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I'll miss you forever, angel, for you are the face of what bravery means.
I'll forever miss the blue of your eyes, the light of your smile, the warmth of your laughter
I'll forever miss the one that made me see more than beauty in models.
with all my love and all my sorrow.
Rest in Peace Dear Andy

it is unfair that God robed your family and us from you.
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and I know I'm sure gonna post something for Gube's B-day but he's my hottie I couldn't just let it pass...
So Happy Late B-day for you darling Jensen Ackles, it was March 1th but... well real life got in the middle here.

link to funny page here:
I agree with every one, even with the Paget disease one LOL Poor Icarus.

happy Birthday Hottie, hope you had a great one surrouinded by your family and loved ones.

I'm here

Nov. 16th, 2010 09:14 pm
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and just saw as much of Criminal minds as you can imagine, just saw the S3 finale, and S4 first epi nd DAMN!! how did I missed this show for that long?

Okay I confess started watching it for Shemar moore that must be the hottewst African American actor ever!! then MAtthew Gray Gubler, but every day that passes I'm more and more smitten with Thomas Gibson, the man is amazing in his acting so subtle, you can see emotions and feeling and sensations crossing his face , he -as just few others in TV this days- has only to move his manly face to make us believe what he's saying, but, quoting another character "what do I know I'm a blinker".
After seeing his so endearing Greg in a show with the always annoying Jenna Elfman, I never got to imagine that the same guy was in other movies, just saw Eyes Wide Shut, never ever before cared for it, Cruise is terrible, Kidman is stiff, the rest just boring, but couldn't stop my self to look for him.

His Hotch is great, Hotch is great, it makes him almost real, he's always so serious and so glum, and you'd think he's not even close to the rest of the characters and then.. first when he was cleaning Elle's place... the nwhen he's with Jack and how he never looses his cool not even in front of people that desreves to be punched in the face.

The way he held Strauss hand at the crime scene right after she suspended him, ho whe's always there for Reid and Prentis, how he's always worried and checking on JJ.

as I mentioned before I'm smitten to the bones...

and then.. this gallery:
has pics that for once make my ovaries want to explode!! how weird is that?
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kali here in gigging bimbo mode because of Aaron Hotchner and his pretty smile... I didn't know he was in so many things I've watched before...

isn't he sweet?

Criminal minds is getting me.. PLEASE be september already so i can worry about Supernatural


finally spoke to my sister to let her know I forgot about her b-day no chace to bs her about it.

gotta go to bed, last night War crashed her eand neither slept enough.
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*on a normal March 23, a not so normal girl were born...*

well not that..
I developed a crush on someone!!! YAY!!! as if my real romantic life weren't complicated enough... have you all ever heard of this guy matthew Gray Gubler? well i like swet Dr Reid.

as Ard caled is just my reblound after the other mess, not sure, I thought he was a pretty faeand one to have sitting tight and quiet, but theni found out he's quite a smart one and I like him better now... he's very very sweet!!
and here I am, an hour or so latter still searchign for pics!! what have changed?!?!

the answer willbe, I saw 500 days of summer...

OOH and here it is: a link to the holly rgial of CM pics that are CUTE as a new born kitten!!


Jul. 18th, 2010 09:51 pm
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Howl by Allen Ginsberg


I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by
madness, starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn
looking for an angry fix,
angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly
connection to the starry dynamo in the machin-
ery of night,
who poverty and tatters and hollow-eyed and high sat
up smoking in the supernatural darkness of
cold-water flats floating across the tops of cities
contemplating jazz,
who bared their brains to Heaven under the El and
saw Mohammedan angels staggering on tene-
ment roofs illuminated,
who passed through universities with radiant cool eyes
hallucinating Arkansas and Blake-light tragedy
among the scholars of war,
who were expelled from the academies for crazy &
publishing obscene odes on the windows of the
who cowered in unshaven rooms in underwear, burn-
ing their money in wastebaskets and listening
to the Terror through the wall,
who got busted in their pubic beards returning through
Laredo with a belt of marijuana for New York,
who ate fire in paint hotels or drank turpentine in
Paradise Alley, death, or purgatoried their
torsos night after night
with dreams, with drugs, with waking nightmares, al-
cohol and cock and endless balls,
incomparable blind; streets of shuddering cloud and
lightning in the mind leaping toward poles of
Canada & Paterson, illuminating all the mo-
tionless world of Time between,
Peyote solidities of halls, backyard green tree cemetery
dawns, wine drunkenness over the rooftops,
storefront boroughs of teahead joyride neon
blinking traffic light, sun and moon and tree
vibrations in the roaring winter dusks of Brook-
lyn, ashcan rantings and kind king light of mind,
who chained themselves to subways for the endless
ride from Battery to holy Bronx on benzedrine
until the noise of wheels and children brought
them down shuddering mouth-wracked and
battered bleak of brain all drained of brilliance
in the drear light of Zoo,
who sank all night in submarine light of Bickford's
floated out and sat through the stale beer after
noon in desolate Fugazzi's, listening to the crack
of doom on the hydrogen jukebox,
who talked continuously seventy hours from park to
pad to bar to Bellevue to museum to the Brook-
lyn Bridge,
lost battalion of platonic conversationalists jumping
down the stoops off fire escapes off windowsills
off Empire State out of the moon,
yacketayakking screaming vomiting whispering facts
and memories and anecdotes and eyeball kicks
and shocks of hospitals and jails and wars,
whole intellects disgorged in total recall for seven days
and nights with brilliant eyes, meat for the
Synagogue cast on the pavement,
who vanished into nowhere Zen New Jersey leaving a
trail of ambiguous picture postcards of Atlantic
City Hall,
suffering Eastern sweats and Tangerian bone-grind-
ings and migraines of China under junk-with-
drawal in Newark's bleak furnished room,
who wandered around and around at midnight in the
railroad yard wondering where to go, and went,
leaving no broken hearts,
who lit cigarettes in boxcars boxcars boxcars racketing
through snow toward lonesome farms in grand-
father night,
who studied Plotinus Poe St. John of the Cross telep-
athy and bop kabbalah because the cosmos in-
stinctively vibrated at their feet in Kansas,
who loned it through the streets of Idaho seeking vis-
ionary indian angels who were visionary indian
who thought they were only mad when Baltimore
gleamed in supernatural ecstasy,
who jumped in limousines with the Chinaman of Okla-
homa on the impulse of winter midnight street
light smalltown rain,
who lounged hungry and lonesome through Houston
seeking jazz or sex or soup, and followed the
brilliant Spaniard to converse about America
and Eternity, a hopeless task, and so took ship
to Africa,
who disappeared into the volcanoes of Mexico leaving
behind nothing but the shadow of dungarees
and the lava and ash of poetry scattered in fire
place Chicago,
who reappeared on the West Coast investigating the
F.B.I. in beards and shorts with big pacifist
eyes sexy in their dark skin passing out incom-
prehensible leaflets,
who burned cigarette holes in their arms protesting
the narcotic tobacco haze of Capitalism,
who distributed Supercommunist pamphlets in Union
Square weeping and undressing while the sirens
of Los Alamos wailed them down, and wailed
down Wall, and the Staten Island ferry also
who broke down crying in white gymnasiums naked
and trembling before the machinery of other
who bit detectives in the neck and shrieked with delight
in policecars for committing no crime but their
own wild cooking pederasty and intoxication,
who howled on their knees in the subway and were
dragged off the roof waving genitals and manu-
who let themselves be fucked in the ass by saintly
motorcyclists, and screamed with joy,
who blew and were blown by those human seraphim,
the sailors, caresses of Atlantic and Caribbean
who balled in the morning in the evenings in rose
gardens and the grass of public parks and
cemeteries scattering their semen freely to
whomever come who may,
who hiccuped endlessly trying to giggle but wound up
with a sob behind a partition in a Turkish Bath
when the blond & naked angel came to pierce
them with a sword,
who lost their loveboys to the three old shrews of fate
the one eyed shrew of the heterosexual dollar
the one eyed shrew that winks out of the womb
and the one eyed shrew that does nothing but
sit on her ass and snip the intellectual golden
threads of the craftsman's loom,
who copulated ecstatic and insatiate with a bottle of
beer a sweetheart a package of cigarettes a can-
dle and fell off the bed, and continued along
the floor and down the hall and ended fainting
on the wall with a vision of ultimate cunt and
come eluding the last gyzym of consciousness,
who sweetened the snatches of a million girls trembling
in the sunset, and were red eyed in the morning
but prepared to sweeten the snatch of the sun
rise, flashing buttocks under barns and naked
in the lake,
who went out whoring through Colorado in myriad
stolen night-cars, N.C., secret hero of these
poems, cocksman and Adonis of Denver--joy
to the memory of his innumerable lays of girls
in empty lots & diner backyards, moviehouses'
rickety rows, on mountaintops in caves or with
gaunt waitresses in familiar roadside lonely pet-
ticoat upliftings & especially secret gas-station
solipsisms of johns, & hometown alleys too,
who faded out in vast sordid movies, were shifted in
dreams, woke on a sudden Manhattan, and
picked themselves up out of basements hung
over with heartless Tokay and horrors of Third
Avenue iron dreams & stumbled to unemploy-
ment offices,
who walked all night with their shoes full of blood on
the snowbank docks waiting for a door in the
East River to open to a room full of steamheat
and opium,
who created great suicidal dramas on the apartment
cliff-banks of the Hudson under the wartime
blue floodlight of the moon & their heads shall
be crowned with laurel in oblivion,
who ate the lamb stew of the imagination or digested
the crab at the muddy bottom of the rivers of
who wept at the romance of the streets with their
pushcarts full of onions and bad music,
who sat in boxes breathing in the darkness under the
bridge, and rose up to build harpsichords in
their lofts,
who coughed on the sixth floor of Harlem crowned
with flame under the tubercular sky surrounded
by orange crates of theology,
who scribbled all night rocking and rolling over lofty
incantations which in the yellow morning were
stanzas of gibberish,
who cooked rotten animals lung heart feet tail borsht
& tortillas dreaming of the pure vegetable
who plunged themselves under meat trucks looking for
an egg,
who threw their watches off the roof to cast their ballot
for Eternity outside of Time, & alarm clocks
fell on their heads every day for the next decade,
who cut their wrists three times successively unsuccess-
fully, gave up and were forced to open antique
stores where they thought they were growing
old and cried,
who were burned alive in their innocent flannel suits
on Madison Avenue amid blasts of leaden verse
& the tanked-up clatter of the iron regiments
of fashion & the nitroglycerine shrieks of the
fairies of advertising & the mustard gas of sinis-
ter intelligent editors, or were run down by the
drunken taxicabs of Absolute Reality,
who jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge this actually hap-
pened and walked away unknown and forgotten
into the ghostly daze of Chinatown soup alley
ways & firetrucks, not even one free beer,
who sang out of their windows in despair, fell out of
the subway window, jumped in the filthy Pas-
saic, leaped on negroes, cried all over the street,
danced on broken wineglasses barefoot smashed
phonograph records of nostalgic European
1930s German jazz finished the whiskey and
threw up groaning into the bloody toilet, moans
in their ears and the blast of colossal steam
who barreled down the highways of the past journeying
to each other's hotrod-Golgotha jail-solitude
watch or Birmingham jazz incarnation,
who drove crosscountry seventytwo hours to find out
if I had a vision or you had a vision or he had
a vision to find out Eternity,
who journeyed to Denver, who died in Denver, who
came back to Denver & waited in vain, who
watched over Denver & brooded & loned in
Denver and finally went away to find out the
Time, & now Denver is lonesome for her heroes,
who fell on their knees in hopeless cathedrals praying
for each other's salvation and light and breasts,
until the soul illuminated its hair for a second,
who crashed through their minds in jail waiting for
impossible criminals with golden heads and the
charm of reality in their hearts who sang sweet
blues to Alcatraz,
who retired to Mexico to cultivate a habit, or Rocky
Mount to tender Buddha or Tangiers to boys
or Southern Pacific to the black locomotive or
Harvard to Narcissus to Woodlawn to the
daisychain or grave,
who demanded sanity trials accusing the radio of hyp
notism & were left with their insanity & their
hands & a hung jury,
who threw potato salad at CCNY lecturers on Dadaism
and subsequently presented themselves on the
granite steps of the madhouse with shaven heads
and harlequin speech of suicide, demanding in-
stantaneous lobotomy,
and who were given instead the concrete void of insulin
Metrazol electricity hydrotherapy psycho-
therapy occupational therapy pingpong &
who in humorless protest overturned only one symbolic
pingpong table, resting briefly in catatonia,
returning years later truly bald except for a wig of
blood, and tears and fingers, to the visible mad
man doom of the wards of the madtowns of the
Pilgrim State's Rockland's and Greystone's foetid
halls, bickering with the echoes of the soul, rock-
ing and rolling in the midnight solitude-bench
dolmen-realms of love, dream of life a night-
mare, bodies turned to stone as heavy as the
with mother finally ******, and the last fantastic book
flung out of the tenement window, and the last
door closed at 4. A.M. and the last telephone
slammed at the wall in reply and the last fur-
nished room emptied down to the last piece of
mental furniture, a yellow paper rose twisted
on a wire hanger in the closet, and even that
imaginary, nothing but a hopeful little bit of
ah, Carl, while you are not safe I am not safe, and
now you're really in the total animal soup of
and who therefore ran through the icy streets obsessed
with a sudden flash of the alchemy of the use
of the ellipse the catalog the meter & the vibrat-
ing plane,
who dreamt and made incarnate gaps in Time & Space
through images juxtaposed, and trapped the
archangel of the soul between 2 visual images
and joined the elemental verbs and set the noun
and dash of consciousness together jumping
with sensation of Pater Omnipotens Aeterna
to recreate the syntax and measure of poor human
prose and stand before you speechless and intel-
ligent and shaking with shame, rejected yet con-
fessing out the soul to conform to the rhythm
of thought in his naked and endless head,
the madman bum and angel beat in Time, unknown,
yet putting down here what might be left to say
in time come after death,
and rose reincarnate in the ghostly clothes of jazz in
the goldhorn shadow of the band and blew the
suffering of America's naked mind for love into
an eli eli lamma lamma sabacthani saxophone
cry that shivered the cities down to the last radio
with the absolute heart of the poem of life butchered
out of their own bodies good to eat a thousand
Read more... )
this is gonna be one of the best movies this year, I have a ton things to say yet.. here I am saying none and quoting a writer instead...
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*snort* yeah the day has come...
I'm happy for him I know that much of myself, but my selfish side is kinda angry and disapointed.
then God thought I had too much free time to worry about Stupidity and sent me someone with NOn Hodgkin Lynfoma to worry about, that's much more important than some stupid ass wedding...

lets all pray for Andy today, he needs to feel better ASAP!!!

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I?M still sick, and still feeling like shit, but needed to say something about *a very shallow* news report.

Have you heard Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a daddy again? I mean, I didn't even knew he was straight, less that he was dating some random Chick less even less that he knocked her up and now he's a father of a second kid... I'm happy for him, I do but... seriously interesting how we get to know how many times a nameless faceless talentless girl goes out without her knickers and this just escaped their lenses..
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Dr Camp got all moody at the end because I made a mistake... its all my fault...
well at least it was really easy to correct it.
then there's few things, Dr. Friend's Birthday is tomorrow so we had cake and coke tonight lol, tomorrow I have a babyshawer, for Silvya's baby, a boy, I was in GOB exam room (as atendant) yesterday and we had ER head nurse Dolly's sister with breast Cancer in OR until late afternoon a masive surgery.

aside of that...
Today is the day, Heath'd be turning 29 today, he was a year younger than me and he's dead, that idiot, still can't make mysef watch his movies again, I have Knight's tale and 10 things I hate about you hiden on my shelves.


words of weirdness today
ok not the best vampire show ever, not even one of the top five but kinda ok, one you turn your brain off, what can I say I just watched like one episode... like the guy thou, he was in the invisible which happens to be a very good movie.

then this other thing, kinda obvious if you ask me
81% think we're going wrong

now guy for today my late his Royal Aussiness

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I find out that KoH is 103 in the moviemeter
Well, I'm sorry, I'm a fan of Orlando, only not drooling after him the way I used to, well the point is that few of us, voted his movies with high scores just because it was Orlando's movie, not all of us but that's why KoH got there.
I'm a bigger fan of Ridley Scott than Orlando's and I wish this movie were better, but even if technically is amazing the acting as just ok.

enough ranting about it, today nothing interesting, I found that two of my friends from high school has already two baies each... I'm gonna be a spinster lol
I'm still thinking about Jensen, not because of any special crush but because he's very nice, He was very sweet back then and he is still adorable, seems like he didn't changed at all.
and now that i think about it... OOOH, it still made me blush *scratchs ear as everytime I'm nervous* that must be the most mbarassing moemnt ever.
ok check this out amazing song, hated the cartoons thu.

I'm thinking in too many things yet nothing is in my head right now.
life is messy and I feel like I drank too much *even thought I've never had too much buzz in my life* yesterday the midget and his family came, he's bringing my sis her meds and don't know why he came with the noisy stupid little ones...
tomorrow I'll sleep unitl ten I swear...

Guy for today, someone I saw last night in Ultraviolet

Sebastien Andrieu.
and then found this page:
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we had a serious conversation.
Since the chief of the whole center happens to be my mother's friend, well they're giving me lots of free time, Plus... I still have the best surgeries because they cannot trust any other *happy,proud dance*
I have to be there every day, and I mean every day but I'm not gonna do nights, so I'll be home, at least until my sister gets better or else.

Today is the day before Jensen's B-day, so I was thinking since we didn't had a serious Pickspam here in ages... *or jan 13th* I'll post one for him
and a little bit of Bio for those that haven't met him yet
Birth Name: Jensen Ross Ackles
Birth Place: Dallas, TX
Date of Birth / Zodiac Sign: 03/01/1978, Pisces
Profession: Actor; model
Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m)
this actor burst onto the Hollywood scene at 19 on the daytime soap Days of Our Lives. After four years he made the leap to prime time with recurring bad-boy roles on Dawson's Creek and Smallville. A natural teen heartthrob, Ackles was romantically linked with a number of young stars, including LeAnn Rimes and Jessica Simpson, although the relationships were never confirmed. In 2005 the budding hunk landed his own show, Supernatural, costarring fellow Texas native Jared Padalecki.
Fast Facts:
Began modeling at age 4 in TV commercials.
Was signed as a teen by an agent after being spotted at a Dallas actors' workshop.
Abandoned plans to study sports medicine at Texas Tech University and instead moved to L.A. to pursue acting.
Won the Soap Opera Digest Award for Best Male Newcomer in 1998 for his role as Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives.
Along with Supernatural costar Jared Padalecki, named Sexiest Ghostbusters in People magazine.

Named one of TV's Sexiest Men by TV GUIDE in 2006.

Played baseball and lacrosse in high school.

Fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

Enjoys horseback riding.

Was runner up to Tom Welling for the role of Clark Kent on "Smallville" (2001). Was brought onto the show in season 4 as Lana's boyfriend.

Also sings and plays guitar.

He is the son of actor Alan Ackles.

Jensen's parents named him Jensen because they considered other names but found them too common. Ackles, Jensen's last name, is pronounced like 'Cackles' without a 'C.'

Good friends with LeAnn Rimes and Christian Kane.

His career has an ongoing theme of dealing with demonic forces. His character's mother, "Marlena" on "Days of Our Lives" (1965), was possessed by the Devil. In the movie Devour (2005), he was the son of "Satan". On his television series, "Supernatural" (2005), his character battles the forces of hell.

His parents were going to name him Justin but thought it was too common.

Is of Irish, English, and Scottish ancestry.

He is a keen photographer and is always taking photos on the set of "Supernatural" (2005).

Was offered a role as Eliza Dushku's love interest on "Tru Calling" (2003), but chose to take a role on "Smallville" (2001) instead. Eric Christian Olsen was eventually given the role and the character's name was changed to Jensen.

His first name is actually a surname and is the most common surname in Denmark.

Personal Quotes
"When I was in middle school, some of my so-called friends found a catalog ad I did for Superman pajamas. They made as many copies as they could and pasted them up all over school." - on his most embarrassing moment.

Being from Texas, I would say I favor a pair of jeans you can wear some boots with.

[On Dean Winchester's reaction to his father's death on _"Supernatural" (2005)_] "A lot of issues, yeah. Dean's definitely having issues on camera. I'm just having issues because I don't get to hang out with him [Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played John] anymore."

song for today, Jensen's special

and guy for today.. well its kinda obvious

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sent million letters, asked for a million apointments, and monday I'll spend the day long visiting tutors all around the city.. thanks God they're nice people.

nothing more about school, sister's a little depressed so we're doing this weird thing, we started last night inviting other sis Wara to joiin us, we were jus tin heaven the three of us, it would be amazing being four but Louise... well we knew she was a lost cause long ago...
to the point.. we pampered ourselves the whole day, nails, feet, skin, hair, everything to get ready for tomorrow night, we have the Oscars!!! , we got expensive night gowns and War being the artist here is gonna make the make up , I'll do the hair... lol all we need is hot dates and we'll be ok.
I'm asking Viggo, Mel Johnny Depp and War will accept James McAvvoy, but we're suporting Viggo or Tommy Lee Jones. AND Cate of course.
I'm not sure what we're gonna do dressed up while watching tv, but we have champagne for those who can drink and Ginger ale for the rest... and we have a ton of snacks lol

ok, we're almost ready.
NOTE don't forget is uncle Freddy's Birthday on Monday.


ok about something else, I saw the two towers along last night I couldn't sleep with things in my head.. and this afternoon I watched it again by unanimus consent.
I'm more and more attracted to this guys lol

I knew it, This character made by Jensen is se sweet and lovable, I kinda felt long ago it will be very hard to resist the new crush, besides for once I know from first hand he's as adorable in person as in Tv.

song for the day, Mr Dean Martin

He's SO adorable, besides the song jsut hits the ocassion lol.
so lets get us all ready for the night.. I'm even thinking about getting a pic of myself and posting it here, letting the world to know my face... now that's interesting...
guy for today.. both Viggo and jensen what an interesing mix...

getting on

Feb. 21st, 2008 08:08 pm
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aside of my hair looking amazing... I have nothing to say, we had the door fixed, I think I didn't mentioned, sicne my house is quite old, the doors were getting open by themselves, freaking me out shitless, but my sisters needs peace and the same event caused her to scream in terror sure that there was someone else on the house *there was nobody but still cannot get the lost keys from last year out of my head*

ok I'm getting ready for tomorrow's marathon, I need to find at least six professors tomorrow and hopefully they'll be ok with signing my letters again.*scratchs head in frustration* its just messy

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

I have this thing in my head for days, I mentioned I'm getting over my Orlando Obsession, right? well I'm not quite OVER IT yet, but maybe if he start working again... anyway, the point before i start rambling about something completely different again like Takeshi Kaneshiro or Hayden Christensen which happens to be amazing in Jumpers and so Brad Pitt like when you see his profile, I swear he was the least person to be a young Brad Pitt in my book but seems like he'd great!, aside of that Jumpers is amazing, and Jamie Bell, now that's a different story,I went just because of Diane Lane and ended up loving the movie. Jamie is just sweet, hated the whole Billy Elliot mess even thou I love the movie, and the fact that we have a peek on Lee Williams on that one.
His new grown up roles are amazing, and I wonder how I always end up watching his movies on a theatre, it hapens you know? happened with flags of our parents.
*screaming uot loud to the horizon* come back kal you're drifting away...
ok to the point...*because I want to keep that ramble from above this* is that since I'm not blind-obsessed with ONE guy started noticing other actors that used to "hate" because were more talented/lucky than Orlando or got better parts than Orlando or weren't so critizised as orlando.. yeah I even think that Colin Farrel is a good actor, not Alexander but well you know, and kinda good looking, now that he's sobber at least.
same with James McAvvoy, he's pretty good. same with Hayden, he was just, plane, now... different eyes I guess.
so in the end I think is a good thing not to be OBsessed anymore but it brokes my heart for some weird reason.
ok song for today...
I have no idea... but something form Chris Isaacs came to my head, let me knwo what you think

I wanted a different one but this one is just amazing.
btw never understand whyall th efuzz about wicked game
and guy for the day, the very charming Takeshi

so what do you think? since I do love this dude.
quote for today:"You will never know love unless you surrender to it. "


Jan. 30th, 2008 08:35 pm
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Ok, I was blue today, with my paper not working... and doing errands the whole morning.
then this thing just hit me, for lunch I made myself... Mushroom's soup, because it used to work for me back then when I was someone's kitten. and when I used it to find comfort when I was with Sean, well he kinda knew it but made me "the f*cking soup" and even ran around with the pan like a headless chicken lol. How did I screwed things up with him?
I miss that, I miss D and miss my friends, why I choosed people from different states to be friends with? I have so few of them around and all of them are as busy as I am...
stupid soup...*eating mushroom's soup* stupid toasties..., anyway... the soup today made me remember both of them, why things weren't never right with him? and with him I meant Sean
and WHY in hell I ever considered I wasn't worthy of something better than Roger...
and even worst!!! Why everytime I find a way to talk about him? and why he can't stop sending me texts huh?
I just got one, its like he kinda sense when I'm thinking on him, and why it doesn't happen with Hector anymore? it used to work very good between us...

Stupid me, thinking about boys when I have a grad paper to end up...
Song for th eday the weird yet good singer
Courtney love

and guy for today Mr green Arrow *yeah I've been watching TV again what can I say...
Justin Hartley
ok enough

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what I did today? well I saw Robin Hood the british version I just LOVE Jonas Armstrong, but don't know if I can tolerate the waiing for the next chapter lol.
anywho.. to the point kal, make yuor point...
I went to a mass, a catholic mass after almost 6 months, I used to go to a church in that small town in SouthAmrica - btw did I mentioned they had a fire back then and now they're flooded?...argh... why I do this...

ok I went to the mass and then suddenly the father asked us to make an prayer for ourselves and what came out of my head was
"Here I am Lord thanking you again, here I am, the one that only asks and never give you anythnig in return, the one that claimed not being a believer, the one you helped the most and never heard you talking to me" the father said "because you have him with you all the time, he's always calling your name but you don't want to listen" and just started crying with no reason... my sister was just next to me and laughed her ass off... that donkey...
well for few second I was back there, with everything and everyone against me, yet it was like a relief because, as silly as it sound, NOW I can listen him calling my name, now I know he's with me, NOW I proudly say I do believe in him and that he's always with me.

enough of that...*sigh*
something ligher.
I had this weird dream last night
I was in a flea-market with Joe, Carolina's husband while waiting for her but I wanted to buy some washed black pants and left the car, ended up strandled in the middle of nowhere in a deserte of some kind where was the crew of a movie called the worms, kinda Cruel Intensions... then I started walking because it was 50Km away from the city, climbed a dune and saw the city far in the horizon so just walked following this girl dressed in choclate brown... then this weird person appeared, it was like the bad guy from a 007 movie met the hunter from Jumanji (if you know what I'm talking about) and told me that it was his *in spanish* Malevolo Plan (twisted evil plan) to kill Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger and that the next guy was James Franco... ... So, I was in a hurry because I wanted to call James to tell him to stay at home... and woke up running to the phone*blush*
ok The song for the day: Saving Jane's The girl next door

and I have to mention that while my sister was at the hospital my aunt Mirtha, mum's sister called asking for her but never mention4ed why she wanted to talk to her, and then today after 9 days... I get to know that My Aunt Betty, My mother's Brother's wife died... and its the 10 days memorial mass today!!THAT BITCH!!!!

anyway... I wasn't even close to the lady, but it hurts the same.
guy for today Scott Elrod
I just saw something from Men in Trees don't like the show but this guy... different story

so... what do you think?
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I just can't understand this, I mean i know he was one of the best, and I know that he's gonna be missed but the part I don't get is why is THIS death more important than the millions out there? why is this one more important than anything else in this country or any other today?
I don't know and I don't care, I know I shouldn't even feel this death because I'm used to dead almost every day of my life but...
I don't know is not just that there's no more His Royal Aussiness, no more of that smile that light his face no more of the deep voice and the weird attitud against reps and stuff. no more Heath Ledger.
Everything was related to him, everything, every time I was sick I had some funny movie with him, every weekend I was dead tired and sad as hell he was there, 10 things I hate about you were the only thing that made me smile when I was thinking about killing myself.
Ned Kelly was what gave me strenght to keep going to my mill.
Casanova was the reason why I simply get over D.
A knight's tale made me dream, come on, everything is Heath related...

Rest in Peace sweet prince yu'll be missed.
the world has lost his laugh a little today.

Heath Ledger (1979 - 2008)

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OK since we already saw him as an Oscar nominated actor, what else can i say to call it a day...
there's nothiong interesting aside of it, tomorrow i'll have to stay on a line for the hours to come... which means ALOT for me.

something classy to celebrate the nomination.

and then...nothing else, mel and mum aren't here, and she's gonna stay with me for few days because aside of my poor act nobody else is in danger at my place.

Heath Ledger is dead!!!!

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He's nominated!!!

VIGGO IS OFICIALLY A OSCAR NOMINATED ACTOR!!!+stupid victory dance as i f I did anything*

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
George Clooney
for Michael Clayton (2007)

Daniel Day-Lewis
for There Will Be Blood (2007)

Johnny Depp
for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

Tommy Lee Jones
for In the Valley of Elah (2007)

Viggo Mortensen
for Eastern Promises (2007)

And Cate Blanchett her Celestial highness too!!!
OMG two LOTR !!!
*more dance*

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Cate Blanchett
for Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)

Julie Christie
for Away from Her (2006)

Marion Cotillard
for Môme, La (2007)

Laura Linney
for The Savages (2007)

Ellen Page
for Juno (2007)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Cate Blanchett
for I'm Not There. (2007)

Ruby Dee
for American Gangster (2007)

Saoirse Ronan
for Atonement (2007)

Amy Ryan
for Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Tilda Swinton
for Michael Clayton (2007)

Best Motion Picture of the Year
Atonement (2007):
Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Paul Webster

Juno (2007)

Michael Clayton (2007)

No Country for Old Men (2007):
Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, Scott Rudin

There Will Be Blood (2007):
Paul Thomas Anderson, Daniel Lupi, JoAnne Sellar

NO nominations for EP just Viggo here...
Hope Juno or Atonement win best pic because I hate, reaaaaallllyy hate there will be blood


Jan. 20th, 2008 09:08 pm
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Nothing special to report except for "Hard Candy" I like the girl, the same girl from Juno, she's amazing!! Ellen Page, and her Hayly was pretty much what I'd call a cold heart assasin.
the poor dude has nothing to do with her.
the whole movie makes perfect sense and its just So well done...
well there's no much about anything today, so, lets say this, my sister's test is in two days, if she's not readioactive enough to make me spider-man(or woman fo that matters), she'll be coming home for thuesday so... is not that bad right?
Let me tell you guys, Juno could be a good movie but ths soundtrack... is to say the least, weird for me.
anyway since I'm in new music what about this?
Lifehouse - you and me

Like th esong.
I don't know what to post for guy of the day since I'm becaming a fan of Moonlight show, I'll post

Alex O'Loughlin, just love the dude.

good night and pray for me and my sis...
OOH! did I mentioned I went shoping with war? well I did, I got this amazing cotture pants that I'm not sure where I'm gonna wear but are amazing!!

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Today was pretty much like every day since the treatment started.
But there was something different, I saw a movie with Gerard Buttler with my sis, we laughed and we kinda started liking Mr. BUTTler there lol.
there was another funny thing, I mentioned Sean getting married and the first words that came out of her mouth was:"That Gold digger bitch..."
I was like: WTF?? you don't even like Sean bean or have seen his GF.
the answer?:"Well I don't need to, I bet is a high cheekboned blonde bimbo or an actress-wannabe, what other reason you'll get to marry a guy almost 50 when she's our age?"
I said:"come on I'll marry him, he's Boromir"
Answer?: "OOH!! yeah maybe is that then, she must be one of you LOTR freaks"
laughed my ass off, she really don't like Sean, She can't even point at him on a pic, not even dressed as Boromir...

ok about the rest of the day... the highlights were the chicken I made for lunch,lets talk about a boring existence.
some LOTR here

love this...

guy for today...
lets put some Groom to be pics

and one with the bride-wannabe

EDIT: BTW did I mentioned my dream from few days ago? Of course NO!!
well it was quite weird, it has a couple who wanted to get married but the groom's family didn't liked the girl until they knew she was the lost relative of some kind of royalty, and it was a premier for Harry potter deadly hallows' movie and the young Snape was a secret that it the best kept secret in Holliwood and everything and on the scree, upside down while James is asking to take his undies out... was ORLANDO!!!LOL

that doesn't make sense huh?

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