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fill for THIS PROMPT
A/N: yes I twisted lore again, yes I took some bits from other movie. but still like my fill.

Tittle: Token
Pairing: none
Rating: Gen
Kinks: fluff, h/c, protective boys, hurt/scared Cas
Characters: Dean W. Sam W. Castiel, Rowley, OMD(as in demon)
Dean was walking back from the garage, singing along with a holla lotta love when the thumping made him turn.
He was in his cut off short shorts –to piss/scare/traumatize Sammy- and had not one weapon with him so he ran back to his room and changed in a second, took his Glock, his sawed off and an angel blade and ran back down.
Sam heard the hasty footsteps and left his book and moved down the hall calling out for his brother. “Dean?” he didn’t heard a reply so he followed him.
Castiel was sitting in his room, he has one now; it’s just like every other room in the bunker but it’s his, with his bed and his bathroom, and is the first time he’s ever had something HIS. The laptop he’s using is Dean’s; so is the show he’s watching, Into The Badlands happens to be awesome. He understands Sunny’s inner battle between obeying his master or doing what is right, the weight of decisions too heavy for him who couldn’t see the bigger picture.
The sound came from deep into the ground, as if the very foundation of the bunker had been hit by a pneumatic hammer. It frozen his blood the second it sounded, it couldn’t be there.
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The End
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Tittle: Words
Pairing; none
Rating: GEN
Characters: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Pastor Jim, OFC, mentions of Mary Winchester.
Kinks: family, fluff, not an ass John, character’s death (not main and mostly implied)

Sam’s first word was Dee, the second was banana, don’t ask; he’s always being weird.

Dean’s first word was mom, the second was please, again don’t judge, he was special, even for Winchester standards.

But the thing about words when you’re a Winchester is that you follow it to the letter, and the one who has the last one is Dad. Always! You also, only have your word, and you better keep it.

John saw as Dean did exactly as he said, preparing salt shells, Sammy was sitting in front of the TV reading a book, the kid was weird, reading at his age.

“Well done Deannie.” He said as he got up, it was about time for dinner and he had put one of those easy meal things in the oven like 40 minutes before, so he got up as Dean cleaned the table and Sam went to wash his hands.

The table was set and all three of them were already seated when the phone rang; it was really early on in the Winchester family history, with the almost permanent places because back in the days there was no mobile phones, so dad had to got up and go to the phone, it was Pastor Jim , he needed help with a hunt as soon as John could get in the car. “Sadly that’s all the information I have about this specific creature; John…” he had said in a mumble. “All I know is that by the new moon on January 30, it’ll be gone to a different town.”
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The end
hope this is what you came kinda sad...
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 from a tumblr prompt:here )

I know how it feels…
Author: Kali
Rating: Gen
“I’m a coward.” She repeats to herself as she walks down the empty hallways towards the exit, she knows what’s gonna happen, she had heard the people walking out laughing and making fun.

She heard them at lunch among the jocks and popular kids where her classmates sit. “She told him already let’s go.”

One year ago, when she was freshman, it’d have been her, the joke. Why she couldn’t say a thing when it was 12 y.o. little Spencer.

As she walks out she was debating going to tell teachers, she should… but being a tail tell never bode well in high school.

She walks down the field towards the football field, and as she walks she hears the laughter and the people cheering and catcalling and making fun. It was horrible, it was like a roman circus, it was humiliating and exhilarating in a terrible way.

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Tittle: Fearless
Author: Kali
Pairing: J2
Warnings: angst, character’s death (not main), hurt !Jared, Protective!Jensen,
first part here
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A/N: I feel specially proud of this one, something about it made me so happy!
Tittle: Fearless
Author: Kali
Pairing: J2
Warnings: angst, character’s death (not main), hurt !Jared, Protective!Jensen,

Every year the trip to the sanctuary starts just the same way, a stupid ass video about the winged ones, hominidus angelicus.

“Well come friends to the only sanctuary for Winged’s in our country” chirped a boring voice “this forest have and extension” someone yawned too loud to ignore and everyone laughed, the teacher clapped and asked them to be quiet “Wingeds are human-esque creatures that live in forests, they live in flocks and are well known for their human features, thought the obvious difference resides in the wings they have on their backs” you couldn’t really pay attention to this part, some stuff about how in evolution some monkeys grew and extra set of bones on their backs and they had an extra joint that let them use those extra limbs “as the Archeopterix… the firs dinosaur that had feathers…” more blah about how they were not really humans “for years the fair features and ethereal presence of this creatures had marveled humans and even some kind of creepy deviation were born from it during the XXIII century.” A pause of dark screen “but lets not forget that this creatures are closer to this” And the picture of a giant baboon were displayed with the ruckus of their intimidating growl, every kid in the room gasped and tried to back away.

“scientist have spent their lives observing this amazing creatures and we still don’t know much about them, they communicate using a complex language of humming and grunting sounds, and they mate for life, this, is the preening” and they showed fair creatures, all beautiful and almost glowing in ethereal light, “and is part of their interaction, they live in flocks, and migrate to a warmer lands during winter. The flocks that live in this specific point come from far in the south looking for warmer lands, and arrive around spring, when they mate, yes kids, we got to the sex…” every kid in the room laughed and a couple catcalls were heard.

“this is the preening” and the young male Winged on the screen muscles well defined and bare expanded honey colored wings, that glittered like diamond at the very edges and fanned them in front of him, raising them as far as they could go, and then used them to touch the floor and repeated while smiling and making little whispery sounds “and the preening once was considered the mating ritual until we found this…” and the screen that was filled with precious winged girls standing in front of boys fluttering wings on display, just like the specimen in the first part, but then appeared a couple boys, not older than 14 years doing exactly the same “now is considered a form of salute, how they find pairs? We’re not sure” some more of those creatures preening “the feathers from this amazing creatures are, of course, the feature that first attracted us.” And several colors, shapes and sizes were showed “they go from the pearly, unblemished white from their babies” and a baby with adorable white fluffy wings marched away in unsteady legs and every girl let out an aw, and every boy giggled “to tan and several shades of brown to green and yellow and blue” more of the mentioned colors “and there are the rare ones, it’s been reported that in some other countries you can find them in colors such as black, purple and pink, though in our reserve we have never had one of those…”

“this are used in the fashion industry, there’s no one girl in this world that wouldn’t want them on their wedding gowns” several images and little videos of amazing perfect dresses were displayed “even if they don’t know how they’re obtained” shots of creatures dead and bleeding were shown “there are laws that protect this amazing creatures, proof that we have evolved from the same ancestors, but sadly they are still disappearing.”

“Now… what we have to know to get close to them? We’re about to get into their home, so please you have to be respectful and quiet, these creatures are not aggressive unless you give them a reason, they produce their own tools, and react strongly against anything that tries to touch the nests, so let’s make a list of rules”
And there it was a winged creature cartoon holding his feathers in front of him “rule number one: do not touch their offspring; rule number two: do not try to touch them unless they allow it; rule number three; if you get lost in their land, just walk calmly, without screaming or running towards the path you just left, there are enough signs for you to find your way back.” The cartoon held his other wing out “Rule number four, you are not allowed to feed them, they have a special diet of seeds, roots and honey, so the only thing you could give them is that HONEY ” and the cartoon licked his lips and rubbed his belly “Rule number five do not leave trash inside the park, rule number six: look after your stuff, this creatures are curious and could steal things that are potentially harmful to them, rule number seven: no smoking near them, rule number eight: if you start a fire be sure to turn it off completely; rule number nine: do not stay I the woods after dark; Rule number ten: report if you see any person out there, not only your pairs braking any rule, also hunters” that was a necessary warning since there were poachers and other hunters “if you respect the rules, you’ll have a great time.”

They all went out, it was the first days of spring and they could see a group moving, they were so close to humans, so close, even if they were only wearing scraps of leathers and barks to cover themselves, in the front of the column were flying the bigger ones carrying long lances that ended in crooked blades, well too fabricated to be considered rudimentary tools, among the very end the group of kids could see young ones carrying even bigger swords, all of them at least 6’3 “Those are called the warriors” pointed the teacher “usually they’re just few, but if you see this year they have so many….” Most kids looked as they passed, some of the warriors had their eyes on them “look, the color of their eyes match the color of their wings” called a girl and the teacher praised her smart observation.

To the Winds, the flock that owned the forest; those strangely wrapped creatures were so intriguing, sometimes they had honey for them, but sometimes they had lightning and thunder on their hands, right now they were being loud and getting closer when the newborns were there, they had their entire hatch taken and killed last year, many of the mothers let themselves die of sorrow and their mates followed them. So these ones were precious,

That’s why Jared, Jason, Jeremy and Miranda, all of them of less than an eclipse *what for humans would be 20 years* of age were training for warriors, Jason was a newcomer, he was the last survivor from a flock from the far south, the first that traveled with them with back feathers, and apparently seeing him spreading his wings to protect a newborn who was tumbling on the moss at his feet caused great reaction from the humans, “Dumb creatures” Miranda let out “so stupid that can’t even communicate with us…” and pushed Jared ahead, before turning to the humans and scream “Go away you verms… crawling in the floor, go back to your cages…” and the stupid creatures laughed.
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Tittle: My Home Is Where You Are
Universe: RPF/Supernatural AU
Author: Kali
beta not at all now, so I'm sorry for any obvious mistake
gender: AU
Characters: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Cortesse- Padalecki, Danneel Harris Ackles, Misha Collins/Victoria Vantoch. Osric Chao, Samantha Ferris, Julian Richings, Lauren Cohan, Amanda Tapping. Eric Kripke and as tribute to late Dear Director and Supernatural*the show* friend: Kim Manners.
NCIS:Michael Weatherly, Cote De Pablo, Sean Murray Mark Harmon, David McCalum,
Others: Christian Kane, mentions of Beth Risgraff, Aldis Hodge, others and a million OFC and OMC
rathed; +k
Pairing:JDM/JA, JP/GC, Boaz Prestley/DHA,
Warnings:a/b/o dynamics, abuse,
Spoilers:none, but you'll find a million of references
Summary: Jeff and Jared found a fertile O who just gave birth, Jensen is very innocent, to protect this victim Jeff a rejected alpha has to take him home and help him recover from the trauma and recover his past life, everything their parents left for him and punish the man who left him an orphan.
A/N: I tend to think in the weirdest things when preparing myself for stress, this one came for a promp on a SPNkink-meme.
A/N 2: Finally here, the last part of this story,I'm thinking about posting a epilogue at some point, to tie loose ends, but mostly is done, now all I need is a saint who'd want to beta it at some point or time to do it myself.

So... here it comes
part_1 part_2 part_3 part_4 part_5 part_6 part_7 part_8 part_9 part_10 part_11 part_12 part_13 part_14 part_15 part_16 part_17 part_18 part_19 part_20 part_21 part_22 part_23 part_24 part_25 part_26 part_27 part_28 part_29
And for the last time
Here it comes
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