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Yeah... I know nobody actually read my fics even less original stories, but now and then I need to read some because I kinda want to edit and enhace bits and so.. and I have to go all the way scrolling down to 2004 and it's annoying since I never actually kept them in one magic post...

Here we go:

some or many *think all* are not public yet, sorry for that.
- Unwelcome FanFic RPF(Viggo/Orlando) started back in 2004 yet to be finished
- Szarabasjka unpublished Story (My own original story) working in second and thrid part, this is gonna be as epic as Game of thrones LOL

- Szarabasjka - Daughter of the Eagle
- Szarabasjka - Fire blossoms
- Szarabasjka - Szarabasjkali

- Douche SPN Mary Sue-ish /case!fic
- Respect SPN fic Wee!fic (Family)
- untitled_bigbangtheory/criminalminds_fic Imagine Reid and Sheldon in an interview for the BAU, it comes from a quote from BBT where Sheldon says he was to work for the government but couldn't keep secrets, and he's from CALTECH too so I always wondered if they were there at the same time...
- Just sharing with the family first attempt of smut Supernatural John/Sam/Dean/OFC
- Colors a group of friends and a chain of tragical events, a love that will never be. Original Story (loosely based in RL event)
- Sara A protected child mets a famous actor, what would happen if they have a kid?
- Hold My hand RPF Supernatural, Jared/Misha, others.
- Blaming the victim
- heartbroken

- Stitches First story, family, sammy had to learn in some way.
- ClownsWe know about Sam's phobia, but where it comes from? family
- About_Dean_And_School Dean gaev up on his dreams very early.
- life_will_go_onRPF
- You'll_seeRPF
- Uncle_Bobby He's their uncle but why? and since when? (family)
- The_Winchesters There's a team free will, yeah but there's only ONE team Winchesters, this comes from how many write about Cas and Dean and Cas and Dean and where's Sammy on all that?
- Don't_you_cryFamily, sad story for the Winchesters.
- Pranks and how they escalate Prank wars.
- My Home Is Where You Are
- To worry about Dean Winchester is worried.
- Who-wants-a-knock-off-if-you-are-used-to-the-originalAttempted *unrequired* Sequel for Bertee's Story: Kaleidoskope_and_follow_ups (Jared/Jensen)
- I'm_batman Family
- Little_soldier Family, Dean follow orders, just like a little soldier
- About_Dean_And_School Family Dean Gives up, he'll be a hunter right? ,no spoilers
- The_first_Christmas_Dean_Remembers
- Mom's_An_Angel Castiel protected the vessels since the very begining
- Rule#1: Never get a joint from a guy named Don there are many rules this is why this was the first.
- They'll_know Why it is important for Sam to get Carver Edlund books destroyed.
- Six_Tears Why Dean eyes bleed in Bloody Mary?
- Riot_The_dog S8 Sam had a dog, but why?
- Wounds Dad put a rule, right? but the pain was too much, As a homage to the suicide prevention week
- You_know_right? a What if version on the Boys life.
- One might tolerate hell for the sake of an angel Castiel thoughts on Dean, non DESTIEL
- One Might Tolerate Hell for the sake of an angel Dean might do anything for only one person.
- When I was your man The boys miss someone, right?
- Stay - the boys Halloween S9 spoilers, what would Sam do whenhe knows about Ezekiel (wrote before the actual epi)
- It's all fun until... bullying gen J2
- little price to pay Dean did what he had to do, more than once- Sick!Sam protective!Dean.
- When_I_was_your_man Dean and Sam lost someone
- Dad's gone So many daddy issues in Supernatural
- I always feel alone
- Dean and Chikenpox Little Dean is fighting chikenpox.
-I always feel alone Dean always feels alone.
- What was in my bed Dean Winchester's birthday as a normal guy
- My Home Is Where You Are RPF Supernatural, Jensen/Jeff

Dean Winchester's Birthdays series

Dean Winchester does remember his birthdays, at least those that count Dean's first birthday after purgatory.
Happy Birthday Dean Winchester he had good birthdays and bad ones.
Of_Cakes_And_Birthdays Dean Winchester's birthday once more.


Don't let them know Kinda Hotch/Reid, PG rated. A case, a night, a room, and memories
Christmas_in_my_heartChristmas BAU stile kinda Reid/Hotch
Coming_home This was written when I heard of Paget coming back to CM (family)
Fooled_series BAU eam, whsat we don't know about the characters
for_the_sake_of_an_angelElle's reasons to miss the BAU.
Marry_me Few Drabbles based on Train's song Marry me, CM characters/OFC's

Original Stories

Angels Alternate Universe where there's more than just Humans - kinda Supernatural related
Insanity Peggy's life was a mess, in a way many of us would understand
Invisibles something that never happened.
Shane Viggo Mortensen OFC.
Colette historic (kinda) original story.

Time (look what we are and what we've been through) (spanish) a love story, Kerry and Kate, Drew and Josh are friends... (story mentioned in some RL based stories)

Like Real Life series

I really need to find names for the characters or something, most of them are based on real life events.
- marry me;the real story how it really went.
- Like Real Life How it started.
- After a while after "the" breakup
- Bad Things not only bad things happen.

you'll find stories about Grey's Anatomy and even The Walking Dead
mostly english but attempts in other languages too:

Padre a drabble made out of an idea after reading Captain Alatriste series.

Good_BoyDaryl/Carol kinda....
See_Ya_Soon_Bro Dixon Brothers (Spoilers on S4 TWD)

I'm_not_my_mother Grey's anatomy, Meredith weights her life.

I'm_not_my_mother Cristina yang contemplates her life, what she is, what she's not and everything in between.

Ronin/Tara the story behind tara and Ronin from Epic movie.

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