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Tittle :Szarabasjka
Rating: G the whole story
Gender: Fantasy
Characters: characters created thinking on actors you'll figure it out.
Sumary: Lilly has a faith to fulfill after she lost everything she becomes something else.
An old warrior turned his head hearing voices and cries, his granddaughter had in hands one of the wooden swords he use to train the knights.

He had been a great warrior, brave and strong, and he was still, but now also trained knights for his king, one of them got close to inform about the kids.

"Her brother and the young Blanchard were bothering her again" he said as some of the men laughed at the little girl’s attempt to fight off the bigger boys.

Sir Arthur watched as the kids kept fighting "Enough!!!" yelled his brother "let go" hitting her hand with his sword making her drop hers and cry running away embarrased.

“Owen!” The old man called his grandson while walking to the two boys. “Come here you two!” The two strong kids get close. Only a year or so apart from each other Owen was only a little more built than his friend.

"Yes Sir." They answered in unison.

"How old is you sister" Asked him serious

"seven" said together again

"and mistreating a seven year old girl is alright?"

"we were just having fun" answered the smaller one

"listen to me John, mistreating people is always fun for those who are more powerful, that's how the tyrants are made" and to his grandson again "who greet you when you arrive home, tired and sore?"

"Lilly" said not understanding, his grandfather took one of the swords from the floor

"what would happen to you if she were not there?" Owen lowered his eyes "you no longer have your mothers nor your father, you only have each other, and your job is to look after her" the older man kept talking to the kids " both your job, what would happen if she stop loving you two?" they looked at each other "go clean yourselves we have guests for dinner" watched them walking away and turned, he knew exactly where to find her, she was near to a tombstone talking to it "she's not gonna help you nut" The girl turned her eyes, They weren't red, she wasn't crying, wasn't sad, Lilly was angry "what's the matter?" asked once he got next to Lilly
"Owen..." She spat angrily. "He beat me because I'm weak." Her hand was bleeding but she didn't seem to notice it. Gently, her grandfather took it and wrapped it in with a clean cloth from his pocket.

"I don't think so ... you're not trained like they are." She made two tries to talk but finally decided to remain silent "Come... show me that swing you did with the sword." He said as he gave her the wooden one he carried. Taking the real one from his belt and he watched her swing the blade again. She was strong and had great ability "Where did you learn that?"
"Watching... Rhys has been trying it months, he can't do it, right?"
"True..." he couldn't hide a smile measuring her "You could beat Owen." He turned and started walking back to the castle with her. “After Piano come to the yard, you're not weak, and you'll use the exercise to build your strength."

"With their parents dead and without any other family..." said worried Sir arthur two years later, the country was in war, barbarians invaded their lands that were near to the border, he had to prevent them to get into the country "I can send Lilly to a convent..." said with a sigh

"Sir..." the house-keeper, his right hand in the household and the education of his kids, tall older woman spoke "she's still too young, and strong willed and stubborn, she couldn't bear it "
"But I need her safe or I'll not be able to concentrate in defense..." sighed not finding a solution

"and she will be grandfather" with only 14 years Owen was as big as him, was already wearing a chain mail and carrying his sword "we're ready to defend the castle if you must lead the king's army"

"she'll want to fight too" said watching more and more kids on the room all ready for battle.

"We've made a deal, those that your mail fit will fight" John got next to him "she's still too small"

"Ok then" Sir Arthur stood for a second gazing the whole group "you all are ready to fight?" all the kids nodded "My children, no doubt" smiled proud "I have brave strong men here, and I'm proud to be called your equal" he raised his sword "for the king!!!" the answer were strong preceded by the sharp sound of steel.

Sir Arthur was looking for Lilly to say good bye, found her on the swords hall, a great hall, covered in wood and old weapons they, Teagan’s have carried in battle, generation after generation, she ran to him the second she saw him. "Owen won't let me fight"

"You’re still too young, is not your time" she was disappointed "women of my house have healed warriors since ever, Harriet will teach you, you must learn and you'll heal my knights when we'll be back"

"IS NOT FAIR!! I'm a Teagan not him, why he can fight and not me?!" Sir Arthur's eyes got cold

"He's a Teagan too, you must love and respect your brother! maybe he's not from a noble birth but he is my grandson, and your father's son and your father loved him very much" Lilly answered she didn't care "He loved him as much as he loved you and your mother" Sir Arthur thought he was the only one that remembered the time when his son arrived carrying a small scared kid, telling his wife about him, he was like seven or eight years and Lilly was three, She loved his brother even before knowing he was her brother and he protected her even before understanding who she was, now the cold words from her hurt him in some way.

"Sir Arthur we must leave, the king's army is here"
"well, well..." sighed "take care of the castle and the people, that's your obligation"

But the attackers didn't fight against the Army, using a second secret path they got into their land and into Hazzelfield and the kids that were defending it, leaded by the still young Owen Teagan a small group of knight students defeated a horde of hundreds when the reinforcement arrived, just a small group were running away, ten or twelve stupidly ran towards the castle in an attempt to get some treasures, one specially.

There were only two defenders, Rhys a tall blonde guy with blue eyes, his mother was from the attackers kin, Sir Arthur decided he should stay in the castle, only him and Lilly, his little granddaughter. Rhys saw surprised how the small girl handled the heavy sword beating down every enemy that got close to her.

At the end of the day they had a victory, the first battle for Owen Teagan, Sir Arthur was proud.

"you're not asking for any glory?" asked Rhys watching Lilly while she helped a wounded man

"no need, I owe him at least that" Said remembering her own foolish words with her grandfather, Rhys smiled

"I would never lose the chance"

"Then we're different" a loud thid called their attention, Sir Arthur was hurt and Owen brought him home and they heard abut the attack.

"Where is she?" screamt her brother runnning to Rhys, she appeared from behind him shocked

"what? what happened?" Owen Just held her in his arms tight for a second
"I told you not to fight" anger on his voice confusing her

"there was noone else" Answered Rhys next to her"Besides, she's great" the usually cold blue eyes fix on her while a smile of pride curved his lips, while Sir Arthur arrived next to them.

"So its true, my Rhys and my little Lilly fought, and fought well"

But the war was just beggining and the grandfather had to send most of his students home, and give his knights for the army.

The king himslef recieved then in the palace with honors, Made owen a knight that day before he was 15 and gave a coat of arms to Sir Arthur and they went back home, where Lilly worked to make better deffenses and get the epople ready for war, they didn't know how long it could take.They got ready

Another battle just days latter left a toll on the small deffenses, and the army never arrived in their aidd, even thou it wouldn't help anyway.

By the time Lilly turned 12 his brother with almost 18 was already a hero, but their grandfther was old, still strong and rough but older, The enemy have never passed trought Hazzelfield, The teaggans have always rejected thime.

But the day arrived, in a desperated attempt to behead the army, which means kill sir Arthur and Owen they attacked, they had a second target, to get back their heir.

Battle took place very close to the castle, within the walls, people were hiding.

From the top of the wall lilly was watching the battle field, saw her grandfather at the front with the blue cape, Saw Owen withthe black crest on his helm, among others saw the young john Blanchard, she knew him for the cape with his arms coat over his horse, there was Rhys too, he was great now, spent time practicing with her.

Then noticed something, they couldn't handle a regiment of lances with long broad blades, Lilly passing back and forward the wall nervous yelling orders, some others as young as she or even more were there too.

Sudenly in the sea of blood and bodies she couldn't see the blue cape anymore, the small girl was dressed in a mail already, and this time it almost fit, she didn't thought, she just ran to her horse and galloped to the wall followed by several kids even younger than her. The door just opened in front of them and once again Lilly teagan got into battle, she had to save her grandfather.

Owen saw the horse of Sir Arthur fell and left everything to go to save him, many of the boys followed him but the only thing they get to see was a rider dragging the old man, John gasped in deffeat when an arrow called him attention.

On top of a black horse Lilly guiding many others shot it and killed the man who was taking her grandfather, but his eyes were higher on the sky, enemy arrows bantered over them , and they fled taking Sir Arthur again, Rhys got next to Owen when someone launched him to the ground and stabbed him on the leg the next blow of that sword would end up his life if it weren't for Rhys' arm, but his sword didn't moved again nor the attacker's who stuck his clear pupils on him.

John saw arrows parting from his friends bows killing as many as they have just lost but everything loosed importance, his heart missed a beat when noticed the missing of the long awburn hair on that group, turned arround looking for Owen while screaming "Owen, Owen, Lilly fell!!!" his mind got blury, just starting running with sword on hands until find the body in the grownd with an arrow standing proud throught the mal.

A whimper escaped his mouth at the moment he get next to her holding her head, the arrow went trought the mall that deviated it and it only grasped her shoulder with a flesh wound. John laughed excited, almost relieved rised hs eyes searching around for Owen and saw the crest on the floor at Rhys feet and the enemy leader looking inendly into each other's face,

He didn't get it Saw owen trying to gt up and Rhys finally draw a stroke and recieved a fist of his enemy on the fce that sent him to the floor, John feared for the worst but culdn't know because someone hit him and he blacked out.

Rhys felt blood running his face and rised his eyes to see a guy taking Lilly kicking and screaming towards the place where her grandfather was he tried to get up suporting his weight on the sword "Stay down" Spat the enemy "you know I cannot kill you" Saw Owen being help by a priest who held him and dragged him away.
"Let her go" screamt Rhys getting up with his sword ready, the enemy laughed.

"would you kill your own father for them?" Rhys was crying.

"It wouldn't change anything, he's dead long ago" saw the guard slapping Lilly in order to control her "Let her go" and left his sword "let them go, She and Sir Arthur and i'll go with you" the guy turned to Owen

"I've the victory kid, why should I make a deal now?"

"accept or we will fight again.. I've been trained by Arthur Teaggan I can beat you"

"...or die" answered proudly pointing his sword to Rhys chest

"one way or another your blood dies today, your line ends here" The enemy turned to Owen for a sec and o Rhys again and finally ordered retreat.

"they'll come with us to safe lands then we will free them"

"can I trust your word?" Asked Rhys

"I'm Victor Rowan, kid, and you have my word" Rhys turned looking for Owen and nodded slightly and followed Rowan, the men were screaming excited, the Gurahakasj had returned.

John arrived running and Rhys stopped "Rhys don't do it!!" said

"Don't follow us they'll be ok" Lilly was holding the old man hurt and tired but not in risk of his life, they were put on a waggon and drive away.

Owen stay there watching until John get next to him for few second until he make a decission, walked towards John

"lets go home" sighed unable to move, shoke his head nervous and screamt to the troops that were watching " to home!! go home!!" picked up Rhys sword "I want to know who let her out" John noticed him moving to the horses

"what for?" saw owen take Lilly's horse and mount with painful expression

"will pay with their life if something happens to her" directed the horse towards the road the enemy just took, John ran to his huge Palomino with his family's coat of arms and folowed his friend after picking something from the floor.

"Rhys asked not to follow them... Owen" but he wasn't listening, and seems like he couldn't stop him, they cuold see the waggon on the distance knowing very well who was inside.

Her grandfather woke up litle after the trip started , was breathing harshly and got suprised seeing his granddaughter's face

"Where's Owen? tried to sit but Lilly and Rhys stoped him

"Owen is fine" reasured the boy ""soon you'll be back together"

"What happened" Took his girl's wounded hand and saw the blood "what are you doing here Lilly"

"I was trying to help..." Her eyes drowned and she stuttered "I tought.. I was afraid I've..." weeped and hugged him , the old man didn't knwo what to do just held her while Rhys caressed her hair.

"calm down, you'll be back at home soon"

"We will back at home soon..." corrected Sir Arthur "i'm not gonna leave you here, no with this savages" the girl rised her face toward Rhys

"I'll be fine" said fixing her hair before she could speak, the odlman understood.

"where are we going?" his mouth opened fearing the worst, looed at Lilly then to Rhys.

"Victor Rowan..."he said "I agreed to come with him if he let you two go"

"What?" sir Arthur sat and held his chest instantly, and coughed.

"calm down Sir Arthur" Said Rhys while Lilly held him, went to the opening of the car "water" ordered "we need water to drink" a soldier brought them a vessel wih clean cold water and he gave it to Sir Arthur.

they were going far and far from home at dusk they stoped on a valley and set a camp, shining around the fire tanned faces of soldiers, here and there were songs, laughs, joy, hope has been recovered, they were lead out of the waggon and Rowan aproached Rhys.

"come with me, you'll be presented in court in my tent" Sir Arthur steped in middle of them

"He's not going with you" a huge man got close unsheeting his short brad knife, Rhys Ordered him to stop but didn't obeyed, Lily got up and screamt the order again, the man stoped the mere second and turned to Rowan , Rhys watchied his father's face then Lilly's

"She wants me to stay here" said "I'm his protector"

"then bring her" and to sir arthur "and the old man" his eyes stayed a second in lilly, short, small serious and witheyes dark but dangerous as fire "get them ready for my tent" they left and Lilly went next to her grandfather again.
"dont be afraid"

"I'm not" said but he felt how she trembled, two guards get close followed ny a ballet who bowed respectfull and spoke "we have the bath ready" the old man turned to Lilly "the queen's maid will come for her in a moment" But Sir arthur was still in doubt "sir" continued the servant bowing even lower "you're guests, you're in no danger" and watching straight to Rhys "you look at us as barbarians, trying to save us from ourselves,when we're not different from you all"
"could you be more disrespectfull boy? you haven't insuted my granddaughter yet" the servant bowed again nervous bitting his lip.
"I'll be fine... " saids Lilly "go with them" her grandfather still doubting
"i'll be here with her" said Rhys, Sir Arthur nodded and started walking
"excuse me sir" bowed the servant to Rhys and then bowed even deeeper,almost touching the grownd "excuse me Szarabasjka" Lilly's eyes grew wide surprised
"don' worry you'll be fine with me" wrapped an arm around her shoulders
"are they really letting us go?" her voice tired and sad
"yes, you're going home"
"...and you?"Rhys smied at her
"I don't know..." both sighed
"what does that means? what he called me" blue eyes turned at her again
"Szara means eagle, this people believes all eagles are females, it also means virgin" wind sweeped around ruffling her hair and he took it away from her face "Szarabasjka means Warrior virgin, there's no many of them" Lilly smiled "they have to fear you big deal to call you that" a giggle escaped him
"and what they called you?"
"Gurahakasj" turned to the fire and sighed suddelny gloom "means the one who brings death" turned to lilly again "its suposed that I am the re-incarnation of a goddess" Lilly tried hard to hide a smile "there's four divinities, all of them females, beneath the only creator of the wolrd the one who has no name, there's Szarabasjka, the guide and fair, the warrior, Gurahakasj the one who brings death, Kjaravasj the bringer of peace and generous, and Zrivatzva the giver, the multiplier, the legend says they were daughters of the highest one and the discord and she separated her daughters with lies, Szarabasjka and Zrivastva decided to help mankind, his father's favorites on earth, but men were not able to find peace until they team up with Cjaravasj, seeing them united and in freindly terms with their bothers earth and wind, males and therefor inferiors, the mother... " the story stoped while Rhys watched a tent's opening and a woman aproaching them "she favoured the other, the vain Gurahakasj to rule the tribes with deception and lies, there was a ..." the woman arrived
"my lady the bath is ready" from the opening of yet another tent Rowan emerged calling him
"go Lilly, I'll end up the story latter on"
"NO!" begged and again more collected "tell me, now, what happened?"
"there was a War, Discord and Gurajakasj against the truth, that resulted from the union of the peace, equity and justice" Rhys smiled at her "go now we will endit up latter" this time Lily followed the maid quietly, she got a bath got dressed in some kind of white simple gown and got her hair fixed, coming out of the tent behind a group of women she saw her grandfather, had his clothes cleaned.
Lilly ran toward Sir Arthur who was smiling and together were lead to the biggest tent.

Once on Rowan's tent they saw a group toastin for Rhys's return, he was looking at them disgusted, the nobles started whispering seeing their enemy there, that anounced their arrival to the kid who looked at them smiling, they were directed to the table at the left of the one where Rhys was sitting.

Supper went well they even honoured Sir Arthur and the Szarabasjka but acourding as the hours passed and the alcohol were consumed, the spirit changed and ended with a croud of angry people asking for their lives.

"Lilly.." Rhys got next to her, her granfather was the room worried, turned to see the kid's eyes on him "come with me, we must leave now" once they were behind the tent he led them to a pair of horses and were getting ready to leave when someone saw them and screamt they were fleeing, some men shouted and after a second, there were soldiers at their tail leaded by Rowan holding a crossbow, Rhys was carrying Lilly on his horse while the older man still wounded were on his own few steps ahead.

"don't be afraid wild Lilly" he said, feeling the girl holding his middle desperated, even though his whole body was trembling "nothing's gonna hurt you while I'm around" turned his head to see their hunters when a sword cut the horse's neck causing it to collapse on its run, with a scream from the girl both landed on hard dirt in front of a soldier, Rhys managed to take the blade from his hand and killed him, at least that was what Lilly thought.

"come now" said Sir Arthur from his horse, Rhys raised Lilly towards the old man when an arrow traspassed his chest, they heard a moan and that was all, he looked into his wounded chest and turned to Lilly, mouuth open in surprise and pain.

Sir Arthur got to the ground next to him, they heard horses and saw arrows flying, Owen and John were there. "Help me with Rhys" said their granfather, John climbed down from his horse while Owen kept shooting, Lilly took John's bow and used it.

"there are too many, we cannot win" said Owen in dispair "we have to go now!!"

"NO without Rhys!!" said Sir Arthur and Lilly in unison, John held the girl while her grandfather got to Rhys

"there's nothing we can do for him..." said finally seeing the arrow coming out of his chest, and even thought Lilly fought and Owen and John had tears on their faces, they had to left him behind in order to save their lives.

Maybe because their Heir was dead or for some other reason, there weren't more attacks, everything was peaceful again. Lilly kept trainig but had to follow some lady's duties aswell, she was left at home even knowing her brother and grandfather were going in dangerous endevours. always protected by hazelfield and John Blanchard and her pet, that night after they were took prisoners John found an eagle wounded and picked it up, once at home he gave the animal to her.

"she was flying over you when you got into battle, with wide spread wings and claws ready to attack" he told her, the animal had an arrow stuck near his wing, and took months for it to get better, by then it refused to go.

Lilly called it Szarabasjka and used to spend hours even days talking to it, thinking about Rhys and the sacrifice he made for her and her grandfather.

"you still think about him..." John took her hand, making her smile lovingly

"my heart never fully healed" he kissed her hand looking into her eyes.

"that's why you never again rode with us to battle?" she nodded

"I'm affraid to see it again, I don't want to lose someone like that again, ever again" caressed his face removing stuborn curls

"that's why I want you here with me" turned to the door "and them" the echo of footsteps getting close, John got up and moved away from her.

"Lilly!!!" shouted her brother "get ready we'll have a fiest!" and seeing John "come on Blanchard!! there'll be a war!!! we'll get to see new lands, get new trophies"

"are you leaving again?" asked Lilly to her brother a full grown up man now, behind him was their grandfather more the strategist now.

"don't be affraid Lilly.. it wont be for long, besides I think you like ruling the casttle right?" commented shaking his arms to make the eagle fly

"But I don't like to think you're in danger" she whinned

"calm down nut" her grandfater pathed her arm "we'll be fine, we might get the peace we long for"

"no time for that, I have to see the blacksmith" Owen took his sword "everything ought to be ready" and he left running

"grandpa you really have to go?" the eagle landed on Sir Arthur's shoulder squealing "I have a bad feeling..."

"fear nothing..." said John "I'll look after him for you" Lilly couldn't hide the smile while Sir Arthur started talking to the bird about mice, couples and nests.

'I'll see you latter kids' said leaving 'wait until Owen's came back to serve dinner' and clossed the door.

'you have to go?' asked to John he nodded and smiled

'if I gain anything on this battle maybe I'll be able to tell them about us, maybe they'll let us...'

'rubbish!!' said angry 'they'll let us marry, I'm sure' but she couldn't do anything else than wish them luck and safe return and wave them good bye, not long after thaty she cried her grandfather's death. ending the war with a precarious truce, Maxine, daughter of the king who died in battle with Sir Arthur got married to Marek, King Tarek's twin brother, and a selection of the stronguest warriors sent to the deserts of fire to teach swordfighting, now the kingdoms will be bonded forever. Owen came home without the glory he wanted no more.

'his last words were for you' said giving Lilly their grandfather's helm, both crying with dispair.

A little after that John Blanchard presented himself in Hazzelfield with his parents to ask Lilly's hand in mariage, she wanted it too, but Owen was furious.
'How dare you!'screamt in front of all 'you were my brother and now you want to rob me?'

'I'm not Stealing from you, just taking what I know is already mine...' the look Owen gave him before turning to his sister got him quiet

'The king must give his consent' said Owen in the end.

'he remembers her' Said John smiling 'my cousin remembers Lilly Teagan, he'll consent this marriage'

'She must be presented in court, and then we will know' said John's father, the only one rational about the wedding

'Lady maxine must aprove her' said John's mother 'she won't say no, Owen turned to see his sister and left the room.

That night Owen entered his sister's chambers and saw her brandishing a long Sword, the one Rhys used to carry, too heavy and too big for her.

'do you love him sister?' His voice startled her

'I do' said holding her blade donw

'tomorrow I'm leaving, I have to go to the south, we're going after some barbarians that ride on our lands, I can ride with you halfway to Blackcoven palace, When I'm back we will discuss your wedding' Lilly left the sword and ran to hug her brother.

But things never goes the way she wanted, she arrived the palace just to be sent home, Lady Maxine had lost the child she was bearing.

That wasn't the only lost that day, the news arrived soon, the Army leaded by the proud Owen Teagan were defeated and destroyed, only one man saved his life, John Blanchard's squire, John was lost too, even if were many years since Rhys's loss, not even one since her grandfather's and she felt lost and alone.

Hazzelfield only had few young boys nowadays that started training with Owen. many of them decided to stay and train with Lilly and her few knights, after all, she knew as much about fighting and strategy as any other member of her family. The time passed in great pain, without a Teagan in charge of the army soon the king were captured by the agressors too, and Maxine's husband gained power, he feared the people and decreted no knight will be armed if they didn't swore loyalty to him and Queen Maxine, not before reducing her power forcing her to have his mother as counsellor.

still the enemy couldn't get into the country because they never passed Hazzelfield, defended by Lilly Teagan and her few men, mostly peasants, She needed the title that will let her have knights and will prove her property on the castle, often attacked my barbarians and invaders or by hungry troops.

There was one guy among her students, a little bit older than the rest, without a home to go back, he was about to become a knight but the new king lost his lands in one of many ill fated battles, without a home or chance to be a Knight he asked to stay with Lilly who accepted him as a brother. He was waiting for her next to the ellegant couch that will take her to see the queen once more'I want to go with you lilly... let me go with you' she smiled

'No, Nathaniel, you have to stay here, keep training the boys this few days ...' she was very secure
'if you go alone...' he insisted, Lilly sighed tired but was smiling 'don't laugh, you know what they do to women they catch?' Lilly laughed

'no-one knows...' answered giving him her eagle, daughter of the first Szarabasjka

'you see? you need protection' She laughed again 'I'll take care of Szarabasjka for you' said in the end

'calm down I'll be back in no time, and with good luck with our tittles' climbed and the coach parted, she rather traveled on horseback but today needed to impress the court.
it was a two days journey, on the way her group were stoped and witnessed an attack against a simple communers village, was the first time in almost 15 years she saw Rowan's broad round shields and blue flags.

She arrived to Black Coven Palace and was recieved in the queen's court, passed an enormous door and walked along a huge cold hall covered in black and silver, she could hear the group of people talking and whispering about her 'your highness' said bowing respectful

'Lilly Teagan.. I've heard about your family'said with a benevolent smile 'your grnadfather trained my father, who was friends with yours' smiled 'only good things, so don't worry' turned to a woman dressed in black and white 'what brings you here?'

'Your highness, in my way to the castle I saw Rowan's army on the way... '

'we know...'answered the old woman, wrinckled and severe, Lilly's brow rised and she faced the woman for a second before bowing again to address her queen breathing hard to control herself

'my husband leads the army now Lady Lilly ' turned to her mother in law 'you have a request...' Lilly nodded slightly 'what is it?'

'My lady' started nervous 'we've been in war for many years and I've been in the frontier defending it by myself...'

'if what you want is to join the court' interrupted the pale old lady, louder and more angry than she should 'you should'e been presented here while younger'

'that's not my request...' answered Lilly loud and not at all nicely looking at her in the eyes

'then let us hear it...' said the queen again looking to the woman too

'The Teagan family gave you as many men as we had, my father and yours fought together, my bother and yours have fought too along with all our knights...'

'we only have few knights for our security' spat the old one again 'we're not giving you any...' Lilly this time looked straight to her eyes, jaw set and lips pursed in almost fury

'I don't want any of yours...' said proud 'Hazzelfield, thankfully has enough people that will fight for our kingdom' The queen laughed out loud

'my mother in law got you wrong twice lady Lilly, you think she's a good adviser for your queen?' Lilly started talking without thinking, but at the last second closed her mouth, bowed again before finally said

'only your majesty can decide that...' The queen laughed out loud again.

'you're honest...inteligent' said the queen with a smile that ended in a tired sigh 'temperamental too...' turned to the old lady and the others around that were laughing too 'why weren't you presented in court?' her eyes traveled to an older lady on her left, Lilly recognized John's mother 'you were about to marry my cousin before he died, is that correct?' no-one ever made her remember John and her voice broke, she let out a small sigh before answering

'yes, your highness, I came the same day you lost your first child and I was sent home' it was Queen Maxine's time to hide her redened eyes.

'by whom?' Asked the queen and the old lady spoke without permission.
'me, I sent her away' looked at Lilly like looking at a dog 'she was riding like a man, like a savage..' her lips pursed in disgust and eyes full of anger

'I was riding from a battle field' shouted Lilly 'that was the last time I saw my brother...' spat on her face, moving one step forward.

'I know you have an opinion on my mother in law already...' said the queen calming her instantly 'I'd like to hear it' Lilly bowed ashamed of her own outburst, afraid she ruined her chances for few heathed words 'worry not, child, its only to my ears...'

'if you were the king...' said smiling but the court laughed loud and made her quiet for a second, Lilly spoke over the voices 'and it were my place to do so, I'll advise you not to have a court this big, neither a foreaign advisor, regardless of who she is' the voices and laughs faded 'because that'll cause alot of gossiping and intrigues against you, so you should at least hang the advisor to prove your people you have no one else is in cotrol of your kingdom... specially if the advisor gives her opinion before you and before being asked for it' a tomb like silence fell over the whole court broken by the sudden sound of the queen's laughter

'you heard her...' said still laughing 'leave now...' said serious, the mother in law stayed

'I'm the king's mother..'

'of what kingdom??' asked Lilly loud, causing yet another laugh seeing how the older lady moved towards the door.

'now tell me Lady Lilly what do you wish, if I can give you I will...'

'Your majesty, If I may I'd like you to considere investing two knights for me...'

'whom?' said sure that she could please her new friend

'Nathaniel Bristow' the Queen nodded 'and me, Lilly Teagan' Maxine raised her brow

'you think you can fight like a man?' asked messuring the little girl in front of her.

'I know I can, your majesty, I could back in the days when your father ruled over us, I fought with my grandfather and brother'

'but you're not a man' said toughtful

'your majesty' Lilly was desperated, was the queen looking for an excuse to deny her wish? 'if you were a man, you wouldn't have being forced to marry the man who is your husband and you will rule' Maxine nodded not understanding her point 'You think you could have ruled like your brother or your husband?'

'better!!' said strong and getting up.

'we're been judged for what nature made us, not for what we have done of ourselves and for ourselves' said Lilly pasionately 'you are the proof of that the whole kingdom would be far better with you, instead of your husband'

'My child, you're already noble, you don't need the tittle, you don't need to fight'

'Your majesty,I've spent my whole life loosing those who I love without the chance to follow them and deffend them for the lack of that tittle, All I ask for is the chance to follow them and die deffending my land and my queen' the queen sat again thoughtful

'you know you have to plead allegiance to the king?' still looking for a way to say no

'I have read that decree, it says, plead allegiance to the Queen OR the king, not the king only or the king and the queen, I can be your knight my lady, and I'll protect your people' sighed and bent down on one knee 'I need your favor and protection now your majesty and I will protect you and favor you too' The queen turned cold and something on her peaceful presence changed

'is that a threat?' asked severe

'is a request... and a loyalty vow... your highness' said bowing her neck 'please, please I beg you, make me your knight' the queen was about to say no, already shaking her head

'my son will never accept that...'said the woman just passing the door, both women turned to her

'he doesn't have to, I'm the queen, and he's away...' and giving Lilly her hand to help her up 'you'll be Lady Lilly Teagan still, but you'll be my knight, just like... what was his name?' asked smiling to her in-law who huffed angry

'Nathaniel Bristow' repeated a radiant lilly in front of her.

'we will prepare a ceremony for this sunday after service at the cathedral' the acute scream of an eagle was heard and lilly's bird entered`passing over the advisor's head, the lady was holding her chest surprised

'Szarabasjka!!' screamt Lilly and the bird landed on her arm, she had to go back home and be ready for sunday morning, Nathaniel and Lilly were counting the days to be knights.

The first knights armed since the new king were a novelty that attracted a lot of people, especially because they were loyal to the queen. Right by the time the Queen was about to present her knights to the people cheers roared. Being a Teagan was enough, Lilly gave the people hope, they were sure that she'll defend the one they tought was their real soberan, few men from the remains of the army were there 'Salute your knights' said the queen 'they're at your service, and will be at your service even if something happens to me' a rockus started in the people and another ovation that scared them were heard, the Queen turned to Lilly And Nathaniel and asked them to get up 'arise as knights' more cheers.

People thought that with a Teagan leading the army once more, they will be victorious, the voices were still loud when John's mother got close and gave Lilly her family flag rolled up, the Queen took it and gave it to Lilly who extended it curious to fid her grandfather with a black eagle added for her, wings wide spread and claws ready to attack 'Szarabasjka' murmured to herself and gave it to her square suddenly the thrumpets called, the king's men were arriving, The king and three knights passed the doors and galloped all the way to the stoneyard where the ceremony was taking place to address his wife 'I'm taking your guard...' ordered 'we need more men I'm taking your knights aswell...' turned to Lilly and Nathaniel smirking 'they must be ready to part as soon as posible' for once the queen smiled to him

'Lady Lilly Teagan...' asked and Lilly went down on one knee next to her 'you wanted a chance to prove us your valor, the time has come...'

'you said it, she's a lady..' mocked the King 'not a lord, not a knight...' the Queen looked into his eyes and smiled

'she's MY knight' Lilly rised her face smiling, got up turned to Nathaniel and the few men that went with her and yelled 'ride, my friends, we must join the army at once!!' with one last courtsey to the real couple turned to ride her horse the closest soldier gave ehr her flag and with the last order 'For the Queen!!!' the men followed her in what turned to be her first battle, with an easy victory the whole country celebrated, but not Lilly she went back to Hazzelfield to set deffenses, bit by bit the enemy backed away to wild lands, but then out of nowhere a new general appeared to fight them.

By then Lilly already had the glory and respect her brother wanted and her flag was feared, something changed in her, her grandfather and owen respected lives more than anything, but not her, no matter how many times Nathaniel fight with her nobody could convince her to do so, that day he was going home wounded after a specially cruel battle 'I'm sorry lilly...' said weakly 'I should be alert...'

'no Nathaniel I'm sorry, the enemy is close, I should've obeyed my gradnfather wishes, I should be healing...' a soldier got close scared

'My lady, the masked one is leading them...' said out of breath, her stomach made a summersault, since that man appeared nobody ever made him retreat.

'prepare for battle..' said getting up smiled to her friend once more 'go home and rest' her square gave her a helm and she started giving orders 'lines!!! shields in front, lances next, archers back!!' on the back of the helm could be seen part of her hair darker now than the golden mane she had as a child, a sad replica of his brother's proud black panache, took her sword, the one that was from Rhys and riding her horse stood in front of her men 'Hear me, you, you true men, faithful to your country and the queen, you that have lost, like I did, loved ones' faces the enemy army aproaching 'in the hands of those ususrpers, you, FOLLOW ME!!!' rised her sword 'follow me to face them, for vengeance, for victory and for honor!!!' and kicking the flancs of her horse parted to battle 'FOR THE QUEEN!!' the squair rised her flag and freed the Szarabasjka in one united scream the men followed her 'for Owen...' murmured while her sword swong and cut off the head of the first enemy 'for my grandfather...' the sowrd entered someone's chest while she took a fine dagger from her saddle to cut someone's throat 'for Rhys... and John... ' one of the company leaders fell, it didn't took long until just few enemies were left. From across the field the enemy leader was running to her, he loose his sword from one hand and tossed Lilly's Squair a yard away in one blow stealing Lilly's flag 'Its Rowan' she thought and jumped down her horse to face him. Just few blows from his sword proved her she couldn't win, but she didn't gave up, she asked to die like the men of her family and her wish were granted, one last stroke and she was about to fell when the king's thrumpets sounded, his knights arrived to finish the few invaders left.

'Gurahakasj!' a man called to the masked one holding a horse so he could flee, Lilly turned to the soldier disgusted, they replaced Rhys, she saluted the king and started fullfilling her other role, as a woman she had to help the wounded and dead, among the few prisioners was an old man that kept staring at her coming and going between hurt soldiers, there joined the king

'Lady Teagan' called seeing her washing to go back to the camp

'your highness' bowed slightly 'I'm sorry I can't offer you something better' her men opened her tent, inside there was what would be a full lady's room, a table set for four and on a corner another table covered with maps and messages 'I'll join you soon' once he entered she moved to the old man.'you keep staring at me...' said while the king's men left 'why?' the smoke was fading and someone passig gave her her flag and she smiled looking at them 'Speak' spat cold to the older man

'I've seen you before...' said finally 'years ago, you were still a child' lilly's brow furrowed 'you're the Szarabasjkali' an explossion of laughter shook her extending her arm and for her eagle

'This is Szrabasjkali' moved away murmuring 'not me' then turned back 'there's a Gurahakasj again, the one with the mask talk me about him, who is he?' the man shook his head

'noone knows, the witches came back from the hills with him, they say...' sighed 'they say he has no soul, and that she, the death giver picked him up and raised him from death' Lilly laughed again 'they say he suffers great deal of pain'

'then your szarabasjka has to end his agony...' moved away a man asked what to do with the prisoners and she turned once more to the old man and spoke calmly and cold 'kill them all, they did the same with our people' cries for mercy and fear filled her ears, she ignored them, even the King was horrified

'Lady Teagan' begged the man 'the one who had it, if you know about my gods you know they will never...' Lilly went back and slapped him quiet

'muzzle him, I don't want to hear him, I don't care about your goddesses' and went back to the tent closing the entrance behind her, The king had a request, asked her to move to the south into enemy land, and she followed his orders.

Part of the enemy's army surrounded her's and got into Black Coven and captured the king that was deffending his family. The Queen sent word for lilly to go back as soon as posible, without the king his brother retired his troops leaving them alone, without an ally the enemy would have overpowered them in matter of days.defeat was near 'I'm in your hands lady Lilly, wht should I do?'

'send your children to a safe place, your Majesty' sentenced watching the three young pronces in the eyes 'send them away to a hidden place'

'I'm not leaving' said the first born 'please mother don't send me away' the queen turned to Lilly

'you must your highness' The kid moved forward looking Lilly in the eyes

'I know about you, your story... my guard studied with your father, you were around my age the first time you fought, How come I cannot do the same?' His mother was obviously touched and moved but Lilly practical as usual explained him in few short phrases leaving no room for protests, after all she was no ready to bear the death of the heir

For weeks the task was posponed, waiting for a bigger guard or a moment of peace, they couldn't risk the kids, Nathaniel came back to her side and he were given charge of the princes security, H epromised he wouldn't let her down and accepted and parted with them, while Lilly summited her men and got them ready to regain the southern border in a battle that became a legendary victory made stories and songs.

Bloomshire got covered in blood that day and the few that still didn't knew Teagan's flag feared it now, after that, many troops avoided them in battle scared of the eagle flying above the army

But that night terrible news arrived, the party that was taking the princes to John's mother, were attacked, Nathaniel and the youngest princes were taken, the first born arrived to Black Coven dressed like a square, tired, thirsty and wounded two days later, once Again Queen Maxine called Lilly back, the kid explained with tears running down his face what happened

'don't worry your highness' she said 'I'll bring them back' and left, Lilly will not loose another brother, prepared a huge contingent and this time couldn't say no to the young prince, he went with her, at dawn of the third day Lilly Teagan parted to battle with the crown prince, and she won again, by the time when her men were finishing the few survivors the masked one arrived running into the field with few strong men and captured the inexperienced prince that wandered unprotected among the corpses

'STOP!!' he screamt seeing Lilly sliding troaths 'or I'll kill him' she stoped, that only saved few soldiers, Lilly's men had to watch how he took their leader and the prince as prisoners into Rowan's camp, they were presented to Victor Rowan and his general still covered face.

'A great Warrior visits my house...' said mockingly Victor Rowan and turned to the masked man behind him 'an a child aswell...' laughed 'they still send children to fight for them' turned to Lilly 'taking off your helm is often considered well manners kid' said bitterly

'your general is giving me a good example of that I see...' the masked one laughed hard and spoke

'I know your shield and your flag, its from Hazzelfield, you're a Teagan ' she turned to face him 'but I thought that line were extint'

'there's still who will defend the name Teagan' was Lilly's fast answer

'you're young, boy' Rowan passed in front of them 'and skillful, but you know nothing about the Teagan'

'I was taught by Sir Arthur Teagan, I fought next to Owen Teagan, they are my kin, I know everything about them'

'You're a Teagan?' cut off Rowan, The masked one laughed 'I thought Owen never married'

'He did but his wife had no children' Victor Rowan deafening laugh got their attention

'you mean the Great Gurahakasj, the great warrior couldn't deal with a poor bastard?' and kept laughing 'you see? you couldn't defeat a little bastard!!'

'I'm from noble cradle...' She spat stoping the laugh 'and not from from Owen's line' the scream of the eagle were heard outside the tent, Lilly turned for a second and smiled to the prince who was nervously looking at her

'take off your helmet kid...' warned the enemy once more 'I want to see who's carrying Owen's panache now' right then something entered the tent squealing and landed on Lilly's shoulder

'Easy Szarabasjka...'whispered Lilly to her eagle, Rowan and his general shared a look

'how do you know what that means...'Asked Rowan 'who told you' asked the general

'someone I loved very much...'said Lilly her own emotions betraying her

'Is that person okay?'asked the masked one 'found a nice life?'

'Only found death!' yelled 'in the hands of your people 'dead as my grandfather and my brother!!' took off the helm, that caused both her enemies to gasp surprised, Rowan laughed, the other one was still breathing rapidly

'I remember you... girl' said Rowan 'you were my guest once'

'WHEN YOU MURDERED RHYS!!!' screamt with all her anger, he kept laughing like mocking her

'you've heard about our godesses' sighed turning around to face his partner 'I couldn't let a Gurahakasl to go away with the enemy'

'I'm suprised that a Teagan weren't deffended, especially THIS Teagan' said the general while a guard was bringing the King to the tent, Lilly turned to him in the eyes so he wouldn't focus on his son dressed as a squire next to her, she kept talking

'what makes you think my men abandoned me?' she smiled moving her hand so the young heir got close, the masked one noticed it, one of the guards got close to the weapons in front of her, it was tradition to put them at the feet of the captured enemy.

'I can believe all this is planned' he said and a whishper called lilly's atention on a corner three women dressed in red, faces covered aswell were looking at them with foggy eyes 'but I can't believe a Teagan risked the Royal Family...' Lilly's face snaped to him 'Yes Lilly Teagan I know who this kids are...' got closer, clear eyes fix on her, the women started murmuring again

'Son, theres traition in the air...' The general turned to Rowan

'send for the rest of the kids' ordered and Victor did it, once the princes and Nathaniel were brought she moved her arm and the eagle flew out of the tent.

'Let them go!!!' screamt the King, Rowan laughed

'why would I do that?' touched the youngest kid's cheek who frighten jolted away 'I won, I can kill them if I want...' held the kid again, Nathaniel swatted his hand and pulled the kid to himself, Rowan knocked down lilly's friend in one blow while guards got close and she gasped

'Why are you here, Lilly Teagan, you family does not serve this usurper' Asked the masked one

'I'm here because of Nathaniel Bristow, he's my brother in arms' answered her and the young knight on the floor looked at her smiling 'I've lost too many that I loved in the hands of my enemies, I'm not gonna lost another one.'

'Teagan's are used to desert friends... like you and your grandfather did 'Said mockingly' like Owen did with John' finished agitated 'you don't care' guards entered and left the tent quietly

'My grandfather never left anyone behind' she did her best to be calmed looking to the king and the kids 'it is about time' smiled and turned to Rowan 'you must let my King and his sons to go' Rowan smiled the general moved behind them

'I can't do that, I will not do that' and the King spoke

'if you don't let me go my brother...' Rowan laughed getting quiet.

'your brother started this war, he put us against each other and then he sat to watch how we destroy each other, he's waiting like a vulture to pick up the pieces' Rowan sagged a little just like the King

'My mother...' The general spoke this time

'she was set on your house to control you and get your wife quiet' The King eyes fell to the grownd but the masked one kept talking 'you were still fighting when he left you'

'you're lying...'

'Its true...' said his son 'she left us' the King got quiet once more and the general turned to Lilly, one of the women in red spoke to her

'You're one of the teagans, you're supposed to help, you confort, you're the one who cure, not cause pain. Why are you here?'

'I'm here to save my land and my people, heal them of this infectious presence, the land cries and suffers now like the body suffers the fever that cleanses it' turned to the general 'and it will heal soon' The guard next to her gave her something a small narrow bladed knife, Lilly held it in a split second, throwing it to Victor Rowan hitting his chest, Nathaniel took the princes with him and ran to the door, Lilly moved towards the center of the tent where her sword was placed in the grownd, the general that screamt and moved towards Rowan were now moving towards her sword coming out of its sheet, attacking before she could get to her weapon, then he noticed that every guard inside the tent was from Lilly's men for them were attacking him.

'we fought once, in Bethany's fields...' Lilly got her sword, the general turned around to be hit by the handle of Lilly's

'and that day I thought I'd die...' said out of breath while the taller man fell on his back inconscious, she moved towards the king, but a man that was fighting her guards fell inside the tent, volted out screaming the alarm, they had to leave,
gasping turned around one of her men said hell get her horse, she heard the painful lick of a whip on her leg that tore her clothing making her bleed, the other two women were snaping whips aswell she moved to the king, still tied up.

'take my children back...' Lilly tried to get him too but the whip cracked on his back and touched her face 'Do it!!' insisted and finally she left, got up and moved to the door taking her sword and helm in hands, passed next to the corpse of Victor Rowan and his general, she froze there for what she felt a life time, the mask fell to a side and she finally saw his face and recognized it, it couldn't be true, he was death, The masked one was Rhys 'how come?'she thought 'he leaded this people against us, against his family' an arrow made her snap out of her reverie, the witches were preparing weapons, she moved and decided it wasn't him, it couldn't be Rhys.

On her way out she heard soft words when he moved Wild Lilly he murmured confirming his identity, she took her horse and galloped as fast as she could, thought the enemy didn't followed them.

Queen Maxine cried seeing her sons back, heard Lilly's story and prepared for the worse, a herd without order or tactics attacked them crashing against their defeses, they could fight back for long time until one day, almost a year after, the enemy were so many that overpowered them, tired and wounded, Lilly Teagan was captured, the eagle that always flied by her side deffended her like a mother, in the end she was trapped too, and that was the way they presented her to the new King of Rowan, hehad the mask on again

'you Killed Victor Rowan' he said serious 'you killed my father'

'and I'll do it again...' said brave, the three women behind him whispering she couldn't understand but seemed like it had power over him

'they still think you're the reincarnation of Szarabasjka' said tired 'I think you're another Gurahakasj'

'I don't care what you think' and nodding to the women 'neither them...' The women kept talking in whispers more when her voice broke in a cry 'I thought you were dead...' and started crying 'and wished it weren't true, really wished it weren't true, that it were a mistake, that you were fine, but if you had to live for this?' turned to the prisoners around them 'I wish you were' the women kept whispering louder, Rhys closed his eyes behind the mask, shook his head and sighed

'you're a dangerous adversary, Lilly... you use a sword, and if that doesn't work you use tears' turned around and moved 'you try with Male weapons and then you try women's ones' he stoped hearing her voice once more.

'I didn't...' sighed and kept talking 'I saw my grandfather crying his pupil, his SON! for days while he healed' moved one step closer 'Saw Owen and John going after any enemy aviable in order to get revenge, to get free of the guilt they had no reason to feel, for a death they couldn't stop' turned to her soldiers 'everything' kicked her sword, HIS sword 'to find you here, attacking your childhood home' once again the masked one turned and the women followed him

'bring her to my tent tonight' ordered loud enough for everyone to hear, none of Lilly's men would let him take her, each one of them would fight for her, noone will dishonor her while they were breathing

'he won't even try anything, all of you need to calm down' she hissed 'he's smarter than that' and to Nathaniel 'his people think I'm some kind of godess reincarnation he wouldn't risk to hurt me' said when the light of the day died

'what if he tries?' she was afraid too, but said nothing

'then' and took something from her clothes while the guard was away, a slim flexible knife from her belt 'you have to kill him, that's the only way to finish this war' they saw two women getting close 'all of you calm down, I'll be fine, don't risk your lives just yet' said to her men and to Nathaniel 'he's weak from bellow, never learnt to keep his legs'

'you'll be fine' said one of her men, she asked them to obbey Nathaniel and got on her feet when a maid and one of the women in red arrived

'the bath is Ready Szarabasjka' said the maid bowing her head, Lilly nodded and followed her, took a bath and got dressed, it was different this time, she got a soft white dress and the woman in red made her hair.

'I remember you' she said 'I remember you from the first time you were here, and I remember our son's eyes on you' Lilly only saw her seconds before following the maid outside, wanted to be done with this.

In Rhys' tent the other two women in red masks were waiting for their pair curious, when she joined them started the whispering again

'if you Please' said the girl bowing again leading Lilly towards a table, it was low and crowded with dishes with different food and drinks, instead of chairs, puffy pillows were arranged around, resting in one with a glass on his hand was Rhys, face covered again, he growled to the servants to leave and stayed there watching her in silence.

'you wanted me here, and here I am' started Lilly impatient


FINALLY!!afte3r a life time this story is DONE!!! it is still poorly revised, but I'm on it now, so calm your horses people, and let me check okay?

STILL!!  let me know if  I made obvious big mistakes please remember I'm an over-tired resident with no strenght to keep her grammar.
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