May. 6th, 2017

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 I swear to God!! If my mother shows me one more fucking piece of baby clothing I'll make her swallow it!!
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I  can't just point one; So I'll post my top three, and you can pick which one you like best.
first Uma Voz no vento. it reminds me of someone that died.

there's this bit where it says. "if who came is gone, if who will be has left, only for those who stay the days are teh same, a thousand dreams to bury, winds and storm, body and soul are touched when the the years are heavy on your heart. " it just breaks me

Colors by Amos Lee; Also someone I lost;

he used to call me the sweetness in his life, he was the colors in mine, he said my smile was sweet, his eyes were so blue they were my favorite color.
he left and colors fade away 

And last one 

Metallica -  Nothing else matters

it was my first and second suicide attempts soundtrack, all that was left behind, my life is far better now but it still makes me sad thinking about the poor little idiot too empty to actually fight; too lost to ask for help and too alone to have anyone caring anyways.
so yeah.. did I depressed you all already?

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