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Fill to this PROMPT 

Tittle; BOYS
Author; Kali
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Mary Winchester, Castiel, mentions of Garth, John Winchester and Deanna Campbell
Kinks: fluf , transformation, cute, family, care
Rating: G
Pairings: none.

“Boys!” Mary shouted as she passed the door from the garage; baby was there, his boys had to be home.  “Deannie!” nothing “Sammy?” nothing. “ Cas?”

It was a regular hunt according to Dean’s last message. “hey mom, we’re in Idaho,  something has been biting people on parks, is not a werewolf,  seems to be a with of some kind and a shapeshifter or a relative and it bit Sam; don't worry is not something that could hurt him but… if you could come;  Cas is here but we need more backup.”


Then a couple days later; okay; we’re still in Idaho, whatever this is not alone we found a whole nest… or a conven or something, call me okay? Oh!! And Sam is been talking about dogs again, no matter what don’t agree with him or we’0ll be drowning in strays, trust me I’ve been there.” Mary smiled; her heart clenching in both pain and love, how cute his oldest son was? And the younger? Sammy was too old to be begging for a puppy…


The next contact had been a missed call from Cas;  things weren't exactly smooth between them yet and Mary feared they had decided not to calm her for backup in the end.


“Boys!!” she shouted and the only answer was a groan like sound.

Mary had her gun drawn and prepared; something was in the bunker and it could have her boys trapped or hurt.


She marched quietly into the library and noticed books thrown on the floor,  marks of claws on the floor and in one corner a phone Castiel’s phone. She turned around the table calling the angel’s name one last time to find a huge fluffy thing on the floor, it was a husky puppy; about six months old, but he was HUGE!!


Mary is just like Dean, okay? Is not that dogs are not cute; they’re just… not her thing; puppies grow and get old and right when they’re the most important thing in your heart they go… and neither Dean nor Mary would tolerate that.  “Hey there cutie!!” she said baby talking the pup but trying not to freak out at the size of it; so this is it? Did Sam won? Did Dean agreed to have a puppy? “Who are you?” the puppy had his smart clear eyes on her face and his young innocent face scrunched in confusion as one of his ears flicked and his head turned to a side as if he were trying to understand the weird lady talking to him. “Somehow you remind me of...” the puppy turned and walked away ignoring her and Mary made a face; got her phone out and dialed Dean’s number. And waited; weapon still in hand and following the path the doggie must have used.


That’s when the sound of a phone vibrating called her; right before the music started, Hey Jude; more of that bittersweet feeling. But it meant one more thing, her son was there. “Dean!” she called again and heard the doggie making noises; she passed the threshold to see the now that she could see… HUGE husky puppy protectively standing in front of two other puppies. Mary smiled. “Yep, Sam won… and Dee was right, a whole lot of puppies...”


Both puppies were tiny!! How could Sam being so big pick such small puppies; the smallest one should still be with his mom, it was so young! The older of them was laying down facing the door as if protecting the little one, it's little snout moved and his pretty little eyes opened; he first looked around disconcerted and let out a serious growl… it sounded like the cutest sound in the world. Mary giggled and moved to the dogs sleeping on top of a pile of clothes, apparently the boys had the idea at leaving them alone but surrounded by their masters’ scent. At least they were comforting the puppies.


Mary went to her knees and tried to touch the one puppy awake to have the husky moving fast and using one of his front paws to stop her motion. The puppy awake tried to growl but the sound was so acute and so cute it made her heart melt, the puppy, little rascal started prancing on his little short paws and tossing its head as if it were playing and were happy to have someone to play with, Mary caressed the Husky’s head. “Calm down now angel… I just want to help, I’ll never hurt you.” her other hand moved to touch the small one instead of moving away the puppy climbed on her palm and started licking her skin, it had mud on his little head and it was also mated in his short caramel hair, his teeny tiny tail was wagging so hard his entire body was moving; she picked it up; him, she picked him up now that she could actually see… and brought it to her face. “Look at you sweetheart, look at you...” her eyes flew to the phone on the floor, it was Dean’s phone, one of them anyways. She hugged the puppy close and moved to get the phone and the puppy started to fuzz, wanting to be put down, and making little yelping noises so Mary put him down; the little boy moved fast to the sleeping one and curled protectively half on top of him.


The young husky came to her carrying a book opened in a random page, she took it and cleaned the drool off of the paper. “The revenge of  Xolotl” Mary read. “Powerful spell to render your enemies to your feet bringing their true spirit out..” she rea and turned to the dogs in time to see the smallest one waking up; poor thing was pudgy and fluffy and his little paws hardly could carry the weight of his round body. Hew started whining and the other puppy ran to him licking at his face and snout and doing his best to help but to no avail. Mary held the little thing and had to move her hands away from the snapping little jaws of the other doggie. “Calm down… calm down please..” but the puppy kept whining. “Are you… hungry?” one might even think the dog nodded; so the puppy was hungry.



The drive took her ten minutes and getting the bottle war took her another five, the puppy had been crying the entire time; she rolled the smallest one in a towel and offered him the bottle; in seconds the smallest was suckling delighted. Then noticed the other two, Husky, -lets not mention she calls him puppy cas for the way the thing looks awkwardly at her as if not getting what her human ways meant- was curled in a small ball leaving only enough space in the middle for the other puppy. -she called him hero- to curl, for once he was not growling at her to protect the one at the moment making little noises and moving his little paws still over the countertop rapped in his towel; once the smallest puppy was done she opened a couple cans for the other dogs, puppy cas got up and ran but then remembered his baby brother and went back to push him with his giant snout, making Hero roll and cry, Mary let out a d’aww… held him up and kissed his little face. “You’ll be fine, cutie… let’s eat now...” puppy Cas was eating in big gulps while tiny hero did his best to catch up. “And when your owners get their asses here I’ll tell them what I think of them leaving so small cute little guys hungry and alone.”


Mary watched them and then tried another of Dean’s phones, still no answer, Sam’a phones no answer. Puppy Cas came for her and his paw landed on her knee. “What is it puppy?” she asked caressing his head and making his little hind leg thump. She smiled and then the dog brought a sky blue tie, and dragged a checkered flannel shirt, Dean’s and then Sam’s and then the puppy left and brought something else; the same book again. She turned to look at the Hero puppy still licking his plate and then running to the empty pie box near the trash can sniffing it and licking it as if It were his mother yet his eyes were all the time going back to the smallest puppy, with his long hair and still slanted eyes, and it fit…


“CAS!!!” he said and the dog barked wagging his tail. “Oh my God!!” she turned to the pie licking one and he had his eyes, green eyes fix on her and he was trying to play again, excited that she finally figured things out. The third one was looking at her from the place where he was left on top of the book Cas brought to her. “Xolotl!!” she said and went to pick the book once more.passing pages. “Powerful curse to render your enemies at your feet….” she turned to tiny Dean dog. “It was not a relative!!” the puppy let out a little growl. “That’s why you needed backup!!” Sam whined shaking his entire bottom half with his tail. “What am I going to do?” she got the book and started reading, at least the boys had the right book, Castiel came to her and pushed her arms with his head; without thinking Mary started scratching his head until she realized she was just giving an angel of the lord’s head scratches… her hand flew away and the doggie whined. “Sorry..” she moved her hand again. “If you’re udnersanding, I’m doing this to all due respect Mr Angel of the Lord,” she said not knowing what to do, but Cas only closed his eyes and looked pleased with the attention maybe the noise made Dean notice what was happening so he ran to her and asked to be lifted, he pawed her leg and let out whines until she bent down picking the pup up. Dean sniffed her hands and pushed puppy Cas- the name just stuck okay, it kinda fits anyways- not even hard enough to move him and pressed himself against Mary’s hand making her giggle. “Okay, okay..” she used one hand on him and then the other in Castiel as she kept reading, the second page had the recipe to break the curse, but it had to be done under rain.


“I need...” she read the list. “Chicken feet… why always those smelly things?” She said looking up to the other puppy trying to move to them as if feeling left out. “Wait a moment...” she left both puppies down as she got the other one. “Let’s get your brother with us….” she kept reading the ingredients needed. “Sage, cempasúchil flowers, hmm it doesn’t look like something complicated except for this...knife?”  she turned the book so the puppies could see. Sammy let out one of those little sounds and CAs ran out of the room comoing back with a box in only seconds, it was like he could still use hs grace. “That’s it…” she caressed him once more. “Good boy, knife and...and cenote’s water.” she frowned,. “What is cenote?”puppy Dean made a noise and crawled across her lap and into the table where the computer was, puppy Sam made a happy noise and Mary just knew she had to use the darn thing… after finding out what a cenote was she got up, leaving the puppies on the floor. “Uuh, boys…?” she didn’t know how to say this. “Do you need to go for a walk or something?” Cas made a noise and walked away pointing to what looked like a litter box, Mary snorted. “I guess one of you was turned first, right? Sammy?” the smallest puppy whined and tried to hide. She moved to him and caressed his back. “I’ll take a shower, and then we’ll have dinner and we’ll go to bed, we have to wait until it rains.” of course it could happen any time now, right?


By the time she came out of the shower wrapped in the grey robe Dean gave her she found the puppies curled on one adorable pile, Sammy next to Dean and Cas curled around them both. She took a picture and left them alone for a while, she heard them coming into the kitchen when the smell of the stake she was cooking reached them. She had formula for baby Sammy but the doggie kept raising his entire head sniffing the air at the smell of the older pups food, he even tried the food his brother had but mom stopped him. “Not yet, I don’t know how this works, okay?’re too small to try those yet.”she wrapped him in his towel and offered the formula and it looked like Dean was laughing




Mary had the ingredients ready in two days after she found Sam’s phone and the number of someone called Garth there, he gave her tips of where to find everything, and asked her to give the boys his best reGarths, the goofy laughter really worried her, what kind of friends his boys had?


So now they only had to wait for rain. She checked the weather channel every day and then spent her days taking care of her boys, Sam was always held in her arms, the way she would’ve done with him when he was still a baby, Dean asked for a lot of attention too, he spent hours with his eyes closed as she petted him, his curly fur perfect but still asking for more brushes.


Castiel was the oldest and acted like such a good older brother, And Mary found it comforting for both of them to caress him just like the other two.


Also, after that first night the boys didn’t slept on the floor anymore, Mary prepared beds for them in the room next to hers and they were supposed to sleep in them but she always found all three puppies in one bed, and one night they all crawled into her room and slept on her bed, Cas carrying Sammy by the neck.


She was sleeping that night with Dean against her chest and Sammy under her hand and the warm weight of Cas by her side when something sounded off, it was like static… or maybe a hissing sound, and it hit her, it was rain!! She got up and took her robe and stuffed Sammy on one pocket and  held Dean in arms and asked Cas to follow, she got everything out and turned around, Cas was nowhere to be seem she left the puppies down and went searching for the husky, he was dragging clothes again and Mary realized she forgot her boys will end up naked.

She took the things dragged by the smart puppy and carried him too outside, prepared everything and made the rite. “A bit of blood to pay the Gods.” she said cutting her own hand and then finished everything with the cenote water before spraying it on the boys. There was a blue light on the sky but then… nothing happened,


Mary checked the spell, checked the ingredients and then turned to the boys. “You think I messed it up?” Cas shook his head from side to side, and Dean followed him with what looked like a smile, Sam moved to ask to be picked up. “It's a gradual thing..” she said as she led the boys inside, they went back to bed, but this time Mary set them on their own beds after hugging and kissing each one of them.

“See you in the morning.” she said turning the light off and moving to the next door.



Mary woke up and heard nothing, except for Sam snoring, he was just like his dad, she thought with a smile and moved to check on her boys,  Mary knocked softly on the door but nobody answered, then  opened and saw them, they were all curled against each other sleeping in one bed, naked as the day they were born and she closed the door with a loud bang without wanting to. “MOM!!?” it was Dean, just like Mary’s mom, she could hear a pin falling.


“Yes, I’ll be making coffee, get dressed and find me.”


They walked into the kitchen startled and in serious need of a bath, Sam’s entire face pinked at the sight of his bottle; Dean looked at the brush with unrepentant joy and Castiel frowned confused.


“I’m gonna miss the puppies...” Mary said as she set mugs for everyone in the table, “but I’m glad to have you boys back.” Dean finally moved to hug her, Sam after and then she offered Cas a hug with her arms open and the angel smiled and hugged her too.


It had been like having a glimpse of how childhood would’ve been for the boys if she stayed around., and it as usual; hurt.


“so…”Mary started teasing them. “what about the puppy piles?”

All three men looked away and blushed.

The picture? The picture was the first one on the fridge and remained there for months.


The end


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