that they have to be brave and if it was true that the ones on my side were able to take care of them I will. Gosh I'm almost crying I was in peace, for a sec i didn't needed anything anymore, but was sad thinking in all the things i don't want but I will never had the chance to decide or change my mind and have.
then I was outside a window watching how my family went with my sister to a hospital, and a guy who just picked up his son, and then he got trought the wall that was our door inside.
I followed him and only the cleaning lady could see me, and the man ofcourse, I went to the room of my sister but my family saw me, my knees went weak, in the weird burning painfull feeling of fear, and I reached my hand and hel my sisters arm, and I understood that I only could touch dead people like me. I sat up on bed and took me over an hour to fell asleep again, after touching my body to be sure to be alive lol.

enough, I keep ranting this days without a reason.
*half hour later*
I'm still trying to make thing out claear from my head.
there was too much..
I ended up my story about the internship, all in spanish, which is AMAZING!! Tito is still checking it out, if there's no big mistakes I'll post it here soon, and english version to the end of the month.. hopefully
Stranger than you dreamt it, can you even bear to look, or dare to think of me?... This lonesome gargoyle who burns in hell but secretly yearns for heaven secretly, secretly but my love... fear can turn to love you'll learn to see to find the man behind the monster this... repulsive carcass that seems a beast but secretly dreams of beauty secretly, secretly...
learn_to_be_lonely )

Song for today...
Angel of Music

because i'm still waiting for Raoul
Guy for today:
Mr. Phantom
my Lord King Leonidas

MAN! he's geat
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what I did today? well I saw Robin Hood the british version I just LOVE Jonas Armstrong, but don't know if I can tolerate the waiing for the next chapter lol.
anywho.. to the point kal, make yuor point...
I went to a mass, a catholic mass after almost 6 months, I used to go to a church in that small town in SouthAmrica - btw did I mentioned they had a fire back then and now they're flooded?...argh... why I do this...

ok I went to the mass and then suddenly the father asked us to make an prayer for ourselves and what came out of my head was
"Here I am Lord thanking you again, here I am, the one that only asks and never give you anythnig in return, the one that claimed not being a believer, the one you helped the most and never heard you talking to me" the father said "because you have him with you all the time, he's always calling your name but you don't want to listen" and just started crying with no reason... my sister was just next to me and laughed her ass off... that donkey...
well for few second I was back there, with everything and everyone against me, yet it was like a relief because, as silly as it sound, NOW I can listen him calling my name, now I know he's with me, NOW I proudly say I do believe in him and that he's always with me.

enough of that...*sigh*
something ligher.
I had this weird dream last night
I was in a flea-market with Joe, Carolina's husband while waiting for her but I wanted to buy some washed black pants and left the car, ended up strandled in the middle of nowhere in a deserte of some kind where was the crew of a movie called the worms, kinda Cruel Intensions... then I started walking because it was 50Km away from the city, climbed a dune and saw the city far in the horizon so just walked following this girl dressed in choclate brown... then this weird person appeared, it was like the bad guy from a 007 movie met the hunter from Jumanji (if you know what I'm talking about) and told me that it was his *in spanish* Malevolo Plan (twisted evil plan) to kill Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger and that the next guy was James Franco... ... So, I was in a hurry because I wanted to call James to tell him to stay at home... and woke up running to the phone*blush*
ok The song for the day: Saving Jane's The girl next door

and I have to mention that while my sister was at the hospital my aunt Mirtha, mum's sister called asking for her but never mention4ed why she wanted to talk to her, and then today after 9 days... I get to know that My Aunt Betty, My mother's Brother's wife died... and its the 10 days memorial mass today!!THAT BITCH!!!!

anyway... I wasn't even close to the lady, but it hurts the same.
guy for today Scott Elrod
I just saw something from Men in Trees don't like the show but this guy... different story

so... what do you think?
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today... I went all the way to the embassy to get my papers ready I'm going to Mina Bolivar? whereever it is...
yesterday GUnter was there, we've been seeing each other few times and then yesterday... after a night of talking seriously about being together... he arrived with a small child, his child, his little daughter I got so mad.. so insanely mad... I'm even embarrased right now...

then!! the three new interns that seems to have the whole hospital for their own... as I weren't there... of course CApm and herbs and Hill and gareca and few others will chose me over everyone else but it made me SO FUCKING jealous... it was completelly weird!!lol
ok after my outburst last night... when I actually cried... I'm feeling better.
aside of that...
I had this weird dream regarding Dr Pol, it started when someone mocked me about how cold my room at the hosp is.. well someone said "you should find someone to heat it up a little" and then I went to bed and dreamt about beingin bed and Sean get in and asked me something, I'm not realy sure what... then we went to bed, he was in the bed on the other side of my room and then I woke up because the phone was ringing and I was cuddled against him, I felt the warmth and the smell of his aftershave and then I had to rise my hand to get the phone but he did it and answered with Dr. Pol's voice... then he said "stay here, keep sleeping I'll be back in a sec" I did so let him go and the feeling of emptyness in the bed was terrbile, don't ask me why... while I was there waiting for him to come back I noticed that HE is my tutor and not my boyfriend and jolted scared lol and whe I sit up thinking about what i was doing there I woke up...

Viggo Video and an interview half spanish and half italiano

OOOH!! BTW ROger answered me, Why did I wrote that letter for a start?
anyway it made me so happy in a way... a very weird way :P
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what do you think about that?

I lov ethat one.
nad there's another one
"yes its always hard to love someone that doesn't love you back"
Dennis si hurting me like hell with th epics and the story and the references, and why he ifnored me this morning, I'm just itred of think.
I have to do three papers more.
I had another nightmare, there was a person sitting on top of me holding my arms pinned to the bed I was trying to move and I felt the weight and my limbs were shaking was weird, way too weird.


Oct. 31st, 2006 01:34 am
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there was so many things a death guy Elias, he was chopped and stock on a box under my bed, there was a girl too, and several different persons, my mum wanted to do decoration with the skin, there was another stuff a beast that was chasing us, i closed a door to keep it out but something was in there and cried for help, it was sad and scary and I felt helpless and and... I was so scared that I couldn't ake myself close the door or turn the lights off, was really creppy I was crying!!

ok ok, that was terrible but not half terrible as this afternnon
D left, My Dennis left, he's going to met her!! I wanted to smack her face ARGHH.
and I wanted to kiss him and hug him good bye but I sent him away and I have no chance to make any diference even trying.
I love him and I still can't make myself say it out loud.
anyway life is good and things are going pretty.. ok...


two things

Sep. 12th, 2006 08:27 pm
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MY intern, yes THAT intern got grounded today lol he has to do three weekends as punishment for being a lazy ass, me? I'm the apple of the eyes of my boss LOL

I had a dream two days ago, I was pregnant -yet again- and the sudenly the baby was in my bed, I touched my tummy thinking that I didn't felt pain at all, So I went to show it to my mother and my sister, they were sleeping, then I noticed I didn't clamped the cord, and I wasn't the mother, but the baby was mine, and was beautiful, Dr Marinkovic was there with me I was asking him basic things about pediatrics, and he was happy for me, he left and I started to lock the house so I could sleep like the baby, I liked the house, and the baby was SO sweet.
I'm sure the father arrived there, don't know who was, thanks God wasn't orlando lol
I don't know what the baby dreams means but was quite funny and once again I had the weird feeling that a baby is not a complete bad idea.
Orlando is a sweetheart


Jul. 27th, 2006 08:23 pm
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I had to add it before right?
well the dream...
*I was in a house England stile but it was suposed to be mine we (me and a dark skinned girl)had a practice there, we were doctors, then He came because he was dating her, and stayed there watching them make out (pervy little me) i was lost in his eyes, so blue, but he was suposed to be blind which made no sense since he saw me... then he went to the shower and we went there to pinch him lol

there was a millon of persons waitin to see us and while Viggo was in the shower we took our patients...
there was this woman she was really smelly dressed in something way too flashy and polyester... she had this girl who was translating her mumbling...
well the point is that when finally Viggo came out of the bathroom my friend was pushing me out telling me that 'his grandchild will be here any minute and I have to take care of it' and was right, Hank a.k.a Henry mortensen get in with MY baby...'

ok what's wrong with babies in my dreams? why I have to have kids in my dreams and why always from younger viggo related guys? lol
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This afternoon something quite weird happened, He sat next to me during the m&m and we shared a good laugh, he's amazing, he always has to remember he has a girlfriend.
The mutant is going away I couldn't care less fo rher...
I have Dennis in my mind. He's just too perfect Irealy need to give him what I promised. this monday I guess...
W/o my parents around my life is easier...
Dennis, Dennis, Dennis...
I had two weird dreams this week, I saw a baby, My child, the one I was carrying during the 'other' dream, I saw the father again, it WAS Orlando.. I know, it makes no sense, but the kid was MINE, I was happy and proud of him...
I was traveling in a bus with the kid and my Grandfather, the good one, then for no good reason we had to change to a train, the one that'll take us'there' I never knew where the 'there' was. I bought a million things for my sisters but I knoew I'll never gave the present to them.
the second was the kind of dream you define as 'star naked at school' I was at the hospital with a dirty coat, and a patient coat underneat, stained with baby's poop. I saw friends, new ones and old ones, was interesting...

interesting day after all, Life is not bad this days...
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maybe because I had a really heavy dinner but...
oh well...*sigh*
here it is:
I was coming out of a house with some of my friends, among them I saw Ariel, Elva, Dennis Justina, Thelma tania and that other girl I can't remember her name of.. and Jorge, yes YES!! I know Jorge again, he was looking at me like disapointed or something at first, the we started walking down a road full of dirt and small stones, watching mountains covered in snow in the horizon talking about visiting it. I was walking near to Elva behind the whole group but Jorge stoped there and waited for me, when I get near, he smiled and put his arm around my shoulders and I did the same with his waist[he's taller than me] we were walking like that for a while when he told me 'the very first time I laid my eyes on you, you were on a bus and I held you hand, do you remember? I remember you got stiff when I touched you' I smiled back and said yes, then he turned around to face Dennis with this cocky smile, like 'she's mine' or something Dennis tried to avoid my eyes, I was like 'Shit he's just watching this... but feels so good' then Jorge let them go ahead and held me close telling me again about the first time we meet and when he was about to kiss me, Justina, Tania, Thelma and the other one came making all kind of tacky coments about us, then I saw Jorge near to his computer writing a message about my Neurology patient and what she has, I read that, and then my alarm wake me up, and he was right, the diagnosis was right...
why!! I wish he could kiss me in my dreams so I stop dreaming things like this. is he thinking on me? is he dreaming the same? does he remember me at all? I wish I could know...
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but its SO weird that have me thinking about it all the time.
it was Viggo's house and had this gorgoeus SUB on the main room, don't ask me why... btu I couldn't see Viggo himself but heard his laugh, then I did my laundry, including my hosp scrubs, blue and green ones, then from nowhere while I was hanging the clothes Sir Ian came in a silver pickup and ran over it, I started crying because being pregnant(I was very very pregnant on the stupid dream and really hating every second) doing the laundry all over again was imposible, then the baby's father came and hold me in his masculine arms soothing me and kissing my forehead he told me that everything will be ok, that he'll take care of everything, when I turned my eyes to him he was, ORLANDO BLOOM!!!
I know, I know that was stupid enough and I woke up the next second but wasn't that bad, one of those SO vivid dreams that you're sure you weren't dreaming, the first thing I did was hold my belly and then my forehead because I still was feeling the warm place where he kissed me.

for first time in my entire life being pregnant was as scary as usual but wasn't bad scary but kinda exciting lol

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las tnight I had the weirdest dream ever!!!
I was fighting with Sir Ian because he run over (with a silver pick up) my just washed clothes... ok that's weird huh? but there was more, yes MORE!! we were at Viggo's house, and I couldn't see him.
and the weirdest of all I WAS PREGNANT!!! with Orlando's baby!!!
so lets post a pic spam, what could be his reaction?

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hope you like this


Feb. 19th, 2006 09:01 pm
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moving on... great isn't?
had another weird dream last night, it had a tiger, the odd part was its eyes, it made me feel guilt for no specific reason but it was really painful to see.
then this guy, lets call him Bobby and a girl her name was neer mentioned were there with me, and a big bunch of people including Jorge garcia as Hurley from LOST (its ok, you can laugh)we went to my 'imaginary closset' to hide away from the beast. inside am'imaginary 'tiger fur coat'lol
then we saw the cat walking across the doorway and me and bobby rush to close it up, we make it before the cat get in and we stayed there holding the door, I got my mom's poncho (from the 70's but we lost this thing back in 90's) while bobby was under a sheet, the girl meanwhile was walking around, we heard the guys, they were well hide, then I kinda fall asleep for few minutes and when I opened my eyes the girl told me that the animal was out there, she was near to another door, an dth ecat get in trough that one, for a small line of light the cat get in and I was trying to hide my cats(I have three baby cats) Bobby was saying that I'll be ok, saying don't move, don't move... but I called the beast's attention and it cames to me and sniffed at me, the voice of bobby was still very calmed, but the cat punched me , I felt the pain, I smelled my blood and woke up shaking... was very weird like the kind of nightmares I used to have as a child.
Thanks god it was just a dream..
lets check this one, really hot guys there
and some sexy Jonathan Rhys Meyers for the weekend
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